DLF Phase 1 Broadcast May 29, 2020


Restoration of Waterbody & Forest In DLF-1 Will Be A Game changer

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 9811050731)

Sikanderpur Watershed & Restoration of the Forest is spread over 80 acres, from Sikanderpur village to Gurgaon-Faridabad road and is mainly covered with Villayati Keekar. The large pond is created by blockage of a seasonal stream that originated in the hills behind the residential colony. In its current form, the pond is a cesspool of sewage and waste water it receives from the Sikanderpur village, and neighbouring office complexes. The objective of the project is to develop the Sikanderpur pond and watershed into a wetland and biodiversity hotspot, with clean water and forestation to create a green lung for Gurgaon while providing a public space in a natural environment for leisure and community activities. The restoration of the forest belt was started last year with planting of 13, 764 saplings. The physical cleaning of the pond and the areas around is in progress. This project is in collaboration with GMDA and will take a couple of years to complete.

I was very Fortunate , pleased & ecstatic to see the development of the Sikanderpur watershed slowly turning into reality . on 05th June 2020 I was lucky enough to visit the Sikanderpur water shed with one of the founding members of I am Gurgaon Latika Thukral ji ……. She proudly showed me the developments undertaken to convert the swamp into the dream project of I am Gurgaon & GMDA which will ensure a walking track , home for various species & will be a source of fresh air & water for many species . I was also fortunate that our area Muncipal councilor Mr R S Rathee ji was also there along with a resident from H block Mr Arun Jain ji was also stunned to see the change specially it falls right behind his house .

I can already visualize residents walking in a Paradise converted out of a swamp . ...... The plan is also to ensure the rainwater which just overflows is also diverted into the upcoming Nature’s Paradise .

Through Samvada I would like to urge Fellow Residents to Contribute for the cause & make contributions to I am Gurgaon for development of the Sikanderpur Water shed restoration.



A Block Ext. Recarpetting

Road re-carpeting team has been working in Lane A-27. Resident and RWA member Siddharth is supervising the project in A Block Ext. Inputs from AC Goyal (A Block Ext.)



Hyundai Cars Now Available At CSD


We are Authorised Dealer for Hyundai Cars in Noida for Sales, Service and Spares. We are authorized to sell Cars at CSD (Canteen Stores Department) rates for Defence Personnel (ARMY, NAVY and AIRFORCE).

You can visit/contact us as per below :
Sales – 98183 30334
Service – 98915 74701
Insurance – 98910 75076

Nimbus Motors Private Limited
A – 105, Sector 5, Noida – 201 301


Capturing Pigs

A private contractor was seen capturing pigs on Arjun Marg in what a residents describes as a 'most inhuman manner'.

'I was out with my daughter when She noticed the pigs were being captured and were yelping. Some were bleeding also and then they were all shoved into the trunk of this car" says the resident.


Matkas For Our Guards

Keeping the heat conditions in mind H Block decided to provide earthen pots for both the Gates & we bought 6 pots for Gate No 1 & Gate No 3. This will enable the Guards to fill water in the morning n they can get healthy cool water in this heat. Also metal fabricator was called to propose an extension at the entry of the guard room to provide protection from sun and rain.


When Double Rainbow Took Over The Skies of Gurgaon 

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 9811050731)

On 31 May the downpour didn't just help people get relief from the rising mercury, but also made people witness a lucky phenomenon of two rainbows ...Social media was abuzz after residents spotted a double rainbow in the blue sky ...  a Nice double rainbow over the DLF golf course in Gurgaon & other areas of Gurgaon & NCR …… It was a mesmerising view … people started sharing pictures all over the internet. I saw this for the first time in my life. Rare natural occurrences are indeed a feast for your eyes and sometimes your soul. Just like the images of this amazing double.


Residents take charge of your Biomedical Waste, Sanitary Waste & Masks

On the occasion of World Environment Day we distributed Eco Friendly Photodegradable 55 Micron Bags for Bio Hazardous Waste. This is an Initiative by I am Gurgaon. Latika Thukral gave 1000 bags to us on behalf of I am Gurgaon to be distributed to the Residents of G, H & Silver Oaks Avenue in DLF Phase 1 .

Latika & our Area Councillor R.S. Rathee joined in to start the distribution of the Degradable bags. Distribution was started in H Block from H 8 lane. Few Residents from H 8 lane also joined us including  Monica Bhargawa, Arun Jain, Madhuri Jain, Jeet Singh and Rahul Goswami.

Each household will be sent a bag to motivate Residents to segregate the waste in 3 ways: Wet (Kitchen waste ) , Dry & Bio Medical waste. The councilors team will be distributing the same in our Area. The idea is that we Segregate our Hazardous waste ,sanitary waste & also our masks and gloves in these bags & than dispose it once the bag gets filled this will also help in keeping us & the Sanitation workers safe.

HBRC will also try and get 2 large bins installed for Hazardous waste. A Big Thank You to Team I am Gurgaon for the Initiative & friends through this medium I want to appeal to everyone to donate to I am Gurgaon for this great initiative


ख़्वाबों का सफ़र (Khwabon ka safar)

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


HBRWA Meets MCG & DLF To Discuss Maintenance

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 9811050731)

Few Residents of H Block met our MCG Councillor RS Rathee on 3 June at 10 AM at his office in Arjun Marg and discussed  the following points:

1. Process of Garbage collection: RS Rathee felt the responsibility was still with DLF.

However, he confirmed that he and his office would arrange and coordinate garbage collection for H Block, in a manner convenient to the residents. He also confirmed that he would fully support autonomous arrangements of HBRC for its residents, as and when it would be ready to do so.

2. Tree Pruning for our Area:
a. DLF will take up pruning of trees of H Block after drain cleaning. This should start in a week. They will do only up to 8/10 feet height, in their usual restricted manner as said by DLF Team. (pruning already started)
b. Residents would like to prune with greater diligence including height, branch balancing etc. He agreed to fully support extra and self initiatives of HBRC & its Residents on this. This will be taken up by HBRC for the residents, with their support after the DLF round is completed.

3. Road Re-carpeting: The councilor shared that this work is pending with DLF. He shared that DLF would complete H Block roads by end June as confirmed by DLF.
DLF maintenance Team said they will discuss the matter with their seniors. HBRC will take up the matter with the higher officials at DLF Arjun Marg office.

4. Frequent Power cuts in our Area:
a. Councilor suggested that we organize a protest march against power cuts with DHBVN. He will support and join the Residents. 

5. Water shortage in our Area:
a. MCG shared that GMDA was confident of adequate supplies but had concerns about storage capacity of DLF.
b. DLF shared that it has added capacities in recent years, at B, D and G blocks. Their storage tanks have interlinks. They are confident of distributing water throughout the summer, provided they receive supplies from GMDA.
DLF also confirmed that their capacities for Phase I was adequate for two rounds of water distribution, in case of non supply from GMDA they cannot supply. He agreed that this was risky.

6. Drainage cleaning for our Area:
DLF confirmed that they were about to complete cleaning of G Block drains and would take up H Block within this week and complete by early next week. (Drain cleaning work has already started)

7. Street light maintenance: DLF confirmed that pending Street lights would be repaired, replaced within a week. Dinesh Lamba of  DLF Electrical has also been requested to check all street & park lights. (this has already started)

8. Cleaning of streets & plots: Councilor confirmed that this is currently being done through MCG resources. Continuance would depend on resources from MCG and DLF status / timeline on handing over to MCG.
DLF confirmed that this was currently not being done by them, since MCG had undertaken this. Their existing resources had been diverted, temporarily, for drains cleaning etc.

9. Green Belt cleaning: DLF confirmed they would restart the pending cleaning on the pathways and either side of the green belts, both on the Gate 1-2 link and the Gate 2-3 link.
They would also balance the leveling of soil next to Gate 2, opposite the Health Center. DLF agreed to do the small parks as well.

MCG was requested to support creating a small park in the designated area between H-8/10 and Kusum Marg.

HBRC would need to arrange water transfer culverts or under-the-path pipes for water flow to avoid accumulation on one side of the pathway from rainfall.

10 . Stray animals & Monkey menace:
Neutering of canine animals can be arranged said the MCG Coucilor. Regarding Monkeys nothing specific was discussed.

The following residents from H Block were there in the meeting:
1. Rahul Goswami H 8 lane
2. Ankit Bajaj H 36 lane
3. Anil Wig H 25 lane
4. Arun Jain H 8 lane
5. Monika Bhargawa H 8 lane
6. Rahul Chandola H 3 lane 

Following members of DLF maintenance Team met yesterday:
Dharamveer ji, Sunder ji & Ravinderji & discussed various issues with them as mentioned above.



Lion & The Mouse

Story For Kids Narrated by Neha George



Feeding Birds & Butterflies at Palms

by Kiranjeet Chaturvedi (The Palms, 93508 48865)

With everyone more or less confined to the boundary of our condominium for the last three months, we have found much to do, to discover, and to be helpful. This time of restrictions and shortages has certainly made some of us more sensitive to the surroundings and to direct our efforts to meet the needs of others.

Shalini Venugopal (Tower 2) and Namrata Srivastava (Tower 2), and Jayapadma (Tower 7) of the horticulture and waste-management teams are guiding the children of Palms Eco-club in regular monthly activities to learn about and bond with nature. This week they invited ace photographer and birder Rakesh Dhareshwar (Tower 4) to guide the children in the care of birdfeeders. To attract more birds to be at home around us, Rakesh had installed six birdfeeders around the colony few months ago. He is now guiding the ECO-Club children to adopt a birdfeeder each for a month and take care of them. The children are also learning about making and setting out saltlicks for butterflies for their dose of sodium, which in turns makes them stay on in an area. Bird baths have been set up as well and are being regularly replenished. Probably the fact that we spotted peacocks in Palms grounds today after nearly a decade is proof of the fresh initiatives being successful already.



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Tree Survey in South City

South City residents Vandana Sarin (A Block) and Alka Saran (K-125) set out to do a survey in A Block for all the trees that need pruning and the ones that are dead. While doing that they also found trees that were choked with concrete!

Trees need at least 2 ft of breathing space around them to survive so everyone is requested to keep this in ind while building around them. 

The survey report will be shared with the RWA and then sent to the forest department so that action can be taken. “There is not a lot of participation from other block so we call out to all the residents who would like to help us do the survey in their blocks so that this work can be done there as well” says Alka Saran. 

In the next edition of Samvada, we’ll share more about what was found during this block survey!

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