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Stay Home Stay Safe..Let the earth heal

By Rekha Khanna , Godavari Apartments

On 25th March, 2020 GRWA took a vow to fight Covid 19 with full strength & power. We wish to ensure that each and every resident of Godavari Apartments is safe through these trying times.

Since the beginning all social gatherings were already banned by the GRWA. Urgent meeting of the working committee was called & strict steps were adopted to ensure safe & zero infection atmosphere at Godavari such as:

  • Banning entry of all maids/vendors/courier/press wala etc.

  • Sanitizing the main gates, guard room & other common area on a regular basis.

  • Further, our area councillor Sh. Subash Bhadana helped us by personally taking up to provide a sanitization machine initially Subsequently, our GRWA purchased its own sanitisation machine.

  • All security guards & support staff were provided with face mask and hand sanitisers.

  • Water and soap has also been provided for extra safety & They were regularly briefed about using the same .

  • All vendors were prohibited entry to the society and have to drop each and every thing at the main gate.

Our staff delivered the same to the residents & some chose to collect on their own. The restrictions on entry really helped the residents in stay safe mission.

Several residents have come forward & distributed ration, food and cash to guards & other support staff generously. The cost of necessities having increased, this was a great help to all the staff. Some residents faced psychological and physical issues with the restrictions imposed but GRWA ensured all help in whatever best possible way. All residents cooperated realising the gravity of situation and importance of saving human life. Lastly to keep the atmosphere cordial and lively bhajans, light music etc is being played in the Central Park in the evenings


Time To Avoid Beauty Parlours And Learn Self-Care

by Anindita Roy, Co-ordinating Editor, Alaknanda Samvada

When we were very young , there used to be no beauty parlours. The Naai and Naain (barber) would come to our houses for hair cutting & an occasional luxurious shaving by the naai (barber) and the foot rub and cleaning with application of Aalta after that by the naain (naaptini in bengali). We would dance around merrily with freshly attended to clean and aalta applied feet. Slowly the beauty parlours emerged and we started visiting them. Before this however, our mothers and grandmothers tended to their beauty needs at home itself. In olden times waxing with boiled sugar syrup was also performed at home.

Now with the COVID danger looming on our heads, one of the biggest danger is from the Saloons/Spas/Barbershops and Beauty Parlous itself. This danger will remain for a very long time. The virus is not going to be eliminated that soon. It will linger and effect people till a vaccine is found!!

Parlours use the Same Materials & towels on many people, habitually. And of course there is human touch throughout. Most of our parlour workers stay in the red or orange zones and it is really very difficult to ascertain whether they are Silent Carriers or not!

It has been reported that in the US that a very large percentage of the deaths have happened through the use of Saloons. If we come in contact with the infected person or a silent carrier, you are sure to get it. You may suffer or become a silent carrier yourself. This virus is very very contagious!! We should not even think of going to a Salon even for a haircut, until the Parlors/ Saloons/ Spas, starts using ‘Disposables’ completely even after Corona is completely over( which seems to be atleast 2 years away in the present scenario).

The staff of these Parlours, will come in contact with many people, using the same brush, scissors and all other tools. The door handle, the chair handle and other areas touched by an infected person can make you a carrier for you and your family. The threat will remain even after the situation returns to somewhat normal.

BE CAREFUL, BE WISE, THINK TWICE, if ‘Saloon’ is the first place you are thinking to rush on opening of the Lockdown.

Try to develop your own safe home beauty regimes. Self massage, self pedicure-manicure and other self cleanliness and hygiene practices will ensure that you remain safe , healthy and beautiful at the same time.

Here is a small video by Poonam Arora of Aravali apartments for a beauty face mask recipe. Do try out, Stay Home and Stay Safe.


Mandakini Ladies Club In The Times Of COVID- 19

By Saroj Jain, Mandakini Enclave

Like millions of Indians, Mandakini Ladies were fully conscious of the extreme danger posed to the humanity by this COVID - 19 virus in the wake of complete lock down and other measures announced by Prime Minister Modi to fight and combat this unprecedented threat . The ladies knew that this lockdown placed special responsibility on them. Mandakini Ladies took up the challenge in right earnest. Immediate task was to create an environment free of fear for fighting this menace individually and collectively with conviction and courage. Of course first and most importantly was stay home and following the rules. Then doing house hold jobs themselves together with all family members , avoiding wastage of all kind in these different times and with a lot of spare time at hand some decided to develop their talents, writing, doing some creative work.

Everyone knows that prayer is a great healer and if done collectively its power gets magnified manifold. It not only ensures peace and happiness in their own lives but assures spreading the message of hope and reassurance in these times of distress. President of the club, Saroj Jain, a reiki grand master , a yoga expert and deeply spiritually inclined ,took upon herself to take the lead. She devised audio programmes to all the ladies via whatsapp. At 5 p.m. For about 15 meters everyone is advised to participate in chanting of Mahamrityunjay Mantra or any prayer of their faith. Praying for self, family, relations, neighbours, our brave soldiers like fighters like nurses, doctors, our service people our own country and the universe. Guided meditation for 15 minutes also to is be done daily .This not only will help them to tide over anxiety but spread hope and positivity.

Many Mandakini ladies are liberally donating to PM Care Fund. Separate donations and food packets are also being given to the service workers of the colony .It is our sincere duty to the nation to stay home and follow Governments instructions. Jai Hind!


Maids Are Still Coming To Some Households

It has been brought to notice, by several sources, that some Residents are insisting to allow their Maid Servants into their Houses. At this time, through TV & Print Media, we are aware that Tughlaqabad, Tughlaqabad Extension, Sangam Vihar, Madanpur Khadar areas, which are declared "Hotspots," are where many of these Servants live. We appreciate & understand, that all of us, are indeed going through distress & turmoil & the headache of household chores is killing. It is our sincere & humble request, to our fellow Residents, to not allow their maidservants, for a few more days to avoid any further aggravation of the situation.

Let's all stay calm & brave the situation together. We would also request the RWAs to kindly forward this message in their respective Group Forums. In case people are still calling their maids, you can call up the police station and notify the same . The household will be booked for violating the Epidemic rule and will have to pay a penalty and face other legal consequences.

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mosquito medicine spray-1 (1).jpg

Season Of Mosquitoes Is Also Here

Summer has arrived and this is also the time that mosquitoes start to breed leading to Dengue, Chikunguniya etc. At a time when we are already reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing we need is to have an outbreak of these diseases.

To prevent these, we are getting the colony sprayed with anti-mosquito spray. This anti larval spray will lead to decline in larval breeding and will help us in mosquito eradication. (As per the discussion held with Shri Bhadana and concerned supervisor Of SDMC)Thanks and regards : Draupadi Krishan Sujan ,9354771182( Mandakini Enclave)



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