Arun Vihar Noida Broadcast July 2020

Sector 28, Sector 29 and Sector 37


AVCC Revolutionizing Community Service

Col IP Is Setting Very High Standards in Managing, Organising, Foreseeing, Achievable Simple Targets

By Col. Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Human nature is very queer; it wants to appreciate what one finds favourable and ego bloating. I find a lot of people, who have been associated with the Community Centre, piqued when I say Col IP is setting very high standards in managing, organising, foreseeing, novice achievable simple targets for improving the quality of environment, applicability and utility of the Centre. In these times of communication explosion and digitisation, he has connected over 750 resident members on its three Whatsapp groups.  Seemingly simple, but look at its utility, sure and swift method of information dissemination.

No one has achieved it in Arun Vihar, though minor innumerable groups float around official and private included. 

Dishing out ration packets to needy from the centre, organising donations for distribution of ration packets in collusion with Sai Mandir. Now improving environment and greenery around AVCC in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of trees and to encourage people to plant more, tree Plantation was conducted on Fri, 17 July at 1100h. 

Sixteen saplings including, Neem, Bargad, Jamun, Pakhad, were planted. The saplings were arranged by Kavita Jamil, member PR and spokesperson of AVRWA, from District Forest Officer Noida Authority.

Most Bank branch heads and prominent residents including Col Shashi Vaid, Chairman AVRWA, Col Mahender Kumar, president AVI planted these saplings around the boundary walls of AVCC. Generations ahead will reap the fruits. Not long back the centre won the first prize for best garden, by floriculture Society of Noida. All participants were presented a memento to mark the occasion. 

Kudos Col I P and your dynamic GMA keep it up!



Hyundai Cars Now Available At CSD


We are Authorised Dealer for Hyundai Cars in Noida for Sales, Service and Spares. We are authorized to sell Cars at CSD (Canteen Stores Department) rates for Defence Personnel (ARMY, NAVY and AIRFORCE).

You can visit/contact us as per below :
Sales – 98183 30334
Service – 98915 74701
Insurance – 98910 75076

Nimbus Motors Private Limited
A – 105, Sector 5, Noida – 201 301


Paramarsh: One Man Army

By Col Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Arun Vihar and its residents are only talking of its three primary Institutions, their managements, Ward Directors and their contribution to the society during the current pandemic. Well there is one man "One man Army", Col JP Singh. 

Cent percent Service residents and their dependents have medical issues and are dependent on ECHS Polyclinic Noida. JP started this Organisation Paramarsh, over two years back once he relinquished his job from ECHS. His primary job being, guidance to ESM for facilities provided and availability of specific Specialist services in various empanelled and non empanelled hospitals including RR and Base Hospital. Entitlements, admission to the hospitals procedures for claims and a lot more related issues. During lockdown Noida Polyclinic stopped functioning, which added to the problems of veterans. Most veterans are alien to computer and internet, most don't even own computers, leave aside handling them. JP's organisation came alive and got its hands full. JP came forward to solve their medicine reimbursement claims. JP is paying his staff Rs 15,000, from his pocket, has established an office in 709, Sec 37, behind Mother Diary with a few computers and office infrastructure. The joint is open from 9AM to 7PM from Mon to Fri, Sat Sun being closed due to Covid. Office has a seating capacity of 8 persons at any one time observing social distancing norms, a washroom and potable water available. JP says ever since new 64 GB ECHS cards have been issued, problems have increased manifold since these carry lot of mistakes and need correction, mostly in names and Adhar numbers. He has now started charging a nominal fee of Rs 200, for processing cases to offset part of his expenditure. Col JP Singh is an astute worker and a devout Arya Samaji, who believes in "Nishkam Sewa" unsung unheard without expecting any returns. Singularly, he is one person who deserves immense gratitude and appreciation from all of us. God bless such one man Army soldiers. Kudos JP and Blessings!



Naval Veteran Placed In Police Lockup

By Col Bansi Kaul (9810095324)

Cdr Rahul Bose, general secretary, Aaditya Celebrity Homes, Sector 76, Noida, was arrested and held in the police custody on the night of July 12. An FIR was filed by a resident of Aaditya Celebrity Homes, Anoop Maheshwari, who has alleged that the security guards misbehaved with his daughter. However, Cdr Rahul Bose denies any such allegations and says that the security guard went to collect society charges from the family. 

According to the society management, Mr Anoop who is a tenant has not been paying rent to his owner for past few years. The owner has moved court for his eviction. The eviction orders granted by the local court couldn’t be executed due the outbreak of the pandemic.

The society has also alleged that Maheshwari has been caught stealing electricity after his connection was cut due to similar non-payment of dues. He had drawn power from a common bus bar and taken the connection under a carpet in his house.

Society management has flagged concerns about Maheshwari’s highhandedness being related to his contacts in Lucknow Police Department. Cdr Bose has also complained of being mistreated in the police station, Sec 49, Noida. 

Taking cognizance, a delegation of VAG (Veteran Action Group) met the Police Commissioner, Gautam Budh Nagar for lodging strong protest about the unlawful arrest of Cdr Rahul Bose. Delegation comprised Cdr and Mrs Rahul Bose, Lt Gen SK Singh, President VAG, Capt Vikas Gupta Minister of State (UP), Cdr Som Datta, Col Shailendra Singh, Col Kapil Katiyal, Sec Zila Sainik Board, Col Ramesh Gautam and Col Shashi Vaid.

The delegation highlighted the details of the case and the most unjust manner in which the veteran and his family were mistreated in Sec 49 Police Station and put in the lock up past mid night. The veteran was granted bail next morning by 11AM.The Commissioner was informed about the feeling of deep hurt and anguish being felt by the veteran fraternity of Gautam Budh Nagar.

The Commissioner gave a patient hearing and assured the delegation of an immediate inquiry. A senior officer has been detailed by him who is going to start investigation shortly and submit the report. This is the reward a veteran gets for doing selfless social service.



Amaltas Lane in Brahmaputra Apartments

By Kiran Bhardwaj

The Brahmaputra apartments has officially seven lanes but the lane facing Dadri Road has been named Amaltas Lane by the residents  because of many  bright yellow flower bearing trees at the boundary.  The lane now has a variety of shrubs and creepers of all shapes and colors along the wall that attract the morning and evening walkers and the birds, of course.  Some of them were planted by the ward but later the residents showed interest and took initiative to plant more colors there by the choice of their plants.  

During the first lockdown, the gardeners stopped coming to look after the plants so the residents took over and in the hot season regularly watered and trimmed the plants and trees.  It was so encouraging to see Mrs Joshi and her housemaid water the plants with a five liter can which they were bringing from first floor. Lt. Gen Rajinder, Cmdr Sharma, Gen Srivastva, Kusum, Renu are the volunteers who kept the trees alive for so many months.

The lane is longest and cleanest in BPA and residents from other lanes come for walk and appreciate the beauty of it.  Now the malis have rejoined work but the credit goes to few residents for saving all the plants.  A one year old Guava plant bearing fruits is a treat to the eyes.



Death of an Innocent Dog

Why Would Someone Beat the Animal To Death So Cruelly

by Kiran Bhardwaj with Inputs from Harleen Bhasin

Harleen and her family (Sec 29) were shell shocked, their belief and feelings for humanity shattered when the unbelievable facts about the death of their tiny pet dog emerged. Their pet was with them around 7 am on 8 June and then disappeared mysteriously to be found dead a few houses away from them. They searched for it for three hours and then someone informed them about a dead dog in front of house number 757. Some blood spots and remains of biscuits were also seen at the spot. 

The house owner Vikram Singh informed Harleen that the injured dog followed him up to his house and he gave him biscuits. Finding the body of their loved one the family took him to the Vet still in the hope of his survival. The vet clarified that the dog died due to Cardiac arrest because of damaged vitals and his jaw and teeth broken. He might have been hit by a vehicle.

The family performed the last rites of the pet as per Hindu rituals and then got CCTV footage from that block. The dog was unhurt while climbing the stairs!! It was in perfect condition. The victims tried to get footage from another house but denied. Suspecting foul play about the death, the family went to the police and lodged an FIR and waited for a concrete evidence/reply for a month. The person whom they suspected was also at the PS and made a harassment complaint against Harleen.

Before the truth is out, Harleen wish to share some points with the readers:
If any pet is found dead, get the post mortem done from a Vet.
Make an FIR and keep the copy with you till the time your doubts are cleared.
Know the Rights and Punishment against cruelty to Dogs/Animals.
Further she laments about the attitude of the residents who had seen the dog there but did not come to tell them. Why someone would beat the animal to death so cruelly. CCTV footage is attached for the information of all.



Unthoughtful Tree Plantation

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Unthoughtful Tree plantation has been done in the Eco Park. Too many trees in close proximity will turn the park into a jungle. It seems that the department has a target to complete and it is planting trees without any consideration to where they should be planted. They are only fulfilling numbers.



Sachiv Dhawan Establishes Swaran Piao in front of AVRWA office

By Col Shashi Vaid (Chairman AVRWA)

Swaran Piao with a Water Cooler and attached with a RO was inaugurated in front of AVRWA office today, in the presence of Col Shashi Vaid, Chairman AVRWA, Col Mahender Kumar, President AVI, Col IP Singh, President AVCC & AVRWA Management Committee Members.

This was entirely donated and created by Sachiv Dhawan (Son of Late Lieut Swaran Kumari Dhawan) in the memory of his mother on her birthday today. The event was attended by niece and grandsons of Mrs Dhawan.

Mrs Dhawan was a well known Social Activist of Arun Vihar and was an extremely active Member of AVI Management Committee on numerous occasions. We fondly remember her and pay our respectful homage to her. We also express our gratitude to Sachiv Dhawan for providing a wonderful facility for the residents of Arun Vihar.



Peacock from Botanical Garden visited Brahmaputra Apartments

By Kiran Bhardwaj

One of the Positive Things of Lockdown is that it's brought nature closer to us.



Door To Door Survey about Covid

By Kiran Bhardwaj

These women did door to door survey about Covid in Brahmaputra today. They were appointed by the District Hospital sec 30.



Welcome to Covid Winners back from Hospitals

By Col Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Ward 16 had two Covid inflicted residents, Col Chopra and his son Dr Mandeep. Their home after fighting this deadly disease, over three weeks of hospitalisation, was done in a unique orthodox manner by the ward residents.  Complete area, roads, alleys, parks and houses were beautifully lit with brilliant lights, conveying to Col Chopra and his son Dr Mandeep that the continuous prayers and good wishes of entire Ward were there with them. This also conveyed that there is no stigma and fear attached to this disease which can be easily defeated. This display of novel welcome was an indicator of victory of good over evil, like Diwali. A loud message to Arun Vihar residents, that together we can fight and defeat this virus, by strictly observing the due precautions.


How Is your Business Unlocking: Part 2

Puja Ohri in Conversation With Resident Hitesh Kumar Meghani who is into trading and deals with a spectrum of companies.


Arun Vihar Institute MCM Meets to Discuss Pertinent Issues

By Col. Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Following the norms of social distancing, the management committee of Arun Vihar Institute met to discuss important issues, on July 3. A copy of the proceedings is being circulated to the general body for approval. A host of important decisions ranging from general steps to important measures were discussed in the meeting headed by the president of AVI, Col Maninder Kumar. 

One of the proposals by the committee was about the increase in subscription fee, paid by the members, from Rs 250 to Rs 400. The move is aimed at catering to the higher consumption of electricity and spike in the salaries paid to the staff at AVI. The MCM also noted that the consumption of electricity has increased year on year. The electricity bill paid by AVI annually has increased from around Rs 28 lakh to Rs 41 lakh. Salary paid to the staff has increased from Rs 1.11 crore to Rs 1.70 crore. The committee has proposed that a small increase of Rs 150 in subscription fee would help in bridging this gap. 

The second proposal sent by the MCM is regarding the tenure of the GMA (General Manager Administration) of AVI. The committee noted that in the past two years, there have been sudden resignations from this post around the time of annual elections. To curb such last-moment inconvenience, the committee has proposed to fix the tenure for the GMA, so that the functioning of the club doesn’t go haywire at any point in the year. The MCM has proposed that the GMA should serve a one-month notice before resigning from the post. 

The third important proposal sent by the committee puts a bar on any kind of major construction. However, minor repairs will be permitted. The committee also said that the library, club and restaurants will remain functional in accordance to the guidelines issued by the DM, Gautam Budh Nagar.



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Morale Boosting Steps by Ward 16

By Kavita Jamil (Ward Director Ward 16)

Covid fear has left us feeling helpless. This hidden enemy is striking us unaware and at Will. 

Ward 16 residents are trying every possible effort to thwart its effect and to stop it. 

We are having awareness programmes starting from the youngest child of the Ward. Every resident of the ward is aware of guidelines to be followed during this period.

We have provided immunity booster Organic Haldi not only in our Ward but to each Ward of Arun Vihar under CSR initiative. This great contribution has been done by Sachin Sharma a respected resident of our Ward. As a noble gesture he presented 600 such Turm-Flu bottles free, MRP of each bottle being Rs 1700. A bottle each was presented to our all Ward residents and about 15 to 25 bottles presented to each ward in Arun Vihar. In addition, 25 bottles to CSD staff and 30 bottles to ECHS staff, in recognition of their services rendered to the residents. 

I have designed a digital poster which is periodically put on the Ward groups to keep reminding residents of the precautions to be taken to stay safe. Our young ward children of different ages send their small video messages innocent but stern messages regarding this menace.

We have established a mini medical emergency center in the ward which has all first aid equipment for initial treatment including oxygen gas cylinders. We also have an Oxygen concentrator, high-end expensive equipment donated by our ward resident Jatinder Kaur. To send positive vibes and pray for good health of all ward residents a Hawan was performed in the Elders Park of the ward. This was attended by large number of residents observing all precautions. A great morale booster and unwinding stress exercise. The ward has provided an exclusive vendor for vegetables, fruits, bread and Dairy products inside the ward for ensuring minimum exposure of residents. My message is stay aware, stay safe. 



Clearing the Blockage in Nallah

Noida Authority Health Department has undertaken the work of clearing the blockage in Nallah in 37 Sector (Near Church).


The Pandemic has shown its negative effect on religious places

Since the devotees are staying at home, the source of income has decreased. The Sanatan Dharam Mandir in sec 37 is in need of money to pay to Pandits and for maintenance, so it is requests all the devotees to help.


Food Distribution by Team Brahmaputra

By Kiran Bhardwaj

The food distribution by team Brahmaputra during the lockdown was managed by Mr Suri and supported by Mr Bhagchandani.  Lt Gen Surinder Verma gave his blessings and Brig Mehndiratta was involved in fund collection and information sharing.  Jasleen Waraich from BP and Brig Iqbal from sector 37 inspired people to do this noble job.  Our superviser Dinesh was helpful in managing the ration distribution every time.  



Team Shramdaan Donates Used Cotton Bed Sheets

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Team Shramdaan donated used and washed cotton bed sheets to make masks to an NGO working in sector 12/22. Shaan Sagar from Ward 9 collected the sheets from friends and deposited with the NGO. The masks would be distributed to the poor in future



Ravinder Ahluwalia Took the Work Pressure Smilingly & Never Let Anyone Down

By Kiran Bhardwaj
Ravinder Kaur Ahluwalia did a commendable job as Health Member in team AVRWA during Lockdown. She always did her duties diligently whatever post she adorned, as Ward Director and otherwise. During second month of the Pandemic cases started appearing in AV and it was she who took stock of the residential areas and summoned the teams for sanitization of blocks.  Since the total sanitation of AV is dependent on AVRWA, or we can say done through it, the job is quite challenging, at the time of a Pandemic when the whole world is dependent on same authority. People want action immediately not realizing the burden on the workers. She took the work pressure smilingly and never let anyone down.  Ravinder laments few unreported cases, which came to light by some other source as the sanitization of that area got delayed due to negligence of residents.   Fogging in AV is being done regularly checked by her personally. Removal of garbage, cleaning of drains and ports under the culverts, spraying of anti larvae etc are managed by her.  She takes feedback from the complainants.  The team is there to support her in case of difficult times.   We are thankful to her for untiring work done for others being a single soul at home.


Be Thankful To All Instead of Spreading Hatred

By Kiran Bhardwaj

A vegetable vendor was arranged for the residents during third week of lockdown who went from lane to lane selling vegies and fruits. One lady called him and asked his name. Upon getting the reply she said loudly “Ward Director is a Muslim that is why he arranged for a Muslim vegetable vendor, to give business to him”. The WD in the adjoining block overheard this and was badly hurt. Anyone on any post in Arun Vihar organizations is doing selfless service to the community so we should be thankful to all of them instead of spreading hatred.



We Are Lucky To Have So Vigilant And Helpful Neighbors!

By Kiran Bhardwaj

End of June one of the senior citizen was watering plants and in the process he accidently fell down and hurt his knee.  The man in the opposite block saw him fall and rushed to rescue.  He assisted him compose and then arranged for a car to sent him to hospital from where the patient informed others.  He is back home and getting normal.


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