Arun Vihar Noida Broadcast June 2020

Sector 28, Sector 29 and Sector 37


Library & Some Sports Facilities Open
But Card Room Still Closed

As AVI Limps Back To Normalcy

By Col. Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Col Mahender Kumar, President AVI, along with its management committee has taken a decision of opening up some fringe facilities of the institute. They have affected liaison with the local administration and with their connivance, sticking to strict Covid precautions, have decided to open facilities of library and some sports facilities. In addition, arrangements have been made for picking up food from 12:30 pm to 8 pm in the evening. Tennis and badminton from 6 am to 9 am and 6 pm to 8 pm have also been permitted. Library has been opened from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm with restricted entries. The seats to be occupied and not to be occupied keeping social distancing in view have been distinctly marked. It is understood that home delivery of food will be started from 19 June exclusively for the members. 

The President performed a brief Pooja before initiating the first entry into the institute after the lockdown. The management committee has installed a sanitizing tunnel at the entrance gate to ensure proper screening of the members entering the institute besides other normal procedures.

Senior residents of AVI were used to spending their mornings in the religious institutions of Arun Vihar balancing out their sins for their final journey and their afternoons packing up the card rooms playing Bridge, Rummy, Canasta and Mahjong. These rooms would be abuzz with tea, coffee, samosas and pakodas.

Members would be unmindful of the electricity bills and power shut downs since the AVI has adequate stand-by power. As also, the restaurant would lay down a sumptuous spread at very affordable rates, tempting and prompting members to avoid cooking in their kitchens in the summer heat. 

But alas! This will have to wait for some time in the foreseeable future. However, the steps taken by the AVI management will definitely send some positive indicators for near future. We only hope that the AVI resumes its full activity and provides all the facilities to its members sooner, to alleviate and unwind the stress created by the pandemic and the lockdowns. We wish the management and the President all the luck! 



Col KM Jha and Mrs Jha Celebrate Wedding Anniversary on the Lanes of the Ward 

​Sending Positive Vibes & Keeping Residents Amused

By Col Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Col Jha and Mrs Jha celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the lanes of the ward, dancing with music played from a distance and cheered by the ward residents from their balconies! Sure enough, the grand children of Col and Mrs Jha will have stories to tell about their grandparents’. It was a novel way of celebrating their golden jubilee.

Every evening at 6:30 pm, a curate selection of devotional songs are put on the ward 16 PA system. What a way of sending positive vibes in this terrible state and keeping residents amused and involved and trying to alleviate their stress levels!

During the lockdown, Kavita Jamil, Ward Director (Ward 16) organized a painting competition for children of all groups. She also distributed prizes after evaluating these by nominated judges. She has made seniors sing Ghazals and rated those as well. 



Opening of CSD Canteen a Great Relief for Members!

By Kiran Bhardwaj

The CSD canteen was open to the resident members of Arun Vihar from today with the great efforts put in by chairman AVRWA Col Shashi Vaid and his team. The members booked the time slot for them using the website circulated by the chairman and shopped up to Rs 3000 only so that everyone got a chance to get utility items. People maintained proper distance and sanitized hands before entry. Day one saw an absolute smooth and cordial scene at the canteen. Hats off to team AVRWA and team CSD!



Kaveri Mishra (Ward 14, Sec 37) Donates Plasma!

 By Col Shashi Vaid (Chairman AVRWA)

Kaveri Mishra, resident of Ward 14, Sec 37, was tested positive for COVID 19 in March and returned home after being Negative in April. She donated her Plasma in May, which was utilised to cure serious COVID patients. She has donated Plasma for the second time at GIMS Greater Noida.

Arun Vihar is extremely proud of her, we convey our heartfelt gratitude & heartiest congratulations to her for this great noble act.



Do You Ever Put Concrete Close To The Base Of Your Potted Plants?

By Dr Supriya Sardana (9313451992, Hno. 466, Sec 28)

Following every squall or storm, there are innumerable trees that break across Noida followed by an outcry to trim (read chop) big trees/ branches due to power cables or parking hazards. But do we ever pause to reflect on the possible reasons why trees lose their limbs so easily, even when not diseased or termite infested? Trees breathe, eat and drink mainly through their roots.

Excessive CONCRETIZATION in all common/ kachcha areas and around City's tree bases leads to less available water and nutrition thus weakening their roots. Weak roots lead to easy loss of trees' weakened limbs i.e. branches.
The excessive laying of concrete everywhere on the ground is harming the environment and us. Who benefits from concretisation? Only the top-polluting cement industry and their friends!



Shaheed Smarak Opened!

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Shaheed Smarak has been opened for visitors morning and evening from 5am to 8 am and 5 pm to 8 pm. All visitors are required to comply with safety protocols displayed outside the gate. They will be checked for temp before entering and will have to make an entry in the register at the gate. No social walking or Gp activity is allowed. All are requested to co-operate for safety of all of us.



Kavita Jamil Ward Director (Ward 16) handling the tasks for complete Arun Vihar

By Col Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

Kavita Jamil, Ward Director (Ward 16), has organised about 100 kits of sanitizers and pumps of various sizes and capacities at very reasonable rates through Dr Pankaj Maria, a prominent ward resident. The ward is lucky and proud to have a dynamic, hard-working and conscientious ward director who is always in the know of the pulse and safety of the ward. She is responsibly and diligently handling the tasks of not only the ward but also those allotted by the Chairman AVRWA for complete Arun Vihar. She has been coordinating with various service providers, be it bank ATM vans, Big Bazaar vans, milk, fruit or other delivery boys in relation to their timings as well as locations. Most of the time, she is supervising these activities personally to ensure that proper social distancing measures are followed. She has also been looking after the elderly and super senior residents of the ward and their administrative arrangements. Hats off to her and her degree of involvement!


A Mini Emergency Center for Covid Treatment inside Ward 16

By Col Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

A mini emergency center for Covid treatment has been created inside the ward 16. Some essential medical devices like PPE kits to support ward residents in the event of Covid emergencies, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, oxy meters and thermal scanners have been arranged for this purpose. This has boosted the confidence and satisfaction level of the residents to fight the pandemic. 


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Super Warriors of Arun Vihar: Col Shashi Vaid, Brig Ashok Hak & Col IP Singh

By Col. Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We have such outstanding leaders in Arun Vihar who have bloomed and stood out after the Covid challenge and adversity. Chairman, Arun Vihar, Col. Shashi Vaid leads the bandwagon. He has been fighting a battle for all of us relentlessly answering weird questions of all frightened residents and concerned residents. Attending to these calls at unearthly hours satisfying and assuring members of their safety and wellness, simultaneously effective liaison with all administrative and medical authorities. Organising help and support and disseminating instructions for execution and monitoring the results. He has made sure along with other senior residents of Arun Vihar that the date of payment of water and electricity bills are extended and increases of rates put on hold.

Unmindful of his personal safety, he has been attending meetings at odd hours with administrative and medical authorities responsible for fighting the Covid. He is also commendably organised the support and maintenance staff of AVRWA to ensure smooth living of the residents. For his commendable work, he has been suitably acknowledged by the UP Government and Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha. 

Brig Ashok Hak, Convener CONRWA Noida and Vice Chairman, Jan Shakti Sewa Samiti, is another veteran of Arun Vihar working relentlessly and providing selfless service to the Noida community and in particular Arun Vihar. Tirelessly, relentlessly, without any monetary remuneration or any kickbacks, he puts his personal safety aside and works for the brotherhood. One finds very few these days who devote their time and work without any expectations of a return. He is continuously working with the Noida authorities, local administration and medical staff for ensuring safety and timely help to Arun Vihar residents. His work has also been acknowledged by a number of organisations. He is presently a senior vice president of many welfare organisations of Noida. 

Col IP Singh, who is President of Arun Vihar Community Center, is another go-getter who organised funds for the distribution of free rations and food for the needy and the destitute during the entire period of lockdown so far. He effected liaison with Air Force and Naval societies and contributed donations collected from the residents of Arun Vihar and helped Sai Baba Association in Sector 41 to provide succor to the needy through this organisation. A large number of free rations packets comprising tea, oil, sugar, salt, rice, atta were distributed from its premises to a large number of needy and deserving people who needed this help the most during this phase. His dedication and selfless work has been acknowledged by a number of organisations awarding him appreciation certificates. 


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Stray Dogs Have Become Ferocious During Lockdown! 

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Stray dog menace has increased owing to the closure of eating outlets in Brahmaputra market. They are not getting enough to eat. They have become ferocious and started attacking the residents in our lanes. 

SPCA should revise their guidelines and these dogs be allowed to be leashed.



We are not in this TOGETHER

By Shivani Bazaz (9873243809)

Imagine someone walking or prepared to walk 100 kilometres to reach home. Also imagine that it is 40 degrees and the roads are burning coal. Beyond the realms of our imagination is not-a-parallel world where all of this is reality. When it hits me in the spine to watch the videos of men and women being beaten up and exhausted in my country, I use my privilege and shut my phone screen. I, in my AC room might be too concerned for my employer not paying me the extra 10%, I was promised this year. While a woman my age with a 7-month-baby inside her womb wishes to reach home alive. It brings me to what I said in the beginning- We are not in this TOGETHER.

Yes, we might be in the same storm, but we have a bigger boat. The nationwide lockdown in India which started about a month ago has impacted nearly 40 million internal migrants, the World Bank has said. Why has the outcry against the suffering inflicted on migrant labourers been so muted? The answer is- “Did you tell your kids about it?”

In the multiple times that I have written opinion pieces, I try and point out what is wrong with the basics of what we have learned as a society and how we are to change for it to change. What we say to our kids and the discussions on our lunch tables shapes an entire generation. The art of ‘turning a blind eye’ is something we learn over decades. I might not know psychology to preach, but my personal experience says- if you were to talk about your pain and insecurities to your kids, they would end up becoming sympathetic. Sympathy is what makes a society greater than others.

Honestly, I wouldn’t put the entire blame of ignorance towards the migrants on the government. If a government is a reflection of its society, then the current response of the government is only an indication of the position occupied by migrants in our society. If you and I think that Pakistan or terrorist killings deserve prime time debates at a time when 16 migrant labourers were run over by a train in their sleep, we need to introspect. We need to tell our kids to understand the importance of human lives over everything else in the world. Our society needs a humane generation for such unprecedented crisis and in general.

Moti Lal (Saqi), a celebrated Kashmiri poet had written-

“Garré ravun chu zinday tchentay khasun,

Garré ravnech dagg zaney sui, yemis panun garré rovmut asey”

It means: Losing one’s home is like being put on a burning pyre, alive. Only those who have lost their homes can understand this pain. 

We have a chance today to make a better generation than ours. We need to take this step, so we could be Together in such unprecedented crisis.

Jai Hind.



Maj Gen Surinder Verma and Jasleen Distribute Ration to the Poor! 

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Ration distribution was made to maids who are not allowed inside and are out of work. Then to Dhobies Safai Karamcharis and Security guards. Till date 230 have been helped out and 110 given out in Sector 37.  Maj Gen Surinder Verma and Jasleen actually took this initiative.

Ration was given only to poor unemployed maids and proper record was maintained to avoid duplication.  Rs 85, 000 was donated by the residents and ration packets (2.5 kgs, atta, rice, dal and 0.5 ltr cooking oil).



Honouring the Brave Hearts!

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Neeru in Vijyant Enclave and Shaan of ward 9 lit lamps to honor the brave hearts who sacrificed lives for the country at the Indo China border.



Kiran Bhardwaj Recognised for Her Contribution!

At a competition organized on 5 June Harit Sewa Mission awarded Kiran Bhardwaj a certificate of merit for her written contribution.



Ward 16 Donates Rs 75,000 Towards Covid

By Col. Bansi Kaul (1495, Sec 37, 9810095324)

There have been some very positive elements from Covid-19. It has thrown up some very outstanding individuals who are selfless, relentless, forthright and dedicated. Kavita Jamil, Ward Director (Ward 16), is one of them. On her request, voluntary contributions were made by the residents of Ward 16 for the Covid-19 cause. A modest token cheque of Rs 75,000 was presented to CEO Noida Authority Ritu Maheshwari, by Kavita Jamil along with two Committee Members, Leela Bhargava and Ritesh Mehra on the morning of May. The residents have also contributed individually and collectively to other similar organizations. The ward has also given rations and reasonable special Covid financial grant to its staff. 



Sanitizers & Washable Masks Distributed

By Kiran Bhardwaj

Sanitizers and Washable masks were distributed in five wards of sector 29 by team Shramdaan for the needy staying with us. The project was supported by MLA Pankaj


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