ATS One Hamlet Broadcast July 13, 2020


How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 3

Samvada Editor Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142) is in conversation with Mukul Verdia (ATS One hamlet 6121) who runs a business in the solar energy sector. Mukul shares the challenges his industry is facing and certain unique aspects to his solar energy business.

'How Is Your Business Unlocking' is a series of interviews that we will be doing with different residents of One Hamlet who run different types of business. The objective is to help all of us understand how others are unlocking their work set up and if we can take any cues from that.




NOIDA gave a certificate of appreciation to residents of ATS One Hamlet for the commendable efforts of providing food to the needy during the lockdown



Basketball Workshop in AOH

by Bhooma Hukmani (Tower 3, 77039 94153)

It’s been 4 months into the Corona pandemic and with it not showing any signs of abating, the basketball-loving children of AOH were in for a treat! Basketball coach Javed Akhtar, who is a certified sports science educationist, conducted a one-of-a-kind online workshop with the renowned Australian coach Dr. Julia Walsh. Julia is the first woman to coach a national men’s basketball team in Australia, the ‘Australian Boomerangs Men’s Team’ for athletes with intellectual disabilities. She started playing, coaching and officiating basketball at the age of 14. She was assisted in the workshop by one of her students, Chantel.

The biggest casualty during lockdown is people’s mental health. This is especially affecting a lot of active children, who are used to outdoor games on a regular basis. Currently, they are only exposed to an overload of Corona information and online school curriculum. Therefore, Javed and Julia believed an interactive online basketball workshop would tremendously help in diverting the children’s attention, getting them to be active and in touch with their favorite sport, from the safety of their homes.

The online workshop was conducted on the 29th of June 2020, with two separate batches of children attending, at 4-5pm and 5.15-6.15pm. The main purpose was to enhance the children’s mental health with exciting drills, warm-ups, ball handling techniques, passing and shooting stances and a healthy discussion on the “importance of fitness during the pandemic”. This interactive session aided the children to partake in a constructive and fun activity, based on their age, ability and aptitude. Julia also emphasized that parents should encourage children to continue regular practice at home, during these tough times, just as the Australian National team is doing.

A sizable number of children joined the workshop and enthusiastically followed Javed and Julia’s instructions to the T. They also stressed that regular exercise will channelize their energy and build immunity and lung capacity, which is essential to fight this pandemic! The workshop culminated with an interesting Q&A session between young Adhiraj Singh (Flat No. 11262) and Dr. Julia Walsh.

All in all, the participants thoroughly enjoyed this unique workshop.


Zindagi: Safarnama Kahaani

Poetry by Haviesha (ATS One Hamlet)


An Ode To Doctors

by Anannya Meghani (6242)

“So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.”

This peroration of the Hippocratic Oath binds medical professionals across the  globe to a resolute ethical code which ushers them to a noble path of social service. The paramount contribution of the medical fraternity has especially been highlighted in the past few months. In the midst of a pandemic our frontline warriors have been relentlessly toiling to put a halt to this devastation. To honour the uttermost commitment and altruistic service of doctors, the nation observed ‘National Doctor’s Day’ on the 1st of July, 2020. I would like to use this platform to express my reverence to all the doctors and medical professionals living in the society. It is reassuring to know that our Hamletian doctors are just a phone call away for any kind of assistance and guidance.  We pay homage to all our doctors  for their magnanimous support and self-sacrificing service!


Birthdays & Anniversary In Hamlet


Anil Saxena from 4111 celebrated his birthday at home with online video parties with friends and family

The Missing Link in COVID-19 Protocol Dire Need for a Professional

Psychological Support System for Covid Patients

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

This week a Young Precious Life of a Newspaper Correspondent Tarun Sisodia and a Resident Doctor was lost as they committed Suicide at the most Premier Institute AIIMS in Delhi. 

There have been hushed whispers from other private hospitals, of quite a few patients taking the Extreme Step. Earlier a film star Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life during lockdown. These are not isolated cases and the present Economic Crisis has been the cause of many people going into depression due to fear of loss of livelihood and the exponential rise of Covid cases in the Country. But what led the young Journalist and other Patients to take this Extreme Step?

Insensitivity....... Corona Needs Tlc..... Tender Loving Care 

There is so much fear in the Doctors, Nursing, and ward staff etc. that patients are left alone in a Ward full of suffering patients and in many places the dead. The scared and decrepit patient has no one to turn to in his hour of misery and has to fend for himself.

In the simplest of illness requiring hospitalization, a Care-Giver from Family is tending to the patients needs due to shortage of Hospital Staff and at times Apathy. Corona Treatment Protocol in the best of private hospitals has left patients terribly alone in a general ward or private room alike.

Treatment Is As Much About Psychological Support As Medication..… Corona has snatched TLC of a loved one to turn to...... That Is Why, A Treatment Protocol has to be found for care giver from family to be around and not left alone, some people cannot Take It and Resort to Suicide.

The Government has done much for the Poor, Middle Class Is Often Ignored and Is The Most at Risk of Falling into a Depression as unlike the poor they often hide their misery due to the stigma attached and a social status to protect. The Need of the Hour Is to Put in Place an Institutionalized Psychological Support System comprising of Professional Counselors that a needy can turn to.

Some baby steps have been taken by some Social Organisations and have started to offer Phone Counseling, Save Our City Campaign (SOC) has written to Delhi CM and hope Government takes it up on war footing.



Corona & the Times Before & After

by Sangeeta Kumar (E Block, 98110 75162)

Half of the year has gone by and it seems to a lot like the year is taking too long to end. So much has and has not happened in these first 6 months. There is so much fear which we have lived with and continue to do, so much of pain and then there is a part in which a lot of us are also grateful for. What have we lost and gained has been the only retrospection we can do. A lot of attention has been given to the Health sector in all aspects be it related to research, medicine, herbal remedies, and not to forget the medical practitioners and the entire medical fraternity on a whole. Each and every individual now realises the importance of the Heath department as a whole and is not limited to the knowledge of just knowing the doctor.

For Politicians also this has been a trying and testing time to see how the nation is being governed and cared for and many country heads have succeeded in this proudly. The nation on a whole has shifted, the world has shifted. For a lot of people, their vision their thought process, their approach has shifted immensely.

And of course there are those who remain the same and have just lived through this pandemic as if nothing ever happened. 

All those people who have suffered and continue to do so because of flight restrictions and lock downs and containment zones and have lived in isolation for a long time have shifted immensely. I spoke to a few people who I personally know and they were away from their families (names not disclosed on request to keep their identity confidential) for 2 and a half months. When they reached their families, they lived in quarantine at home, their stories sometimes when I think of it still gives me goose bumps. These people have had the hardest of times being away from close knit families of parents, siblings, wife and children. On speaking to them the common learning for them was that they got a lot of time to introspect about life and its challenges. Before the pandemic life for them was just getting up, breakfast, office, dinner, and then sleep throughout the week. The weekend was waking up late, resting, spending time with kids and evening was for friends to socialise with. They said that while introspection on life we have come to understand the essence of relationships and how we miss each relationship at a different level. Speaking to parents, siblings, wife or husband and children each at a different level has been touching and has build a sense of responsibility towards maintain relationships which was being lived by without its true essence. They also mentioned the responsibility of taking in charge one’s own self. Having had to arrange for food, cleaning the house, paying attention to one’s health without anyone else being there to looking into any need has taught us responsibility that our mothers, wives, house staff take to keep the house functioning which we perhaps never even thought of as it was just normal for a house to be functioning. 

Many of my friends have taken a leap into spirituality and have connected with it at very high levels. Friends of my friends have also said the same, so this 6 months and I am sure the numbers will keep growing have really reached a high point in spirituality and personal growth for a lot of young men and women.

Families have bonded, creativity has emerged, patience has sustained, earth and nature has healed, we have more to be thankful for than to look at the Pandemic otherwise. Not to forget the need for checking in on neighbours, caring and reaching out to the needy, cooking for self, family and friends. Let’s all pray for the coming months to be better than what we leave behind.



' नयी रौशनी 'Poetry By Malti Sawhney


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