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How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 2

Puja Ohri in Conversation With Resident Hitesh Kumar Meghani (6242) who is into trading and deals with a spectrum of companies

'How Is Your Business Unlocking' is a series of interviews that we will be doing with different residents of One Hamlet who run different types of business. The objective is to help all of us understand how others are unlocking their work set up and if we can take any cues from that.



Jades & Money Plant This Summer

Green Souls Of AOH Discuss Summer House Plants

by Vandena Bal (11021)

The Green Souls of AOH has been very fortunate as Annu Grover - founder and CEO of Nurturing Green, has become a part of this group and has been the reason for all the excitement lately. Annu’s exclusive videos on plants are quite knowledgable. His farm, studio in Gurgaon and his balcony in Hamlet is a delight to watch. Annu’s beautiful range of plants and planters and statues made all of us go gaga.

Besides this, it is the jades and the money plants that infused interest amongst the members of the Green Souls.

Rakhi - a member of this group, is a feng shui expert. According to her, the Chinese lucky plant is none other than the jade. By having jades at home one gets prosperous. Keeping bamboo plants brings both prosperity as well as longevity. Also, jades happily thrive under bright sunlight and don’t require a lot of maintenance. By knowing this who wouldn’t want to get these plants in the house? So, many members transplanted jade through cuttings while some bought from the nurseries which are open now.

Money plants were a hit in the summers and almost everyone grew them in vases and in wine bottles. With the intense heat outside, indoor gardening made sense and a member tastefully designed her kitchen corner with the jade planter on a grinding stone (silbatta), few members are growing money plants around Budhha statue,  a member put lots of money plants infront of Lord Ganesha’s statue in his balcony corner that looked like an offering. One of them has decorated her indoor corner with photo frames and various plants on a wooden shelf giving a complete rustic look.

Whether it’s corona or intense summer heat, nothing can stop a person to pursue something he/she is passionate about.


Helping Hands Of AOH

by Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142)

A group comprising of 95 residents of AOH were working hard through the lockdown days to reduce at least, if not completely get rid of, the miseries faced by migrating labourers on the highways. With personal monetary contributions plus a lot of planning and organising, putting head and heart together, they went and distributed 1500 packets of hot food, 100 dozen fruit and 100 dozen drinking water bottles to migrating labourers on highways as well as labour camps in and around Noida. 

More than 500 packets of dry ration, each containing 1 Kg Dal, 2 Kg Atta, 2 Kg Rice, 1-litre cooking oil, 2 kg Potatoes, 1 Kg Onions etc were distributed to AOH staff including security guards, housekeeping staff and maintenance staff. 

Their motto was that, as much as possible, no one that they could reach should sleep hungry and every family should have rations. 

Not only that, in the initial lockdown period, Helping Hands distributed more than 100 Face Shields to Doctors in AOH and Jaypee Hospital, Sharda Hospital, Felix Hospital- to name a few. 

We are proud of Helping Hands who have asked us specifically not to name the members - God Bless and we hope your noble work continues.



Birthdays & Anniversary In Hamlet


Archana ( 5082) celebrated a fun birthday at home where children were the master chefs for moms special day - on 21st June

Solar Eclipse

Some surreal images of the Solar Eclipse by Residents and from other areas fo Noida

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-29 at

Please! Lockdown Is Not Summer Vacation For Us

by Rohan Khosla (Resident of DLF4 Gurgaon)

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in BITS Goa when I got an innocent email asking me to go home for two weeks due to the novel coronavirus. Three months later, I’m still at home.

For many students like myself, life in college seemed like a reward for our two years of hard work and dedication. We would play sports, attend campus events, roam around the city, spend all night watching movies, and sometimes ‘try’ to study. But this blissful period didn’t last too long. The spread of the virus resulted in us having to go home and spend time attending online lectures, submitting assignments through Google Classroom, or endlessly browsing through YouTube because there was nothing better to do. My life, like countless others, became extremely sedentary. 

I miss my friends and the interactions that we used to have. We used to walk into each other’s rooms unannounced and just chat or play music and video games. The spontaneity is lost. Now everything has to be planned according to everyone’s free time. Although we’ve kept in touch through Whatsapp, it’s not the same. We can’t meet each other in person. We can’t randomly start playing some chords or rap to a beat. We can’t play football at eleven in the night or watch cricket matches together. Things are different and it’s hard to embrace that fact. 

People assume that for teenagers like me, this is a summer vacation where we spend time at home. But they forget that summer vacations meant hanging out with friends, swimming early in the morning, playing basketball, going to restaurants for dinner, etc. None of that is possible anymore and the task of keeping ourselves busy has become harder than ever. Moreover, the undefined duration of the pandemic has made things worse. When do we return to uni? When do we get to meet our friends? When will we give our exams? What are my grades? These questions are rarely answered leaving us with little to no satisfaction.
Despite the overwhelming negatives of the global lockdown, it would be criminal to not mention the positives. I've learned new skills such as programming and video editing during my free time. I’ve spent some quality time with my parents watching TV shows, playing carrom and cooking. I understand how hard it is to manage a house daily. It has made me appreciate the decisions my parents took for my well being and how fortunate I am to be where I am. The biggest positives are that I don't need to eat less food and that my friends and family are safe. Yes, those are in the correct order.


Social Distancing Is Not In Our DNA

by Cdr Rajeev Kanwara (Sector 50, Mahagun Morpheus, 9891446469)

I was on my first holiday abroad. After entering the hotel lobby I joined a queue to do my room registration formalities. There were about 5-6 people ahead of me and each maintaining a distance anywhere between 2-3 ft. As per habit and a reluctance to wait, I approached reception desk for my room keys and said, “Excuse me, I booked" ---(before I could say any further), the desk clerk, without lifting her head said, “Please join the queue". I sheepishly joined back. Over the years during my visits abroad, I have noticed that people religiously stand in a queue. There is no shouting, no telling anybody not to jump the queue. It all happens in a systematic manner and in fact without this chaos, the whole process moves much faster. Nobody in a store jumps the payment queue saying I have only one item. Nobody is in a tearing hurry and says I have parked my car in a no-parking zone or my driver is waiting so please bill me first or even that most repeated sentence that don’t worry, I am only asking the availability of the item so that I don’t waste my time standing in the queue. Standing in a queue without breathing down another person in front needs self-discipline and that can come only if it is around you too.

The finest test of patience I have noticed is on the motorways (expressways or highways) of U.K. Each car keeps a distance of more than one to two car lengths, be it moving or when stationary. Jams and delays on these motorways are quite often but everyone without fail waits in his position patiently. Nobody jumps lane or drives on lanes earmarked for emergency vehicles or no go zones. Patience is a virtue and one can see it in plenty here. Here in our country, you give an inch and someone moves ahead of you.

With the easing of restrictions, we recalled our Maid. On the first day, I asked her how much is Do Gaz (Two Yards). She indicated it with her show of hands which was anywhere between 18 inches to two feet. I told her to look down and told her that each tile was 2 Ft. So at all times in the house, we all will maintain a distance of 3 tiles and not hesitate to tell us to move away if we were to pass each other closer than that. She understood and until today we can maintain social distance.

But then are people in streets, markets, offices, banks maintaining social distance? The answer is a big No! One just has to go to the market to see it. The safeguard, that is the mask, is below the nose or even the chin and quite a few avoid the pretence of even wearing one. The cigarette Kiosk is a sight to behold. There are always 4-5 smokers who are casually taking puffs, chatting away to glory, with no social distancing, thinking corona will be pushed away with their puffs. So is the case with offices where all being birds of the same feather, feel that since they know the fellow worker, he cannot pass on the virus, only an unknown can. Even in residential complexes, residents lower their guard in front of another fellow resident and the social distancing goes for a six. One will notice the same behaviour with the vegetable vendor since you see him daily.

Sometimes the social distancing goes for a six unknowingly. I witnessed a sight of the most disciplined lot searching confirmation of their appointment made on telephone and online from lists displaced on walls.

There were 7-8 heads inches away from each other and the lists, to see confirmation. This happened unknowingly and could have been avoided by not displaying them but announcing names and times by a clerk. The basic problem is we hate queues. We believe strongly in me first and just don’t have the discipline to follow social distancing in our DNA.

By the way the social distancing distance to be maintained was 2 meters as announced by our Prime Minister. Somewhere down the line it got reduced to 3 feet despite the effected numbers increasing daily. The U.K. Prime Minister specifically announced recently the shortening of social distance of 3 feet in his country from 01 July. We lowered our distance months back.



'Bata Toe Sahi'- By Malti Sawhney


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