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How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 4

Coming to you straight from a beach (in the new normal), Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142) is in conversation with Sunaina Bhagat (Tower 9) who is a fashion designer and runs a chain of boutiques in Delhi. Sunaina talks about how the Fashion and Garment industry is unlocking!

'How Is Your Business Unlocking' is a series of interviews that we will be doing with different residents of One Hamlet who run different types of business. The objective is to help all of us understand how others are unlocking their work set up and if we can take any cues from that.



Our LIFE at Crossroads in Today's Covid Scenario??

Are we today living in confusion, fear, dichotomy and staring at a bleak future??

A pertinent question uppermost in one's mind is "What's next?” Will the effect of Covid19 wane or get more intense with passage of time, more so with the cure drug still elusive at least till 2021.

Lot many answers are not there as one struggles to meet the onslaught of Health, Economic, Social, Mental Health fallouts as a consequence. Patience, building up Immunity, Perseverance, Robust and Strong Family ties are the key pivotal factors to strengthen our resolve to "fight and conquer" this faceless, unseen virus causing World Wide pandemic.

The people while taking all possible and feasible precautions have by and large now resolved that they have to take this situation in the daily stride, that they would no longer be cowed down and will "get back to routine life". 

Positive thought and resolve but PRECAUTIONS in the process "please do not throw to the wings". Your family is solely your primary responsibility, so protect them in all possible ways. The Institution of Family is the greatest stress buster in these trying and taxing times.
Be Brave, Stay Positive, Be Focused!

Together we Can and Will OVERCOME ONE DAY. Keep the Spirits and Hope high. To be honest, there really is no other option than this. So we might as well grab it and this Noah's Ark will surely see us through towards BETTER, HAPPIER, PROSPEROUS and ROCKING TIMES.
Stay Safe, Stay Home (to the extent possible and feasible).
Surely this too shall pass. Cheers to better times!!



Shri Jagdish Lal Bajaj( 85 years old ) father of Mr Rajiv Bajaj resident of 4112 passed away on 19th July,20.He was resident of ATS since March,2016.He belonged to Chandigarh and stayed there for more than 55 years. He was doyen of Chandigarh BJP, R.S.S and BMS. He worked for these organizations very selflessly and was responsible for the vast progress of these institutions. He was a political prisoner in 1975 during emergency.He had vast organizing capacity and bold leadership. He retired from LIC of India in Chandigarh.He was once All India General Secretary of National Organisation of Insurance Workers part of the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh.He was responsible in founding this labour organization.


Masks In Park

Physical distancing is key, masks follow but with a health caveat

by Vinod Agarwal (Sector 50; 9899437350)

Conventional pandemic wisdom requires us to wear masks and maintain physical distance from people you don’t live with. But is it necessary to wear a mask during your morning or evening walk in the park?

People, both young and old, walk and run in open areas such as parks to exercise their body and get some fresh air. Any cardiovascular exercise, including walking, increases one’s breathing, including breathing from the mouth.

The air we breathe in contains about 0.04% carbon dioxide. The air we breathe out contains about 4% carbon dioxide. In other words, exhaled air contains about 100 times the concentration of carbon dioxide that inhaled air does. Also, more CO2 is given off during brisk walking, exercise, running or cycling.

If we wear a face mask while exercising, the flow of air through the nose is constricted and even breathing from the mouth is difficult. You would feel smothered and light headed after a while. For senior citizens, it could be more troublesome. Why?

As face masks prevents exhaled air from dissipating quickly, you will be re-breathing some of the exhaled air again in which proportion of CO2 is higher and oxygen content is lower. During walking and exercising your body and limbs need more oxygen but instead there is a build up of CO2 which makes the blood acidic. As the body responds to neutralize this condition, an electrolyte imbalance can occur.

To put it simply, masks prevents a walker in the park from inhaling fresh, oxygenated air, it impairs oxygenation of blood and results in slow oxygen delivery to body tissues. Such a sub-optimal condition stresses the respiratory system, and compromises the immune system.

Normal exhaled air contains 4% CO2. By wearing a mask you are likely to inhale your own CO2, further increasing its concentration. Long before anything serious can happen, early discomfort will make most of us to take off the mask.

The concentration level of carbon dioxide has to be very high in order (around 10%) to really cause any harm. While breathing issues related to masks do not lead to carbon dioxide toxicity in healthy people, those suffering from breathing difficulties due to smoking, obesity, COPD or asthma must be careful while wearing a face mask when walking briskly.


It takes several minutes in the company of an infected person to catch the infection. So, walking past someone in the park should not induce fear or panic since short, momentary walk-bys are fleeting exposures, very unlikely to cause transmission.

But it is in our nature to be extra cautious. So maintain sufficient physical distance in the park from other walkers. Don your face mask when you stop briefly to say hello to an acquaintance or when you pass by other walkers. Turn around, change you route, if you wish to.

You may walk on radial paths or on the grass instead of the usual walking path and jogging track round the park periphery. Stagger your alignment behind runners and walkers ahead of you so you are not directly behind their exhaled plume. Avoid group interactions in the park.

We know the largest super-spreader events take place indoors than in open-air environments. Risk of infection outdoors is almost 19 times lower than in enclosed environments. Remind yourself, physical distancing is key. Only when it is impossible to maintain the ‘lakshman rekha’ of minimum six feet, is when wearing masks becomes necessary.

Maintain physical distance, breathe in unencumbered, fresh air and enjoy your walk!

Note: Some visitors in the park show a shameful disregard for social distancing norms. Playing football, strolling idly in large groups, and talking loudly (it generates more droplets than quieter talking, and stays in the air for at least 8 minutes), and not sneezing and coughing into your handkerchief, such behaviours need to be strongly discouraged by fellow walkers and security guards.



Birthdays & Anniversary In Hamlet


Prianca Kansal from 9073 celebrated her lockdown birthday on the 16th of July


Defence Colony Has Again Become a Hotspot of Sex Racket

By Mrs Mehta (D-54 Defence Colony) 


It is very distressing that over the years our pristine Def Col has become a hotspot of sex racket and flesh trade business by transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg right from D-1 to D-70 and Moolchand Shopping Complex on Def Col side and the entire footpath of Def Col and from Narula's flyover to Moolchand Hospital flyover on Lajpat Nagar side and within the dual jurisdiction of Def Col and Lajpat Nagar.

This entire stretch is encroached at night right from sundown to 5am by them coming from all nooks and corners of Delhi NCR. They rule the road at night and public dare not come on the road out of fear, shame, harassment and danger not only from these criminal elements but also their clients coming from far and wide.

Last year on 31 March a man failing to find sex worker, raped a 61 year old woman in a park near the Lajpat Nagar metro station. 

Seducing and soliciting for the purpose of prostitution in public places  is a cognizable criminal offence under section 8a and 8b of the ITP Act 1956 and obscenity, public display of  vulgarity, willful exposure of body parts in public gaze, violence and terror on road, sexual harassment,  criminal intimidation, criminal trespass etc are all criminal offences under various  sections of IPC. They also become violent and hurl stones on any disagreement with client or objection from residents.

These criminal elements fearlessly trespass into our colony by climbing the boundary wall abutting Lala Lajpat Rai Marg for their sex business and sometimes along with their clients and also to escape from the police.

 We approached the law enforcing authorities and their higher ups. Since there was no response from RWA to approach the Ministry of Women and Child Development I personally along with the help of other association and persons approached the Ministry.

 This resulted in marked reduction of the flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, increased patrolling on both sides and PS Def Col also filed FIR in August 2019 but later did not proceed beyond that. 

What had been fearless and unabashed flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg died a natural death during lockdown. However, it has restarted full -fledged from beginning of June 2020 in defiance of Law; Disobeying Govt Orders; violating the curfew hours, mandatory norms of social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks; violating the provisions of The Disaster Management Act 2005, and endangering lives.

On reporting this to PS Defence Colony our new SHO has also requested SHO Lajpat Nagar to sensitize their staff about the prostitution problem. 

When police patrols it is a deterrent for them and scares them only till the time police is around and they run into hiding or even jump over the boundary wall and trespass into the Colony. This is a serious health, safety and security hazard for the residents.

On the night of 06/07/2020 around 10/50 pm on seeing the police on Lajpat Nagar side a transgender prostitute came running across Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, climbed the boundary wall and was holding the grill to jump inside. There was no RWA Security guard present. My daughter and l had to ourselves stop the transgender prostitute from coming inside.

There was no RWA Security guard patrolling the front lane till 11/07 pm and arrived only on seeing the PCR van. The PCR Team also scolded the RWA Security guard and told him strictly to make regular rounds. After that the RWA Security guard started making regular rounds on the front lane that night.

The most startling and shocking revelation was when  the RWA Security guard told us that these transgender prostitutes have license to do prostitution on road and in public places. We promptly had to correct him. RWA Security guards are not having correct information and  need to be given proper training and  security instructions. 

The police has to take permanent action and enforce the provisions of law under ITP Act 1956, IPC and  The Disaster Management Act 2005 against the transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin as well as their  clients, patrons and pimps for eradicating the malaise altogether.

Further all agencies and elected representatives have to step in to demolish the facilitating factors and take measures like affixing concertina barbed wire over the boundary wall to make it inaccessible, installing  

CCTV cameras on the entire footpath of Def Col, stationing a Police van near Defence Colony petrol pump at night, proper cleanliness, lighting and upkeep of the abandoned dark shady park in front of D-60 Def Col and near Lajpat Nagar metro pillars 25 and 26; fixing of grills on divider of Lala Lajpat Rai Marg to make  Def Col and Lajpat Nagar safe and secure.


' Kuch Lamhey 'Poetry By Malti Sawhney


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