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How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 1

Puja Ohri in Conversation With Resident Deepak Sehgal (Tower 2) Who Has An Leather Export Set Up

'How Is Your Business Unlocking' is a series of interviews that we will be doing with different residents of One Hamlet who run different types of business. The objective is to help all of us understand how others are unlocking their work set up and if we can take any cues from that.



Manmohan Is Delivering Organic Veggies, Fruits & Pulses at Your Doorstep

Manmohan Sharma was a complete novice when he set out to venture in the field of organic farming eleven years ago. Encounter of health related maladies in his family had introduced him (a Technical Manager in a reputed MNC) to the world of organic farming.  It didn’t take much time for him to understand that organic food was not easily available and even if it was, it was highly priced. 

Manmohan now does natural farming, under the name Jaivik Ann, of vegetables, fruits, oil, grains, pulses, millets, pickles and dairy products on 70 acres of Natural Certified Land behind Jaypee Hospital.  He welcomes residents to visit his farm and see how organic farming is being done without use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Incidentally he uses cow dung and urine as natural manure.


Even Strays Get Hungry

by Bhooma Hukmani

An estimated 30 million stray dogs and 5 million stray cattle roam India’s streets. The lockdown has left millions of these helpless animals without food and water. There are approximately 50 dogs and bulls around our very own Hamlet, without sustenance. They would normally feed on scraps from restaurants and roadside eateries. Their plight had a huge impact on a kind soul who decided to take up the onus of caring for them.  

Reeya Thakur (Flat 8234), is a 32 year old Animal Activist and volunteer who is passionate about our two and four-legged friends.  She and her assistants Lisa and Shivkumar have been tirelessly feeding and treating stray dogs, pigeons, donkeys, cows and bulls for the last 15 years in Delhi and Noida. Come dinner-time, she packs her car with cooked rice, eggs, fruit, vegetable peels, milk and bread and drives out to nearby sectors 104, 105, 108, 110, 82, 93 and Bhangel, to feed these starving beings. When asked if she’s not wary that the strays might attack, she says “Strays have a sixth sense, they can gauge from a person’s approach if they are friendly or a threat.”  According to her, “A simple whistle and kind gesture with food in hand makes these animals approachable, they only get defensive if threatened. But one has to be cautious.”

Donned in mask and gloves, Reeya takes the required precautions while feeding the animals. The animals in-turn, gorge on the food offered, while proving through their actions, how grateful they are. But single-handedly she could only do so much. Reeya needed more like-minded people to help out. She reached out to the residents with another animal-lover Sherry Bhatia (Flat 4101). 

Empty cartons were placed at tower lobbies with requests to donate simple rotis, fruits, vegetable peels or eggs. Soon, sealed food and monetary donations started pouring in. Fellow residents also joined her in the feeding process, with a young  Rajveer (Flat 2241), being so inspired that he started an Instagram post “Teens For Tails”, which shows how one can help such strays.

This collective compassion has driven Reeya to further her cause through her foundation to help feed and treat her furry friends. Do get in touch with her if you would like to be a part of this humane endeavour.


Birthdays & Anniversary In Hamlet


On 26th May, Rakesh Sachdev and  Amita Sachdev celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary at home in 4111- their first anniversary as grand parents with their lovely granddaughter Aadya all the way from Mumbai


Double Rainbow !

ATS One Hamlet got clicking on the 31st after a double rainbow appeared!


Poetry By Haviesha Arora (Tower 5)


Get creative with Aastha (Tower 10) and her free Art sessions on Zoom!

by Vaishali Kolpe Sabherwal (96866 89798, Hno. 5222)

ATS One Hamlet is a buzz with talent. Many cooks, some musicians, yoga and dance teachers, mathematicians, and then there’s Art of another level. 

Featuring Aastha Roongta, a bundle of talent and Fine Art graduate from Delhi College of Art, who dabbles in all mediums like water colors, oil painting, sketching and more interestingly, coffee painting. A form of painting using coffee decoction. 

In times of lockdown, she has dedicated herself to painstakingly teaching anyone and everyone the finer nuances of what she does best, online, and for free. 

So one can see Aastha effortlessly teaching various mediums of art on Zoom where she has successfully and very patiently, taught a whopping 85 students in one single session. Having personally attended her Coffee painting and Warli art classes, I must commend her patience and the zeal with which she teaches, and how she always makes time to answer every query that comes her way. Teaching art online is clearly challenging, but she does it seamlessly. 

 With no personal gains vested in this, she has tied up with an NGO that is looking at the needs of those suffering during Covid and has been conducting classes to help support them. She strongly believes in the circle of life and says that what goes around, comes around. 

Warli Art has always been interesting. Beautiful works using geometric shapes that intricately conjoin to depict the life of the Warli tribe and their activities. Seen here is a small snippet of Aastha’s session of Warli Art. 


Wishing her more power and much success in this endeavour. We could do with more people like her. Each week on Zoom, she teaches a new form of Art.  

For more information, she can be reached on her intercom at 10114.


Balcony Sessions With Avni,Vir and Vineet


“An Invincible Agent”

by Daksh Sharma (11 years Old, 11122)

2020 is a difficult time,

A peculiar virus has entrapped the mankind

It’s contagious…spread like fire

Its here, its there, its everywhere.

You sneeze…you cough…you spit

and this deadly virus hits

its airborne…

Quick isolate yourself.

Are you worries?

This so called COVID-19 is powerless without contact

stay home stay safe

was your hands,

work from home if you can.

Do social distancing

Don’t have visitors

The corona warriors are on the job.

Have you thought, this pandemic has something

good too…

The roads are clean,

the water is blue

the air i fresh and the birds are free.

Animals wondering where is this man

who took our freedom

man is in despair

wondering his future

But I still feel a wonderful tomorrow for all



Un-Lock 1.0

by Cdr Rajeev Kanwara (Sector 50; 9891446469)

Corona has changed life of many. A tempo owner started selling fruits and vegetables opposite my complex. His two children, a boy and a girl, students of an engineering college, helped him in turns during the day. A Thelewala, selling fruits told me he was working in the Hospitality Industry before. And to convince me, he named quite a few top end restaurants.

Unlocking in a phased manner in the country has given quite a many an opportunity to restart and earn their livelihood. However, with Covid still looming large and  far away from peaking, with constant news on the same, the fears and phobia around it will ensure that many will still have to wait for their livelihood and lives to come to normal.

Except for the containment zones Maids are now allowed. The surprise is that only 20 % have found their steps back. And this is not because the helps have gone home but it is because of individual households having chosen to be without them. Our Dhobi (Presswala) sighed a relief when Society office allowed him in. However, this was short lived. Earlier, he wouldwork till 8-9 PM in the evening.Today he is out of the complex in an hour. To look presentable is the least priority of most. Luckily our Dhobi was multitasking thus he still has his income from cleaning cars with most owners sticking to cleaning the exteriors only.

I am a foodie. In one of the Gourmet groups having a membership of more than half a lakh, the convener asked all to name the restaurant they would like to visit once they open. I read up to the first hundred posts. All except three wrote that it is too early. Maybe in July, August. Some even wrote not before September. That tells you the story of times ahead for the Restaurant Industry and all the people connected with it.

My head is an unruly mess. The barber shops, oh sorry, the beauty parlours are now open. I for one, I definitely, am not looking out for a visit.  Not in the near future at least. The Malls, the go to place in this summer to beat the heat and the electricity charges, are also slowly opening up. I don’t know how many would like to shop under the present circumstances when you cannot have any trials, the very essence of impulse buying. One will have to wait and see how the shopaholics behave in the current scenario. The other day, I was watching the field anchor of one of the news channels explaining the arrangements made in a Mall for reopening. She went around showing the arrangements made by various stake holders. However, her closing remarks said it all. VISIT ONLY IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO.

As for me, I am above 65. I am still in the red zone under containment. How long?

Only Corona knows.



Khwabon Ka Safar - By Malti Sawhney


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