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Pavement Vendors Need To Be Stopped From Re-Entering Our Colony

Samvada News Bureau 

This is with deep anguish, worry and foreboding that we, the citizens of CR Park and Delhi are raising some very pertinent issues which have hitherto been overlooked completely by the authorities.

The Covid 19 pandemic has thrown up a massive health and hygiene hazard. And that is, the pavement vendors and hawkers who sit on the pavements and sell their wares. There is a lot of crowding around them by people. Now during current times, crowding would seriously endanger the hawkers as well as buyers.

1. Hawkers are truly in a precarious position and do not have a dedicated place to put their wares. While the market associations allegedly arm twist them to elicit large sums of money to allow them to sit, on the other hand, some lawmakers allegedly grabs chunks of money as “hafta”, to allow them to sit on the pavements. To avoid paying large sums to the market associations, the hawkers make do with the “hafta” system and manage places on the pavements.

Time is evolving in such a way, that the hawkers have to be given a permanent spot to do business from while following strict hygiene factors – not spitting, throwing garbage and maintaining social distancing norms.  They can be taught to evolve their business to more hygienic ones. As a result, everyone would be supporting ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan’ and creating a cleaner, healthier and more hygienic society.

Society evolves after several generations and this is the time for that. To cite an example – once upon a time “jamadaaars” used to come to collect poop and clean Indian toilets (‘kahata paykhana’). But now the concept of poop collecting jamadaars is no longer there! Society has evolved to a cleaner waste management environment and the so -called jamaadaar community has moved to different professions. Similarly, the hawkers selling wares unhygienically, can be taught to move to cleaner options which will help them become more hygienic, at the same time sell clean and hygienic wares.

2. Another very pertinent problem, is that DDA markets. Many shopkeepers in these markets, spill on to the walkable paths in the markets with their wares. As a result, there is hardly any space to stand with social distance or even walk by!  People have already started crowing around the shopkeepers and beyond a point, the shopkeepers don’t really care about the hygiene and health norms, as they become too busy selling.

If such scenarios continue for long, slowly educated and aware citizens will stop going to the markets and patronizing “Local with Vocal”. They will prefer to sit at home, be safe, and order online.

How will the economy progress then? In such a scenario, business will continue going to foreign online companies and Indian business will never be able to evolve and progress.

The markets do not also maintain any hygiene or cleanliness. Most of the market places are filled with unpicked garbage and filth spread by the eating joints. The toilets are forever stinking and there is no regular cleaning of the areas. 

The citizens require immediate redressal of the above problems, most importantly the hawkers. They must be handheld to provide a better profession, assisted with Government grants, enable them with “One Nation One Card”, be taught health and hygiene factors such as NOT SPITTING and maintaining Social Distancing norms.


Proud to be CR Parkian!

By Jaya Ray , P Block, 9871718921

The Corona scare took a serious and scary turn in CR Park, when a patient got admitted in Ariston Hospital a few days back with reported shadows in his chest XRAY. The patient had reportedly come from outside CR Park and got admitted in the hospital with complaints of breathlessness, cough and cold. The hospital authorities immediately moved the patient to AIIMS and sealed the premises.

The local councillor Shri Subhash Bhadana acted swiftly and immediately sanitized the entire area surrounding the hospital, i.e. I and J Block. 

Shri Bhadana has sanitized the entire colony at least once and the situation is completely under control. 

Roads and lanes are also being sanitized regularly. The reason is that all dirt, deposits such as spit, faeces which get attached to our shoes, eventually come home and our homes stand the risk of being infected. Even if the shoes are left outside, we may be using the same area while doing home activities and as a result the infection may get inside our homes as well. The Corona virus strands are alive on any moist surface for 2-3 hours. Therefore, regular sanitisation of roads, barricades and gates are also very necessary.

Police are constantly on the vigil to catch anyone roaming around in the colony without any agenda. The entire colony has been cordoned from any outside infiltration by locking barricade gates from all sides except one side which gives access to vendors selling essentials. Police are also taking strict action against those who are flouting the lockdown rules.

Apart from sanitization, about 100 volunteers are rendering tireless service of providing free food to all labourers and daily wagers every day. They are also providing regular food packets to elderly citizens who are unable to cook.

It is indeed a very proud moment for us that CR Park and all surrounding area residents have risen so magnanimously on this critical occasion and they deserve every bit of appreciation, gratitude and applause. More so, when it has been reported that other colonies in and around Delhi have not seen such kind of activity. 

Proud to be CR Parkians and extremely proud to report this benevolence! 


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A Trio Of Superdrinks For Your Immune System

By Chitra Sarkar (8860611816)

The world is fighting a virus which has no vaccine or cure (as yet) and the only weapon we have is social distancing and natural immunity. In India, we are lucky that Ayurveda has taught us how food can make us well. Some easily available “superfoods” are ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric (to be taken with a little black pepper), citrus fruits, tomatoes, pumpkin and spinach. All these foods boost immunity. Their efficacy is enhanced when taken in a hot drink which warms your throat and clears mucus. Here are a few ‘super drinks’ we can  have throughout the day, to give ourselves some additional helpings of immunity.

Early in the morning, we could start with a cup of hot water with lemon, honey, and powdered cinnamon. Avoid honey if you’re diabetic, and cinnamon if you have high blood pressure. Squeeze the lemon into a cup of green tea instead. 

Citrus fruits contain antioxidants and Vitamin C, which are both at the frontlines of the fight against illness. Honey is nutritious, and helps in tissue regeneration. Cinnamon is antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

A daily cup of ‘cha’ can easily be converted into a super drink by adding ginger, elaichi and star anise. Star anise has flu-fighting properties. It contains shikimic acid, which modern medicine has extracted to make anti-influenza drugs like TAMIFLU. Adding star anise in your tea could help to give you some protection against symptoms of flu. Avoid white sugar- in your tea or anywhere. It does little for you except increase inflammation.

Then in the evening you can make a super soup. Sauté onions, ginger, garlic, turmeric, a bit of black pepper , a bit of cumin, and rock salt. Use chicken or vegetable stock, or just plain water. Then add tomatoes, spinach and pumpkin. Pumpkin contains tryptophan among many other nutrients, and tryptophan helps you sleep well. Apart from nutrition – it is important to get quality sleep, and reduce stress. And tryptophan helps with both. 

Immune boosting hot drinks, quality sleep and reduced stress are great weapons against the fight we face today. Stay well, stay safe!



Time To Avoid  Beauty Parlours And Learn Self-Care

by Anindita Roy, 9818541252

When we were very young , there used to be no beauty parlours. The Naai and Naain (barber) would come to our houses for hair cutting & an occasional luxurious shaving by the naai (barber) and the foot rub & cleaning with application of Aalta after that by the naain (naaptini in bengali). We would dance around merrily with freshly attended to clean and aalta applied feet. Slowly the beauty parlours emerged and we started visiting them. Before this however, our mothers and grandmothers tended to their beauty needs at home itself. In olden times waxing with boiled sugar syrup was also performed at home.

Now with the COVID danger looming on our heads, one of the biggest danger is from the Saloons/Spas/Barbershops & Beauty Parlous itself. This danger will remain for a very long time. The virus is not going to be eliminated that soon. It will linger and effect people till a vaccine is found!! 

Parlours use the Same Materials & towels on many people, habitually. And of course there is human touch throughout. Most of our parlour workers stay in the red or orange zones and it is really very difficult to ascertain whether they are Silent Carriers or not!

It has been reported that in the US that a very large percentage of the deaths have happened through the use of  Saloons. If we come in contact with the infected person or a silent carrier, you are sure to get it. You may suffer or become a silent carrier yourself. This virus is very very contagious!! We should not even think of going to a Salon even for a haircut, until the Parlors/Saloons/Spas, starts using ‘Disposables’ completely even after Corona is completely over( which seems to be atleast 2 years away in the present scenario).

The staff of these Parlours, will come in contact with many people, using the same brush, scissors and all other tools. The door handle, the chair handle and other areas touched by an infected person can make you a carrier for you & your family. The threat will remain even after the situation returns to somewhat normal. BE CAREFUL, BE WISE, THINK TWICE, if  ‘Saloon’ is the first place you are thinking to rush on opening of the Lockdown.

Try to develop your own safe home beauty regimes. Self massage, self pedicure-manicure and other self cleanliness and hygiene practices will ensure that you remain safe , healthy and beautiful at the same time.

Above is a small video by Jaya Ray, our CR Park editor, for a hair mask recipe. Do try out, Stay Home & Stay Safe. Thank You.


Story Telling For Kids: Jadukorer Meye

Narrated by Arunendu Roy ( F block)

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Growing A Terrace Garden

By Asha Gambhir , J 1813

Terrace Gardens are replacements of sprawling lawns and garden lovers delight in pursuing their passion  see the flowers bloom. Not all residential areas are fortunate to have green areas allocated, and even if they are ,not all of them are well maintained to provide comfort for weary eyes. Delhi and the other Metros have paid a heavy price, in the name of growth and development by way of losing its trees and shrinking  gardens. This deliberate move  by humans to destroy their own natural oxygen supply , their lungs, leaving the human race gasping for breath is very unfortunate. Also in this process  we have destroyed the natural habitat of birds and bees, compelling them to flee in search of greener pastures.

But the good news is that people  became aware of what they had lost and turned to  creating their own green patches , their very own  private source of oxygen.Interest in gardening grew all over, even the smallest of a flat in the most humble area was sure to have a few pots , may not be the exotic but the very  simple and hardy plants. A house or a flat without a few plants adorning the balcony is a rare sight.

Having a terrace is like giving oneself an open field and letting the imagination run riot in creativity. There are many options  one can have. A lawn on the terrace is the most desirable and envious at the same time. Besides the need for a  professional layout it is laborious work in maintenance, so therefore not very popular. The lawn does take away a reasonably good portion of the terrace after which not much space  is left for pots.   

The next best option is pots and that can be as many as space permits. The terrace gardens are best blooming in the winter and spring season. The direct and maximum hours of sunlight are best for the flowers. A field day for the creative mind in landscaping The terrace garden can also house  vegetables for the enthusiasts and what a pleasure that is!! Homegrown organic vegetables have a different flavour altogether. And the thrill of seeing them grow mature is an experience by itself.  And trust me there’s nothing more  therapeutic than this.

As children, I remember it was important to mention hobbies in any CV Even in the matrimonial market the end line was the kind of interests the candidate had! Gardening signified love for Nature a reasonable happy temperament and time well spent. 

Over the years the love and interest in gardening has grown multifold. Therefore to promote this hobby, Sheela Bhargava  initiated the All India Kitchen Gardens Association (AIKGA) which was formed bringing together all those residents who are passionate about gardening. This platform provides formal training to beginners for new learning and exchange views. I love being a member of AIKGA and it has been a wonderful learning and healing process through gardening.

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