Chittaranjan Park Broadcast July 2020


The Perpetual Problem Of Encroached Pavements !!

Are the pavements on rent? Who is collecting the rent ? Open secrets anyone?

By Jaya Ray 

Encroachments and politicians have a marriage which no court in this country can break. Their partnership is truly mutually beneficial. For the past 30 years, since the time the 4 markets in the colony got their current avatar as  permanent complexes, encroachments have gradually but surely spread its tentacles all around the periphery of the markets. The façades of the markets have been successfully dirtied and spoilt by the hawkers, illegally parked cars, and temporary thelas who have even secured permanent places over the years.

Hawkers have even gone to the extent of building permanent structures to secure their positions. And it goes without saying, that all this has been possible with the complete consent of all local politicians who have been elected in the area in various capacities, over the years.

Numerous complaints, written/verbal have fallen on deaf ears. The nexus of politicians, police and hawkers is so strong that they openly say that “no one can remove them from their places”.

According to Teh Bazari rules,

1.    No encroachment can happen on the pavements.

2.    If there is a 9 feet pavement, only 5 feet out of that can be used by hawkers,  that too only “temporary” hawkers can sit there, for a specific number of hours. No one can create permanent structures on the pavement.

The pavements in CR Park are all less than 9 feet, and in most areas, the pavements have completely disappeared below the encroachments!! So much so that there is no place to walk at all in front of the markets. Every now and then, there are accidents that happen with people, especially elderly, who try to cross the roads and walk through the market.

Cars are recklessly parked in front of all markets and shopkeepers even dispose of all their garbage in front, without a care in the world. The market associations are just not bothered about any hygiene for the markets, toilets or their surroundings.

We have approached every organisation in the chain and hierarchy over the past 15 years, right from EBDP to MCD to Delhi Police to the local councillors and MLAs. EBDP has always very conveniently washed its hands of the whole issue, saying it is beyond their capacity to take any action.

And the authorities have conveniently passed on the blame AND the buck to each other!

This issue needs to be resolved NOW considering the current pandemic and the crying need for hygiene in all the markets.

Hawkers have to be made temporary with allotted time frames to sit in the markets. There should be no permanent fixtures on the pavements and they can come only in mobile thelas. And after the assigned time slots are over, they have to move their thelas and rehris away.

Through this column of Samvada, the residents requests all authorities to take immediate action and implement the proper Tehbazari rules with immediate effect.



The Endless Fights For Parking Space Takes An Ugly Turn

Resident Gets Beaten Up By Neighbour And Sustains Grave Injures 

By Jaya Ray , P Block, 9871718921

All the stress of the covid pandemic is unleashing its relentless fury on people through frustration, depression, anger and erratic behavior. Seemingly trivial issues are catapulting to life threatening situations. One such incident occurred in K block last month and the issue was parking, and the place in question, was a free parking area!

The incident snowballed into a situation, where physical injury, bloodshed and even death threat was part of the massive assault.

Even after one month, no action has been taken by the police apart from a normal FIR. EBDP, as always, washed its hands off the whole incident, even as it made it crystal clear, that arranging for running water is the only “urgent” work on its hands right now.

And this is nothing new about the oldest apex body of the colony. The association has  garnered a dubious reputation of consisting of a set of septuagenarians and octogenarians who are just merely spending their retired life, shifting files from one desk to another and having endless cups of tea over adda, at the association office.

It can be vouched even further on EBDP’s priorities by Samvada Bureau, with it’s extensive experience of interacting with the office bearers. Over the past 10 plus years, Samvada editors have met with every office bearer, multiple times, to discuss every issue pertaining to the development of the colony. Right from cleaning and sanitation of markets and their toilets, to building better roads, to cleaning of overflowing dhalaos, to enhancing security on the roads, to encroachments around markets and arterial roads, every issue has been reported on paper with acknowledgements at the association office. But alas, all the requests and imploring, have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears. Endless letters, applications and requests have only collected dust in their office.

Hence it is no surprise that the above assault case has been completely ignored by the association, giving the lame excuse, that all such issues apparently need a lot of “patience” to be resolved. Today it’s a parking issue, tomorrow it can be an assault of a resident, especially women. If any woman resident is attacked by such self styled “gundas”, will EBDP remain quiet even then? What is the social security that we residents have? Why are the police not being questioned at all? What is the point of having a police station within the colony then? Inspite of having 7 associations apart from EBDP, there has been not a whimper from anyone, regarding the above issue.

What is the way forward for the residents then? Do we have to be responsible for our own safety? Isn’t it high time, the whole system  be hauled up? Isn’t it high time, the lawmakers and EBDP be asked to answer some critical questions?

Are the MLA and Deputy Mayor listening? Can they please take up this issue on a war footing and provide some security to the residents? Can we please have some joint meetings to earmark urgent action points?

Residents, please come forward and join your hands and voices together. Because only then, the issues will be heard and seen.

We want our children to live in a better and safer CR Park.



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A Tribute To Air Marshal Shiba Prasad Chakrabarti

By Siddharth Chakraborty

Air Marshal Shiba Prasad Chakrabarti Commander in Chief Maintenance Command IAF Retd breathed his last on 17/6/2020.

He completed his Education from Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

He participated in both the 1965 And 1971 Indo Pak wars and was responsible for the complete armament modification of the MI -4 helicopters with bombs ,rockets and guns.

He was also involved in the contingent that air bombed Lahore in 1971, ultimately leading to the Indian victory against Pakistan.

A trained winter warfare commando he was responsible for the induction of MIG 21 aircraft in the Airforce which was recently used by Wing commander Abhinandan to shoot down Pakistani F -16.

One of the Earliest propagator of Atmanirbhar programme, his vision and effort have been realised in the successful launch of Indian made Fighter Jet ‘Tejas’.

After retirement attaining the Apex rank of AirMarshal,Commanding in Chief (Maintenance Command ) he settled in his home at J -1925 C.R .Park.

 He was given full state funeral by the Airforce at his funeral and the National Flag was handed over to his wife Chandra Chakrabarti and son.


The New Faces Of Covid Society

By Jaya Ray 

The Covid pandemic has thrown up some interesting facets about our society, social behavior and patterns.

I am going to be talking here, specifically with respect to our colony, which essentially consists of educated, intellectual people and fairly well informed as well.

On one hand, the families of covid patients have formed small communities and are going out of their way to help each other. Help to the extent of delivering medicines, groceries and other essential supplies. There are lot of volunteers also who have taken up the responsibility to reach out to elderly people as well covid homes to help them with supplies and medicines. People have even come forward to even talk to people over the phone, especially elderly, who are stressed and fearful of the situation, and ease their stress and worries.

The above situation truly shows a very compassionate, caring and sincere picture of society and is truly heartening and very comforting.

Cut to the other side. As soon as news spreads about a case in the lane/block, messages fly thick and fast informing the whole world about the patient’s identity and address. Demeaning messages,( to the extent of barricading the house, and making sure no one even passes the house from the road) jam the whatsapp groups, as if its some kind of news coup, that a covid patient has been discovered! Gleefully gloating over the just-received news, and adding more spice to the same, the whatsapp grapevine buzzes incessantly for the next 3 days, before another case or rather “prey” is identified.

After having successfully and mercilessly shunned the patient and the family, the grapevine doesn’t stop there. It even sends information to all the blocks, where possibly the patient’s parents/relatives might be staying. It only rests after the entire colony has been broadcasted about the latest coup.

All education, decency, decorum and intellect fly out of the window and this ugly, ruthless, merciless monstrous side of the so-called educated, liberated and intellectual Bengali society rears its head. To the extent that even doctors’ lanes are not spared by these menacing social monsters. Doctors’ houses are shunned and they are told in so many words, not to call covid patients to their homes! Garbage pickers are instructed not to collect garbage from doctors’ homes!

What would you call this society? Is it the educated, intellectual society (Bhadra samaj) of Bengalis that we are so proud of? Is this the behavior that our intellect and education taught us to project, in a trying circumstance?

Everything suddenly seems so hollow so empty, so devoid of humanity and common sense, complete break down of values, failure of education system. Is this how we face a critical situation where it is all the more necessary to stand by each other ?

I am happy and sad, more sad and ashamed that I live in such a society which tears apart humanity and values at so much as a whisper, which does not take long to traumatise someone so much so that the person may be affected more mentally, than so much by the disease.

Having said that, I also want to seek happiness and comfort in the fact that good people are still there around us, making us feel wanted, cared for and assuring us that all will be well very soon!

Long live this beautiful society and may the ugly monster die a quick death.


Kuch Lamhey - Poetry by Malti Sawhney


How Residents Are Keeping Our Markets Secure

Apropos to my article on Covid society, I am reporting a beautiful picture of a compassionate society, which is fighting tooth and nail with the disease. A motley group of 20 residents, with a passion for social work have formed 4 teams to man the 4 markets in the colony. The manning is essentially to instil the need to wear masks while in the markets. The volunteers are educating both the shopkeepers as well as the people who are frequenting the markets to wear masks. Shopkeepers are encouraged to also encourage shoppers to wear masks. The volunteers are also distributing masks to both shopkeepers and shoppers free of cost.

It is really encouraging to see that all shopkeepers are extremely mindful of the importance of wearing masks while doing business. Some are even refusing to serve customers who are coming to their shops without masks. 

With the momentum of the movement having picked up over the past one week, many residents are contributing to the cause monetarily.

Samvad congratulates the volunteers and wishes them success in their efforts to instil the importance of wearing masks in public places among residents.



Defence Colony Has Again Become a Hotspot of Sex Racket

By Mrs Mehta (D-54 Defence Colony) 


It is very distressing that over the years our pristine Def Col has become a hotspot of sex racket and flesh trade business by transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg right from D-1 to D-70 and Moolchand Shopping Complex on Def Col side and the entire footpath of Def Col and from Narula's flyover to Moolchand Hospital flyover on Lajpat Nagar side and within the dual jurisdiction of Def Col and Lajpat Nagar.

This entire stretch is encroached at night right from sundown to 5am by them coming from all nooks and corners of Delhi NCR. They rule the road at night and public dare not come on the road out of fear, shame, harassment and danger not only from these criminal elements but also their clients coming from far and wide.

Last year on 31 March a man failing to find sex worker, raped a 61 year old woman in a park near the Lajpat Nagar metro station. 

Seducing and soliciting for the purpose of prostitution in public places  is a cognizable criminal offence under section 8a and 8b of the ITP Act 1956 and obscenity, public display of  vulgarity, willful exposure of body parts in public gaze, violence and terror on road, sexual harassment,  criminal intimidation, criminal trespass etc are all criminal offences under various  sections of IPC. They also become violent and hurl stones on any disagreement with client or objection from residents.

These criminal elements fearlessly trespass into our colony by climbing the boundary wall abutting Lala Lajpat Rai Marg for their sex business and sometimes along with their clients and also to escape from the police.

 We approached the law enforcing authorities and their higher ups. Since there was no response from RWA to approach the Ministry of Women and Child Development I personally along with the help of other association and persons approached the Ministry.

 This resulted in marked reduction of the flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, increased patrolling on both sides and PS Def Col also filed FIR in August 2019 but later did not proceed beyond that. 

What had been fearless and unabashed flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg died a natural death during lockdown. However, it has restarted full -fledged from beginning of June 2020 in defiance of Law; Disobeying Govt Orders; violating the curfew hours, mandatory norms of social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks; violating the provisions of The Disaster Management Act 2005, and endangering lives.

On reporting this to PS Defence Colony our new SHO has also requested SHO Lajpat Nagar to sensitize their staff about the prostitution problem. 

When police patrols it is a deterrent for them and scares them only till the time police is around and they run into hiding or even jump over the boundary wall and trespass into the Colony. This is a serious health, safety and security hazard for the residents.

On the night of 06/07/2020 around 10/50 pm on seeing the police on Lajpat Nagar side a transgender prostitute came running across Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, climbed the boundary wall and was holding the grill to jump inside. There was no RWA Security guard present. My daughter and l had to ourselves stop the transgender prostitute from coming inside.

There was no RWA Security guard patrolling the front lane till 11/07 pm and arrived only on seeing the PCR van. The PCR Team also scolded the RWA Security guard and told him strictly to make regular rounds. After that the RWA Security guard started making regular rounds on the front lane that night.

The most startling and shocking revelation was when  the RWA Security guard told us that these transgender prostitutes have license to do prostitution on road and in public places. We promptly had to correct him. RWA Security guards are not having correct information and  need to be given proper training and  security instructions. 

The police has to take permanent action and enforce the provisions of law under ITP Act 1956, IPC and  The Disaster Management Act 2005 against the transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin as well as their  clients, patrons and pimps for eradicating the malaise altogether.

Further all agencies and elected representatives have to step in to demolish the facilitating factors and take measures like affixing concertina barbed wire over the boundary wall to make it inaccessible, installing  

CCTV cameras on the entire footpath of Def Col, stationing a Police van near Defence Colony petrol pump at night, proper cleanliness, lighting and upkeep of the abandoned dark shady park in front of D-60 Def Col and near Lajpat Nagar metro pillars 25 and 26; fixing of grills on divider of Lala Lajpat Rai Marg to make  Def Col and Lajpat Nagar safe and secure.



A Delicious Recipe Of Radhaballavi & Aloor Dum

By Dr.  Supriya Sharma  (7042990712)

Niramish Aloor  Dum (Bengali Style )

Ingredients :

Boiled  potatoes -6

2-Bay leave 

2-Dry Chilli 

Whole  Garam Masala 

(1" Cinnamon,  2 Cardamon )

3 tbsp Cooking  Oil (2 tbsp refined  oil and  1tbsp mustard oil)

1 tbsp Green  Chilli  ( paste )

1tbsp Ginger  ( paste )

1 Big Size Tomato  ( paste) 

1 tbsp Coriander  (powder) 

1 tbsp Cumin ( powder)

1/2 tbsp Turmeric (powder )

1/2tbsp Red Chilli (powder )

1/2tbsp Garam Masala  ( powder )

1/2tbsp Kashmiri  Red  Chilli  (powder )

2 tbsp Curd 

1 tbsp Ghee

Hing/ Sugar/ Salt ( as per  required )

Method :

Boil the  potatoes and  cut into  equal portions 

Then cool and  mix with  pinch of 

Haldi, Salt, and 1 tbsp oil mix well

Heat a pan with  oil fry the  potatoes in  until  light golden brown  color 

Use the same  oil add 1tbsp sugar fry the until golden  brown  color( caramel) then add 

2 dry chilli,  2 bay leaves, whole  garam masala 

(1 Cinnamon, 2 Cardamon )

Add Tomatoes paste fry for 1 mins, in medium  flame 

Add 2 tbsp Ginger paste ,Green  chilli  paste 1 tbsp, Cumin powder 1 tbsp,  Coriander  powder 1tbsp, Red chilli  powder 1/2tbsp, Kashmiri red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp

Curd 2tbsp,  Salt ( to taste ) mixed it well

Add fried  potatoes , Garam masala  powder  1/2 tbsp and  1 cup warm water

Now close the  lid and  cook in medium  flame  for 5 mins. 

Gravy must be  thick and potatoes  fully cooked 

For Tadka:

Ghee 1 tbsp in hot pan and pinch of  hing fry and  mix with  Aloor Dum

Cover it for  5 mins (gas oven  close)

Really  delicious and  tasty Bengali Style  Niramish Aloor Dum  is ready to  serve with  Radhaballavi.

Recipe :  Radhaballavi  


1Cup Urad  Dal

1 1/2" ginger 

1/2tbsp Fennel seeds 

1/4 tsp Hing 

1/2 tsp cumin  Power ( roasted  )

2 Green  Chilli 

1/2 tsp Sugar ( as required  )

Salt (to taste )

For the  Dough :

3 Cups Maida 

2 tbsp Refined Oil 

Salt ( to taste )  

Warm Water

For Dry Roasted  Masala :

3tsp Fennel  Seeds 

2 Bay Leaf 

2 Green Cardamon

2 Dry Red Chilli

2 tsp Coriander Seeds (Dry roast all the  above  ingredients and  grind  it  to a  fine powder 

Stuffing :

Take  1 cup of  Urad dal  wash and then  soak it in water for  2 hours 

Soaked  and coarsely grind  the  dal with  1 1/2" ginger , 1/2 tbsp fennel  seeds, 2 green  chili 

 keep  the  paste  aside 

Heat  a  pan  in a medium  flame  add 2 tbsp oil to it 

Then add 1/2tsp fennel seeds and  1/4 tsp Hing

When aroma comes from hing  and  fennel seeds  will  come  out  from  the pan,  add the  Urad dal - ginger- fennel seeds - green chili  paste  to  it 

.Now  add 1/2 tsp cumin  powder, 1/2 tsp chilli powder,  1tsp turmeric powder,  sugar and  salt (to taste  )Mix all the  ingredients  nicely and  cook it till becomes a dough

Lastly  add the  garam masala and  Urad dal stuffing should be  completely  cool down  before  stuffing

How to make  Bengali Style  Radhaballavi Recipe :

Take 3 cups maida,  2 tbsp refined oil,  salt( to taste ) warm water ( as required ) and  mix well ; Now coat  the  dough  with 1tbsp oil and  wet  cloth  keep it  for 1 hours.

Take  the dough  divided into  equal  portions and  make each  portion  to  a (medium  side ) ball; Now similarly  take  Urad dal stuffing  make  the  balls ;Take  each  dough  ball and make it slightly  flat  with  the pressure of  your  palm ;Stuff the ball into the flatten  chapati looks like bowl cover it and and make a  round shaped  dough ball  by using  your  palms; Now coat the dough  ball  with  oil and  apply some oil on the  rolling  pin  then roll it.

Place  a pan on the  medium heat  and add the  refined  oil to the  pan ; Wait till  the  oil is   medium hot ; When  the  oil  is getting  heated up  add Radhaballavi  into the  refined  oil; Radhaballavi  should  get into the  oil and  to make it  puff up ;When  the  Radhaballavi turn into light  golden  colour; Turn it  over and  fry  it  in the  same way get the  golden  color from  both sides ; Remove  it from the pan ; Serve Radhaballavi with Niramish Aloor Dum ( Bengali Style )

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