Defence Colony Broadcast
August 1-15,  2020

Vol 1 No. 6


Def Col “Cleaned Bowled” By Monsoon!

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)

The most famous “posh” colony of South Delhi faced a major setback on 19th and 21st July’20 due to heavy showers in Delhi. The colony was “sub-merged” drastically and spread panic among residents. The complaints with pictures and videos of water logging started coming on “issue and Action group” of Def Col within 30 minutes of heavy rainfall.

Residents shared pictures and videos of rainwater gushing into their houses and vehicles wading through waterlogged areas. Several places in the colony saw water-logging which created panic among the residents living near the central Nallah Park, DCWA club, Market and outer lanes of D block.

The pictures of ten uprooted trees in the colony were seen floating all over the social media groups. There were many vehicles stuck in the water-pools and residents were forcefully locked inside their homes for hours.

On Sunday, more than 200 residents were directly affected by the water logging and blocked sewers as heavy rains lashed the city, inundating low-lying areas and bringing traffic to a standstill on important road stretches of colony. The residents started complaining to RWA but there was no solution to get the water logging cleared. The blame game of passing the buck on civic authorities started, the MLA who is in-charge of DJB to look after the clearance of sewers was not available on phone for 2-3 days, which added to the woes of the residents who waited for days to get the silting and cleaning done in their lanes. The residents then contacted the SDMC councilor who tried to help few residents by sending the staff but by that time lot of damage was already done and people were left to pray for no rain in the near future.



Cycling Has Become a Rage All Over

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The best way to save you from Corona virus is to stay fit and healthy. But the government says stay at home, Gyms and pools are closed only limited work out with online sessions is possible which is not enough 


Resort to Wheels. Not four wheels but 2 wheels. 

Cycling has become a rage all over especially in Defence Colony where residents of all ages are on the roads with there fancy bikes, some alone, while others in a group  and some with families

With gates closed and not much outside vehicular traffic in the colony, cycling inside has become a lot easier unlike before pandemic times when even walking on the road used to be a dangerous proposition. Cycling has developed as the best option to stay fit as it more or less involves all your muscles. 

It’s urged more residents take this opportunity to develop cycling as a hobby for their daily exercise. 

Hopefully one day we would get our Gumbad area which can be converted into a designated cycle area for children. Let’s pledge not to let rage die out. 

Attached are some videos of cycle enthusiast who have taken to cycling during the last four months and are really satisfied and happy.


Virus Is Spreading! Make sure your water Tank is Hygienically Cleaned

GD Water Consult is Back at Your Service

To avoid catching Coronavirus everybody is talking about “wash your hands frequently” but what if the water that you are using to wash is already contaminated because your water tank is not clean?
Call GD Water Consult, our men never enter a tank. We also make sure that all our workers who come to your house are following Covid-19 precautions.

Def Col Resident Nutan Pandit (D-178) Writes:
“Being a Natural Birth Specialist I recommend you use GD Water Consult for cleaning water tanks. They clean with a pipe and suction machine. No one enters the tank.”

CALL US: 9999123030, 9910598304


Many Residents Are Getting Maids to Change Their Clothes, Take a Bath & Begin Work in a Fresh Set of Clothes

Maid in India Banned By Residents!!

By Ajay Kumar & P Singh (A-440, 9999055994)

During the unlock-2 while the government allowed the domestic maids and servants to rejoin their duties, there are many in our colony not ready to employ them due to their own reasons.

 As the government eases lockdown rules, it’s a pitched battle out there between those pushing for economic survival and those who want to keep the safety cocoon intact. Sometimes it is a stalemate. Those venturing out and trying to crank up their offices and business, are finding things are just not moving. A reflection of this today in the upper middle class world of gated communities is the Battle Royale ensuing on whether the maid and the cook can be allowed back into homes. The lady of the house is tired of the incessant cooking, washing and scrubbing.  The husband has dislocated his back mopping the floors. "It is about time we got some help back, dear. A bit of risk with Covid-19 is better than the hell we are going through," he grumbles to his wife. But the Residents' Welfare Association (RWA) is not ready to play the ball. The 'Mission-Begin-Again' from June 1 is damned! The collective fear of the 'infection' invading these high-walled safe havens is ensuring their gates continue to be locked for hundreds of families desperate to resume normal life.

Circle of Dependency

As our RWA’s  began with restrictions like scanning for fever with temperature guns in March and the lockdown became tighter and panic turned into fear, societies banned cooks, maids, and plumbers as possible carriers of the virus. Some edicts were downright weird; others were inhuman and discriminatory. Few buildings barred maids and technicians from using the lifts and forced them to climb stairs fearing transmission in a confined space; the ousting of the maid for fear of the virus has led to the breakdown of carefully constructed household structures. It shows how dependent we are on the casual part-time services of domestic helpers. Their ban has disrupted care for the elderly and the work routines of thousands of professional and self-employed people. After weeks of deprivation, and ultimately physical breakdown, residents have begun to clamor for ‘normalcy’ to allow the maid and the cook in. While much of the hygiene and sanitization routine is to prevent the spread of infection by possible ‘carriers’, many residents’ rules are demeaning to domestic workers. Like getting maids to strip off their clothes, take a bath, and begin work in a fresh set of clothes."It is strongly advised that wherever possible, please keep a set of fresh laundered clothes for the house help which she / he can change into before starting the work. This is strongly advised for nannies/ house helps/ caregivers who come in daily but stay in one house for a longer duration and are in contact with young kids constantly.

Are These Bans Legal?

It is indeed a strange situation. The well-heeled have homes that cannot ordinarily be serviced without domestic help. On the other hand, helps are looked at as carriers of plague. It's the worst kind of class bias. Instead of developing processes which protect both the maids/domestic helps as well as the families that they work for, the RWA’s are busy framing rules that try to balance squeezing work out of the domestic helps while finding ways of shutting them out.

Lastly, if you are working or having a business where office staff, helpers are workers are allowed with precautions, then why not your own domestic servants, cooks and most importantly Maids to be reemployed to give them a chance of survival. As done for your own family members the maids can be sanitized before entering your home to perform the duties. This will not only ease your physical burden but also add smiles in the lives of so many. Def Col has always taken lead in other issues and we at Samvada are sure that all our fellow residents will also come forward by allowing your domestics to work at your home.



Hon'ble Shri Jayant K Sud Appointed Additional Solicitor General of India (Supreme Court)

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134) 

It is with greatest privilege and pride to offer our Heartiest Congratulations to the Hon'ble Shri Jayant K Sud (C-387), one of the top most lawyers of the Supreme Court  on his recent elevation as the Additional Solicitor General of India (Supreme Court) on 30-6-2020..He is one of the youngest ever appointed Solicitor General of India, following an illustrious career at the Bar spanning 25 years.

Designated as Senior Advocate by Hon'ble High Court on 27-03-2017, he has received the accolade of representing the Union of India in the Hon'ble Supreme Court as part of the Senior Counsel Panel. He has also represented various State Govts and has been their foremost Law officers. .Appointed Additional Advocate General for State of Punjab in the Hon'ble Supreme Court 2011-2017, and as Standing Counsel for the Punjab State Power Corporation in the Hon'ble High Court and Supreme Court, 2013-2017, and Punjab State Industrial Corporation in the Delhi Courts Tribunals and Supreme Court of India for 2014-2018.  As well as Standing Counsel State of Uttarakhand in the Hon'ble Supreme Court and State of Uttar Pradesh in Hon'ble Delhi High Court . He has also held prominent positions as the Counsel for MCD in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and for New Delhi Municipal Council in the Hon'ble Delhi high Court from 2000-2004.   
•    As a popular and active member of the Bar he was elected as Executive Member Supreme Court Bar for two consecutive terms by an overwhelming majority, . During his tenure he worked actively and was instrumental in bringing about changes for the betterment of lawyers. In the limited spare time he has, is often seen playing and enjoying a round of Golf or organising and playing Cricket in the matches between lawyers and judges!
•    With such an illuminous lineage of a most prestigious career graph, and as a much loved and respected Member of the Bar and Bench, we are proud to offer our very best wishes to the Hon'ble Shri Jayant Sud for a very successful tenure and an even brighter future ahead!



D-Block Plantation & Cleaning Drive

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)   
The ongoing Plantation and Cleaning Drive in the Colony by the Councillor was held on 25 Jul at 10.30 am at the D-Block Park behind DMS Booth. Councillor Seema Malik distributed Tulsi saplings, and along with some residents and members of Park Committee, Namrita Dewan, Renu Gupta, Rakesh Dewan, Mr Kabir, Varun Anand and Mandeep Singh and the Horticulture Staff, participated in the planting of  Jamun, Champa, Arjun  trees which were planted in lieu of some previous ones  in the park.


Kargil Divas

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)                                       
On the occasion of 21st Anniversary of Vijay Kargil Divas, candles were lit by colony residents at 7:30 evening at their  homes in honour and in remembrance of  our martyred brave heart soldiers, who laid down their lives on 26th July in their supreme sacrifice to obtaining victory at Kargil. A nation’s salutes and eternal gratitude for their supreme valour and bravery, may their lights be forever shining on in our hearts.


Water Wasters of Def Col

Now Onwards MLA, Councilor, SHO Will Take Action!!

By Ajay Kumar & P Singh (A-440, 9999055994)

Samvada has been trying to educate the residents to “Not Waste Clean Water” but it seems many residents are still not taking it seriously to instruct their helps (Drivers, maids, and servants) to use water efficiently.

We all keep watching the following activities but have no authority/power to take any action against these defaulting residents:

1. Water tanks overflowing for hours/days resulting in water all over the roads, service lanes

2. Drivers and car-owners washing their cars with hose pipes for hours and waste gallons of water whereas the car can be cleaned with only half a bucket!

Ø Watering plants for 2-3 times a day and also cover the outer walls and roads

Ø Washing floors, terrace and letting the water flow outside their houses by installing pipes

The issue here is not only the civic sense or etiquettes but misusing precious and potable water unnecessarily. The ground water which has been saved by many residents using rain harvesting etc in the last few years is once again showing a huge dip due to this careless attitude. There are few concerned residents who tried to convince but they were either threatened or abused by the domestic helps and even the owner by commenting “apne kaam se kaam rakho” (mind your own business ) as we are using our own water and paying bills to the government. The buck stops there and they keep flouting rules without any hindrance.

What Are The New Guidelines To Stop These Water Wastages?

The latest strategy by DJB is to implement strict policy and take necessary action against the defaulters, which may include disconnection of water if the offence is repeated. DJB has appointed “Water Magistrates” with powers to take on the spot action. 

·       If your water tank is overflowing, get it repaired soon. Once anyone reports about the overflowing tank with a picture or video, the water magistrate will take action accordingly.  The water magistrates can impose a penalty of up to Rs 2,000 on the residents who are found wasting potable water. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) will embark on its drive to challan consumers whose water tanks are found to be overflowing.

·       The DJB has joined hands with the Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) in various localities and is carrying out special drives to check wastage of water. If found guilty, the water magistrate can fine consumers anywhere between Rs. 100 and Rs 2,000.

·       The local MLA’s team will also take rounds to ensure there are no water wastages in our colony.

Lastly the action will now be taken by the residents, neighbors, SDMC, DJB and even police to ensure compliance of DJB guidelines at all times. We at Samvada once again request all the residents to please educate your family and domestic helpers to not waste water, install automatic water alarms, and use water sparingly to support each other to keep using his natural resource for long time.



Paying Homage Lt Puneet Nath Datt (D-420)

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134) 

As of every year residents gathered at  the Puneet Nath Datt Samarak Park (D block) on 20 July 1997 at 10am, to pay homage to the brave son of the soil and brave heart of the colony late Lt  Puneet Nath  Datt Ashoka Chakra (Posthumous) on the 23rd  Anniversary of his martyrdom. A young newly commissioned officer 2nd Lt  Puneet Nath Datt of the 1\11 Gorkha Rifle is posted at J & K and into  'Operation Nowshera'  in Srinagar, an operation against Pakistan sponsored militancy in the Valley. On that fateful day 20th July Puneet in the midst of the operation single handedly unmindful of his own life, charged over a boundary wall and into a militants hideout killing 3 hardcore militants destroying their well fortified hideout with explosives, before succumbing to his own in a hail of bullets. A day forever etched in the annals of Indian military history and bravery, but painfully ripped forever into a mother's heart later as she Mrs Anita Datt, holding back emotions proudly received the Ashoka Chakra Posthumous for his supreme sacrifice on Republic day 1998, and an even more prouder dad late Major Pramod Nath Datt 1\11 GR and grandfather late Col SNC Bakshi looking down from above. A son who believed in the motto 'Death before Dishonour’, gave all to his country, and will never be forgotten!

Due to the current pandemic situation this year the usual ceremonial events of the Army battalions were not held. A simple solemn ceremony marked the occasion by residents observing a 2 minute silence even at their homes at 10am and paying floral tributes in his memory and honour at the Samarak with offerings of rose petals.  However the Army was represented by its Regimental officers prominent among them being, Lt Gen AK Singh YSM VSM VSM 1\11 Gorkha Rifles, Lt Col Rishabh Tripathi Staff Officer 1\11 Gorkha Rifles, Brig and Mrs Asthana 11 Gorkha Rifles Family and friends too gathered at the Memorial, led by mother Anita Datt offering her tribute to her brave son, stoic brave proud, never fails to leave one teary eyed, sister Divya Datt Madra and husband Siddharth, Puneet's Mamaji Shri and Smt SKC Bakshi. Also paying tribute were Councillor Seema Malik, ex- Councillor Abhishek Dutt and Prez RWA Maj Ranjeet Singh along with friends and some members of the Enviro Park Committee. Residents visited the memorial at different times all day to pay their respects and gathered in the evening for candle lighting.

A special tribute by his NDA Course mates was recorded in a Video in remembrance of his exceptional and exemplary qualities on social media. Also paying homage Asees and Ashees (Bhavreen Kandhari's) twin daughters have made a touchingly beautiful video titled 'Homecoming after 20 years’ in memory of Puneet and the journey of the construction of the Memorial.



Laying Of Water Pipeline

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)
A new water pipeline is being laid from Defence Colony flyover all along the Masjid road towards Kotla Mubarkpur by PWD. However, residents are very apprehensive that after digging, if the road is not restored to its original state due haphazard filling, it may lead to a cave in which would be extremely hazardous for the vehicles and pedestrians. Proper supervision to see that the road is restored must be checked by authorities.


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Samvada Impact: Six Times Damaged Gates Repaired Again

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

As stated in the last edition that Iron rods of gates pertaining to C north and near C block BSES office were removed for a free passage. Samvada had reported and requested RWA for action which was immediately taken and gates were repaired. The mentioned gates have been damaged and repaired Six times during the last four months. Mostly done by maids and other passersby for a easy entry and exit.



Surprise Check by RWA and Police

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

After a successful meeting of SHO with some residents at the C block club, a surprise check was carried out by police personnel and the security team of the colony which included Maj Ranjit president RWA on the evening of 27 July. A random check was done on drivers and maids on the nallah bridge post. The main agenda of the check was to see whether they were verified and wearing masks / following Covid protocols. Based on the result of the exercise a verification came was supposed to be organised at C block club on 2nd August, which was canceled due to Independence Day preparation by police . Further dates to be notified soon 




It is with deep sorrow, we convey and offer our Heartfelt Condolences on the passing away of the oldest member of Def Col, Col RK Tuli  (D-297, born on 4-6-1916), expired on July 20th 2020 at the grand old age of 104. A champion Swimmer, an Officer and a Gentleman, his pleasant friendly persona will be deeply missed by all. May his Soul rest in peace!


Samvada Cover Story Impact: New Initiative By Our SHO

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

Our Cover Story Sex Racket in Def Col in our last edition prompted the Def Col SHO to further strengthen the security of the colony and prevent prostitution. SHO Mr Malik has put check posts at the outer periphery roads of the colony like the BRT road which he is personally monitoring. Hope these initiatives lead to a safer Def Col.



Beggars’ Menace in Defence Colony Market 

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

There is a spurt in begging menace in Defence Colony market. 

 Women and children in groups are seen roaming around the market asking for money. Sudden surge in beggars after easing of the lock down has put the shoppers in peril. In a recent incident a resident was accosted for money by one of these beggars. The lady had shopped and was managing the change returned to her by the shopkeeper when one of the beggars came and snatched the money from her hand.  The same sort of incident happened again with the concerned victim, a resident of Def Col.  SHO Def Col is requested to take some stringent measures to oust these menacing uninvited guests having invaded our colony.



Good Samaritan 
Anu Chaudhary Helps Senior Citizen Reach Home

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)
Adding to the list of Good Samaritans of our colony, a resident of D block, Anu Chaudhary helped a senior citizen (new to the colony) who lost her way from C block to reach her home. The senior citizen wandered near DMS booth in D-block. Thanks to Anu’s efforts in using technology to unite the senior citizen with her family.


In Times Of Corona
Me Who Am I

By Saiaansh Bakshi (13yrs, D-66)

Me who am I

Just a part of this tree of life

Always being told to live my life

But was scared if I would survive

Never could understand what they said

But nodded my head to get some respect

Now I know what I am

A Caterpillar in a cocoon who wants to fly!


House Tax Camp

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

A house tax camp was organised on 22 July at the C block Def Col club. This was the second time the camp was held at the club but unlike last time the rain gods jeopardized the camp as the road outside the club was flooded and residents were not able to reach their destination.

Some said if a boat could help them reach the club! 

Only a few could avail the facility. In all this commotion we are grateful to Geeta Bhargava HGS who with lot of difficulty was able to organise this camp. 



Sewer Burst

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The colony has been witnessing this sewer burst phenomenon for the past few months. One such location is D - 147 which has witnessed this problem many times. The residents have been promised a solution by the MLA and RWA but nothing has been done. Every time the residents have to deal with flooded roads of dirty stinking nallah water which is not only an eyesore but also a hub for diseases. There are also other locations in parts of Def Col where sewer burst or blockages have happened leading to flooding of basements in certain houses.  Residents wait when authorities instead of giving assurance would take corrective actions.



Smelly Water in Taps and ROs in Def Col

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

After the persistent rains on 22  July,  D block  residents were faced with  yet another problem that is bad smelly water from their taps.

A resident reported smelly water coming from. RO on a group and asked for a help in contacting a RO mechanic but more complaints exclusively from D block came where residents complained of smelly water coming from the taps also 

According to experts this is not an RO fault but more dangerous phenomena where sewer water mixes with main drinking water pipe line. 

On taking note of complaint from residents the president Ranjit Singh has taken up the issue with the concerned authorities who are identifying the reason for this problem. Samvad will keep its readers apprised of the result and further development on this issue.



Beware …Men Yelping with Eye Pain…Keeping an eye on Banks

By Mallika Khurana

I wish to share an incident that recently happened outside the Standard Chart Bank ATM entrance. I had sent my driver to the Bank.  He parked it on the side of the ATM, went inside the bank and got the money from the teller. As he sat down in the car and rolled up the window, a man knocked and said he had something in his eye and could the driver help him.  He was holding his eye and yelping. My driver rolled it down a bit and then changed his mind and told him he could not help due to Covid. The man went away.

We left and then he remembered he had forgotten to collect my cheque book so we went back and parked in the same area. He went and came out of the Bank and sat in the car and another man came up holding his eye asking for help. We drove off. Just putting the story out there in case anyone has a similar incident don't help.... It seems like they are watching the Bank. 



DCWA President personally supervises Cleaning Of Central Park

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

In recent editions of Samvada, the pathetic state of Central Park was reported including the action taken by the councilor.  However, the action lasted only for 4 days. All the horticulture staff at work in the park was shifted elsewhere and the state of the park turned from bad to worse. All the work done earlier has been neutralisd and brought to naught. The MCD so keenly demanded this park to be transferred to them from DDA for upkeep but when it happened, it was just left it to be converted into a jungle. It seems they are more concerned on introducing new taxes than providing basic amenities to this colony. 

When the MCD failed to live up to its expectation,  on my way through the Central Park north side on 30 July, I  was astonished to see the  DCWA president personally supervising the cutting of grass in Central Park by employing his own labour force. The President also urged the near by residents to volunteer to provide refreshments to this workforce. 

Thank you Mr President for all your efforts when the civic authorities seemed to have failed the residents.



The Best Thing I Learned During Lockdown’ 

By Aaryan Sehgal (Age: 9 years, C-59) 

 “You may not control all the events that happen to you but you can decide what to do with the time that is given to you”. One learns from a challenging situation. Covid 19 is a challenge worldwide. The lockdown left me perplexed. It took one virus to teach me the truth of life that all material things are just substitute for real things like family, friends and health.

Going to malls, shopping, arcades, water parks are not more important than our well being and safety. On the other hand, Covid has taught me how to manage my time well. With less pressure from the school now, I utilize my free time in researching and reading more and finding solutions myself. I have acquired new skills like cycling, drawing, cooking, creative writing, football tactics etc. I am also learning to live with ‘less’ and able to make the best of what I have. For instance, with the limited stationary available, I recycled and reused raw materials to complete my school activities and projects. Nothing is impossible. It is amazing how everything happens at the press of a button. I am able to successfully continue my schooling through virtual learning. We can do online shopping sitting at home. I am able to talk to my friends and family and play games with them through video calling and meeting apps. On the whole, I have become more gadget friendly. If we ask God for courage he doesn't give us courage but give us opportunity to show how courageous we are. Similarly, till the beginning of this year, we were all praying to God for relaxation from our bustling schedule and for love and care and he has given us an opportunity to spend time with our family and rejuvenate ourselves. Most importantly, I have immense gratitude and respect for all the Corona Warriors like doctors, nurses, policemen and sanitation workers for working diligently and sincerely and keeping us safe. Hence, the best thing that I learned is how to manage things like time, resources and be organised and disciplined and started appreciating relations and things. I wish this way of life becomes permanent! My spirit to learn is even stronger now!



Buy property overlooking the Himalyas in Ranikhet

Sumit is a resident of Ranikhet and wants to part with a prime property he owns in Majkhali (near Ranikhet). The land is around 1 Acre, connected with a PWD road, near a golf course, 6kms from a hospital and in a very good neighbourhood. Just the place to build your retirement home.

Watch the video and if you are interested, get in touch with Sumit directly! (The video has been taken on a cloudy day, whihc is why the himalyan range is not visible)

For more details call Sumit: 94129 77857



Compiled By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)

Tree Plantation in A-Block 

The RWA and the councilor took part in a plantation drive in all the A-block parks and planted more than 200 new plants of Neem, Ashoka, Arjun, Ficus etc. More than 200 Tulsi plants were given to the A-block residents for their house.

Sewer Cleaning Campaign in A-Block

The MLA took prompt action after the water logging in few areas by deputing his entire team to clear all the blocked sewers in A-block. Let’s hope there is not further water clogging during the next round of rains!

Tree Pruning

Due to pre-monsoon and monsoon season, most of the tree branches were overgrown and hiding the street lights and few fell over the high-voltage electricity wires, the RWA of A-block took initiative to get the pruning done all over the A-block to give relief to the residents. Few street lights were also repaired during this process.

RWA Restrictions on Street Vendors

As a part of safety measure during the pandemic, A-block RWA restricted the movement of vendors in the colony. Only few registered vendors with ID cards are now allowed for 2-3 hours in the colony.



Too Much Sanitizer Is Not Good Boss!!

Over Use of Sanitizers & Masks are Now Resulting in Health Issues!!!

By Ajay Kumar & P Singh (A-440, 9999055994)

Raise your hand if you're lucky enough to own a bottle of hand sanitizer. Just one problem, there's a good chance that hand is dry and cracked. Hand sanitizers come with certain side effects that can affect your skin and more. We asked the top medical professionals about how to minimize the side effects. Hand sanitizer is not as good as soap," warns most of the doctors serving in Delhi. "Relying on hand sanitizers to keep hands clean may not be your best strategy," Call your doctor for more advice about the side effects of hand sanitizer.

During This Pandemic the Following Are the 9 Side Effects of Using Too Much of Sanitizers & Hand Wash:

1.    It can increase your risk of eczema and skin diseases

2.    It can irritate your skin if used more frequently

3.    Some formulations of sanitizers can affect fertility

4.    Some might cause a resistance to antibiotics

5.    Some may cause hormone problems

6.    Some affect your immune system which is most crucial in this pandemic!

7.    Some can impact your body development, especially among kids;

8.    You could get a skin disorder if used in big quantity and most rigoursely;

9.    It could lead to alcohol poisoning if consumed by habit or by mistake;

Some medical experts have started to warn that the overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to protect against the corona virus could inversely raise the risk of infection via skin disorders. Washing one’s hands too many times can also have an adverse effect by abrading the skin, which normally acts as a barrier to keep moisture in and harmful agents out. Overdoing both to avoid the Corona causing virus may remove benign bacteria on the skin that normally fend off such pathogens as the norvirus. “Of course, it is necessary to wash hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in order to reduce transmission of the new virus, but overdoing anything is not good,” said a well known medical practitioner for chemicals and cosmetics maker.

Although alcohol is frequently used to keep hands free of bacteria and viruses, it also deprives skin of oil and water and can result in rough hands if used too much. Excessive exposure to chemicals can also trigger skin irritation. When the skin’s barrier function is disrupted, it becomes even more vulnerable and roughens further. “Dry and damaged skin could become a hotbed of disease bacteria and also increase the risk of viruses entering the body through cuts in the skin. To prevent infection, it is much more important to wash hands with a moderate amount of soap for more than 30 seconds in an effective manner than to wash hands several times a day. We request people to firmly wipe their hands off with clean towels or paper towels after washing because damp hands can lead to skin disorders and make it easier for pathogens to latch on. We suggest that applying lotion or moisturizing cream is essential to keep hands from chapping and strengthen its barrier function.



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