Defence Colony Broadcast
July 1-15,  2020

Vol 1 No. 4


Def Col Residents Are Losing Huge Rental Income

One of the Resident Was Almost Weeping With A Request for Some Support As the Bank Balance Had Become Nil 

By Ajay Kumar & Ms P Singh (9999055994)

During the pandemic when the entire country and colony residents are fighting to survive from corona, the biggest share of loss came to few senior citizens who had rented out their properties in Def Col for their livelihood including food, medicines and other bills. 

As we all know that in the last few years due to decrease in property rates, the rentals had also gone down which affected many residents who were totally dependent on it and decided to accept even lower rental income. 

We have received distress calls from many senior residents including widows whose tenants vacated their houses just before or during lockdown due to various reasons like job loss, business loss etc. One of the resident Mrs Sharma from C block (Name changed) was almost weeping with a request for some support as the bank balance came to almost nil and lots of regular bills of food, electricity etc to be paid.

 As we all know that many of these senior residents do not get any pensions, the dependency on rents increases and their survival also suffers due to non availability of money. She used to get approx. 50, 000 as rent latest by 7th of the month which enables her to pay for her expenses but after the corona breakdown, tenant left in a jiffy and she was in a vulnerable condition. Mrs Sharma contacted many property dealers for new tenant but as there were no takers, she is still waiting for anyone to sign the agreement. In the modern times we all know the household expenses of even 1-2 persons (as she also had a full time maid who needs 3 meals every day). As there was no money, the full time maid became part time which was again most dangerous for a heart patient who may need medical or other assistance in the night. There are many old residents who are now “forced to live on edge” due to mushrooming vacant houses with “To Let” boards hanging all over the colony. 

The most surprising call was from a 45 yr old resident who lost his job in March’20 and his tenant also left in April 20 which made him vulnerable and depressed. We all know how fast bank balances come down when regular income stops and you still have to pay all your bills. This young man tried to borrow money from his friends and neighbors but everyone refused with lame excuses. Some came forward with food packets etc but how will someone pay the basic expenses like electricity, water, telephone? 

As the number of corona positive cases is increasing with each day nobody has any idea how long this “corona-kaal” will continue to punish the innocent and dependant residents in our colony.

Government has been trying to support the migrants and other businessman, it is a humble request to the central and state government to plan few support activities for the civilians who lost rental income during lockdown. This will enable to keep them alive with dignity till they start getting the rental income back. We request to call on 9999055994 (Ajay Kumar) if you are facing these issues, we will surely try to resolve your issue by coordination through social media and help get you a tenant as soon as possible without any charges.


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When DM's Covid Sticker got pasted mistakenly Outside the Wrong House

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

When a DM's co-vid sticker gets pasted mistakenly outside the wrong house, instead of the infected right one, it would obviously result in causing a lot of anger and disturbance to its residents. A blunder which was later rectified and hopefully apologised for. 

What followed were some heated comments on the group, terming the pasting a Co-vid sticker on infected houses as an act of 'naming and shaming ', 'A breach of privacy' and 'stigmatization'.

However, it is these very stickers and transparency towards sharing information regarding covid cases that help to identify  infected homes families and areas and ensure safety for self and  others in a pandemic situation. There should be  no question of any stigmatization involved, rather it is thankful information that should be shared within a  public domain rather than taking it negatively. 

Currently Def Col residents are mostly clueless regarding latest covid cases within the colony. They are depending mostly on each other to provide information, which are very often rumours creating further panic. It is imperative therefore that all listed and latest co-vid cases should be shared and released  weekly by the RWA  to all the groups and  admins for circulation without shying away from names, numbers and official stickers pasted without fear of breach of privacy.

 In an emergency situation it is in the interest of all to stay safe. Let the DM's and the Govt officials do their job and we on our part not label an unfortunate but recoverable illness as a social stigma or an act of naming and shaming, but give space to those infected with a suitable chance of recovery and help in curbing the spread of the virus pandemic adhering to our own safety precautions.



Virus Is Spreading! Make sure your water Tank is Hygienically Cleaned

GD Water Consult is Back at Your Service

To avoid catching Coronavirus everybody is talking about “wash your hands frequently” but what if the water that you are using to wash is already contaminated because your water tank is not clean?
Call GD Water Consult, our men never enter a tank. We also make sure that all our workers who come to your house are following Covid-19 precautions.

Def Col Resident Nutan Pandit (D-178) Writes:
“Being a Natural Birth Specialist I recommend you use GD Water Consult for cleaning water tanks. They clean with a pipe and suction machine. No one enters the tank.”

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Containment Zone Lifted!

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The secretary Home (Delhi Govt ) Dist Magistrate and DCP visited the containment zone on 30 June and were satisfied with the arrangements. As per medical checkup, all the residents in the containment zone were negative and according to the DCWA president’s latest information the  restriction was lifted on 1st July by 11.30am as against on  4th July stated earlier.



Callous Disposal of Used Masks, Gloves & Beer Bottles Around the Colony

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

While we have exotic birds visiting on one side, on the other hand, we have the uncivil and unethical human side. Colony liquor shops opening, the Karobar session / drinking bottles are also seen in plenty on the roads and way side. Another dangerous trend is the disposal of the used masks and gloves thrown all around the colony raising chances of transmitting virus infection on to others.



Manoj Gupta Def Col's First Plasma Donor

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

Delhi under Lockdown with only some essential services stores allowed to open. The Gupta family of Defence Colony Market's Defence Store worked tirelessly to make all goods and essentials required for their customers available. No wonder that exhaustion set in with Pramod coughing and feeling feverish, brushing it aside as an onset of a mere cold, he and the family continued. As the fever rose along with a strangely aggravated cough Pramod was forced to seek medical advice and blood testing. Few days later it was confirmed Pramod had tested co-vid positive. The entire family too underwent the mandatory blood testing with almost all affected some asymptomatic requiring self isolation only. The dreaded corona virus had struck despite all safety precautions at the store.

On May 17 the store was immediately shut down. Pramod a Diabetic and in fever was admitted into Max Hospital Saket for 13 days and his ageing 76 yr old father admitted soon after. Both in the medically vulnerable group, only a few days later Pramod's father took a turn for the worse contracting a severe lung infection and shifted into the ICU. As his condition deteriorated rapidly the family were called and warned of the impending critical situation and survival. The only chance being of  a Plasma Donor therapy to pull him through Plasma Therapy being  a blood transfusion taken from a sypmtomatic recovered covid patient. The plasma is separated at the hospital and transfused into an already critically ill and weakened covid patient.The army of antibodies in the plasma acting as fighters helping the immune system to overpower and contain the existing infection. Happy to say two wonderful individuals without any monetary gains voluntarily came forward to donate, both covid survivours.

A hospital lab technician and assistant Santosh Srivastava of  the Delhi Govt. provided the necessary treatment for Pramod’s father to pull through. Pramod and his father are both home and well and returning back to normalcy. The Store too has been well fumigated and reopened, expired products discarded. 

What does Pramod have to say of his harrowing experience? Speaking glowingly of the Doctors and care at Max, he said, “Finding Plasma was not a problem, Donors are being arranged through the Delhi Govt but he appeals to everyone not to be scared and follow guidelines. He is also extremely critical of the rumour mongering and exaggeration spread by people on watsapp groups regarding co-vid affected and of the unnecessary social stigma attached to it. Stay positive avoid panic and follow medical advice. 

In the mean time Manoj the other brother is receiving accolades as he on his part is giving back what they have received. Manoj has donated his plasma to another critically ill patient at Max. He is one more hero to add to all the other heroes in selflessly and willingly coming forward to save a life!



The Banana Brigade

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

A group of ladies Radhika Abraham, Aruna Batra, Arun Sankhwal, Anu  Chaudhury, Ratna Puri, Indu Lal, Ratna Chadha coordinated by Anu and Bhavna from Each One Feed Some One has taken it on themselves to be responsible for the nourishment of the Security Guards of the Colony. So a daily commitment of 60 bananas is sent by different ladies each day for the guards at Dr Mridula Tandon's house for distribution to the security guards.  



Property Tax Camp Organised At Arya Samaj

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

Property tax camp was organized at the Arya Samaj temple in the last week of June’19 to support more residents. As this was the first time a property tax camp was planned at any temple, the initiative from Arya Samaj head Ajay Sehgal was welcomed by the residents who availed this opportunity to submit their property tax payments.  These camps are primarily focused towards the senior citizens and ladies who are not tech-savvy and unable to visit the SDMC offices to stand in long queues. 

The Important issue was to ensure social distancing during the camp which was professionally planned. The residents were issued Token numbers with time slots to ensure only 7-8 residents are present in the hall for the payments. The air-conditioned waiting room for each batch of 3-4 was kept to ensure comfort for the residents. The arrangements for drinking water, hand sanitizers wheel chairs and disposable pens was made for smooth functioning of activities.

 Only residents with mask were allowed inside. During the two day camp more than 150 residents from all the blocks utilized this opportunity. The residents are requesting for one more camp as there are technical hitches on the MCD website due to the new changes and requirements. 


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Closure of an Iconic Store after Three Decades of Serving Defence Colony

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The Iconic Dera Farms closed down its operation (Temporarily I Hope) in Defence Colony after three decades of serving Defence Colony residents and outside public .It was the most sought for place for buying chicken which later graduated to other products. They have now shifted to Lajpat Nagar (right next to metro station / ICICI bank). 

Wish them all the best and hope they keep serving Def Col residents like always. 


Obituary-Dr Kamal Malik A Passionate Doctor by Profession

   By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

Dr Kamal Malik (C-298) 95yrs, mother of Gita Bareja, expired on 28 June. A passionate Doctor by profession she was well known for her selfless committed voluntary service in the Colony. After retiring as GP from the CGHS, she committed herself to Voluntary Seva as a Doctor at the old Arya Samaj Mandir, the small Gurdwara at Def Col and the Subhash Dua Memorial Trust in B-Block for over last 25 yrs, actively attending to all the patients at the Clinics. A noble soul, she will be remembered and missed by all those she served. 


Garbage Collection Made Free in Def Col

SDMC Saves Lacs For Residents!!

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

Due to many adversities during corona crises, our residents were given a relief from monthly garbage collection charges which were levied by for the last so many years. 

Def Col has more than 3500 dwelling units (floors/houses) that require daily removal of garbage. Sidents have been paying 150-200 per floor (Approx. 5 lac per month or say 60 lacs per annum). 10-12 boys deployed who were at times caught stealing few household items by many residents, the garbage collection was going smoothly but few concerned and well informed residents found that the garbage collected by the boys was sold @ Rs 18 per KG which is a huge amount looking at the size of garbage collection which was seen overflowing at all the Dhalao in our colony. If we take minimum wages for the boys at 17 K per month, the  total amount of wages would be approx 2 lacs only (saving of Rs. 3 lac per month or say 36 lacs per annum for so many years). 

The garbage is a big business and the residents were paying for the collection for many decades but during the corona crises it was left to the SDMC tippers to collect the garbage from door to door for 2-3 months. The residents are now not supposed to pay any charges. We request all the residents not to pay any money for the garbage collection and if anyone asks for payment, please do inform the SDMC or call police for necessary action.



A Resident in a Blog Called Def Col a Mini Zoo

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The lock- down brought Defence Colony more close to nature. The monkeys who would not leave Def Col increased in number manifold were seen in residents’ balconies and atop boundary walls. Cows too made it a point to be seen in the colony. They even made it to get to the prohibited containment zone, even though the gates were closed!! Then we got to witness some exquisite birds like the Peacock, Common wizard among others. A resident in a blog called Def Col as a’ Mini Zoo.



A Block Road Repaired 

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

As we all know about the poor condition of all the Def Col roads which have been due to scarcity of funds. The MLA who dug the JCO club road in Dec ’19 to replace the old sewer lines came forward in June ’20 to get the entire stretch repaired before the onset of monsoon. 

This road was a big pain for all the A-block residents who were using it for two milk booths (Mother Dairy and DMS), JCO club, Mohalla clinic senior citizen centre etc. 

The sewer pipe replacement work was started in Dec’19 but due to code of conduct for Delhi elections, this work was pending till Mar ’20 after which lockdown started and this construction work was delayed for more than 6 months. The residents are now happy and started using this important road for their day to day chores.



“Yes I Am Covid Positive”, Bravo Act by Def Col Residents! 

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

While most of the Covid-19 patients in Delhi or say India are hiding their names from neighbors there are a few brave residents who announce it openly on social media and local whatsapp groups. They requested the authorities to put stickers outside their houses and also  requested for proper sanitation sprays in and around their house/lanes to keep others safe. 

As we all know that Delhi government has allowed Home isolation for Covid positive patients with proper guidelines, and most mildly affected patients prefer to opt for it. The first Def Col brave resident was Ashok Kaicker who is known for his social service in RWA and club when he announced that his son was confirmed Covid positive and advised to be home quarantined for 14 days. The residents started sending get well soon messages and prayed for his fast recovery. The prayers of residents were answered and within 14 days his son recovered and tested negative. One more resident Rosy Kapoor also shared her own case as Covid positive patient. She was so careful about her fellow residents that she designed a poster herself and pasted outside before even SDMC could paste a sticker. This brave and positive approach is adding strength to the fight of our colony to keep corona away in a professional manner. Some residents are now supporting by donating plasma to other residents which is a noble gesture and is being appreciated by everyone. Lastly, we at Samvada would like to request everyone not to hide any information if anyone gets trapped in corona. We all can help each other by sharing our resources to get the residents cured on priority. 


Happy Birthday!

Shamsher Singh Dhupia, 28 June (C- 510,  85 yrs); Mrs Ved Kumar, 97 yrs 4 July;  Prem Narain, 82 yrs 5 July; Maj Devinder Singh, 98 yrs 10 July; Dr Sheila Saran 98 yrs, 25 July; Mrs Swaran Dham, 93yrs 8 July; KL Malhotra 93yrs 27 July;  Mrs Gurpiyari Bajaj, 93 yr 19 July; Shanti Devi, 91 yrs 25 July; Urmila Sethi, 88 yrs 11 July and Mrs Prakash Bhalla, 83 yrs 31 July.
Compiled by Subashini Sood


Defence Stores Gives Complimentary Ration To Residents in Containment Zone

During Difficult Times … Good Samaritans Rise to the Occasion

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The president DCWA rose to the occasion to the pleadings of the   residents in containment zone who were not able to get their daily required needs. 

He personally arranged to get the vegetable, fruit and ration guys at the barricades. Special appreciation for owner of Defence stores to reach with basic needs like eggs, milk and bread etc and give the ration as per requirement on one time complimentary basis. At a time when certain shop owners are treating these residents as aliens, Mr Gupta who himself has recovered recently from Covid 19 is coming out to help.  And not to forget the president and guards who are also putting up a great front to reach out to Def Col residents.



Construction Work Resumed In Def Col

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

After a hiatus of 3 months, as per the guidelines of unlock-1 the construction work restarted at the under-construction sites in Def Col. There are more than 50 sites in Def Col where construction work was stopped in Mar ’20 due to lockdown, the poor labourers were stranded for months without any assistance from the builders or owners. The residents fed them cooked food and dry rations to keep them alive during the entire period.

There were complaints from the residents about the poor hygiene conditions including washing clothes and taking bath in open at few sites. The construction has now started at most of these sites and these labourers are back to work. As there are few builders who are trying to make up for the lost time the complaints for late working of labourers and unloading of trucks during night are increasing. We request all the concerned to follow government’s guidelines on construction to ensure work stops at these sites latest by 7 PM. 



Inflated Bills for BSES & DJB Are Alarming & Creating Panic

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

Due to lack of manpower in most of the government authorities, the latest in the list of big worries is inflated electricity and water bills received by Def Col residents from BSES and DJB. The demand for electricity and water shoots up during summer season, the residents are prepared accordingly to arrange the payments from their resources. The residents started feeling the heat from the first week of April ’20 when they started receiving some hugely inflated bills which were beyond their expectations or imagination. 

Some of the senior residents received bills worth 50K whereas their regular bills were for less than 10K per month during peak of summer. The water bills were more shocking as some of the bills were for 30K -40K where as regular bills are not even for 2K! 

The affected residents tried for support but the helpline for most of the authorities were not functioning or not able to give any satisfactory resolution. As the RWA offices were also closed, the residents feared  their connections will get disconnected and that too during these hot weather of April and May months. Some residents confirmed that they received the following SMS “due to Covid-19 we will not be able to take physical readings of your meters”. 

Some of them paid these huge bills in anticipation of a resolution whenever the offices open for public queries but as usual till date there is no feedback from the authorities and some of them even received the next bill, which were also much higher than the last one. As there are many households of retired persons and widows who have limited resources they need immediate support from the BSES and DJB when the offices and billing systems are resumed and on the basis of average bills, these errors should be rectified. 



Club President Has Given an Assurance That Late Payment Charges Will Be Reversed

Problems & Errors Will Be Resolved

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

C Block Club Members were in for a nasty jolt recently. Their Feb 2020 Club Bills were received end June, just 3 days ago with a 2% late fee surcharge, due to no fault of theirs. Even more surprising is that due to the current pandemic situation, the Club has been closed under lockdown from Feb 25 and no bills delivered for the last 3moths, but members however, were expected to leave their homes under precarious conditions, risk their lives, and clear their bills by March 31 by depositing it in the Club drop box, of which there was no notice or circular issued to Members, and without any notion of whether it had been credited or not!!  Hence the late fee surcharge imposed on all pending current bills since February is justifiably creating an outcry amongst the Club members.  Not only late bills, but bills with silly errors have also been received, as of a member questioning “How is late payment of zero arrears billed as Rs 101 and not zero?” Another member has received a Re1 bill which he is planning to donate to the club in their drop box! 

To address members' concerns...

Firstly the Club itself has been closed with no staff, or telephonic assistance to take enquiries. The Club website, despite repeated efforts, has not been working either and is currently crashed. No bills had been issued by the Club for over three months. Therefore the move to levy the penalty surcharge on the club bills is not only illogical but ridiculous. 

 Members have blamed the Club for no system of Online Payment or bank details for making payments. A system to send bills on emails and whatsapp could be incorporated, as well as electronic timely payments by RTGS, Paytm etc. Some members have demanded a 50% waiver of the subscriptions on bills all through the lockdown for lack of facilities used and claims that the Club has plenty of reserves to sustain itself, its staff and fixed expenses. This may or may not be agreeable to the Club Committee, however a waiver on surcharge is definitely demanded. The Club president in a reply has given out an assurance that the Club Bills can be paid by 31 July 2020. Problems and errors will be resolved. Late payment charges will be reversed.



DCA RWA Files Legal Case against DCWA for Illegal Demand of Double Security Charges

 By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

Last time we informed our readers about the notices sent by DCWA to few residents of A block to either deposit double security charges with DCWA or face termination from DCWA association as well as DCWA club. These affected residents filed legal case against DCWA for this illegal action in High court and got a stay order immediately alongwith a date to start the hearing in the case. 

As the DCA was anticipating the same “harassment for other residents” of A block, they also filed a case against DCWA for corrective action in the Hon’ble courts so that the same issue is not raised in future. 

The residents of entire defence colony were shocked with this divisive politics due to some personal ego issues of few officials of DCWA who are against A block to pressurize them to start paying double security charges. They are questioning the DCWA what will they gain by threatening the “same colony” residents by grabbing double security charges when the A block has its own security arrangements for many decades. The residents are now quite hopeful that they will get justice from the Hon’ble courts but how long will the residents keep paying these legal charges to lawyers due to these non-essential issues? The time money and energy spent to settle personal issues in various courts (presently more than 30 cases are in courts between residents and DCWA) can be used for some productive work for the betterment of our colony which is getting vulnerable with each passing month.



We Salute Dr Vohra, Rosy Kapoor & Akshai Kaiker Who Apprised Residents of Their Being Covid Positive 

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

During these pandemic times where most people infected with Covid 19 try to hide the information from others because of social stigma to this disease.  However, there are a few who have come out openly and informed others about them being positive so that others can be careful of the infection. From our colony I would like to salute Dr Vohra, Rosy Kapoor and Akshai Kaiker who thought of this colony as a big family and apprised other residents of their being Covid   positive through social media. Truly appreciate their sense of responsibility and selflessness. We wish them well and speedy recovery.



Buy property overlooking the Himalyas in Ranikhet

Sumit is a resident of Ranikhet and wants to part with a prime property he owns in Majkhali (near Ranikhet). The land is around 1 Acre, connected with a PWD road, near a golf course, 6kms from a hospital and in a very good neighbourhood. Just the place to build your retirement home.

Watch the video and if you are interested, get in touch with Sumit directly! (The video has been taken on a cloudy day, whihc is why the himalyan range is not visible)

For more details call Sumit: 94129 77857


Thank you Bhavreen and Kanika for the Exemplary Service!

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

In these trying times, there are certain residents of def Col who are doing exemplary work of helping fellow residents in every which way possible.

The selfless service is being rendered by Bhavreen and Kanika Dewan. They have set up two cylinders with complete apparatus/ ready to use in A-Block for anyone who may need it.  Thank you Bhavreen and Kanika!



Guard Foils Attempt To Steal Tyres

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

Some thefts and attempted thefts have been reported since the easing of the lockdown. Recently there was an attempt to steal tyres in D block on 29 June.  Four men and a woman were moving around PND Park D block North suspiciously at 1.30am.  When the alert guard inquired from them, they ran away, jumping the wall opposite Ozone towards Lajpat Nagar. In view of these cases, residents have requested the SHO to increase the police beat to deter such attempts.



Central Park Crying for Attention

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The Def Col parks opened a month ago, but even now the Central Park on the nallah is crying for attention. It continues to be in shabby condition; strewed with dried vegetation, dangerously hanging cable wires, over grown weeds on walking paths and fallen branches. Even though some action was taken by the area councilor on request of residents but due to shortage of staff still lots needs to be done. The most important is the sanitation of the whole area as now the park is frequented by a good number of people in the morning and evening, which includes children and adults. Hope everyone is practicing the covid 19 protocol while being in the park. However, our councillor is requested to get the area sanitised and cleaned at the earliest.



Free Covid Testing Camp by Delhi Govt

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

A free Covid testing camp has been organised by Delhi Govt from 23 June in the Govt School next to the Gurudwara (C block). Tokens are being given and on an average of 130 people are being tested every day. As per authorities the camp is still on and residents who want to avail this free testing facility can do the same. Thanks to president RWA in requesting the Delhi Govt to hold this camp.



Pehle Carona Phir Baarish Ki Bimaree Ka Rona

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The first Pre-monsoon shower in Def Col turned many places into large pools. Water logging happened in front of the DCWA club as well as behind the market on the road going towards Sewa Nagar red light. Complaint was made both to MCD and PWD.  Since both the location work pertained to the sewer and the area falls under PWD, some work was done in cleaning the blocked sewers by PWD. With the onset of monsoons if these water logging problems are not resolved then along with Corona we will be battling another battle of water borne diseases.



Boulders Placed to Deter Residents From Parking near the Entry & Exit Point

By Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

Recently it was reported that big boulder rocks were being placed in D north on the side of the Nallah road to discourage residents from parking their cars.

This was understood by some as a deliberate attempt by the resident of nearby houses not to let other fellow residents park their cars. 

Actually this exercise was done by the RWA to deter residents not to park near the entry n exit point.  After the lockdown with all gates closed, this is the main entry exit point for traffic going across the nallah in D block north. Cars parked next to this point were causing a bottle neck leading to traffic jams. With the placing of these rocks (now on extreme left side) there is a comfortable movement of traffic. The rocks have also been coloured white so that they are easily visible to avoid any incidence of mishap.



Launch of Senior Citizens Wats App Group

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

A senior citizen group was launched by the president Maj Ranjit Singh and Bhavna Kapoor. The group was appreciated by senior residents who joined the group with great enthusiasm voluntarily. Within four days of its formation, the group had over 150 senior members. It comprises of fine ladies and gentlemen who have fought through hard times and have come out as winners. These fine people are support within themselves standing together with their expertise to solve issues.



Beautiful Eucalyptus Tree Hits The Ground!

By Subashini Sood

Due to lack of proper pruning and care another tree falls opposite C-379, a beautiful eucalyptus tree hits the ground on the Nallah Park.


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