Defence Colony Broadcast
June 15-30,  2020

Vol 1 No. 3


Stuck in Containment Zone Def Col’s Japanese Couple Leaves for Japan with Street Dog ‘Sonu’

by Subashini Sood (C- 251 GF, whatsapp 9810008134, 41552095)

Early 2017 a young Japanese couple Takayuki Nakamoto and Kaori Nakamoto arrived in India. They settled into their C-59 Def Col home. Yet to raise a family, they fell in love with Sonu, a street dog, and adopted him with open arms; the trio spent many happy fulfilling times bonding together. 

In March 2020 the Covid crisis hit India and all the Japanese nationals began repatriating back. Although the Nakamotos could have easily left with the first wave of the nationals but they decided to stay back. No way could they leave their adopted Sonu behind and began making plans for his repatriation. However, a two month lock down period created immense difficulties in their plans. Finally they were able to get all the requisite vaccines, tests and paperwork completed for Sonu, and got confirmed JAL Airways tickets to fly back home with him.

On June 14 another bombshell hit the Nakamotos. Their entire lane from C-54 to C- 65 was cordoned off and put in Containment Zone by orders of the DM and all movements to and fro were immediately barred.

In deep desperation and anguish they reached out to their interpreter friend in Faridabad for help to leave the containment area and allow the three to leave the country and board their flight back home. The interpreter contacted some volunteers since she had heard of their splendid work towards the migrants. The volunteers in turn directed her to an NGO of Def Col. On June 8 evening a tense stress charged telephone call on behalf of the Japanese Nationals was received by Dr Mridula Tandon (D332) and Bhavna Chhatwani Sehgal (D335) appealing for help. 


 It was a challenge and set in motion immediately consisting of a weeklong painstaking talks with the Municipal Authorities and co-ordination with the Japanese couple through their Interpreter. And finally the volunteers were  successful in getting the final sign off with the DM, SDM {South} and SHO Def Col, with hand delivered passes by the Police to the Japanese couple at their residence on June 13.

There was immense relief, joy and gratitude of the Nakamotos as they said hurried goodbyes, boarding and finally leaving Delhi for their flight back home along with their beloved Sonu. We are informed that they have safely arrived and checked into their quarantine facility. The three of them in an extraordinary bid to be together Taka San Kaori San and Sonu the Dog, will no doubt soon be a Japanese citizen bringing his owners immense happiness. 



Saraswati & Meena's Def Col Rasoi- A Lockdown Initiative

Food Cooked at Home with Love

Quite a few residents of Def Col are not calling maids to cook their meals. During this difficult time Saraswati and Meena, home chefs of C Block with 20 years of experience are offering hygienically cooked food. It’s fresh, delicious and very affordable, ideal for homes and offices.

You can order for home, guests, small parties and gatherings or simply add an extra dish for a happy occasion. All they need is a day’s notice.

Call them at 9810354822.


Abhishek Dutt (Ex Councilor Slaps Defamation Notice to DCWA Prez Maj Ranjit Singh

Def Col a Containment Zone or A Legal Zone?

Samvada News Bureau

Def Col, a Fauji Colony long established, has since  thrived on unity, camaraderie, bonding and other human values. Over time; residents have seen gradual wearing away of the old fabric and character of Def Col. The type of messages on what’s app groups stand testimony of this erosion. As the number of covid-19 cases are rising in Def Col, so are the legal notices.

 In times when the world is united against the deadly virus, it is most unfortunate that Def Col is divided straight down from the middle into two clear rival factions. Residents and the two RWAs of Defence Colony; instead of uniting to combat the trying times together, are down at each other’s throat with   messages in the most unparliamentary  language  possible.

The animosity is evident in words and actions.

DCWA Prez Maj Ranjit on 3 June sent a damaging whatsapp message to Abhishek Dutt, the Ex Councilor of Def Col (Loved by most Def Col residents). Abhishek Dutt who is a resident of Jangpura in response has slapped a defamation suit dated 6 June against the Prez for 2 crores or an unconditional apology within three days of receipt of the legal notice.

President Major Ranjit’s Message ….

Dear Abhishek Dutt ex Councillor,

I see that you are part of a WhatsApp Group which has the likes of Ajay Kumar, Bhavreen, Suri etc who post anti-Colony Comments and tarnish the image of our Colony on Social Media. I had earlier discussed this issue with you and your answer was that thoughyou are part of the subject Group but you don’t comment. You Sir then can be compared to those who kept Mum when Draupadi was being disrobed. You while you were Councillor of our Area did irreplaceable damage to the Colony by listening to Buffoons and doing what you did to our roads along the Nallah. Now that we are sorting out Garbage Collection as per directives on the subject, your silent connivance to stupid and immature comments being posted on the subject Group goes a long way in proving your selfish motives. Please refrain from being a part of any Group which is anti Defence Colony as I assure you it will prove more harmful for your political future than beneficial. Please be assured of the fact that you will never have my support ever if your Association with Anti Colony Elements is not ended. Please remember that a lot of food distribution that you boast off on Twitter is Kind Courtesy Defence Colony. 

Please Do Take Note Before It Is Too Late. 

Major Ranjit Singh (Veteran)

President Defence Colony.

It is surprising that the residents who swear by Abhishek even now and are in Mr President’s Lobby’ have maintained a stoic silence in view of such a message to a public figure.

(Samvada is in possession of the copy of legal notice by Abhishek Dutt)


Virus Is Spreading! Make sure your water Tank is Hygienically Cleaned

GD Water Consult is Back at Your Service

To avoid catching Coronavirus everybody is talking about “wash your hands frequently” but what if the water that you are using to wash is already contaminated because your water tank is not clean?
Call GD Water Consult, our men never enter a tank. We also make sure that all our workers who come to your house are following Covid-19 precautions.

Def Col Resident Nutan Pandit (D-178) Writes:
“Being a Natural Birth Specialist I recommend you use GD Water Consult for cleaning water tanks. They clean with a pipe and suction machine. No one enters the tank.”

CALL US: 9999123030, 9910598304


Def Col’s A-Block Residents Are Again Being Forced To Pay “Double Security Charges”

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)

During the pandemic when the entire country and colony residents are fighting to survive from corona, a few chosen ones in A-block received formal notices from the DCWA to start paying “double security charges as RWA fee”. All the well known residents who also served DCWA as President, Vice President, and Secretary were given these notices as “Defaulters” for not paying new RWA fee to DCWA-Gumbad. 

The shock was much more for most of the senior citizens who have been residing and serving the colony for many decades. Some of them have been holding positions at local religious bodies. The same type of notices were issued to approx 300 permanent residents and members of A-block in 2019 but due to DCWA election, the President agreed to withdraw the notices and continue the status quo as followed for the last few decades. As we all know that A block association was formed in 1961 and security has been managed directly DCA’s RWA. After few years, DCWA, Gumbad was formed and the RWA charges were paid only by B, C, D and E blocks for the security guards. Anyone wants to become member of DCWA club need only take DCWA membership by paying one time charge and keep using the club facilities. 

What’s the Issue? The owner of any house in A-block pay their annual RWA charges to provide security by deploying exclusive security guards for A-block by using these funds. Now as per this new plan of DCWA if the same house owners are forced to pay security charges to DCWA then one wonders where the funds would be used. More than 800 A-block members are also DCWA club members who are not getting threatened to pay double charges or their club membership will be terminated. This new self created rules will not disturb the harmony in the colony as the residents will feel divided in blocks. The DCWA is already fighting several cases with the colony residents and as we have seen the notices already filed by the A-block residents, these cases will only add to the financial crisis of the RWA. 

What’s The Solution? There is no need to implement this new rule to demand double security charges from the A-block residents. DCWA already has more than sufficient funds in RWA and Club, which can be used for any emergency requirements. The security charges by both RWAs were almost doubled during the last 2 years but due to poor supervision and planning the cases of car thefts, burglaries, chain and bag snatchings etc have grown in the last 2-3 years. Due to non availability of day guards in the colony to manage the gates or for patrolling, the number of criminal activities is increasing in the colony. Lastly, during this the testing time for colony residents who are fighting corona, which is spreading all over our colony, it is requested that both RWAs must discuss this matter and resolve it amicable in the interest of the colony residents, as it is not easy for many retired people to pay double security charges. 



Barbed Wire Fencing of Wall from D70 to D-34

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

Thanks to Bhupinder Malik, Seema Malik (councillor) and Rajeev Suri,  the project of barbed wire fencing of the mentioned wall has been initiated by submitting a letter to  the area councillor with signatures of D block front lane residents. Due to the low height of the wall, a lot of anti social elements including prostitutes, eunuchs and drug addicts jump inside the colony raising a big security threat. With this barbed wire fencing hope this problem will be resolved. Our Councillor has promised to get the project completed on the go on priority.


Peacocks spotted at  PN Dutt Park,on rai

Peacocks spotted at PN Dutt Park

by Subashini Sood (C- 251 GF, whatsapp 9810008134, 41552095) 

Lockdown and fear of coming out has given much needed space to birds of different kinds, which were not visible. Peacocks spotted at PN Dutt Park on a rainy day.


kotla parking.JPG

Kotla Shop Owners Parking in B Block!

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

Poles have been erected in B-block by RWA to restrict parking of Kotla cars. The area has become a permanent parking space for Kotla shop owners and residents who park their cars and tempos in B block, which causes serious problems for Def Col residents. 



Dried Leaves Everywhere! 

by Subashini Sood (C- 251 GF, whatsapp 9810008134, 41552095)

Due to rainstorms and weather, the Colony has been thickly carpeted with dried leaves everywhere. After 9 days  persistence of resident Tejinder Laschar two truckloads of dry leaves were removed recently from Sukun Park with help of Councillor. 



Samvada Impact: Repair Work Commences on caved in road at D-53

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

Thanks to Samvada (Took the issue in last edition) and persuasion and follow up by Mrs Mehta with the advice and guidance of our Councillor Mrs Malik, work commenced on the caved- in patch. Mrs Mehta spoke directly to the Dy commissioner who responded promptly to get the work started.



Let’s Salute the Real Samaritans Of Def Col

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

The title has not been given by me but by a Retd Maj Gen Chaddha to Atul Handa, (A-Block resident) who came forward to help the General, a senior citizen in filling his property tax. Stranded in their  house due to age restrictions, Gen Chaddha and his wife requested some personal friends on RWA helpline group, and out of nowhere Mr Handa responded and not only  helped in filling their tax, much to their relief, also ensured to deliver the receipt as well. 

Another very noble and compassionate gesture that is being appreciated is of a resident who has been sending food daily to a single senior citizen who was dependent on outside food before lockdown and was left high and dry during the lock down period. That selfless lady is none other than Bhavreen Khandhari. She is giving support and help to fellow residents and workers by helping them with ration or any support that they need during these trying times. 




We extend our deepest condolences to Suren Goel (9810005065 ) on the sad demise of his mother Prem Goel (w/o late Pritam Goel) on 8 June.


Crime on the Rise in Def Col

Security at Central Park Enhanced

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

The citizens of Delhi are not only battling with the deadly disease, the security has become another challenge in the face poverty, hunger and joblessness.  Def Col too has seen increasing incidences of theft and snatchings, especially after the easing of the lock down.

On June 10 two crimes were reported in the colony. 

In the first incident a thief at 1330 hrs entered C -50 from the rear and went till the first floor. The Domestic help saw him and raised an alarm but he managed to escape without a trace.

In the second incident at 1830 hrs a lady resident riding a bike had her expensive head phones snatched. The thief got away on a bike despite being chased by a car and the colony guards. The incident was not caught on CCTV. 

As a precaution please be careful of strangers! 

The security in the Central Park has been increased. Now two guards are patrolling on top and two cycling on either side on the road. 

Residents are advised to please close the gates while entering the park.



Blame It on the Kotla Maids!

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

When the virus hit us in March, it was considered the disease of the rich, transmitted by the rich to the rich, found among people who had traveled abroad   and their close contacts.  Gradually, however, the virus started affecting people from all walks of life and all strata of society.  

As we saw spurt in number of  cases; Def Col, which  has a lot of domestics and other associated staff like drivers and the rest coming from Kotla, blamed the domestic helps.

With certain cases taking place in Kotla; the blame for the spread of virus in Def Col shifted to the helps coming from Kotla. There were requests to ban these maids and drivers coming to work in the colony.

The stark truth is that not even a single case till date has been caused by these domestics coming from outside; rather in-house helps and drivers have been source of infection and subsequent spread.  

 So therefore let’s not be judgmental but on the other hand also not careless.



Defence Colony A Containment Zone?

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

A message was circulated by the DCWA president regarding the increase in Covid 19 cases in our colony. 

He also mentioned/ posted a letter written by him to the SDM raising his concern.

The next morning the SDM with his team surveyed the affected area of the colony. The outcome of the visit was informed to the residents via an audio message his whatsapp group raising concern of the authorities likely to declare Defence Colony into a containment area for 28 days. He also stated that the final decision would be notified by the evening. 

However some people misunderstood the message and got into panic mode of buying essentials. The news of the message spread all over and rumours started floating all across Delhi.  In the evening with the effort of the MLA and the president and other residents the authorities  decided to only declare C-51- 65 as containment area. 

Currently the whole area around this lane is barricaded with colony guards patrolling the area and every day sanitization of the area is being done. No outsider is allowed except the medical team that visits them periodically.



Property Tax Camp Organised In A-Block Club 

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)

As usual, the month of June is always awaited by the Def Col residents for the payment of property tax in the colony camps organized by the SDMC in coordination with the RWA. These camps are primarily focused towards the senior citizens and ladies who are not tech-savvy and unable to visit the SDMC offices to stand in the long queues.  As we all know that due to government guidelines during corona lockdown it was not easy to take any decision to organize a camp, the A block RWA under the leadership of its president Mr Malik took initiative to get it done on priority. The RWA team discussed with the SDMC councilor Seema Bhupinder Malik who agreed for the camp and held rounds of meetings with her team and finalized 9-10 June for the property camp at JCO club, A-block. 

The first issue was to ensure social distancing during the camp which was professionally planned by the councilor and the RWA team. The residents were issued Token with time slots to ensure only 7-8 residents are there in the hall for making payments. The air-conditioned waiting room for each batch of 3-4 was kept for the comfort of the residents. Arrangement for drinking water, hand sanitizers, wheel chairs and disposable pens was made for smooth functioning of all the activities. Only residents with mask were allowed inside the club to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing at all times. 

SDMC councilor was available for the entire period to support the residents with their queries and also to ensure hourly sanitization spray in and around the hall. During the two days camp more than 300 residents from all the blocks utilized this opportunity and thanked RWA team and councilor for this fine gesture. Residents are requesting for one more camp, as there are technical hitches on the MCD website due to new changes and requirements. The councilor has assured that she will organize more camps in the colony in the near future.



"Pocket Mein Hai!"

by Subashini Sood (C- 251 GF, whatsapp 9810008134, 41552095)

Who would have ever thought one would have to wear a mask to draw money from a bank! Just one of the many jokes doing the rounds these days. Or when Ashish Oswal a resident reported, "Yesterday I saw two men in their mid 50's near the D Block Nullah, taking an evening walk. They had no masks on. I requested them to wear their masks, and they said....Pocket mein Hai!"

The weird reply left Ashish, and I'm sure many others trying to figure out whether to laugh or cry! However when it comes to personal safety, it’s no laughing matter. It remains the single most effective barrier in the prevention of the transmission of the Corona virus droplets, especially where social distancing is difficult as in travel, community gatherings the Mask is a must!  However some of our colony residents, vendors, guards and domestics etc seem to think otherwise.

The gradual lifting of the lockdown is giving rise to a false sense of complacency, A Cavalier attitude and a license to thrill,  roaming around or huddled together unmasked or with masks  on chins protecting their chins rather than mouths and noses in parks colony and gardens.  Appearing more of a clear license to kill or be killed! 

One can excuse the uneducated however, what about our own residents? At a recently held property tax camp, while waiting in the queue an observant and conscientious resident requested an unmasked elderly lady to adhere to the required social distancing, to his shock was pounced back accusingly of being 'Ill mannered’ by her and advised further by some elderly citizens there, “Beta, why don't YOU step out and wait till then, an unethically uncalled for retort. 

As privileged educated citizens we owe at this time of a pandemic of extreme proportions, an equally extreme responsibility towards required safety measures. Of distancing and masking so as not to jeapordise or endanger our own and others lives with such insensitive attitudes and actions. The guidelines of WHO are firm on the wearing of masks for general public and wherever there is "Community transmission", it is absolutely mandatory for those above 60 yrs and with underlying health conditions.  A mask however, is NOT a replacement for physical distancing. It recommends the use of homemade or commercial fabric face mask, by healthy members of Public, and not high intensity medically commercial face masks used by doctors and hospitals. A homemade or commercial cotton fabric mask is sufficient. Ideally it should have 3 layers, to prevent the droplets going through and infecting someone else. The outer layer to be water resistant, the middle layer for filtration and the inner layer water absorbent. The filter and breathability of fabric is known as 'Q'. In a shop bought fabric mask, look for 'Q of 3’. Depending on the lightness of the material used, a homemade mask can be 4 layers too. On wearing your mask, wash hands make sure you do not touch the front of your mask, lean forward and slip the loops with both hands behind your ears. Take off your mask same way, wash hand thoroughly after. If the mask is not dirty place it in an airtight plastic bag for 72hrs to kill any virus. Or else soak in detergent and boiling hot water half hour wash sundry and a hot iron will sanitize it completely. WHO's recommendation of Mask is for personal protection only and must be used alongside hand washing. 

As concerned citizens we have a social responsibility in publicly wearing of masks we give respect to others and is in the interest of the infected, many who may be asymptomatic. Nothing could express it better, than the following from a post, writer unknown 'I want to be a part of the solution, not the problem’. Wearing a Mask and standing two meters apart, doesn't make me weak scared stupid or controlled, it makes me caring and concerned for each one of you. If we could live with this consideration in mind, the world will be a much better place!

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