Defence Colony Broadcast
June 1-14,  2020

Vol 1 No. 2


Rumours in Def Col Lead to Panic, Anxiety & Fear 

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

What exactly constitutes a nationwide crisis in a country? Normally it’s a war or war like situation, in which the citizens unite zealously to obey, any rules and regulations imposed, whatever they may be for the good of the country, with no questions asked. One of them is to desist from spreading misinformation and rumours. We are currently under a similiar situation, fighting a destructively lethal enemy that has already created havoc in various countries of the World resulting in a Global pandemic and is still continuing its advance stealthily and mercilessly.

Despite appropriate protocols for safety and precaution the number of infected cases and fatalities the world over have been staggering. In this unique situation, fear and anxiety give rise to misinformation and panic. The forwarding of unauthenticated messages and Rumour mongering can cause unimaginable and damaging harm. As it did to the reputation of a Restaurant owner Sagar Ratna recently, in Defence Colony Market targeted for retaining 40 Covid infected delivery boys, which was false. On tracing the source it was discovered to have come from a Watsapp group of an adjoining Colony.  It stands to reason therefore that the Owner filed a Police Complaint at Defence Colony Police Station under the Epidemics Act 1897, Provision of India Penal Code punishable by law for False Rumours.

 News of Covid infected Owner and staff of Defence Store too created an intense fear amongst those who had shopped there. Just who and how many were infected was not clear, the numbers kept adding up by and through every forward sent. Till a circular by the RWA President informed the correct status of the infected, and put a stop to the rest of rumours. However, unfortunately in the confusion Defence Bakery, a store with an almost similar sounding name fall prey unnecessarily to a case of mistaken identity, harming its clientele forcing it to issue a public notice clearing the misinformation forthwith.

The problem lies therefore in lack of information. Residents need to be updated daily with the latest Covid infected cases in the Colony and their status regarding their family members and staff. This transparency has been lacking by the RWA for its Residents, which by referring to each other with constant unauthenticated messages on social media only gives rise to Misinformation and Rumours leading to panic, anxiety and fear of the unknown. A systematic daily update of cases, by the President would be greatly appreciated and help in putting a stop to Rumours and allowing the residents to take necessary steps to protect themselves and their families. 

Not only has the Market, even with reference to the Residents, a random hearsay turned into an exaggeratedly fearful version of some simple non covid illness, spreading further panic. It is imperative therefore that rather than suppress or hide facts, if infected resident patients voluntarily disclose theirs and their family's medical status, they would be treating others with infinite respect. In their turn, friends and neighbours will treat the infected with care support and compassion, rather than as social outcastes. Even as of now an A block resident has deliberately removed the covid information sticker outside his home, out of fear and ignorance. Disclosing of true facts within groups, family, friends and officially to the RWA establishes a mature way of thinking and concern in these critical times self and others.



Farewell to SHO-Def Col

by Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

We all at Samvada have been appreciating and highlighting the good work and new initiatives of our SHO Arvind Sharma who was considered one of the best in the last 2-3 decades.

 Arvind Sharma was a go-getter and street smart police officer who started from day one by meeting the residents personally to understand their issues. It hardly took him any time to understand the security and other problems of the colony and started on a planned strategy to bring some relief for the residents. His communication skills on phone and social media group was the key for his successful tenure in our colony where a new “Human face of police” was observed by all and they never hesitated to call him personally or visit him in the police station to express their views and issues. His initiative included meeting seniors in the parks, drawing competition for kids, new beats in the colony to keep us secured and deploying his team to the strategic places in Def Col. 

During his tenure the crime rate (especially car thefts, burglaries, and intrusions) reduced drastically. His regular vigilance and training of RWA and private security guards was the path breaker to create more ears and eyes in the colony. 

During corona, Arvind’s contribution was exemplary as he was seen all over the colony with his gypsy loaded with food items, masks, water bottles etc. He coordinated with various Covid-volunteer groups for the distribution to poor and needy during the entire period of lockdown. There were hardly any security issues during the lockdown period, which was a great relief to the residents. While the security grip was getting tightened with each passing month, his transfer orders came as a surprise to the residents who started discussions on various platforms. More than 100 residents sent messages and Emails to various departments with a request to give extension to the current SHO. Finally Arvind Sharma bid goodbye to the residents who wished him all the success and wished he comes back soon on a higher position. 

The New SHO Jitendra Kumar has joined now and assured us all the support with security measures to continue the good work initiated by Arvind Sharma.



Central Park Opened To Public Needs a Thorough Cleaning Up!

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

Parks are being opened as per directives of SDMC which were issued a few days back. Before opening all Parks they need to be cleaned, grass mowed and anti mosquito spraying carried out. This has been done and all Parks are more or less ready to be used. However what is disappointing is that some very responsible residents have gone crying to the media that the RWA is denying them use of Parks. It is such Residents who bring the Colony a bad name.  This seems to have become a Culture of our Colony. 

The Central Park opened to public on 26 May needs a thorough cleaning up with broken wire and branches all over and Dirty walk ways. Request MCD who is now in charge of the Central Park to take t up and do the need full at the earliest. 


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at 2.22.18 PM.
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at 2.23.13 PM.
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at 2.22.17 PM.

Hand Made Birthday Cards with Pista Shells!

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

Varun Anand of D-270 has been making handmade Birthday cards decorated with Pista shells, to present to some seniors on their Birthdays. Brig Manjeet Chaudhury (80), SK Saini (86) and Col RK Tuli (104), are the recipients so far. While the gesture is deeply appreciated it’s not difficult to gauge the amount of Pistas he is eating in the lockdown, in order to make birthday cards! 



Ek Bar Gate Opened 

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

The Ek bar gate was opened for certain period of time to facilitate movement of colony cars with stickers to the petrol pump and out.

As per latest update The D-18 Gate (manned) next to Petrol Pump giving access in Ozone direction has been opened from10:30am to 7pm.

Petrol Pump Air gate (near Ek Bar) will now remain closed.


Above garbage behind Nehru Homeopathic H

B Block Residents’ Complain Against Unhygienic Conditions Solved! 

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

B Block residents staying in the vicinity of the Nehru Homeopathic Hospital, currently being used as a Quarantine center, had expressed their concerns at the insanitary conditions and lack of cleanliness over the huge mounds of garbage piled around the hospital. A danger of ill health to the residents living around, sent a strong complaint to the RWA President Maj Ranjeet Singh. After speaking to the Director of the Hospital, the issue was resolved with immediate action and the garbage was cleared and the area sanitized. It is hoped that this scrupulous cleanliness in and around the Hospital is being maintained to avoid any spread of infection.


caved in road.JPG

Caved in Road

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

The road opposite D-53 caved in about 2 months back and is further caving in but no action has been taken on it. This area was dug up by Jal board for relaying a pipeline and even after construction of a new road it caved in 

Request our area councilor to take some action in restoring the caved in road before the monsoon strikes. 



Drinking Habits of Father Finally Shatters His Young Family in Def Col!

Story by P Singh & Ajay Kumar on the basis of real experience in Def Col

This is a real story of a family (real names changed) based on the most popular phrase “We are doing our best but God is not helping us”. Just to simplify the human tendency or behavior is still an unrevealed secret which keeps getting layered due to our own ways to hide the truth. This is story from Def Col’s resident Priya’s family of which 2 sons were staying in the house. 

While both the sons were growing with years, one son, Nakul started drinking from the age of 16 with some notorious friends who forced Nakul to start bunking school and indulge in these activities.  Actually the habit of drinking got inculcated in Nakul from his father who used to drink every day and then fight with Priya and create nuisance for the family and neighbors. Priya became used to his behavior and ignored the same for Nakul who was chucked out of the school due to poor performance and absence from the classes. 

After a few years Priya’s husband succumbed to his bad habits and left a scattered family. We all know that if the head of family is spoilt with these activities, the impact is always on the entire family. The society started ignoring the family due to poor rapport and neighbors stopped their growing up children from playing/meeting them in community functions and in the club. Nakul also started stealing money and other items of his friends and neighbors as and when he got a chance. He was caught red handed few times and once even taken to the police. Priya who ignored Nakul since childhood during his upbringing and allowed him to indulge had only hope that one day God will bless her family and all will be well. After a few years Priya even started blaming God for this poor state of her family and started going to some Baba for Jaddu-Tona, Tabeej and resorted to other ways to resolve the family issues. Priya also admitted Nakul to a rehabilitation centre through an NGO but his condition only went from bad to worse due to callous behavior during the treatment. 

Lastly, this is not the story of just one family of Def Col but in some ways there are a few others in our society where parents are ignoring their kids during the initial years and wait for God to help correct their kids. 

We are living in a developing society and there is need to understand the criticality of each and every move of our family members. Thanks to internet and social media, our youngsters are exposed to so many good and bad habits which need to be monitored and controlled in time to ensure smooth transition of family to the next level. The times are changing faster than we can think and due to very high competitiveness there are chances that our kids may fall into the trap of drinking, drugs or any other bad habit and then blaming God for it will result only in impacting our own family. God will never come for testimony of your blames and if we start doing self-realization from the very beginning the solutions are always within your own reach, God bless all.

This article is in reaction to the actual incident of Def Col and an advice that the few others be aware that if ignored it may lead to this shocking tragedy. 


col Tuli during good times.jpg

Col RK Tuli the Senior Most Resident of Def Col

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

Wearing the crown of currently the Senior most aged, resident  of Defence Colony is Col RK Tuli (D-297), born on June 4, 1916 and presently celebrating his 104th  birthday. What a splendid achievement indeed! On behalf of Defence Colony residents, we wish him a very happy healthy and a safe Birthday.

Though currently bed ridden and in ill health, Col Tuli has always been active and energetic, enjoying swimming, gardening and his walks regularly in the Colony parks and Lodhi gardens till  6 months ago, when a nasty fall rendered him immobile.

A champion swimmer he has represented and captained the Indian Swimming Team in the 36th Olympic games. Club members would recall his active participation in all the Club Swimming Galas, even in his Nineties comfortably beating swimmers more than half his age. The backstroke was his favourite.

Born in Burma, in undivided India he joined the British Army in 1942, actively participated in World War 2 fighting the Japanese. Thereafter the army got converted into the Indian Army; he helped raise the 4th Sikh Light Infantry Regiment in 1948. Retired as Col Commanding the 15 Punjab Regiment during the post retirement tenure he was one of the Founders of Border Security Force, along with Ashwani Kumar and Shri Rustomjee.

On his 100th birthday in 2016, his Regiment celebrated the Centenary of the Raising day of the 4th Sikh Light Infantry by coinciding it with Col Tuli's centenary, in his honour, and he did not hesitate to undertake the 7 hour journey to Jullundur to celebrate his Regiment’s Centenary Celebrations, arriving fit and fine full of josh to celebrate and party into the night thereafter.

Though this year celebrations may be low key, his family friends and well wishers will be all wishing him well, and am sure singing out a Happy 104th Birthday to him with very fond wishes!  



Armed Thieves Caught

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

Two armed thieves trying to scale E-1 gate at night were caught by alert guards.  They were later handed over to constable Ramesh who did the needful and both were taken to the Police station. A resident also reported a girl ringing the bell of their home for Shani Daan. It was not a Saturday, but she managed to enter the colony apparently without being stopped at the gate. The bicycle of a resident’s daughter was reportedly stolen from D 242 in broad day light at 2.30pm on 29 May. The thefts may increase as more relaxations are enforced as even the CCTV footage may not be very helpful in identifying the culprits because the faces these days are covered with masks. Since the closure of gates people have tried to jump over gates as reported by some alert residents.




Belated Happy Birthdays during May

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

Gen VN Sharma Pvsm Avsm (91); Brig Krishanjit Kaur (91); Mrs Swaran Mohan (91); Mr BR Narang (92); Maj Gen RKR Subramnaniam (90); Mr Kuldeep Singh (96); Mrs Surinder Kaur (91).

Wishing All Covid Cases Speedy Recovery

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

The following Covid cases have been reported in the Colony: C-517, Mrs Ahluwalia (w\o Col Ahluwalia) has tested positive and been shifted to the Army Hospital; C-60 Veena Singh tested positive and has been moved to Max hospital;

D-122 Akshai Kaicker tested positive, has been in isolation, all family members at home have also been in isolation; Defence Store Manoj Gupta's 76 yr old father shifted to Max had appealed for a Plasma Donor.  

Unfortunate Accident While Lighting Diyas

By Subashini Sood (C 251, 98100 08134)

Mrs Madhu Malik (w\o Mr Pavan Malik, D-403) suffered an unfortunate accident while lighting Diyas in the Prayer Room, she was admitted to Apollo Hospital with 50% burns.

Concern over property tax payment / filling 

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

May comes and it’s time to file property tax. 

During these trying times of Covid virus,  SDMC has made a new website for filling returns, which is not working properly and is also not user friendly. We as a colony with max number senior citizens filing taxes online will become a problem. The councillor in a message has agreed to help in filing the property tax returns for Def Col residents.




Col Dutt was a founder and active member of Senior Citizens Forum Defence Colony passed away on 27 May. We will miss him. May god rest his soul in peace - GPS BAWA (Chairman SCF)


entry point grill broken.JPG

Entry Point For Unwanted Public Inside The Colony

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

The grill of the park behind the Chinese van in the market was purposely broken by their staff to wash the utensils in this public park. With the gates closed from A block, this opening has become an easy way for entry of beggars and drug addicts inside A and B Block , the Mr Malik president A block RWA has been requested to closed this passage down with wires but no action taken till date 

This has become a major security hazard in these times where the colony is locked up. 


front line guards of def col  pic1 2.JPG

Our Guards, the Front Line Warriors

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

On 21 May RWA distributed Rations, Sanitizers, and Soaps. The RWA states that the guards have been doing fantastic all round job in this hour of crisis. Through in this article I would like to thank one of the lesser known frontline Covid volunteers; Our Colony Guards.  They have manned the entry points and have been screening the influx of population into Def Col without bothering about their own safety. However, the guards have been well looked after by RWA and the resident volunteers. 



A Drunken Driving Incident

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

A  C-block resident was driving his car around Swapna Vatika in highly drunken state and was abusive towards people walking around between 7.30pm to 8..00pm. He banged his SUV into a stationary car, and after doing so he reversed and fled but was later caught by nieghbours and the matter was reported to police. So much for opening the liquor shops!



Mystery over an Alleged Theft

By Anuj Bakshi (98108 22057)

 Reportedly an alleged theft from C-242 on 17 May remains a mystery as it was a controversial story between the person who reported and the RWA. What we learnt from whatsapp chats that the house was unoccupied and no one was/is living there.

 While President Ranjit Singh affirmed that there was no theft which he said was also confirmed by the police, the lady who reported however reiterated that the theft did take place in her neighbouhood.  Another version did the rounds that C 242 is locked from outside but there are people staying inside. Our Security Supervisor has spoken to them. Samvada could not ascertain the facts of both sides as the RWA was trying to contact the owner who believably lives in Mumbai. 



Many Residents Flouted the Norms & Moved Freely

by Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

While the entire country was closed during the lockdown, it was shameful to see many residents moving freely during the entire day all over the colony. As the RWA office was closed, there was no one to question them or to discipline them during the lockdown when they were moving with even little kids and toddlers. These walkers were not listening to the requests of fellow residents who were getting alarmed after watching the growing number of new cases every day. The dog walkers, the joggers, cyclists and senior citizens were moving not bothered and posing a danger for others. 

The residents started filing complaints to the police but even after the SHO increased the beats, there was no respite for the residents. The SHO also appointed few Covid volunteers to shunt them away from Nallha park and other roads but the story remained the same as earlier. The number of people on roads is increasing after looking at each other as if there is some competition to come out and show foolish act of bravery. 



Suggestions to CM- Delhi by Def Col Residents for Lockdown-5.0

by Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994) 

Hats off to the concerned and seasoned residents of Def Col, who created a team to send their wish-list of suggestions to the CM- Arvind Kejriwal, who had requested Delhi for it. 

As we all know that Def Col is a great mix of all types of people (Defence officers, professionals, Businessmen, homemakers, real estate agents, shopkeepers etc) it was useful to create a wish list of relaxations for the next round of lockdown 4.0.

The process started with messages floated all over the colony to submit their suggestions and views keeping both safety and convenience in mind.

As only 2 days were given for this process, it was not an easy task to compile them on one sheet. Team of residents spent hours and the following list of suggestion was compiled and sent to the CM: Suggestions From Defence Colony To CM- Arvind Kejriwal for Lockdown-4 

We are delighted to share that more than 90% of the above suggestions were accepted and implemented by the Delhi Government for Lockdown 4.0 which clearly indicates the awareness and brilliance of our Def Col residents. Great job done!! 

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