Defence Colony Broadcast May 2020


Crane Man Shammi Helps Reinstall Fallen Poles

 by Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)

On Sun, 10 May morning, our SDMC councilor Seema Bhupinder Malik informed the Def Col’s  Issue and action helpline group that due to thunderstorm 12-13 electricity poles and few big trees were uprooted around 11 AM on the outer lane of D Block (near Petrol pump). Due to this destruction, electricity of D block was disturbed in many lanes. As it was a Sunday, the councilor contacted our crane man Shammi Chadha who took no time to reach the spot with his large cranes and team to start the work of reinstallation of electricity poles and trees. On the request of the councilor, the BSES staff also reached the spot to start the work. During the initial investigations, it was found that due to heavy winds, the scaffolding of one of the house under-construction fell on the electricity wires in a gush and due to its sudden impact all the electricity poles were uprooted within minutes and lay on the road. The only savior was that there was no causality as most of the residents were inside their houses. Shammi and the councilor coordinated with the BSES staff and within 4-5 hours all the poles were installed and electricity activated to all the houses. The residents poured words of thanks and appreciation for the crane man and others who took prompt action during lock down.

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Residents Distributing Home Cooked Food to the Poor in the Colony


Def Col Warriors Feeding Home Cooked Food to the Poor

By Ajay Kumar (A-440, 9999055994)  

Residents of Defence Colony came forward in a unique and well planned manner to support the poor and needy labourers, daily wagers, homeless and migrants.

On the day PM Modi’s announced Janta Curfew (22 Mar), Youth World NGO of Defence Colony held a meeting with a group of residents to plan a few activities for the colony. Led by a seasoned marketing professional who is actively involved in social welfare of Defence Colony residents for more than 2 decades started a Whatsapp Group “Lockdown Warriors” with the mission “Each One Feed One”. The group of retired decorated defence officers, war widows, senior citizens, housewives and youngsters started by cooking ‘Ghar ka Khana’ for 80-100 poor families of a slum colony every day and deposited it at a designated place for distribution between 5 to 7 PM.

Defence Colony SHO Arvind Sharma and SDMC Councilor Seema Bhupinder Malik also joined and accompanied the volunteers to various distribution spots in and around the colony. At times a Police Gypsy was provided by the SHO for distribution of food. The SHO also supported the group by issuing Covid volunteer passes to facilitate free movement of volunteers and their vehicles to collect and distribute the food items and other essentials.

Due to Youth World’s proven record in the colony during floods and other calamities in Kashmir, Kerala, Nepal and other places, the word of mouth about this great and noble initiative spread widely in the colony which led to more than 200 residents joining the ‘Lockdown Warriors Group’ within no time. Later, the group also identified 45 under construction sites in the colony where more than 250 labourers were stuck due to extended lockdown. The builders and supervisors were not available to provide food or money to the labourers who were left to suffer in the unfinished shabby building sites. The volunteers visited all these sites and listed down all the men, women and children. The next step of the ‘Lockdown Warriors’ was to create a ‘Weekly Survival Kit’ which included raw food items like spices, oil, milk, fruits, biscuits, toiletries and masks for every family in these under construction building sites.Youth world also donated approx. 2000 face masks to labourers, guards, migrants and others who were moving in and around the colony. Lockdown Warriors will continue giving this service till the situation is under control and these daily wagers and poor people start earning and resume their livelihood. As on date, the warriors have already fed more than 17,000 people and distributed 300-400 cooked/uncooked food packets every day. Anyone who wants to join the ‘Lockdown Warriors Group’ may reach out at +91-9999055994 or


Hitting a Century Air Com Dr MS Khera

Cops Sing A Rousing Happy Birthday Outside His House!

By Subashini Sood 

Hitting a grand century, Air/Com Dr MS Khera celebrated his 100th Birthday on 12 May at his Residence D-367- Defence Colony along with his family members, with Birthday wishes and Greetings pouring in from friends, family and residents. However as a complete surprise he was personally visited and greeted by the Addl DCP Parminder Singh, ACP Kulbir Singh and SHO Defence Colony, Arvind Sharma along with a Police Team, felicitated him in a touchingly sweet gesture with a Birthday Cake, and a rousing,' Happy Birthday to You' sung outside his residence. “We congratulated him on completing 100 Glorious years and wished him happy, healthy and a long life. He is a true Warrior and an inspiring personality for all of us," said SHO Arvind Sharma.

Born on 12-05-1920 at, village Badshapur Pre-Independence Pakistan he completed MBBS from King Edward Medical College Lahore in June 1944, thereafter joined AMC, and, took part in active military service during WW2 in Burma in 1945.  Post War, he joined the IAF in 1946 as Flt. Lt specialising in Aviation Medicine.

It’s no wonder that  representatives from IAF visited his home on  the birthday morning  with flowers and birthday message from the Air Chief and, all officers and staff of the IAF in another movingly good will gesture of love and honour.  

As to his health he is completely alert and active, and well clued up in National and International affairs. His opinion on the current Covid situation he says is Nature's way to slow down our materialistic lives. As a Doctor he feels there is a Herculean for medical and emergency staff ahead and as a country we need to ensure every possible support is given to them. Sage advice indeed!

Meanwhile Dr Khera is enjoying the lockdown time in company of his family, his 2 sons granddaughter and 3 grandsons altogether, and celebrating  the lovely 100th year celebrations.

And we on our part wish this grand Centurion a Very Happy Birthday, warm good wishes for continued health and Happiness and looking forward, Dr Khera to many many more years of happy Birthdays ahead!


Sanitation & Mosquito Sprays!

By Ajay Kumar

The councilor arranged for an automatic large capacity vehicle for the sanitation spray all over the colony. This was important to keep the Covid-19 virus away from the colony. The councilor and few Def Col Covid volunteers were seen all over the colony spraying all the blocks every day. This was really successful and helpful as there was hardly any new case reported from Defence Colony due to this initiative by our councilor. The councilor also arranged for house to house mosquito sprays, repair of street lights and other activities as and when request were submitted in the Issue and action whatsapp group. The councilor also organized approx. 100 PPE kits for all the sanitization workers. Our MP Meenakshi Lekhi and few Covid volunteer like Kunwar Vishal, Sumit Chugh, and Ajay Kumar were present to shower flowers, applaud and hand over these safety kits.


Councillor Leads From the Front

By Ajay Kumar

The Lock down was announced from 25 Mar without any prior notice to the residents who were left guessing about the functioning of the day to day activities like garbage collection, street cleaning, street lights, sewer cleaning etc. 

First two days passed under lot of confusion on various whatsapp groups of colony but when few residents complained that the daily garbage collectors were missing and their houses were stinking with garbage, it was informed that the DCWA has barred the entry of their regular garbage collectors as some of them were coming from Nizammuddin area where many cases were reported in the media. This led to utter confusion in the colony and residents approached the councilor for support. The councilor Seema Bhupinder Malik planned a daily door to door garbage collection.  She appointed 3-4 dedicated persons to address these complaints directly by re-sending the tippers on 2nd or 3rd rounds. The system is now working smoothly and residents are not facing any garbage collection issues.


A Monkey Business!

It’s A Menace of Extreme Nuisance

by Subhashini Sood 

Defence Colony`s Monkey menace has been growing literally and alarmingly by leaps and bounds.  The current lockdown in place, with its non-existing silence and movement everywhere has only encouraged these monkey packs, to move around more fearlessly audaciously and aggressively. Earlier it was D Block that was mainly targeted with the occasional ones reported to the RWA. Now they are  spread all over the Colony, ransacking and playing havoc, inside homes, on walls, gates, balconies, sleeping on cars, on terraces, etc and the reports and complaints are  flying in thick and fast, by helpless residents.

A resident of A Block Piya Malik, has this to say of her recent experience 'This is going to sound unbelievable, but we saw our door knob rattle and opened the door to see a huge Monkey sitting on the landing and trying to get in. We live on the second floor in (A Block) and the monkeys have been breaking our water pipes for weeks, by using them to climb. We usually just go and fix it ourselves, but now with these newly aggressive monkeys, we are scared to go on the roof!

Though she asked for help, to take care of the problem, unfortunately there`s none except tips from other well meaning residents and equal sufferers... “Give them a banana, give them channas, say some to stop them looking for food, `leave a bucket of water, they look for water on the terrace, or else they'll break the water tank lids,” says Dipankar Mukherjee. `They open the fridge, break flower pots, remove covers of overhead tanks`, says Divya Gupta. `Huge monkeys sit in my balcony, difficult to go out`, says Bulbul Goyal `Can’t walk safely on the street especially near the hospital`, says Vivek. `They've broken pots uprooted plants, become aggressive and destructive; something needs to be done on a war footing', says Banee. Others recommend spraying with water pipes and using air guns to frighten them away  

So what’s the solution?.  I spoke with Sunita Chatterjee of Frendicoes and here's what she had to say ``Please leave a bucket of water in the shade, thirst and heat affects them. Do not feed or injure them they are protected by law. Call up Wild Life Warden, in any serious case.  Langoor wallahs are banned by law!'

So, with no Langoor Wallahs to chase them away even for a hefty price, neither the SDMC nor the RWA can help. It’s a menace of extreme nuisance, a Monkey buisness, to which one has to find one’s own best solutions. And that unfortunately, is the bottom line.


LG Rightly Rejects Residents Petition against COVID-19 Hospital in Def Col

by Subashini Sood

COVID-19 Hospital cannot exist in the Residential Area of Defence Colony, New Delhi' is a petition started by an advocate of C Block to the Prime Minister on the basis that she and her husband (elderly) residents of Def Col and other elderly residents living close by are being endangered by setting up of an infectious diseases facility at the Nehru Homeopathic Hospital in B Block.

This petition was signed by over 500 residents in agreement as far away as D block etc and also taken up by the Prez Major Ranjeet Singh, RWA.   Forwarded to the Councillor Seema Malik and Meenakshi Lekhi MP it was justifiably turned down by the LG!

Thereafter there has been an outpouring from so called `concerned` residents of the Colony against the LG’s Order stating random reasons, quoting health of Senior and Defence Millitary Citizens at risk due to the contagiousness of the virus and lives at stake etc etc. must not be allowed senseless, illogical etc etc. even as alternate facility, the Club, Sports Complex, Jain Mandir, Nehru Stadium, Moolchand Hospital  were all put forward, anything but the Nehru Homeopathic Hospital within the Colony.

At this time of severe Covid crisis, the Govt has taken a right decision to utilize the empty Homeopathic Hospital to quarantine, that too for mildly ill symptomatic patients. The Hospital is inside large premises, walled and gated and the staff has adequate safety precautions. All the adjoining houses are several feet away that too with their additional front space. The Covid virus only infects by mouth and nose if within 2 mtrs. So unless a resident chooses to deliberately exit his house walk close to someone outside  or  enter the hospital premises deliberately which also is not allowed, how does the virus spread to the residents? It’s not airborne! How is it endangering lives of residents in all the Blocks near or far?

And isn’t the Govt guidelines for everyone to stay home and stay safe? So why the chest beating and wailing? Surely the Def Col residents could have been more compassionate.

A Govt Hospital is being put to use as a Quarantine Hospital as an alternate facility, what can be better than that? The World over people are throwing their doors open to offer every help and space they can and where ever however they can to reach out and help each other, and if nothing else support the Govt by obeying their guidelines in a time of such crisis,  rather than creating hurdles. 

At this time instead of showing compassion for the ill, our residents chose to sign petition in the guise of so called  Def Col residents welfare and stop a hospital facility for patients from functioning? A report was also sent regarding the arrangements by Director Nehru Homeopathic Hospital Dr Manchanda to Major Ranjeet Singh and further 

This status has been clarified by the hospital authorities to our resident Dr Ashok Khurana:

"Suspected patients are brought to this hospital where they are received and looked after by health care workers with appropriate high end personal protective equipment. The patients remain here until their COVID 19 test results is available; usually 2 days later.Test negative patients are sent home. Test positive patients are transferred to Loknayak hospital, with full precautions. Because of the precautions taken during receiving, hospital stay and transfer, the risk of decease spreading in the colony is zero. Routine hospital staff is not used for this purpose. Only trained, COVID 19 Deputed Staff is used for the patients. This dedicated staff is directly transported to and from their homes by special ambulance service, they do not move within the colony."


An Opinion Poll by DCWA President

An opinion Poll was carried out by the President in his group on the following, and responses were not very varied. Everyone appreciated the work and the measures taken by the RWA under these trying circumstances. Of course the responses are of just a section of the residents and not the entire colony, nonetheless most residents will agree on most crucial points on helps, vendors and entry of food delivery boys.

The poll and one of the responses..

  1. Do you approve of Domestic Workers coming into the Colony, considering present statistics of Covid infections?           *NO*

2. Are you satisfied with the present preventive steps being taken by the RWA to control *YES* 

3. Is the RWA taking sufficient steps to ensure only known fruit and vegetable are allowed into the Colony.   *YES* 

4. Do you think the RWA is checking the vendors at Entry Points with regard to temperature checking and ensuring wearing of Masks.   *YES* 

5. Has the RWA been successful in streamlining garbage collection through Tippers. Do you want this system to carry on?   *YES* 

6. Are you happy with the Sanitisation and Spraying drive started by RWA. *YES* 

7. Should we allow food delivery boys to enter houses, in view of so many infected cases coming to light through them?   *NO* 

8. Has the RWA, with the help of Residents succeeded in adequately looking after Labour stuck inside the Colony.   *YES*  

9. Has the RWA in spite of lockdown and lack of adequate number of MCD Staff managed to satisfactorily attend to your complaints.  *YES*  

10.  Do you agree we should have only one RWA in our Colony.   *YES* 

How do you rate the performance of the RWA? *OUTSTANDING*



WhatsApp Image 2020-05-17 at

Monkey With TV Remote

The residents are not only battling the virus but the monkeys which have become super active in the colony. Recently a resident posted of having seen a huge monkey on the neem tree in front of B-64 carrying a TV Remote!! Is he now looking for a TV too, to keep his tribe updated with corona news and engage his family with netflix eh all!

Quite mystifying

Plants Go Missing! ​

According to whats app post by a resident, on 9 May while the residents slept, 7 croton plants were uprooted and stolen from the flower bed adjoining her boundary wall (C 437).  The other residents are troubled by this is old problem which they say they are facing in Swapna Vatika for last many years. ‘All good plants are plucked before they grow.’ 

Home Call by Security Guards

The guards at check points as assumed are not NOT stopping any irregular tradesman (Plumber, Elec, Ac guy).The guard only makes him speak to the home caller and confirms  before he allows the person  in with proper Covid precautions. Residents have appreciated and want that if possible this practice should be continued for the safety of the colony.   The security team, including the guards is doing a phenomenal job against all odds.


Strays on the Prowl

 The stray dog menace has not abated in the colony. The guards reported to the President once again at night residents were attacked by stray dogs on the C 570-584 road. Residents had to go to a hospital for treatment. These stray dogs have now been removed by Friendicos. Residents please be careful while walking at night. 


More Covid -19 Positive Cases in Def Col

Def Col residents are barely out of the shock after the death of a co resident of C block due to covid -19 last month, when news of more cases has sent tremors in the colony. Two more cases have emerged positive in A and B blocks.  Father and son residing in B block   are in home quarantine. Their home is in B Block. The sanitization of both affected homes was VERY promptly carried out by the DCWA.

However Rajinder Malik has been requested by the DCWA president to ensure further sanitizing. Four ‘Man Packed Machines’ were handed over to A Block for this purpose. Residents around have already formed a team to look after the administrative requirements of the affected house. 

While A block resident gets admitted to the hospital, the residents pray and wish for the speedy recovery of their fellow residents found corona positive.


The Domestics… To be or not to be

The residents are wary of having domestic helps coming to Def Col for work despite the Delhi Govts’ call that RWAs can’t debar household helps to resume work. Residents however support the RWA not to allow entry of domestic helps just yet.  Even An opinion poll conducted by President Ranjit Singh in his whatsapp grp had 99 % not in favour of domestic helps resuming work in the colony.  No amount of gloves masks or sanitisers can help unless everything the person has touched is disinfected prior to anyone else touching it.  So whilst in offices with precautions we can manage to carry out work, the same is almost impossible inside a home, say the residents.  

Nonetheless helps have arrived, and working; including the Press-walas!  

But under the compelling situation; when caution is the buzzword, a re-look at the decision on domestics would warrant serious consideration.

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