DLF Phase 2 Broadcast July 11, 2020


Panic among residents After Seeing Crowd in DPS P-Block

by Anuradha Nakra

On 2 July, around 8 am, my phone and Whatsapp was suddenly abuzz with frantic calls, messages and pictures from lane P4/P5 residents.

Early morning they noticed a huge crowd of about 50-60 people roaming around in the DPS lawns without masks and spitting around. There was a team of medical staff too with their white coats and safety gear visible prominently.

Naturally the general fear was that maybe DPS was being converted into an isolation centre. This thought did not go well with the residents as the lanes leading up to the school gates are very narrow.

It was discussed in the GC of the RWA and it was decided that the residents and a few members of GC would meet with the Principal, and she was requested to come to the school.

A team of residents from P block including Sanjay Kapoor, Dr Neeru Dhir and Rahul Gupta along with CP Singh, Manish Dhawan met with the principal, who clarified that the school is attached to Maruti and the new recruits were undergoing medical checkup there before induction. Our team of residents pointed out that the people were not wearing masks and maintaining covid protocol.

She assured us that she would take care of everything and put the minds of residents at peace. We are thankful to ma’am for keeping up with her promise.



Nothing can stop the Firangi women !

by Smriti Chhabra

The new work culture of work from home and virtual meetings has been trending in office goers and businesses. Video meetings between friends, family members and relatives has become more common than ever before through streaming apps.

The DLF 2 women group Firangi Girls who have stayed connected on their Whatsapp group like always 24x7 during lockdown also, had now been missing their festive gatherings and parties too. The girls also took advantage of the zoom room concept and planned up their first virtual meet up on 3 July evening. 

About 25 girls join in and were so excited to see others. Many girls made good use of this opportunity to dress up and look their best even on camera. It was a light hearted chit chat that ran for over an hour. Checking on everyone's well being and what new all were doing. With a few kids hanging besides their moms and asking what the aunties are talking about, probably the husbands wondering why the wife was all dressed up, the girls had their own break from the monotony of routine jobs. The laughter and cheer shared between the friends worked like a detox for the tired minds and gave every one a refreshed feel.  While we continue to practice social distancing, we will not be distancing ourselves socially in Phase 2 and will continue with the virtual meets more frequently.



Immunity boosters for containment zones

by Nidhi Lamba

Our inner physical strength and the need of a strong immune system has been a matter of great concern ever since the outbreak of this pandemic. With no medicine out yet that can help fight the virus we are fortunate to fall back on our age old practice of herbal medicines and Ayurveda.

In order to ensure that people are able to get access to these medicines and are able to boost their levels of immunity, Haryana Ayush department has provided free immunity boosters, herbal concoction and tablets, for distribution in every house in the 9 containment zones out of 34 in Gurugram. Residents of the three blocks of DLF-2, J, K and L, that have been declared as containment zones will be receiving these medicines free of cost.

Residents of these blocks are requested to contact the RWA office at 9811214674 if they wish to volunteer to distribute the medicines in their blocks or lanes.



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Narayana Super speciality Hospital ties up with RWA DLF 2

by Mona Bhardwaj

Narayana Hrudayalaya Limited is a leading Health Organization, headquartered at Bangalore. It was established in 2000 under the vision and astute leadership of founder Chairman and MD, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, an internationally acclaimed cardiac surgeon.  Narayana Superspeciality Hospital is situated in Phase 3, Gurugram.  The hospital is poised to cater more than 30+ specialities with special focus on Cardiac Science, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Neurosciences.

All is Well team has been in touch with Narayana Hospital since the last 18 months.  Commander Navneet Bali, Director Narayana Hospital, was instrumental in helping the team sign a special privilege contract with the hospital for all the senior members of CLUB – 65. The hospital has been offering special discounts on OPD & IPO treatment besides other services. We can proudly say three of our senior residents have come back cured and satisfied. 

Last week Col Anil Nanda and Nidhi Taneja who are Team members of All Is Well and Vice President (Col Anil Nanda), GC (Nidhi Taneja) RWA DLF 2 managed to sign a contract for the RWA DLF 2 with Narayana Hospital, credit for which goes to Commander Navneet Bali yet again.  Besides all the other services promised, the Hospital has assured to take care of all COVID19 patients of DLF 2.

The benefits include,

*Health check-ups

*Emergency services

*Priority on Admission

*24X7 Assistance

*Health Talks & Camps

*Discounts on OPD 7 IPD treatment

*Preventive Health Check-ups

Narayana Hospital, Gurugram is now empanelled with CGHS and Haryana Government for cashless treatment. All major Medical and Surgical specialities are recognised under these associations.

They have also launched Sunday Health Check Program which will give families of Gurugram opportunity to get routine checks done at the convenience of their premises.



Mask distribution drive by RWA DLF 2

by Smriti Chhabra

Safety first. A phrase we all resonate much more now in last 4 months than ever before. To spread the same message, RWA of DLF 2 ran a mask distribution campaign in last week of June. Registered Maids, drivers, guards were given free cotton cloth re-usable washable masks. On 27 June morning over 750 masks were given to domestic staff at Gate no. 2 on Bouganvilla Marg. On 28 June more masks were distributed at Gate no. 6 near Privat hospital.

Masks and ration was also distributed to more than 50 labourers working on road carpeting work.

On 30 June, RWA team also donated about 200 Khaki cloth masks to police staff at DLF 2 police station in N block. These masks were sponsored by Amplus Solar.



Birds Of DLF-2

Photographs by Resident JK Dhar


Guruji’s birthday celebrations

by Kangan Jain

Bade mandir wale Guruji’s birthday was celebrated on 7 July with great love and devotion by Guruji’s followers. The popularity and following of Guruji has been increasing steadily over last many years and several groups are formed whereby the sangat keeps in touch with each other. Followers faith and belief in Guruji is staunch and they are devoted to the cause.

Amidst the current scenario of ‘New normal' also devotees did not shy away from celebrating Guruji’s birthday with great aplomb.

While many believers celebrated at home in their own personal way with their families only. The Guruji followers Sangat organised  a grand langar to mark the occasion. The langar was organised at 5 pm near Gate No 3. Many people came forth and donated generously to the cause.

Packed Food thalis and bottled water was distributed to hundreds of underprivileged people. A large table was set up and volunteers did sewa by distributing the Prasad.

The sewadars made sure all safety precautions as per covid times were taken by them of wearing masks and gloves. Even though they made sure that the prasad recipients also were wearing masks, social distancing and contactless distribution could have been managed better.



Drain cleaning to prepare for Monsoons

by Nidhi Lamba

A lot of effort was put in by a lot people to ensure the drains in Phase 2 are cleaned up and not obstructed with piles of garbage and filth. While MCG helped in cleaning the drains in P-5 lane, DLF Did the same activity in M block after persuasion by RWA. 

J block residents too got together for a rain water drain cleaning operation. Culverts at J5-J1 & J6-J1 crossings were opened and a lot of silt & filth were removed. This activity revealed that the drains were blocked with concrete by some residents. Which is the case almost everywhere in our colony. Some drains have also been deliberately blocked in order to build drive in ramps for the purpose of stilt parking. This causes a lot of inconvenience to the personal property of neighbors living around.

With the onset of monsoons we are hopeful that the remaining drains will also be cleaned and this year there will be no water logging in DLF phase 2.



  • Dr R K Peshen, resident of Q4/4 passed away on Thursday, 2nd of July 2020. We pray his soul rest in peace.

  • Smt Rama Devi Yadav mother of Mr.Sudhir Yadav left for the heavenly abode on Sunday, 5th of July 2020. May her soul rest in peace.


Gulmohar Marg soon to get its wall

by Anuradha Nakra

DLF-2 has always been considered a prestigious colony because of its size and location. It opens on one side to the national highway and has several entry gates at various places on the MG road.
There are no jhuggi or unauthorised slums within the area. It also boasts of bigger sized plots. All of these factors have made it a sought after address for most people.

But as it is said in hindi 'Chirag taley andhera', so is the case with DLF-2 at some spots.The colony mostly has high walls all around but along Gulmohar Marg people were suffering a lot. As the new NH 8 was made the land along DLF-2 was developed into beautiful lawns and it was a wide expanse between the service lane and Gulmohar Marg. This road was protected at places with high wall and other places by barbed wire fencing.

Later on though when the cross over bridges and elevated U turns were planned these green patches were destroyed and the service lane moved very close to the colony. This made Gulmohar Marg a very vulnerable spot with undesirable elements jumping over the new decorative 3 feet wall. At the request of residents of that area barbed wire was pulled over by DLF after a bit of following up by the RWA. The road beyond was quite low and with the help of a JCB it was lowered further to about 6 feet. However it still did not suffice and the barbed wire was also compromised by the unwanted elements, and last month we saw a spate of smart robberies in which the thieves walked of only with what they could carry in their backpacks and pockets.

Recently about a fortnight ago RS Rathee, our councillor, was approached by residents who made the relevant authorities wake up to the call of L block residents. The wall was raised - infact some work is still on going.

We were pleasantly surprised when one of our fellow residents offered monetary help for buying Y angles to pull barbed wire across on top of the wall.

When the work began RS Rathee himself came and did a small Pooja and coconuts were broken for auspicious start.



Covid Testing Done in DLF-1

On 4 July, a Covid testing camp was organised at 11am in Vita Park by the DLF-1 A Block Ext RWA in coordination with the Haryana Government. A team of senior doctors from the civil hospital arrived with a team to conduct the RT PCR Test for free.

A number of residents turned up and got tested. The test results were received in a few days. All the residents who had taken the test, tested negative.

Other RWAs should organise these camps as well! The PRWS (A Block Ext RWA) had submitted a request to the DC office to arrange for Covid Testing camp for the residents of the block. The Haryana Government has been arranging such Camps around Gurugram during the last month.


नयी रौशनी (Nayee Roshani)

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Corona & the Times Before & After

by Sangeeta Kumar (E Block DLF-1, 98110 75162)

Half of the year has gone by and it seems to a lot like the year is taking too long to end. So much has and has not happened in these first 6 months. There is so much fear which we have lived with and continue to do, so much of pain and then there is a part in which a lot of us are also grateful for. What have we lost and gained has been the only retrospection we can do. A lot of attention has been given to the Health sector in all aspects be it related to research, medicine, herbal remedies, and not to forget the medical practitioners and the entire medical fraternity on a whole. Each and every individual now realises the importance of the Heath department as a whole and is not limited to the knowledge of just knowing the doctor.

For Politicians also this has been a trying and testing time to see how the nation is being governed and cared for and many country heads have succeeded in this proudly. The nation on a whole has shifted, the world has shifted. For a lot of people, their vision their thought process, their approach has shifted immensely.

And of course there are those who remain the same and have just lived through this pandemic as if nothing ever happened. 

All those people who have suffered and continue to do so because of flight restrictions and lock downs and containment zones and have lived in isolation for a long time have shifted immensely. I spoke to a few people who I personally know and they were away from their families (names not disclosed on request to keep their identity confidential) for 2 and a half months. When they reached their families, they lived in quarantine at home, their stories sometimes when I think of it still gives me goose bumps. These people have had the hardest of times being away from close knit families of parents, siblings, wife and children. On speaking to them the common learning for them was that they got a lot of time to introspect about life and its challenges. Before the pandemic life for them was just getting up, breakfast, office, dinner, and then sleep throughout the week. The weekend was waking up late, resting, spending time with kids and evening was for friends to socialise with. They said that while introspection on life we have come to understand the essence of relationships and how we miss each relationship at a different level. Speaking to parents, siblings, wife or husband and children each at a different level has been touching and has build a sense of responsibility towards maintain relationships which was being lived by without its true essence. They also mentioned the responsibility of taking in charge one’s own self. Having had to arrange for food, cleaning the house, paying attention to one’s health without anyone else being there to looking into any need has taught us responsibility that our mothers, wives, house staff take to keep the house functioning which we perhaps never even thought of as it was just normal for a house to be functioning. 

Many of my friends have taken a leap into spirituality and have connected with it at very high levels. Friends of my friends have also said the same, so this 6 months and I am sure the numbers will keep growing have really reached a high point in spirituality and personal growth for a lot of young men and women.

Families have bonded, creativity has emerged, patience has sustained, earth and nature has healed, we have more to be thankful for than to look at the Pandemic otherwise. Not to forget the need for checking in on neighbours, caring and reaching out to the needy, cooking for self, family and friends. Let’s all pray for the coming months to be better than what we leave behind.



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