DLF Phase 2 Broadcast June 27, 2020


Phase 2 getting ready for boom-barrier

by Smriti Chhabra

From over a decade we have seen the DLF 2 entry points with iron gates standing tall giving us a feel of security and keeping us protected within their bounds. Furthermore, the interior block entries also have the gates on them which have stood as deterrents to the unwanted elements of society many a times. 

These gates stood further tall and braved the covid-spread for a long time keeping us all safe and secure as a baby in its mother's womb during the lockdown. 

Easing down of lockdown brought not just the covid entering in, but the crash down of a few iron barriers in the colony. District Town and Country Planning team took upon to bring a few of the gates down citing some illegalities. This has added to the concern of residents in the last couple of weeks. RWA team requested the DTCP teams to defer any action on the other gates across DLF 2 for a few more weeks. RWA team has been following up with DLF for installation of boom barriers on all main entry points of Phase 2 for over an year. This is now being followed for earliest commencement. MCG Councillor R.S. Rathee has also met with District Town Planner and put in applications for approval of installing boom barriers or gates on all six entry-exit locations of DLF Phase 2. 

We must now be hopeful to have the security barriers well in place in near future to ensure a safe and secure residential colony for all of us. 



Locusts Attack DLF 2 in the Morning Today!


Eatery catches fire in Central Arcade

by Mona Bhardwaj

On 23rd June, Subway diner located on the first floor in Central Arcade caught fire. The mobile store on the ground floor also suffered damages due to the fire. The reason for the fire was short circuit in an UPS. Cans of sanitizers were stored in the eatery as everything is sanitized these days. Huge damage was caused to the property. Fire fighters came and were able to douse the fire in time,  saving other properties from being razed in fire.


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Covid-19 spreads across blocks

by Smriti Chhabra

The new normal seems to be paving its way with coronavirus pandemic leaving spreading its wings across every area in the city. Gurgaon has been seeing a high incline in graph for daily covid positive cases with numbers almost at 5000 across the district. How could DLF-2 go unscathered in this. 

After the one security personnel detected with covid in May, all residents were vigilant on their movement and safety with the lockdown restrictions being lifted.  But Covid had other plans. It has slowly been reaching homes across all blocks. Most of the cases brought to notice have been with mild symptoms or asymptomatic and have been asked for home quarantine as per district regulations. Very few of them had to be moved to hospital care for concerns. RWA took proactive steps to define SOPs on how residents could reach out to authorities, doctors and RWA single point volunteers or their neighbours for all help and support for their treatment and recovery. 

It has been seen that many residents themselves came forward and informed the RWA team on their undergoing tests and results and need for support. Few were even extended help to be moved to hospital when required. Not just their immediate neighbours or RWA, other residents of Phase 2 have been wishing all speedy recovery and extended support to any as needed. Neighbours bringing in cooked meals, groceries and medicines for the quarantined families has been said in a few stories coming from recovered patients. 

While residents and RWA are ready to step in to help anyone in DLF 2 family, they are also finding themselves handicapped for information. Some instances came to light that some covid-positive residents did not inform neighbours or RWA of their results. In absence of regular or clear information coming from Gurgaon Health department or MCG about the reported cases and a delay in the putting of home-quarantine posters, many of such cases are going unknown. Sh Rathee has also reached out to authorites to send in updates on cases on a day to day basis but the gap still continues.

Some people contacting covid, may be hiding it due to fear of stigma associated with the viral infection. It is important here to read the many communications by Ministry of Health or District Administration spreading this disease is just an infection with a little higher impact on our body. 

With many cases observed with mild symptoms like fever or cough only, the recovery process is of about 2 weeks. A self monitoring - self care regime in isolation needs to be followed by the patients with good nutritious food and immunity boosters in addition to the prescribed medicines by the doctors. While the elderly or people with pre-existing chronic conditions have to be extra careful, so as to not worsen any effect on their bodies, the younger and normally fitter people come out of it in the expected 10-12 days period. 

DLF 2 is an extended family for all with friendly neighbours all around us who would stand up for help on just a word. Why not use this abundance of support and love when we need it most in our trying times. 

I hope the next time, anyone has a visit of this unknown and unseen culprit into their home, we ping out to others and receive the must needed virtual hugs at the earliest. 


Daddy Dearest

by Nidhi Lamba

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a someone special to be a dad!

This someone special, his importance in our lives, his existence in our lives, is why Father’s day is so special. It honours the influence of fathers in our society. The 21st of June was such a special day for all little kids, here in our very own DLF -2.

No one spared any effort in making this day a memorable one for their dad. I received so many messages from proud moms, as they shared all the love their little ones poured onto handmade cards and self baked cakes for their very own superheroes- THEIR DADS. While Naavya sneaked into midnight hours to decorate a whole glass wall to wish her father, Dia-Ayan & Aradhya-Aney gave their style of celebrations an extra dash of surprise by setting up a special dining experience. Little Gaurika poured out her love into words and wrote a poem, while our teenager Khwaish sketched out an emotional art work. Hiranya & Myra baked a little love for their respective fathers & Pratham decorated his home with the ‘wish string’ & ofcourse, No celebration is complete without the cake cutting ceremony. Even the Tiny tots did not miss out the opportunity to wish their dads in their own special way.

How did you make this a special day!? Write in to us at edit@samvada.in and let us know.



Thieves on a roll across Phase 2 

by Suman Kashyap

In the last fortnight, multiple break-ins and robberies have been seen across DLF Phase 2. It seems the perpetrators are on a rampage as an aftermath of the pandemic and lockdown. Few of the incidents took place in L block very close to the security office.

In one of the houses broken into, the residents were staying in Delhi for a long time. The thief had easy access to the house from the first floor through the adjacent under construction building since both balconies are adjoining each other. Luckily no valuable items were at home and no loss was reported. The residents did not lodge any police report. It seemed the robbers were aware that no one stayed in the house, but the ground floor and second floor is occupied.

In another incident in L block, someone broke into a house at night while the residents were sleeping. To their shock they found the almirahs open and the things in the house scattered. Luckily all in the family were safe. Police complaint was made and the investigation is going on.

Another such incident took place in K block where a resident  found  a drunken man sleeping in front of his house at around 10.30 pm.

A robbery was attempted in k block at around 7 o' clock in the morning where the locked cupboards were broken in the parking lot.  
Another bike theft took place in broad daylight, when an Urban Clap electrician came back from his job in K block to find his bike missing.
Residents feel the open access from Gulmohar Marg is an open threat for Phase 2. A stricter control on the security and guards in the blocks is being demanded by many. Elderly people stay alone too and feel concerned with the recent incidents. They have a question in mind. Whom to complain when we do not feel safe in our own house?

It is thus important to be extra vigilant and increase the safety in and around our home to stay safe. 



Total eclipse of the sun

by Nidhi Lamba

Last Sunday 21st of June, Northern parts of India experienced an amazing astronomical phenomena, Two mighty celestial bodies met each other face to face. 

The solar eclipse brought with it many speculations over the good or the bad omens that follow. While a few chose to spend time indoors in meditation or prayer, a few stepped out with their various gadgets & props to get a view of this beauty of nature.

A few images captured by a few of our residents, were shared with us. Take look here, incase you missed it!



RWA Office Reshuffled

RWA of DLF Phase 2 saw a reshuffle in its office bearers which came into effect on 25 June after a vote between the 18 governing council members. The team now is as follows: 

Mr. Manish Dhawan - President 
Mr. Sunil Nakra - Vice President 
Col. Anil Nanda - Vice President 
Mr. C.P. Singh - General Secretary
Mr. Naveen Kumar - Treasurer 
We wish the new team our best to continue with the remarkable work being done by the RWA team since Septemper 2019 and exceptional and recognised efforts that were taken during covid times.



Seniors keeping themselves busy in activities

by Mona Bhardwaj

Change is the only constant. Covid-19 has made all of us realise and look for various options to keep us occupied and distracted. Seniors are not behind. It’s nice to see them use technology and keep themselves busy and active. Last few weeks volunteers of AIW kept seniors of Club 65 busy giving them various activities. Last one was to share stories. It was heartening to see the response and to read real life experiences shared by them. These stories not only opened up the seniors it helped create a bonding among all.

Dignity Foundation on the other hand kept a Besan ladoo making demonstration by Madhu Gupta ji on zoom meeting. Many seniors joined the meeting and saw a live demonstration by Madhu ji.

These activities are helping the seniors to have fun and enjoy themselves and they are learning too.



Lighting candles for our Brave hearts

by Mona Bhardwaj

On 15th June at the Galwan Valley, our brave soldiers gave a good fight and stood up heroically to fight the barbaric Chinese army. Twenty of our brave hearts were martyred. To pay homage to the soldiers, our Municipal Councillor Shri R.S. Rathee ji requested residents to light a candle outside their homes on 19th June at 8.30 pm.  Few residents made special efforts to put some candles out as a mark of respect for our motherland and to stand in solidarity with our Armed Forces.



  • With profound grief we inform you of the sad demise of Sh. Raj Bail Singh, resident of J-1/2 on 18 June 2020. May his soul rest in peace. 

  • We extend our heartfelt condolences to Thukral family on passing away of Mr. A.D Thukral, resident of M-4/8 on 16 June 2020. He was well known to many across DLF 2 and a highly respected senior citizen of our colony. 

  • Commander A.K.Anand, resident of  L-3/30 left for his heavenly abode on 23 June 2020. May the Lord bless the soul for peace. 

  • We are sad to inform of sudden demise of Dr. B.S. Saini, resident of K10/27 due to heart attack on 27 June 2020. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.


Gulmohar Marg soon to get its wall

by Smriti Chhabra

The DLF 2 periphery across Gulmohar Marg has been an easy passage for many coming in from NH48 highway side for a long time. It has been a constant worry for many in the absence of any concrete wall or any grills or even barbed wires. 

Recently with the increase in thefts and robberies in the colony, a main reason for the culprits to come in and easily go out undetected has been suspected to be this area of concern. 

R.S.Rathee recently took this up with Municipal Corporation Gurugram Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh in his House Meeting to consider this a high concern area in his ward. He also put up an application specifically to address this to get due approvals and funds sanctioned. As a result MCG has instructed its Executive Engineer to take this on priority and the fund amount has been sanctioned. 

Mr. Rathee also visited the area with few residents and RWA team and assured for the work to begin in next few days itself.  This will surely close a big gap in the securing the DLF 2 boundary all across and be a great relief for the residents in the area and surrounding blocks. 


Road work resumes

by Smriti Chhabra

Broken Road and potholes across all inner block roads has been a plight of entire DLF 2 for years. The follow-up with DLF for re-carpeting of roads had been going for months by the residents and the RWA team as a top priority. Last year end after Diwali, the pollution woes, then the extreme low winter temperatures kept the work stalled. We finally saw some respite from the cold in early March and the work had begun in P-block but then came the Lockdown ! 

Finally after three months of gap, DLF contractors are back in DLF Phase 2 with their team of labourers and road rollers. The work for re-carpeting of roads has once again resumed from 22 June with P block being completed fully and Q block road work underway.  Its time for residents to keep their fingers crossed and pray for rain gods to hold the monsoon clouds at a bay for a few more days for the residents to get some smooth run for their vehicles in the lanes. 


Mannan's Film Goes To Film Festival

Mannan Poddar, son of Aruna and Gaurav Poddar got his video with his poem, 'Modi ji school khulwa do' featured in the Youtube series by The Great Indian Film Festival, a cultural initiative to popularise short films.


Stories by DLF2 Kids

Ishika's Story

Ishika’s colors paint a story with an important message that diversity of caste, color and status are a unique feature of mankind.


Aliens From Mars- Story by Aradhya

This is how Aradhya’s imagination invites Martians to Earth & what they learn about Corona Virus.


Vidushi's Lego Story

Hear Vidushi out as she recites her story using her lego toys and how her animal loving protagonist Varsha saves a leopard cub.


बता तो सही (Bata Toe Sahi )

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


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