DLF-1 Broadcast July 22, 2020


Aditya the Miracle Boy from The Happy School DLF Phase 1

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 98110 50731)

Miracle Boy Aditya, a student of Class 5, Happy School DLF-I, G Block. We call him the Miracle Boy because one day went out to buy a pen and an iron railing fell on him squashing his neck and spine. He had injury on his head and all the movements in his arms and legs stopped.  In spite of this he had the presence of mind to ask somebody standing near him to dial the last number on his phone - that of his dad. A well meaning gentleman took father and son to Neelkanth Hospital where they stitched the wound on his head but said they could not do anything more. He was then taken to Paras Hospital where they kept him for 4 days doing Covid tests. On the 4th day the hospital said they could not help him and he was taken to Spinal injury hospital, Vasant Kunj.

The doctors decided to do surgery on his spine and neck. He had a plate in his neck and 8 screws in his spine Doctors gave zero hope saying he would not be able to walk again. Surprisingly, a day later a miracle happened. He could move his hands and arms and after 2 days he could feel the movement in his toes and feet and then gradually in his legs! Thanks to Dr Chabbra from Indian Spinal injuries centre and his team for making this possible!

On 11 July Aditya came home - walking in his lane in Sikanderpur with a walking stick and climbed the three floors of his house!

This miracle has been possible only because of the child's courage and determination. Even now the school staff is helping the family and somebody has even gifted him a phone so that he can carry on his lessons online.

A person who deserves special mention in all this is Hema Koushik Mam Aditya’s teacher who took real interest in his treatment and recovery. She and her husband transferred money to Aditya’s father, saw that the mother had money and rations. No mother could have done more.

We are also thankful to The Rotary Club members who all contributed towards hospital expenses and a corporate executive who also contributed financially as well as so many other well wishers who with their concern, prayers and financial aid helped Aditya to achieve this miracle. We must not forget to thank the Compassionate Kamal Capoor the Founder & Trustee of The Happy School who in spite of her age made sure that all efforts are in the right direction.

Who says Humanity has died …… people did everything possible to ensure the Boys recovery. We wish Aditya Best of Health and Prosperity.



Storm Drain Work Started In Sahara Mall

Big Victory for A Block Ext Residents

Samvada in its earlier broadcast reported the problem A Block Ext. residents face during monsoon. Just last week after heavy rainfall, A Block Ext had sunk with knee deep water. 

After chasing all authorities and putting political pressure, Sahara Mall management that became a hurdle, had to finally let DLF get the work started in their premise so that the storm water drain can be connected to the main HUDA line.

For years residents of A Block have been working with Former GMDA CEO Uma Shankar, MCG Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh, Chief Eng. Lalit Arora and DLF, to make this happen. 



DLF-1 Kids Smash Board Results!


Karishma Narula
97.25 in Humanities
Modern School Barakhamba Road


Corona- A Gods Plan

by Usha Kumar (Silver Oak Apartments)

Corona – a virus – originated in China through bats, is spreading all over the world taking more and more precious lives everyday.

They are saying its wrath of nature upon mankind. Some are saying it’s a curse of dumb and meek animals. It’s a result of mankind’s sins, atrocities, abuse and misuse of nature and its resources.

Gurus are saying to do penance. Pundits are advising prayers and yajnas. Elders are reminding of our ancient culture and civilisation which the new generation has completely forgotten and overlooked. Doctors are advising to strengthen your immunity to fight the virus. Scientists are in a race to find a medicine and a vaccine to tackle corona. Vaids are suggesting herbal teas and Kadhas to safeguard against the killer epidemic.

It seems corona is an important part of God’s big plan. Its an ambassador  of God sent on earth with a definite goal. The creator is creating some new world up there. A much more beautiful, magnificent, awesome world which would be only one its kind. There would be no sickness, no disease, no sorrow, no sins – only joy and happiness. His plan seems to be ready. Now He needs some good souls to inhabit His new planet. He has sent corona to collect his chosen ones from down below. 

When we loose someone we believe God has called him to Himself. So those who have lost their dear ones to corona may find peace with His decision. Lets bid farewell to them and wish a great life up there. Lets us thank God and accept his will.

Soon, Corona would be gone. There would be peace, prosperity, health and happiness again on this earth. This earth is God’s best creation and humans are His own artwork. He cannot destroy his own art. He is only adding some more master pieces to it.

Take care, have faith in Almighty. This too shall pass.   



Car Damaged In Storm

by AC Goyal ( A Block, 88006 64150)

Sunday nights storm hit DLF-1 pretty hard as many large tree fell. On tree in A Block extension fell on a shiny black colour KIA car completely damaging the rear part of the car.

"Most people would blame the tree for falling - saying paed museebat hotey hain - ghar par gir ke nuksaan kar daitey hai. Not realising that we ourselves are not looking after them - either because of the laws or our own apathy." says Vandana Sarin



Property Tax Camp in DLF Phase-1, 2 & Sahara Mall

A camp for house tax collection was organised in DLF Phase-1 on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:00PM at Councillor office, 49 Arjun Marg, DLF Phase-1 in DLF Phase-2 on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 2:00PM at Community Centre K-3 Road, DLF Phase-2, & in Sahara Mall, MG Road on Monday from 11:00 AM to 2:00PM at Condominium Office.

Residents/Shop owners came to pay their property tax in camp. 



A Block Ext Immersed

After a heavy rainfall on Monday and the days that followed, parts of A Block were literally under water! Residents were seen walking in knee deep water.

Hopefully after the new break through with the storm water drains, this problem will get resolved!


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Mr Rana (A48/24) Is Harvesting Rain Water

Rain Water harvesting has been the need of the hour for us Gurugram residents and resident of A Block Milin Kapoor and Mr Rana (A48/24) have successfully executed a water harvesting mechanism that is working beautifully. This system can be developed in our homes and is affordable and simple to construct.

This rain water harvesting system has already been made in multiple houses in A Block and is now being taken to DLF who might take it up in a bigger way!

Kudos to the ingenious minds of A block!



Kuch Lamhey

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Defence Colony Has Again Become a Hotspot of Sex Racket

By Mrs Mehta (D-54 Defence Colony) 


It is very distressing that over the years our pristine Def Col has become a hotspot of sex racket and flesh trade business by transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg right from D-1 to D-70 and Moolchand Shopping Complex on Def Col side and the entire footpath of Def Col and from Narula's flyover to Moolchand Hospital flyover on Lajpat Nagar side and within the dual jurisdiction of Def Col and Lajpat Nagar.

This entire stretch is encroached at night right from sundown to 5am by them coming from all nooks and corners of Delhi NCR. They rule the road at night and public dare not come on the road out of fear, shame, harassment and danger not only from these criminal elements but also their clients coming from far and wide.

Last year on 31 March a man failing to find sex worker, raped a 61 year old woman in a park near the Lajpat Nagar metro station. 

Seducing and soliciting for the purpose of prostitution in public places  is a cognizable criminal offence under section 8a and 8b of the ITP Act 1956 and obscenity, public display of  vulgarity, willful exposure of body parts in public gaze, violence and terror on road, sexual harassment,  criminal intimidation, criminal trespass etc are all criminal offences under various  sections of IPC. They also become violent and hurl stones on any disagreement with client or objection from residents.

These criminal elements fearlessly trespass into our colony by climbing the boundary wall abutting Lala Lajpat Rai Marg for their sex business and sometimes along with their clients and also to escape from the police.

 We approached the law enforcing authorities and their higher ups. Since there was no response from RWA to approach the Ministry of Women and Child Development I personally along with the help of other association and persons approached the Ministry.

 This resulted in marked reduction of the flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, increased patrolling on both sides and PS Def Col also filed FIR in August 2019 but later did not proceed beyond that. 

What had been fearless and unabashed flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg died a natural death during lockdown. However, it has restarted full -fledged from beginning of June 2020 in defiance of Law; Disobeying Govt Orders; violating the curfew hours, mandatory norms of social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks; violating the provisions of The Disaster Management Act 2005, and endangering lives.

On reporting this to PS Defence Colony our new SHO has also requested SHO Lajpat Nagar to sensitize their staff about the prostitution problem. 

When police patrols it is a deterrent for them and scares them only till the time police is around and they run into hiding or even jump over the boundary wall and trespass into the Colony. This is a serious health, safety and security hazard for the residents.

On the night of 06/07/2020 around 10/50 pm on seeing the police on Lajpat Nagar side a transgender prostitute came running across Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, climbed the boundary wall and was holding the grill to jump inside. There was no RWA Security guard present. My daughter and l had to ourselves stop the transgender prostitute from coming inside.

There was no RWA Security guard patrolling the front lane till 11/07 pm and arrived only on seeing the PCR van. The PCR Team also scolded the RWA Security guard and told him strictly to make regular rounds. After that the RWA Security guard started making regular rounds on the front lane that night.

The most startling and shocking revelation was when  the RWA Security guard told us that these transgender prostitutes have license to do prostitution on road and in public places. We promptly had to correct him. RWA Security guards are not having correct information and  need to be given proper training and  security instructions. 

The police has to take permanent action and enforce the provisions of law under ITP Act 1956, IPC and  The Disaster Management Act 2005 against the transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin as well as their clients, patrons and pimps for eradicating the malaise altogether.

Further all agencies and elected representatives have to step in to demolish the facilitating factors and take measures like affixing concertina barbed wire over the boundary wall to make it inaccessible, installing CCTV cameras on the entire footpath of Def Col, stationing a Police van near Defence Colony petrol pump at night, proper cleanliness, lighting and upkeep of the abandoned dark shady park in front of D-60 Def Col and near Lajpat Nagar metro pillars 25 and 26; fixing of grills on divider of Lala Lajpat Rai Marg to make  Def Col and Lajpat Nagar safe and secure.



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