DLF-1 Broadcast July 8 2020


Covid Testing Done in DLF-1 A-Block

On 4 July, a Covid testing camp was organised at 11am in Vita Park by the DLF-1 A Block Ext RWA in coordination with the Haryana Government. A team of senior doctors from the civil hospital arrived with a team to conduct the RT PCR Test for free.

A number of residents turned up and got tested. The test results were received in a few days. All the residents who had taken the test, tested negative.

Other RWAs should organise these camps as well! The PRWS (A Block Ext RWA) had submitted a request to the DC office to arrange for Covid Testing camp for the residents of the block. The Haryana Government has been arranging such Camps around Gurugram during the last month.



Desert Locust Swarm Attack Gurugram on a Saturday Morning

By Rahul Chandola (Sec HBRC, H Block, 9811050731)

Huge swarms of locust reached Gurgaon on Sat 27 June morning and covered large tracts of the region in Haryana. Several areas in Gurgaon saw swarms of locust covering the skies. A high alert had been issued in adjoining districts of Delhi as well. 

Locusts have been feared and revered throughout history. Related to grasshoppers, these insects form enormous swarms that spread across regions, devouring crops and leaving serious agricultural damage in their wake. Locusts are a collection of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers in the family Acridities ... A large swarm can consist of billions of locusts spread out over an area of thousands of square kilometres, with a ... Historically, people could do little to protect their crops from being devastated by locusts. 

How does an insect measuring a few inches press the administration and a large number of personnel into action every year? Simple, by attacking crops together in unity. For India, where a large section of population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, protecting crops is a priority for the state.

But every year, the Desert Locust disturbs this balance. According to an estimate, a swarm of locust can eat food that is enough for as many as 2,500 people in a single day.


Lokender Singh Honoured By Residents

“He is our eyes on the ground!”, says RWA

by Poonam Jain (A Block Ext., 98102 03415)

Lokender Singh is a guard in the DLF security responsible for patrolling and looking after A Block. On 4 July, resident of A Block and the PRWS honoured the 32 year old Lokender Singh for his service towards the community by giving him certificate and a round of applause by all the residents present.

Lokender belongs to Chattisgarh and lives here in Gurgaon with his wife and two kids. He joined DLF Security in July 2019 and since then he has been working diligently in the block where he manages a small team as well. “I’ve never seen him miss a day’s work and even during these tough cover times, he is our eyes on the ground. We ourselves don’t go out that often because of cover but we are able to monitor our area through him”, says RWA executive.



Garbage Issue Continues To Panic & Upsets the Residents of E Block 

by Sangeeta Kumar (E Block, 98110 75162)

Garbage issue continues to panic and upsets the residents of E Block. With the confusion between MCG and DLF garbage pickers the state of affairs has been the worst ever these past 2-3 months. Speaking to a few residents around the block it was evident that Garbage collection is troubling everyone. Though the RWAs have been trying and have been successfully managing the pick up of garbage by pushing MCG and DLF, however garbage collection still remains an issue.



H Block Residents Felicitate the Security Team of H & G Blocks DLF-1

by Rahul Chandola (Sec HBRC, H Block, 9811050731)

H-Block Residential Community (HBRC) a Registered Body under HRRS Act on Mon 6 July felicitated its Security Warriors for performing exceptional duties during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  H, G Blocks and Silver Oaks have 2 entries Gate No 1 & 3 and they have been performing their duties in these Gates. The names of the Exceptional Security Warriors are:

1 Jeetendra Singh (QRT); 2 Sanjeev Kumar Rai (QRT); 3 Arun Kumar Rai (QRT); 4 Akashdeep Thakur (Guard); 5 Kalyan Singh  (Guard); 6 Sanjay Kumar Mishra (Guard)

We really appreciate their presence for the Community in the difficult times of Covid19.

A Letter of Appreciation along with a small token was presented to them by the HBRC Governing Body members at Gate No 1. Surinder Singh was from DLF Security Team, he was called to facilitate his Team members. Samosas and Frootis were distributed to all the QRT's and Guards of DLF-1.

On behalf of all the Residents of DLF-1, H Block Residential Community (HBRC) we appreciate the sincerity of the Security Team in performing their duties. The Smile on the faces of the Security Team due to Felicitation was Priceless.

The Following Residents joined the facilitation ceremony:

1  Mrs Vinay Mahajan; 2 Sunil Kohli; 3 Sanjay Jain; 4 Mritunjay Kumar Jha; 5 Sundeep Gulat; 6  Rahul Chandola

We once again appreciate the sincerely put in by our Warriors and wish them Best of Health and Prosperity




Corona & the Times Before & After

by Sangeeta Kumar (E Block, 98110 75162)

Half of the year has gone by and it seems to a lot like the year is taking too long to end. So much has and has not happened in these first 6 months. There is so much fear which we have lived with and continue to do, so much of pain and then there is a part in which a lot of us are also grateful for. What have we lost and gained has been the only retrospection we can do. A lot of attention has been given to the Health sector in all aspects be it related to research, medicine, herbal remedies, and not to forget the medical practitioners and the entire medical fraternity on a whole. Each and every individual now realises the importance of the Heath department as a whole and is not limited to the knowledge of just knowing the doctor.

For Politicians also this has been a trying and testing time to see how the nation is being governed and cared for and many country heads have succeeded in this proudly. The nation on a whole has shifted, the world has shifted. For a lot of people, their vision their thought process, their approach has shifted immensely.

And of course there are those who remain the same and have just lived through this pandemic as if nothing ever happened. 

All those people who have suffered and continue to do so because of flight restrictions and lock downs and containment zones and have lived in isolation for a long time have shifted immensely. I spoke to a few people who I personally know and they were away from their families (names not disclosed on request to keep their identity confidential) for 2 and a half months. When they reached their families, they lived in quarantine at home, their stories sometimes when I think of it still gives me goose bumps. These people have had the hardest of times being away from close knit families of parents, siblings, wife and children. On speaking to them the common learning for them was that they got a lot of time to introspect about life and its challenges. Before the pandemic life for them was just getting up, breakfast, office, dinner, and then sleep throughout the week. The weekend was waking up late, resting, spending time with kids and evening was for friends to socialise with. They said that while introspection on life we have come to understand the essence of relationships and how we miss each relationship at a different level. Speaking to parents, siblings, wife or husband and children each at a different level has been touching and has build a sense of responsibility towards maintain relationships which was being lived by without its true essence. They also mentioned the responsibility of taking in charge one’s own self. Having had to arrange for food, cleaning the house, paying attention to one’s health without anyone else being there to looking into any need has taught us responsibility that our mothers, wives, house staff take to keep the house functioning which we perhaps never even thought of as it was just normal for a house to be functioning. 

Many of my friends have taken a leap into spirituality and have connected with it at very high levels. Friends of my friends have also said the same, so this 6 months and I am sure the numbers will keep growing have really reached a high point in spirituality and personal growth for a lot of young men and women.

Families have bonded, creativity has emerged, patience has sustained, earth and nature has healed, we have more to be thankful for than to look at the Pandemic otherwise. Not to forget the need for checking in on neighbours, caring and reaching out to the needy, cooking for self, family and friends. Let’s all pray for the coming months to be better than what we leave behind.



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Guru Ka Langar- Sewa by H-Block Gurdwara Sahib Committee

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 9811050731)

An Initiative has been taken by the committee of H Block Gurdwara Sahib keeping in view the crisis situation prevailing due to COVID-19.

The committee is handing over packed "Guru Ka Langer" to H-Block Residents Welfare Association, which accordingly distributes the same everyday at Gate No-1, H-Block at 12.45pm to all the needy ones affected at this point of time.
This information is passed on Whatsapp groups made for the residents of DLF-1.

In case of senior citizens of the G & H-Block, the association is delivering at their doorsteps through DLF security. Even D Block Senior Citizens are benefitting from the SEWA.

We would like to thank the H-Block Gurdwara Sahib Committee for this kind gesture.

This Sewa will continue for few more days.



Covid Containment Violated

Half lane A34 was barricaded last month by wooden ballies but those were removed by one of the resident within the barricaded zone. After which the Police came in and the barricading was restored. Barricading got strengthened by putting steel sheets. Residents must realise their responsibility towards themselves and the fellow residents.



नयी रौशनी (Nayee Roshani)

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Drain Cleaning Being Done All Around DLF-1

With inputs from Sangeeta Kumar

As we approach the monsoon, local welfare bodies have got to work with the storm water drain cleaning. While A part of A Block struggles to get their connection with the HUDA main lines, other areas are fixing their blocked drains. 

PRWS members Milin and Poonam were seen inspecting their part of DLF-1 while councillor RS Rathee posted a facebook live video, where he was getting the same work done in other areas starting with Paschim Marg-Ashoka Crescent T Point and E Block, after inaugurating the work with the breaking of a coconut! 

A big sight of relief is seen amongst the residents as they are happy that there will be no clogging of water and mosquitoe breeding in the area.



Unending Power Woes Of Residents In Gurugram 

Equipment Failures Due To Fluctuation Costly

by Samvada News Bureau

Residents of Gurugram are completely frustrated with the present situation of the perpetual voltage fluctuations and power outages in the colony. Thanks to the massive voltage fluctuation residents are facing equipment failures which can amount to an expensive repair bill.

Come summer and our electricity infrastructure starts to collapse and there is no one to maintain it. DHBVN has raised its hands in maintaining the power infrastructure in the colony. Their position is that they are still to take the handover of the colony from the builder! But one wonders that if they are not willing to handle the maintenance of all the affected colonies, then how are they charging all the residents the same way they are charging colonies that are under them?

“If their reason for not maintaining our transformers, and other power-related infra, is that the handover of the colony has not been given to them, then why are they sending us bills!” says Vijay Kapoor who is frustrated with the present situation and has been following up with the DHBVN on this matter. He says "I have been constantly calling KC Aggarwal who is the present CE/DHBVN but there has been no resolution to the plight of south city residents."

Residents of B Block recently collected funds from among themselves to upgrade their transformer to handle the load. “Our television conked off due to the voltage fluctuations etc. The picture tube was damaged which cost us over 20,000 to repair. So before other appliances would blow up, this overhaul was welcome” says a B Block resident.

the situation is the same in other nearby colonies which have not been taken over by DHBVN. Residents are collecting money and paying for transformer repairs instead of DHBVN providing this service. The officials have no answers to the residents' concerns who are left to fend for themselves.

The Solution?

Residents need to come together on this matter, rather than finding short term solutions in small groups. They must take the help of legal experts within the colony, form a body which will fight this out till the end.



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