DLF Phase 1 Broadcast June 24, 2020


DLF-1 Residents Want Isolation Centres In Colony

Meet MCG Councilor for Creation of Wards

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 981105073

Residents of DLF Phase-1 met MCG Councillor R S Rathee on 14 June, 1 PM, at Arjun Marg Shopping complex to discuss the alarming situation of Covid cases in DLF Phase 1. 

The Residents suggested buying of oxygen cylinders &  creation of Isolation centres within the colony so that we are all prepared in advance in case of any emergency and not dependent on the authorities. 

With the number of Covid-19 cases breaching the 4,500-mark, several  Residents’ Welfare Association (RWAs) across the city have started establishing isolation centres of their own colony. In an official release by the administration, Deputy  Commissioner Amit Khatri sought the cooperation for increasing the number of isolation centres in the city. 

“RWAs and gram panchayats are being approached to make a list of suitable places in their areas, where patients can be isolated. RWAs have been asked to make isolation centres in their respective areas so that asymptomatic patients can be kept at these centres. By doing so, the spread of the virus can be checked . 

A few of the RWAs in Gurgaon have already started making arrangements in this regard. The RWA of DLF Phase-2, for instance, has designated eight guest houses in their area that can accommodate more than 60 residents.

The RWA is also taking the help of private hospitals and clinics to procure medical supplies, such as oxygen cylinders, nursing staff, masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits. 

The idea is to provide residents with an alternative option for isolating themselves if they contract the disease. 



Mangla Goenka & Poonam Jain Committed To Solving Water Logging Problem

Sahara Wont Budge Either, Stalls the Project

by Samvada news Bureau With Inputs from AC Goyal

The A-block extension, DLF City Phase I drainage and sewer lines issue has been an age-old problem and never found a solution due to various factors and vested interests. The core problem is that the drainage and sewer lines do not connect with the HUDA main lines. 

The block is land-locked and sloping from Mega Mall side towards the rear KKS School affecting the lanes on that side including A37-A45. DLF wanted to acquire the surrounding land but failed to do so. Had they succeeded, they could have built drain joining with HUDA master drains on MG Road.

In 2014, resident Mangla Goeka (A-41/5) started a signature campaign and filed a request with the DTCP and DLF, citing the water logging issue faced by residents of A Extension. After a lot of running around and false promises made to our residents, nothing was done. 

Come January 2019, a petition was filed by Poonam Jain (Hno. A40/22), with the GMDA this time, on her own asking them to look into this matter. After chasing the authorities for almost a year, the GMDA issued a letter asking the MCG Dist Commissioner to take action. 

The gist of the understanding was that DLF would build the lines connecting to the main HUDA line and the line would go via Sahara Mall, which is where the buck stops. Sahara Mall representatives, even though were supporting this initiative earlier, later refused for any such line to be laid under their premises. No alternatives are available since the flow to the main lines would only happen if it would go via Sahara land.

The fight continued with Mangla Goenka and Poonam now chasing MCG official to issue an order which finally happened on 10 June 2020. The barricading for the work to be started was done, material was bought and then suddenly some strings were pulled to stall the project. 

These two superheroes have decided not to give up and are now chasing the Deputy CM’s office to issue an order for Sahara to stand down and let the project go through in interest of the residents suffering in A Block. “I’m in constant touch with the Deputy CM’s Office and we are hopeful to get a positive response within a day or two” says Poonam.


DLF-1 Under Containment Till July 8

Which Gates are open, and which ones are closed

Since 10 June 2020 entire DLF Phase 1 has come into containment & will be in Containment till 08 July 2020 till further orders from the District Administration. 

What this means for the Residents of DLF Phase 1 is that you cannot move out except for essentials. When there are 5 or more cases in 1 KM radius than as per the District Administration orders the area comes under containment. 

DLF Phase 1 is divided into 3 sides, namely, the Mega Mall side, the Silver Oaks Apartments side & Arjun Marg & Qutab Plaza side. There are total 11 Gates in DLF phase 1 out of which gate no 2 & 7 are permanently closed due to security reasons. Gate Nos. 5, 6, 8, 10 were closed due to containment orders. Essential traffic movement is being allowed from Gate nos 1,3, 4, 9 & 11 & all deliveries were also allowed from these Gates.

2 Entries from Sikanderpur side were also closed as per orders from DA. All Gates were closed under the direct orders from the District Administration. SHO DLF Phase 1 Vishnu Prasad has been coordinating with the District Administration Teams & respective RWA’s in a very coordinated manner & has also deputed his team members at various locations to ensure District Administration orders are followed.



Sun Plays Hide & Seek on Father’s Day

Skygazers in India and Asia witnessed another celestial phenomenon on Sunday (June 21). It was an annular solar eclipse. According to IST the eclipse began at 9:15 AM and lasted till 3:04 PM. The maximum eclipse was visible around 2:10 PM. People from all parts of India witnessed it with different beliefs. The eclipse was visible from much of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, parts of Europe and Australia.

When the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are aligned in a straight line or an almost straight configuration, such that the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth blocking the rays of Sun from directly reaching the Earth, we witness a solar eclipse. Based on the alignment, there are three kinds of solar eclipses — total, partial, and annular — along with the addition of a rare hybrid of an annular and a total solar eclipse. This solar eclipse was an annular eclipse where the Moon is so far from Earth that its relative size fails to cover the Sun completely and leaves the outer rims visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. 

May the balance days of 2020 bring in Peace, Health, Happiness & Stability for the World. 



A Block Road Carpeting Work



Covid Checking For Maids/Drivers

A health and temperature checkup camp was held in different parks of DLF -1 where resident sent their household helps to get them checked.


Domestic Workers Are Leaving !

We Need To Act Now

by Jyoti Grover (South City-1, 98100 71537)

Just as COVID has disrupted our lives and continues to do so in areas hitherto unimagined, I am constantly reminded of how being home interminably has scheduled our daily hours...For a lark, I drew up the unending list of household chores that my family and I have personally been immersed in these last few months and this list is really telling.

The absence of the familiar house support has never been so sorely missed !!

While some residents do have their part-timers rejoining in bits and starts; a few residents from the community reached out to me regarding the availability of domestic staff. On cue I set out to find out the ground reality.

The reality is that gardeners part-time maids, drivers, security staff are scarce and this availability will only get worse. There has been a mass exodus from Chakkarpur, Sikanderpur, Sainikhera, Silokhra, Jharsa, and clusters of urban slums around DLF-1 which housed most of our domestic supports. The remainders, I spoke to, also shared that many of them plan to leave in the next few weeks. For most, financial insecurity coupled with the dread of the pandemic led to their exit. A lot who remain, are also facing trouble from the law enforcement.

This data surprised me. If full salaries are being paid by residents, why would labor leave and exit in such numbers? In my conversations with residents, staff, and landlords, I received very conflicting responses. Most employers claimed that they have been paying regular monthly wages to their house helps since March 2020. Maids, drivers, and gardeners rued that very few have received a full salary. In fact, 70% or more part-timers received only 35 % to 40 % of their monthly wage. With their spouses out of work ( since factories and retail are shut and only partially reopening ) and rental liability ranging from 3500 to 6000 a month, most domestic workers are living with a huge financial burden. Add living expenses and lack of medical cover; it is practically difficult for them to continue with the status quo. Landlords have their own tales to narrate with many of their rooms being vacated some in the middle of the night to avoid paying piling debts 

With increasing demand, the average wage which today ranges from 6000 to 12000 for an 8-hour workload is set to rise, and more importantly, what are the odds that this lot will be available for work in the future? 

The situation today is that this major section of the informal economy is a marginalized group with a precarious livelihood, and the extent of their socio-economic vulnerability has been exposed since the lockdown. Their fear of the pandemic and the anticipated surge in illness is also very real as confirmed In a recent serological survey by ICMR that urban slums have a higher propensity to be infected 

So what does this mean for us? Time for RWA's and residents, the DLF-1 community to come up with an inclusive intervention that recognizes our symbiotic relationship and creates an ecosystem that nurtures and develops people who help us 

Here are some suggestions that I urge you all to consider : 

Create a bureau for domestic workers at the community level. This bureau can be the local registration authority for prospective job seekers. The bureau should also look at work-related wage rates (factoring in the minimum wages Act) and medical and pensionary benefits for the unorganised workforce 

Additionally, the bureau could coordinate 

  • Beneficiary life and medical insurance. ( I am not a great fan of EPFO or ESI and strongly suggest private insurance covers, savings, and medical support. The large numbers should get the private operators /NGOs involved skilling programs to help family members get trained in specific skills be it babysitting, cooking driving, or horticulture for better employability. Basic legal literacy especially relating to IPC, POSH and POCSO 

  • Anganwadis and childcare spaces for maids to leave their young ones in the care of responsible adults.  

  • Talent Discovery sessions. This category has hidden talents waiting to be discovered. All they need is a platform and an opportunity 

  • Admission and tuition support for workers children through tie-ups with local schools 

  • Mental health support. This section of society is as vulnerable to mental health issues as us They need opportunities for socialization and celebration and access to experts in the event of mental health issues 

Should you see merit in these proposals do write to us at Samvada. Write to us at edit@samvada.in



This too shall pass

By Usha Kumar (102/57 Silver Oaks, 9654342490)

My Silver Oaks is very quiet

Gardens are quiet

Play grounds are quiet

Seniors are not walking

Nobody is talking.

No tricycles, no bicycles

No children shouting and fighting

No cricket balls, no basketballs

No tennis, no badminton

No karaoke, no fun

No ladies sitting and chatting in gardens

No men discussing politics and cricket

No Cards, no Rummy

The cardroom is locked and in slumber

No kitties, no parties

No movies, no theatre

No greetings, faces behind the masks

Hand-shakes not to ask

No shopping, only Amazon and Big Basket

Maids are few and spares

Life is in scares

‘But this too shall pass”

Life will be normal again

Kids will be out and playing

We will discuss politics, movies and latest fashions.

Christmas and New Year bells will ring again

Again there will be lights of Diwali, fire of Holi.

Corona would be gone and a thing of the past.

Corona would be a thing of the past


Covid- 19 Isolation hubs – Boon or Bane?

Dr Savita Nagpal (98185 70658, B 86 South City 1)

Gurugram has registered 1,700 new cases in the past 10 days and 20 deaths in the past four days. The Health Department found a lack of precaution by home-isolated, as one of the key causes of transmission. With ICMR recommending home-isolation for asymptomatic patients, 85 percent of Gurugram’s patients have been home-isolated, but the majority have raised issues like lack of separate toilets or high numbers of residents in homes as key concerns. So, the authorities have decided to switch from home-isolation to isolation near home. The Health Department, in a letter to HSVP and Municipal Corporation, has sought conversion of all community centres into decentralised isolation wards. (The Tribune, Thursday 18, June 2020)

The battle lines are drawn and swords unsheathed, as the Virus looks on, amused.

The public at large is at loggerheads with the Administration, regarding the use of hotels or guest houses in residential areas, as quarantine facilities. 

The health ministry guidelines read, "There are a large number of facilities such as hotels, service apartments, lodges which are unoccupied due to the impact of COVID-19 on travel and tourism. There are also instances where people who don’t have requisite space at home may opt for such facilities." Hospitals can tie up with local hotels/ lodges and take parallel care of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients who do not require ventilator or similar support.

Sandeep  Khandelwal, President of Delhi Hotel & Restaurant Owners Association, an association of Guest House owners and operators in Delhi, said that they have also received complaints from RWAs, but if they refuse to comply with the government authorities, for guest houses and hotels to be used as quarantine facilities, then an FIR would be immediately registered against their members. He did affirm though, that, the protocols should be strictly adhered to.
However, many residents living near quarantine facilities have complained that people quarantined in the guest houses are not following the set guidelines and protocols prescribed by the Government. 

As per the Government Guidelines, the basic requirements for Quarantine facilities for Covid-19 include a Location preferably in the outskirts of the urban/ city area. Moreover it should be well protected and secured (preferably by security personnel/ army). It should also have ample parking space including that for Ambulances and it should have easy access for delivery of food/medical/other supplies. Most importantly, unless there is a strict adherence to the government's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) such facilities pose a great health risk to the Residents of that area.

In the end, the battle lines should be drawn between the virus and us and not between ourselves.


How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 1

With Inputs from Shelly Khanna (Hamilton) and Capt. Jainenedra Pant (Ridgewood)

Shelly Khanna was in conversation with  Vikash Aggrawal who runs a manufacturing unit of Leather products in Manesar, Gurgaoan

Vikash said “Following the Government laid guidelines, we opened up the unit following the safety measures, sanitization and precautions.  The strength of the labour has gone down to 50% as they moved back home after the lockdown opened as the uncertainty and lack of clear guidelines by the Government mislead or confused with the workers. They preferred to stay close with their families in this time of crisis. The workers coming to the factory to work have gone down everywhere and at the moment brunt is not felt as the work is also minimalistic. Work from home option has been given to few departments/ employees looking into the travel distances and safety but a paradigm shift as of now has not been made in the manufacturing house”.

The work has no doubts, pulled down or would say it is like starting from the scratch and the only mantra being followed in the industry is to able to survive. It would take time and can not be predicated how much but yes, he feels minimum six months would be taken to come back on track. Mr. Vikas says, that everyone in the Industry is presently thinking of how to sustain in the present time. He feels it is an extremely tough time especially for the MSME’S and shares his apprehension that few business houses have to shut down in this situation inspite of the finance minister financial packages or Banks interest extension offered.  He believes that at the moment we are all trapped in a tunnel with no light and most crucial thing  at this moment is to keep walking with a hope that there would light on the other side of the tunnel. Very aptly put by him that the present challenge is a ‘human crisis’ and can be sorted only by engaging, networking, awareness and most essential communicating with our friends, colleagues, workers, family members and society.  The optimism has to be instilled back and most essential is to bring back the ‘RAY of HOPE’ among the people, make them believe that things are / would be coming to new normal by following a few planned steps. 

Capt. Pant from Ridgewood spoke with a few business owners including a sporting event company who said “Sports now requires extra measures especially contact sports. For indiviadual sports mostly at-home sanitary measures should be good enough. 

Sports after covid has been about taking measures to leverage moratoriums of any sort. Pivoting or awareness programs. I’m more on the latter side. Recreational sports works closely in tune with entertainment, Gym and fitness models. 

Panic is evident, and there is drastic fall in nos. We’ve pivoted by participating and promoting educational/awareness related programs and products. Yet to monetise though.”

A real estate broker/developers said “All my staff has gone back to their native places We have scaled down for now and waiting for things to improve. Think the fear is right in its place and since the virus is so new and they are still researching on its effects, people are rightly fearful. Have reduced my overheads and am in the wait for breakthrough medical fraternity May find Things are really difficult For now.”

One thing which came out during the interviews was the optimistic approach, Entrepreneurial Spirit of never give-up, motivating and encouraging everyone around.



बता तो सही (Bata Toe Sahi )

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Please! Lockdown Is Not Summer Vacation For Us

by Rohan Khosla (M Block, Ridgewood Estate, DLF-4)

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in BITS Goa when I got an innocent email asking me to go home for two weeks due to the novel coronavirus. Three months later, I’m still at home.

For many students like myself, life in college seemed like a reward for our two years of hard work and dedication. We would play sports, attend campus events, roam around the city, spend all night watching movies, and sometimes ‘try’ to study. But this blissful period didn’t last too long. The spread of the virus resulted in us having to go home and spend time attending online lectures, submitting assignments through Google Classroom, or endlessly browsing through YouTube because there was nothing better to do. My life, like countless others, became extremely sedentary. 

I miss my friends and the interactions that we used to have. We used to walk into each other’s rooms unannounced and just chat or play music and video games. The spontaneity is lost. Now everything has to be planned according to everyone’s free time. Although we’ve kept in touch through Whatsapp, it’s not the same. We can’t meet each other in person. We can’t randomly start playing some chords or rap to a beat. We can’t play football at eleven in the night or watch cricket matches together. Things are different and it’s hard to embrace that fact. 

People assume that for teenagers like me, this is a summer vacation where we spend time at home. But they forget that summer vacations meant hanging out with friends, swimming early in the morning, playing basketball, going to restaurants for dinner, etc. None of that is possible anymore and the task of keeping ourselves busy has become harder than ever. Moreover, the undefined duration of the pandemic has made things worse. When do we return to uni? When do we get to meet our friends? When will we give our exams? What are my grades? These questions are rarely answered leaving us with little to no satisfaction.
Despite the overwhelming negatives of the global lockdown, it would be criminal to not mention the positives. I've learned new skills such as programming and video editing during my free time. I’ve spent some quality time with my parents watching TV shows, playing carrom and cooking. I understand how hard it is to manage a house daily. It has made me appreciate the decisions my parents took for my well being and how fortunate I am to be where I am. The biggest positives are that I don't need to eat less food and that my friends and family are safe. Yes, those are in the correct order.


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