DLF-1 Broadcast August 5, 2020


Our Neighbours Have Had Numerous Verbal Arguments & Threatened Physically

by Paresh Sharma (A-46/14, DLF Phase 1)

The area right outside our house, where we park our car, has an adjacent plot which falls in Chakkarpur, and the passage has become a ground for all the villagers to get into DLF.

In addition to this, the house right beside our house is not aligned, with its facade being perpendicular to ours. This results in our neighbours time and again creating a scene and asking us to move our car out from its place every now and then. During the construction, we had requested them not to expand their area which didn't belong to them and make the entry at a place so that there is no space left for us to park our car even right in front of our house.

This has led to numerous verbal arguments leading to us being threatened physically, and challenged to a fight.
Today, I happened to come out and notice that my car had been sabotaged (probably by using a car key (see pictures) intentionally, by one of these people who have created a ruckus numerous times.

This isn't the first time such an instance has happened, just that we've let it go earlier in order to not get into a fight.
The passage that is left open for them is still bigger than the entry to the gate, and yet, we are facing such sabotage and verbal assault and it's bound to grow into something worse in the coming future if no action is taken.

We request the local administration to help resolve this issue either by constructing a gate/wall.



Vaibhav Mehra: A Chef in the Making!

Vaibhav Mehra discovered his passion for food and the joy of cooking and baking at the age of 6 yrs.

From the little delights of baking desserts, to being selected for training as the youngest chef at a renowned 5- start hotel, Vaibhav- at the age of 14 yrs has launched his own brand.

From baking cakes, making dips and desserts, his homemade delights are made and served with passion.

He participated in interschool competition where he got first position in the Desserts category. He made a Rajasthani Desert “Malpua and Rabdi”. Various chefs of leading hotel chains of Delhi and Gurgaon tasted his food and interviewed him.

His achievement helped him in building his belief in his culinary skills.

He got his interest seeing his mother and grandmother cook and acquired his basic skills from them. He further went on to learn from various professional sources over the years.

He has conducted culinary workshops, teaching how to cook Indian food to children of his age.

Every hotel or city he has visits, he invariably befriends the chefs of the restaurant there.

According to him the food should not only taste good, it must be served perfectly.

Cooking for him is therapeutic and a source of joy.

And wearing his chef cap and his coat is a pride for him.

He continues to learn new things in this field and there is still a long way to go…



Covid Testing Camp In Silver Oak

by Usha Kumar (102/57 Silver Oaks, 9654342490)

A Rapid Test and RT-PCR tests were organised in Silver Oaks Community Centre on 6th August, 2020. On the request of RS Rathee, health team agreed to conduct this free rapid test for Covid - 19.

Tests were conducted through the pain reliever swab and results were given in 30 minutes. Social distancing and mandatory masks were maintained. A total of 177 persons were tested between 10.30 am and 02.30 pm. out of which 1 maid was diagnosed as Covid-19 positive, 154 are negative and 22 reports are pending.

This testing provided lot of peace of mind to the Residents in feeling safe from present-day environmental pandemic.



Do your bit, help the needy!

by Rahul Chandola (H Block, 98110 50731)

Several residents in H Block and G Block are supporting 16 families comprising of around 80 plus family members. These  families are being supported since the beginning of the lockdown & we distribute ration to them twice a month.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, ration kits were given to 16 families along with Sanitary pads & masks. "Few of us go to the families personally and distribute the Ration kits. In case anyone wants to Support the cause, please feel free to contact me . Let's make a Difference to people's lives . We can even Support them on special occasions n our Birthdays , Anniversaries,  etc. "



Freedom Fighter Mr H L Kohli

Born on 21st Oct.1925 at Peshawar Mr Kohli was a bright student,was Vice President of NWFP Student Union Congress, a freedom fighter who participated in Quit India Movement .At Peshawar he got the opportunity to meet prominent leaders like  Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose to name a few. After partition he worked with the Govt. of India, holding responsible positions and retired as Director of Adm., Ministry of Civil Aviation. He was an active member of various literary and religious organisations in Delhi.
He was Vice President of Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha and Secretary of DAV College Management Committee. His book ‘ PESHAWAR Reminiscence of Pre-Partition Days and some Reflections’ was published in 2019.


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Cycling Has Become a Rage All Over

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The best way to save you from Corona virus is to stay fit and healthy. But the government says stay at home, Gyms and pools are closed only limited work out with online sessions is possible which is not enough 
Resort to Wheels. Not four wheels but 2 wheels. 

Cycling has become a rage all over especially in Defence Colony where residents of all ages are on the roads with there fancy bikes, some alone, while others in a group  and some with families
With gates closed and not much outside vehicular traffic in the colony, cycling inside has become a lot easier unlike before pandemic times when even walking on the road used to be a dangerous proposition. Cycling has developed as the best option to stay fit as it more or less involves all your muscles. 
It’s urged more residents take this opportunity to develop cycling as a hobby for their daily exercise. 

Hopefully one day we would get our Gumbad area which can be converted into a designated cycle area for children. Let’s pledge not to let rage die out. 
Attached are some videos of cycle enthusiast who have taken to cycling during the last four months and are really satisfied and happy.


बादे -सबा

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Many Residents Are Getting Maids to Change Their Clothes, Take a Bath & Begin Work in a Fresh Set of Clothes

Maid in India Banned By Residents!!

By Ajay Kumar & P Singh (A-440, 9999055994)

During the unlock-2 while the government allowed the domestic maids and servants to rejoin their duties, there are many in our colony not ready to employ them due to their own reasons.

 As the government eases lockdown rules, it’s a pitched battle out there between those pushing for economic survival and those who want to keep the safety cocoon intact. Sometimes it is a stalemate. Those venturing out and trying to crank up their offices and business, are finding things are just not moving. A reflection of this today in the upper middle class world of gated communities is the Battle Royale ensuing on whether the maid and the cook can be allowed back into homes. The lady of the house is tired of the incessant cooking, washing and scrubbing.  The husband has dislocated his back mopping the floors. "It is about time we got some help back, dear. A bit of risk with Covid-19 is better than the hell we are going through," he grumbles to his wife. But the Residents' Welfare Association (RWA) is not ready to play the ball. The 'Mission-Begin-Again' from June 1 is damned! The collective fear of the 'infection' invading these high-walled safe havens is ensuring their gates continue to be locked for hundreds of families desperate to resume normal life.

Circle of Dependency

As our RWA’s  began with restrictions like scanning for fever with temperature guns in March and the lockdown became tighter and panic turned into fear, societies banned cooks, maids, and plumbers as possible carriers of the virus. Some edicts were downright weird; others were inhuman and discriminatory. Few buildings barred maids and technicians from using the lifts and forced them to climb stairs fearing transmission in a confined space; the ousting of the maid for fear of the virus has led to the breakdown of carefully constructed household structures. It shows how dependent we are on the casual part-time services of domestic helpers. Their ban has disrupted care for the elderly and the work routines of thousands of professional and self-employed people. After weeks of deprivation, and ultimately physical breakdown, residents have begun to clamor for ‘normalcy’ to allow the maid and the cook in. While much of the hygiene and sanitization routine is to prevent the spread of infection by possible ‘carriers’, many residents’ rules are demeaning to domestic workers. Like getting maids to strip off their clothes, take a bath, and begin work in a fresh set of clothes."It is strongly advised that wherever possible, please keep a set of fresh laundered clothes for the house help which she / he can change into before starting the work. This is strongly advised for nannies/ house helps/ caregivers who come in daily but stay in one house for a longer duration and are in contact with young kids constantly.

Are These Bans Legal?

It is indeed a strange situation. The well-heeled have homes that cannot ordinarily be serviced without domestic help. On the other hand, helps are looked at as carriers of plague. It's the worst kind of class bias. Instead of developing processes which protect both the maids/domestic helps as well as the families that they work for, the RWA’s are busy framing rules that try to balance squeezing work out of the domestic helps while finding ways of shutting them out.

Lastly, if you are working or having a business where office staff, helpers are workers are allowed with precautions, then why not your own domestic servants, cooks and most importantly Maids to be reemployed to give them a chance of survival. As done for your own family members the maids can be sanitized before entering your home to perform the duties. This will not only ease your physical burden but also add smiles in the lives of so many. Def Col has always taken lead in other issues and we at Samvada are sure that all our fellow residents will also come forward by allowing your domestics to work at your home.



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