DLF Phase 2 Broadcast July 24, 2020


Day Light Robbery In J Block!

Inverter Batteries Stolen

by Mona Bhardwaj

Broad day light robbery was reported from J 3/4 DLF Phase 2. Resident of 4th floor, Mr. Kamal Mahajan was robbed of  four out of six  Inverter batteries. The batteries were lifted  from the  house between 3:30 pm to 3:40 pm. These batteries are bulky,  the robbers must have used a  four wheeler or  auto to take them.

Such incidents have  been reported earlier too, where  batteries and invertors are  picked by men who come in an auto. 
Police has been informed and they are working on all possibilities including checking CCTV camera footage from neighbouring houses.



Teej Celebrations In The New Normal

by Kangan Jain

All events and festivals are always celebrated with great fanfare in DLF-2

The current changed scenario and ‘NEW NORMAL’ after corona wasn’t able to dampen the festive spirit of our ladies. 

Many families held small get-togethers at home and celebrated with close friends. They dressed up, did Teej pooja , ate ghewar and sang while swinging on the ‘Jhoola’. A trademark for Teej festival. 

Every year Teej event is organised on a grand scale by Shruti Baxi, Aarti Maheshwari, Indu Jindal, Ritika Gupta, Meena Sharma, Neeru Dutta and Friends. Since physical get together was not possible this time the girls put on their  thinking caps and came up with the innovative concept of holding virtual celebrations. Smriti Chhabra graciously offered to host the event on zoom. 

A whatsapp Group was made days before the event and excitement kept building up. There were discussions and fun activities on the group daily . Ladies shared videos of beautiful saawan songs sung in accordance with Teej theme and the lovely rainy weather we saw off late. Jokes and pics posted were a welcome respite from months of lockdown and limited socialising.

The virtual celebration event was held on the evening of 25 July and was attended by 40 odd gorgeous women. The theme was flowers and everyone was dressed to impress . The vibe was enthusiastic as girls were glad to connect with their friends and celebrate the spirit of Teej together even if it was virtually. 

Organisers came up with innovative ways to keep attendees entertained . Folk songs were sung , there was a quiz held on past Teej events . The highlight was dance performances by Suman , Aarti and Rani . In the end tambola was played. 

All ladies enjoyed themselves and thanks to technology we are connected and together always. 



School Results Declared

by Smriti Chhabra

Yes finally the school board results are out !  

What a rollercoaster stretch of the last few months it has been for all the high school students of class 12th and 10th who had appeared for their final board exams. CBSE, ISC/ICSE and state board exams scheduled in March were left incomplete when the lockdown was declared across India in lieu of the coronavirus pandemic. With most students left in the lurch with just 1 or 2 exams left, they all had no clue when this would be closed. Initially it had seemed that the situation will be back  to normal in a few weeks and the last few exams will be soon conducted and then closed for assessment and results.  But as the time went on, the uncertainty grew multifold. In the international curriculums IGCSE students had finished their exams before the lockdown began, IB students who had to sit for exams in May had all their exams cancelled. 

For the national boards, the indecisiveness for holding the exams in June or July went on for weeks with no state in a readiness to hold exams with the rapidly surmounting spread of covid-19. Finally in end June the honourable Supreme Court gave its verdict to cancel all pending exams and assess them on the basis of pre-boards and internal assessments.

The students who had worked hard for months to prepare for the finals have gone through not only the academic stress but extreme psychological upheaval due to the unpredictable changing scenario. They didn't know if they should prepare again for the left exams or not, how much time they will get before appearing for the exam, how safe from covid they could be if they went to the exam centres, etc. More importantly, the new algorithm of assessments for the cancelled exams in the end was a concern. On top of that the uncertain future ahead. Will they be able to get the college admission of their choice. Can they really look at seeking admissions in out station colleges or overseas. Many who had got provisional admissions did not know if their marks in the new calculated averages and grading system would put them in a doldrum. In this unforeseen rare time all they could hope was to keep fingers crossed and pray.

CISCE declared the class 10 and 12 results on July 10 and CBSE declared the class 12 results on July 13 and class 10 on July 15. IB declared on July 6th. It was heartening to see the relief in mind for all children to finally get the closure to this milestone chapter. While many distinctions and good results were there, it was an amazing call by all board councils to not declare the toppers list as each and every person who cleared deserved an equal applaud and accolade to reach the finish mark.

We congratulate all our children in DLF 2 who were in their board years and wish them the very best for their bright futures.
This time has made all children and parents reflect upon that marks in academics are not the be all for the future. It is important that our kids be held together by resilience, courage, patience and topped with life skills to pass through all challenges that come their way.



Plantation Drive

by Anuradha Nakra

A couple of weeks ago the DLF-2 RWA was contacted by MCG for a plantation drive. Initially 800 plants were provided and later a total of 1200 were to be added.

These plants include mostly avenue trees like Gulmohar bottle brush which when flower add to the beauty of the lanes.
A temporary group for this purpose was created by Col Nanda and quite a few enthusiastic residents pitched in. Ideas poured in by the dozen and a few uneven patches that weren’t plots were identified.
N3 lane had two such uneven patches and DLF pitched in with labour support.

Councillor RS Rathee helped in every which way possible and provided JCB too.Two beautiful parks are coming up On either side of the road and Manish Dhawan gave an idea that one side should be exclusive area for children to play. This idea was well received by elders who like to sit on benches and chat; I am sure by the end of the year and by the time Covid19 is controlled our parks will be ready.

N12 park adjacent to the temple also lacked green trees and has been planted.
Q block parks saw a lot of resident volunteers and the enthusiasm was quite palpable as residents identified areas to be developed.

Trees have also been planted in the green belts. Seeing the mood of the residents councillor ji got a gazebo and benches in L block extension park; he’s promised the same in other parks too!



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Seniors at their humorous best

by Mona Bhardwaj

The weekly activities with members of CLUB 65, consisting of seniors above 65 have been on full swing. Last week’s activity was to share a comic scene or a joke either by acting or audio. It was astounding to see the participation of some seniors who made videos and shared.

Enjoy the video shared by Mr & Mrs Saroj Narang & Madhu Gupta ji with her family.




Letter to DHBVN’s office

by Anuradha Nakra

This summer saw a spate of power cuts longer and more frequent than in the past few years. Since most people are working from home this impacted their outputs as the inverter batteries drained out.
This matter was discussed at length in the G C of the RWA and it was decided that Col Nanda ( VP)  would make a detailed note of the Greviences and the Gen secretary would shoot out a letter to the DHBVN’s office.

Points covered were
1- frequent outages low voltage/ fluctuations
2- no information about outage
3-Low hanging wires loose connections despite the laying of underground cables
4- The average billing up 1.5 times since the new smart Genius  meters installed.
5- Arbitrary billing with no reflection of actual consumption, sometimes many times higher than the actual usage.
Suggestions were made for frequent trimming of trees touching overhead cables and privatisation of the electric supply. Complaint against the poor customer care services was also mentioned.
      Our letter was acknowledged by the Dhbvn and they replied with following points
1- Outages are due to heavy rains ( so what happened in May and June I wonder)
2- They are committed towards smart grid
3- Tree pruning is done frequently
And finally that they are providing good service to all the consumers and after the energisation of smart feeder customer complains should be down to zero
They also assured there’s sufficient power and reiterated that power cuts happen due to breakdowns.



Covid camp organized by MCG

by Nidhi Lamba 

On Monday the 20th of July, at the request of our councilor R.S Rathee, the Health team of the MCG agreed to organize a free Rapid test camp for Coivid-19 from 10:30 am to 2:00pm at J-5 park in DLF phase 2. The tests were taken through the pain reliever swab and the results of the rapid tests were given out within 30 minutes. Residents were encouraged to come out for the tests and were requested to also get their domestic helps tested. An appeal for also made to all those who were coming for the test to maintain social distance. The results of the camp were declared before the day ended, all except 1 laborer who worked at a construction site were tested negative, the laborer who was a resident from Delhi was also sent back to his home and advised home isolation.

 Similar camps have been scheduled by the Haryana government with the support of Canwinn foundation. Those who missed out on the camp organized at J block park can make note of the other camps being organized, shared in the images above.



Property tax camp by MCG

by Nidhi Lamba

As per a notification, date 20th May 2020, by the Haryana Government Urban Local Bodies Department , a rebate of 10% would be admissible to those assesses who pay their total property tax for the assessment year by the 31st of July of that assessment year. The camp was a relief for residents. The MCG organized camps for collection of property tax making it easier for residents to avoid crowds at the MCG office for the same. The camp was set up by our councillor, R.S Rathee’s team, on 18th of July for DLF phase 1 residents, while Residents of phase 2 could avail this facility on Sunday the 19th of July between 11:00 am- 2:00 pm at community center, K-3 DLF phase 2.

Payment through cheques was being avoided and instead only payments thru credit/ Debit cards or Demand drafts in favor of Municipal Corporation Gurugram were being accepted. Those with a tax payment of less than 5000/- could also pay in cash. . Residents and shop owners could easily pay their property taxes at these centers. All they had to carry with them were documents & records of the tax paid earlier.



Camphora 1M to DLF2 Police

by Anuradha Nakra

Social activist and a DLF2 resident Sapna Sehrawat has been praised multiple times in the last few months especially.
She’s gone out of the way to help people in distress in these trying times.
Recently she arranged for 100 bottles of 'Camphora 1M' a homeopathic medicine known for its immunity boosting.
These she handed over to the DLF2 SHO Aman Beniwal for the police - our corona warriors.

Sapna’s selfless acts in the recent past have been exemplary.



  • Our heartfelt condolences to Saxena family on the demise of  Dr. Vinod Saxena resident of K-10/10.  On 20th July. We pray for Moksh to the departed soul and courage  to the loved ones to  bear this irreparable loss.

  • Our heartfelt condolences to Seth family on the demise of Mr. Kewal Krishan Seth resident of M - 2 / 43,  2nd Floor. On 19th July. We pray for Moksh to the departed soul and courage  to the loved ones to  bear this irreparable loss. 

Om Shanti. 🙏🙏


AIKGA, Gurugram Unit 39 holds its first ZOOM Meeting

by Mona Bhardwaj

One positive outcome of the lockdown has been that almost everyone has become more tech savvy and has learnt ways of being connected virtually. Unit 39 has been active right from the beginning on its WhatsApp group. Ila Sharma one of our conveners has been posting regularly on garden related topics, guiding members and taking up questions and doubts online. Members have been active and sharing pictures of their produce on daily basis.

Third Friday of every month is reserved for meetings. This time it was decided to have a Zoom meeting. Beena Jay Krishnan took the Initiative from setting up to conducting the meeting. Renu Sood welcomed our guest Speaker Dr P.K. Pant, key person from Navratan Agro Organic Pvt Ltd. The topic was A-B-C of Seeds. Dr Pant, covered all the topics related to seeds, differentiating between seeds and grains, their types, dormancy, testing viability, storing and planting. He shared the notes and had slides on the screen for better understanding. Almost 86 members joined the session. For some it was their first time. The meeting went on for almost over an hour.

Henceforth it is decided to meet once a month with a new speaker.

It’s time for the Basic Gardening course. It begins from 4th August to 17th August. One and a half hour session daily from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm. The session will be online, fee is Rs.1000/- and certificate is issued after the completion of the course.

It’s a must for all garden lovers to do this course



Kuch Lamhey

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


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