DLF Phase 2 Broadcast June 13, 2020


Support The DLF2 RWA By Becoming Members


by Kangan Jain

Just yesterday, 13 June, DLF -2 faced difficult situation when Gate No 3, which opens from Akashneem Marg to City Court, the very gate that helped protect our colony from Covid last 3 months, was taken down by DTCP on a complaint of few residents. RWA is trying to ensure that the security is not compromised and hence temporary barricades have been put up where once Gate no 3 stood proudly. This episode is a perfect example of why we need to have a strong and well supported RWA.

DLF Phase 2 RWA  has done wonders since it was elected in September 2019. Be it socio-cultural events or being in the frontline during battle against covid our RWA has worked relentlessly. As soon as the selected 18 governing council members took charge of their duty a frenzy of operations began. Wonderful festival celebrations like Jhaki, Ram Leela made glamorous Diwali Mela and Guru Purab celebrations was organised.For citizen welfare fast tag, Punjab n Sind bank and cancer screening health camp were organised.

RWA has actively worked with councillor RS Rathi and DLF authorities on coordination of basic infrastructure facilities like roads, water supply and street lighting. Recently the whole of DLF-2 has been connected on telegram group so that everyone is aware and has access to knowledge. 

During Covid emergency RWA GC worked on the front line manning gates, issuing domestic help passes, handing out ration to stranded construction site labour and kept our colony protected. 

But on a practical note it is our duty to support and encourage our able RWA so we request residents to renew existing memberships and non members to take up membership and also support our RWA who has everyone’s best interest in mind.

For RWA memberships email at rwaofdlf2@gmail.com  or click below:


DHBVN Taking Residents For A Ride

by Anuradha Nakra

For quite some time maybe last couple of years or so grumbling against the high handedness of DHBVN is increasingly audible.

The state of affairs is indeed 'sorry' in a colony like DLF-2, so one really wonders what’s happening else where. It’s been going on for years now, rampant power outages, no information about the cuts and so on and so forth. Even till date  there’s no prior  information if the power is cut, it’s generally half an hour after the cut that we get the message.

 Then we were promised that all our problems would go once the underground cabling was done and it was to be completed by last October so the last whole year we suffered, as labourers dug pits to lay cables. They would leave the pits and the sides of the roads in a mess. This again coincided with the JIO guys laying their cables. Between the two of them the roadsides became treacherous especially after a shower of rain with muddy puddles and lots of unseen pits filled with water. Many cars including mine got stuck in these muddy roadsides. This I guess could’ve been avoided if the road side walks had been developed by DLF authorities. But then that’s a story for another day.

To top it all the underground cables lie waiting to be connected, it’s still overhead and RWA is having a tough time getting the trees and branches pruned; and here there’s no denying DLF horticulture department is very helpful and forthcoming.

Last year also saw our meters being changed to smart meters and then the real troubles started. First, many complained that they weren’t informed that meter was being changed and they couldn’t take the meter reading. Then came AD HOC billing without reading and that too huge amounts. If I may give my own example my meter reading today is -10,000₹. Well this amount one can still bear but when it’s to the tune of 60,000- 70,000₹ it’s scary. And then one has to pay or face disconnection.

These matters aren’t resolved in the colony office and people have to go almost daily to their main office where the matters are very much like shown in a very old Pankaj Kapoor’s serial ‘ Office Office’. At one point in time a few residents became so enraged that they wanted us residents to give a dharna.

I write this article with a lot of anguish and wish that this might make the officials feel kindly towards the DLF-2 residents.



Thefts In DLF2

by Nidhi Lamba

The year seems to be getting tougher with newer threats showing up each day. Though the ones in focus here aren’t anything new to phase 2. In the past few days phase 2  residents have experienced a few thefts.
Residents of L-4/27, complained that their driver’s motor bike was stolen from the empty plot in front of their house. 

An Inverter battery was stolen from the second floor from the locked residence of K-10/16. Guards were absolutely unaware of the incident and said that they had not seen any one taking out battery. A similar incident was captured in the CCTV opposite the house at J2/38  battery wires were cut, an auto was waiting on the road. The occupants got suspicious and made a noise, resulting in the thieves  to run away in the auto.  Someone had broken into the house at K-5/5 at 2 am, taking entry from the empty plot at the rear end of the house & later running away from the backyard. Fortunately nothing was stolen. 

Times ahead seem tough, with unemployment at a rise, residents are advised to be a little more cautious with their safety & the security of their houses.



Restoration of Sikanderpur Water Body & Forest Will Be A Game changer for DLF-2

by Rahul Chandola (DLF-1, 9811050731)

Sikanderpur Watershed & Restoration of the Forest is spread over 80 acres, from Sikanderpur village to Gurgaon-Faridabad road and is mainly covered with Villayati Keekar. The large pond is created by blockage of a seasonal stream that originated in the hills behind the residential colony. In its current form, the pond is a cesspool of sewage and waste water it receives from the Sikanderpur village, and neighbouring office complexes.

The objective of the project is to develop the Sikanderpur pond and water body into a wetland and biodiversity hotspot, with clean water and forestation to create a green lung for Gurgaon while providing a public space in a natural environment for leisure and community activities.
The restoration of the forest belt was started last year with planting of 13, 764 saplings. The physical cleaning of the pond and the areas around is in progress. This project is in collaboration with GMDA and will take a couple of years to complete.

I was very Fortunate , pleased &ecstatic to see the development of the Sikanderpur watershed slowly turning into reality. On 05th June 2020 I was lucky enough to visit the Sikanderpur water shed with one of the founding members of I am Gurgaon, Latika Thukral, proudly showed me the developments undertaken to convert the swamp into the dream project of I am Gurgaon & GMDA which will ensure a walking track , home for various species & will be a source of fresh air& water for many species . I was also fortunate that our area Muncipal councilor R S Rathee was also there along with a resident from H block MrArun Jain ji was also stunned to see the change specially it falls right behind his house . 

I can already visualize residents walking in a Paradise converted out of a swamp .

The plan is also to ensure the rainwater which just overflows is also diverted into the upcoming Nature’s Paradise .


DLF-2 Young Quizmasters

by Nidhi Lamba

There is no limit to using your time in the manner that brings fruitful results. If I ask you mind boggling riddles and puzzles, amidst all the ‘Covid centric stress’ how well do you think will you  perform? Well of course that depends on how well you are dealing with the stress. 

Incase you aren’t doing well, learn from these children!! The past days we have shown you how they have uncovered their skills, painting, cooking, baking, dancing & doing everything that they couldn’t enjoy doing during regular school life. This time they add another feather to their caps!! QUIZMASTERS. 

They formed 2 whatsapp groups - the younger smart ones and the older smart ones. Ishika Jain initiated the group for the younger ones while Neel Madhav Kashyap took the first step for the older gang. They set rules!! ‘No typing’, ‘voice notes only’, ‘click pictures of’, & ‘Winners as per quizmaster’s phone’. The one I loved the most - ‘dont cry if you loose’.

Every child got an opportunity to be the quizmaster for the day & had to prepare his or her own set of questions. Most questions were based on general knowedge, sometimes they had to guess the gibberish. Everyone participated enthusiastically. Faint giggles of family members enjoying in the back ground were often heard in the voice notes. Kids wait so eagerly for the next quiz session that all academic related activities are scheduled accordingly. Let us know if you are looking out for a quizmaster for a fun filled online QUIZ with friends, we have many smart ones within our very own DLF phase -2.


Subhashini Chhabra: Lady with huge Fan Following & a Listeners Club in her name

In conversation with Mona Bhardwaj. Inputs by Smriti Chhabra.

It’s rare to find a job right after school, love it to the extent that one spends 40 years in the same organisation and retire with a huge fan following. Meet Subhashini Chhabra, resident of Q block with a melodious voice which was heard on the radio for good 40 years. 

Subhashini ji was offered a job at Aakashvani (AIR) when she finished school and was just 19 years old. A chanced offer by a friend’s mother to go and play the “Vandana” record on the radio in the morning landed her at the studio. Subhashini ji loved the first look and took up the offer to start the early morning session at the radio station with the ritual tune, followed by the Vandana and Bhakti Sangeet. She was punctual and soon got the permanent job at a salary of Rs.300/- pm. Coming from a family of six sisters her parents were encouraging and allowed all their daughters to be financially independent and take up jobs. Subhashini ji did her job and along with it graduated from Delhi University under non-collegiate studies. 

When it was time to get married, she was fortunate to find a loving husband; who always encouraged her to work. He loved the way she would run around the house getting ready to go for work. Since she had to start the morning session she had to wake up at 4 am and be ready to reach radio station by 5.30 am. Office car used to pick her. Starting early meant her work would be over by noon. 

She was lucky to have supportive in-laws, who helped to take care of the children and never stopped her from working. Reaching home early gave her time to rest, give time to the family and wind up early. 

At work Subhashini ji was lucky to learn, voice over, diction, speech, vocal and vocabulary. Madhu Malti ji, a drama artist was her teacher and guru. She learnt a lot from her. She was lucky to meet many classical singers and eminent personalities who would come to the studio. Everything used to be live in those days. No takes or retakes or recording. 

Over the years she did various programs on all AIR Delhi channels. She was one of the first announcers on Yuv-Vani and gained popularity once she began hosting Sangam program on Vividh Bharti. She and her colleague would read listeners letters who wrote requests for songs. On an average they would get 200-300 post cards daily. Each and every post card was read, script prepared and names were announced before playing the song. Soon she had a huge fan following as listeners fell in love with her voice and would send her letters to read out their names and even crowd up outside AIR to meet her. 

When it was time to retire, first time in the history of AIR, a huge gathering of over 400 listeners got together to give her a farewell at Chemsford Club, New Delhi . This was led by Mr. Surinder Khurana ji, who till date has this listeners club and they keep in touch and wish Subhashini ji on her special days.

For 40 years she worked and each day she loved it more. Subhashini ji has no regrets from life and had a wonderful life. Blessed with two sons, who are married and with grandchildren, she enjoys her retired life with her husband and family.  Like all mothers she loves to feed and pamper them all.

She was felicitated by DC Gurgaon Mr. T.L Satyaprakash at Gurgaon Artists Fest for her contribution to Indian Music with her service in broadcasting.



N Block Transformer Restored In A Matter of Hours

On 27 May around 3:40 pm, residents heard a huge bang from the N3 transformer and after major fluctuations for a couple of minutes the power went off. This was heard by people residing nearby but for the rest, it seemed like another scheduled cut.

A few residents including Naveen Kumar called up for an updates and were informed that "ji transformer phunk gaya" and no one could really give a clear picture what would happen next. After a lot of chasing up it was decided that a smaller transformer which was free would be put in place.

Then our good samaritan Manish Dhawan was called and he took matters in his hands. Its quite amazing how much knowledge he has about these matters and how the electricians listen to him.
He didn’t allow the smaller transformer to be fitted as it couldn’t have taken the load of the whole block - especially with air conditioners running.

He spent some time calling up people and got a temporary mobile transformer fitted which stayed on for a few days till the proper transformer was arranged.

Manish, Naveen and a few other residents namely Anuj and Robin and others stood giving moral support to the electricians in the muggy sweaty hot May evening and just short of 10 pm the power was restored. It’s amazing how adversity brings people close. By that time power was restored most inverters had already drained.

Kudos to Manish from N block, otherwise the residents were looking at a long hot and dark night.



  • With profound grief we inform you of the sad demise of Smt.Manjeet Kaur resident of L-1/23 . We pray may the almighty bless her soul with peace

  • We offer our condolences to Chopra family of K-11/13, at the sad demise of Shri S.L Chopra. May his soul rest in peace.


Covid 19 Enters DLF 2

by Mona Bhardwaj

The news of recovery of the senior security guard from Covid 19 brought much cheer among the residents. This was short lived as we soon heard of the first case of Covid Positive in our phase 2. Initial reaction was, “now it’s in the colony among us” Soon we started to hear about Positive cases daily. RWA DLF 2 got into action and kept all residents updated on WhatsApp and telegram. Government advisory was shared on regular basis showing the number of cases registered. Residents were informed of the dos and don’ts. An SOP was shared depending on the case (Symptomatic or Asymptomatic) Important numbers of service providers for Covid 19 was shared.

SPOC (single point of contact) was created to provide help, coordination with agency, ambulance, hospital, isolation, delivery of medication for quarantine residents who tested positive.

Gaurav Wahi, Naveen Kumar, Anuradha Nakta & Nidhi Taneja were the single point of contact. They started receiving calls from residents. Some informed on their own and requested to be home quarantined. A few needed ambulance to be shifted to the hospital. Everything was taken care of in smooth manner. There were a few who did not inform and were taking advice from doctors on video conferencing but remained home quarantined.

It was a sigh of relief when residents started to show signs of improvement and reports started coming negative. Some of the residents have come out of Covid 19 and are doing well. There has been no casualty and residents are being careful. MCG puts up a sticker outside the house where residents test positive, this is important as it not only helps the neighbours but also provides safety to the delivery boys and house help. One should not take it as a stigma; it’s a viral which if treated well gets over and out. By hiding and not letting others know one can cause a lot of harm to others.



It’s a Dog’s Life?

by Mona Bhardwaj

Ever since the onset of Covid 19 and lockdown, stray dogs and cats have been facing a lot of difficulty in finding food for them. With most of the eateries, restaurants and road side dhabbas being shut these strays were left to fend for themselves. People who used to give milk, bread and biscuits stopped coming leaving the strays hungry for days. This resulted in behaviour changes and with the rising heat the strays were getting anxious. Not seeing the two legged donors for days these strays became insecure. On the other side it has been observed that they are quieter compared to the days when there was more movement and traffic. 

Dog bites has been a regular issue in our phase, reasons are aplenty. One part timer help was bit by a stray in K 14 Street. The wound was deep and ghastly. She was rushed to Uma Sanjivani Hospital by the QRT and Sapna Sherawat, a social worker paid from Niswarth Sewa fund for her initial treatment. Atul chemist offered to take care of further treatment for the helper.

Rachna Anand from J block has been taking care of a 13 years old stray suffering from ear infection. She has been taking him regularly to CGHS hospital with her daughter, her friend Mandeep Walia and her son whoever is available. They are a part of animal rescue team where they voluntarily take care of the strays and their treatment.

To keep the population of strays in control, Frendicos an NGO takes the strays to the hospital to get them neutered and sterilised. These strays are then dropped back from where they are picked. This is a volunteer work and done with the help of volunteers and hospital giving service at subsidised rates. L 4 lane has had strays that littered few months ago. She needs to be sterilised, but the caretaker resists every time volunteers come to pick her. It’s noble to take care of the strays but with increasing population and many mouths to be fed, the strays become aggressive and ferocious when they are hungry. 


Someone Stole My Shoes!

by Kritika Verma

Lockdown has given all of us some direction and push to follow what we have been wanting to do for a long time
and this is how I started with my exercise routine. Now every evening I go to my terrace to rejoice and exercise. I'm sure all of our shoes must be thinking where did humans disappear! So I thought I should not let my shoe feel lonely. I started wearing it everyday for my workout. I would wear them and go to terrace, workout and come back and keep the shoes in my staircase to let all the germs and dirt stay outside because precaution is necessary.

One day, like any other workout day, I went outside to wear my shoes. To my utter surprise and shock, one of the pair of my shoes was missing. I searched, I searched and I searched. Putting all the permutations and combinations to play. I thought of various possible reasons; did a thief come by? But why would he take only one of the shoes, I thought. Did it evaporate in thin air? Did my sibling prank me? Was it a magic shoe? A ghost took it? I thought of all possible or rather impossible scenarios. I almost gave up considering it as a lost cause.

Then I decided to watch camera recording of the main gate. And you know what, it was a thief! A cute little thief indeed. His movements from entry to exit were crafted like he was Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, so swift and alert. It was a cute little stray puppy who wanted to play with my shoe like he would play with a ball. I was so overjoyed looking at the puppy that I got over the loss of my nikes. Wait, story does not end here. I did miss them dearly during my workout. So after a day, when I was feeding the birds outside my main gate, this cute puppy appears out of nowhere with my shoe in his mouth. Like he wanted to return the toy once he was done playing with it and so he did. My shoe was back and unhurt. What a cute little adventure my shoe went on.


Disposal for Bio-Medical Waste

by Smriti Chhabra

Waste segregation at every house level as an ecological topic of high concern has been brought out time and again in many conversations. But with the coronavirus spread, waste segregation for Bio-Medical waste has become an important area of concern and worry too. 

Municipal Corporation Gurugram has been spreading a message widely on segregation of bio-medical waste from houses specifically of the covid-positive patients in a separate yellow bag or a newspaper or bag marked with red dot.  
With increasing cases in each colony and society, it has become difficult to know if the covid-houses waste gets mixed with other garbage and increases chances of spread of infection to sanitation workers and garbage collectors.

MCG, Ecogreen and IamGurgaon are running campaigns for higher sensitisation of all citizens for this and providing yellow bags to citizens at low cost. For a one time exercise 1 bag per household can also be provided free of cost by the NGO IamGurgaon.

For Phase 2, Ecogreen garbage collectors have been directed to collect all bio-medical waste from houses who have covid patients in home isolation in separate bags provided by MCG in different vehicles. 

As responsible members of this DLF 2 family, it is imperative that we should segregate our bio-medical and sanitary waste like disposable masks, gloves, used tissues and material contaminated with blood and body fluids like diapers etc in a separate disposal bag clearly marked. Other kitchen or dry waste should not be mixed with bio-medical waste by any household.
We must support in minimising the possible causes for spread of covid-19 or any other contagious infection to our sanitation workers or any fellow citizens. 


MCG To Build Boundary Wall

On The Side Facing Expressway

Mr Rathee, MCG Councillor for Ward 34 has raised some concerns before the Commissioner MCG in House Meeting. 
He asked for urgent construction of Pre-Cast Boundary walls along Gulmohar Marg in DLF City Phase II facing the National Highway. This is completely open, and residents are facing a serious issue of stray animals menace.  Amount has sanctioned by MCG for the project and  Executive Engineer has been instructed to start Boundary wall on the site within a week. 

Mr Rathee also requested to ensure  pasting of stickers outside the Covid Patient under home isolation at the earliest. 

MCG Commissioner has directed Medical officer to ensure the compliance of same.


Storytelling For Kids: Lion & The Mouse

Story For Kids Narrated by Neha George


Tree Survey in South City-1

Residents Vandana Sarin (A Block) and Alka Saran (K-125) set out to do a survey in A Block for all the trees that need pruning and the ones that are dead. While doing that they also found trees that were choked with concrete!

Trees need at least 2 ft of breathing space around them to survive so everyone is requested to keep this in ind while building around them. 

The survey report will be shared with the SCRWA and then sent to the forest department so that action can be taken. “There is not a lot of participation from other block so we call out to all the residents who would like to help us do the survey in their blocks so that this work can be done there as well” says Alka Saran. 

In the next edition of Samvada, we’ll share more about what was found during this block survey!


Khwabon Ka Safar

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


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