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Ridgewood Estate, Regency Park 1 & 2, Hamilton Court and Plots


Cycling in the times of Covid-19

Satish Singh (W Block REGENCY PARK 2)

It will be an understatement to say that the turn of events after the recent Covid-19 crisis have been unprecedented! The Lockdowns, Social Distancing, closure of Malls, restrictions on air travel, trains and metros has majorly affected large parts of the population.

However, the fallout of these restrictions has also led to other changes in people’s choices. One such choice is “Adult Cycling”! It must be called so because most of us learn to cycle when we are young but then tend to gradually move out of it as we grow old and get financial independence. Isn’t it normal to go to School on your Cycle, graduate to a motorised two-wheeler in college and then plan to buy a car when you start working? Even though many European cities have been made famous by their commitment to sustainable and pollution free living; and cycling for normal commute has been one of the cornerstones of this policy, cycling has not been popularised in India as a normal form of commute due to concerns about safety on roads and high air pollution.

With the restrictions imposed by Lockdown, the traffic on roads has substantially come down which has also led to improvements of AQI (Air Quality Index). It is the first time in many years that AQI levels have been reported to be normal or acceptable in NCR. All these factors and the fact that Gyms have been closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, have made Cycling an attractive option for the health-conscious individuals…  

Regular Cyclists who ride on the Gurugram-Faridabad Road (GFR), one of the most popular routes for cyclists in Gurugram say that the number of Cyclists has gone up almost 3 times after the Unlock has been initiated. They say that we get to see as many cyclists riding on weekdays as we used to see on the weekends. Similarly, one of the most favoured destination for Cyclists – Raj Path leading to India Gate between North and South Block gives almost a festive look on weekends with several Cycling groups from NCR converging there early in the morning.

As a result, the Cycling Shops in NCR are doing brisk business. The cycles of the famous imported brands like Trek or Cannondale are already out of stock and the Owners of these shops report that the footfall in their premises have gone up by almost 5 to 6 times.

So, if you wish to re-live your young age, just get on your bicycle, and rekindle the feeling of the first independence you felt when you learned cycling…

A few important tips for those who want to re-start cycling:

  1. It is not necessary to go for a geared or for that matter an expensive cycle. While a geared cycle helps in navigating climbs, but it does not mean that you spend a fortune on your first cycle!

  2. When you buy your cycle please buy a “Cycling Helmet” along with it. Remember “Safety comes first & foremost” so the Helmet is the vital accessory for cycling. 

  3. While buying a cycle, please ensure that the Cycle is of the right fitment for you depending on your body measurements. Normally, cycles are available in S, M and L sizes so ensure that you take the one which is correct for your size. Secondly, the height of seat-post should be adequately adjusted so that your knees open fully when the pedal is at the bottom. You should especially remember to adjust the seat position if you are riding your daughter’s or son’s cycle!  

  4. It will also help if your cycle has a bottle cage for your Water Bottle, especially as you start enjoying cycling and start going on long rides.

The famous English author, HG Wells said that “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race” and the famous American writer William Saroyan called Cycle as the “noblest invention of mankind”, so it is going to be worth riding a cycle… Happy Cycling…see you on your saddle.



Diya Aces Board Exams

Diya Mukherjee d/o Arjun Mukherjee and Reema Mukherjee (B-53, Ridgewood) aced the board exams this year in Class XII PCM + Computer science. She studies in Delhi Public School Gurgaon Sec-45 and secured a 92.5% aggregate.

Samvada Congratulates her and all the kids who appeared for their board exams this year!



Goonj Collection Camp In Ridgewood

It was highly commendable response from Ridgewood Residents to Appeal byGoonj NGO for collections for needy in this difficult period.

The campaign was completely paperless, no banner this time keeping in mind Health crises.Their staff Rajesh Singh and Jaiveer handled everything efficiently, tried to keep all possible norms during the campaign. Residents were informed to upload their information in the link shared in the group, if not done earlier.

Though van itself tells the story of the Campaign today, honour to mention that approx. 90-95 families donated in cash and kind - clothes for adults, children, Shoes, stationery, packs of biscuits etc. added stools transistors and dessert cooler.  So good to see Residents coming rushing on a hot summer afternoon in such difficult situation during pandemic with indescribable feelings to donate for unseen.

Specials thanks to Seniors who came out themselves  of their cocoons in this alarming situation for a good cause

7 Yr old Nirvaan Shares His Art


Suhani Arya used her skill for art portraits & helped street children

In light of the recent corona virus pandemic, thousands of people have lost their jobs, local markets are completely destroyed. While we enjoy the comforts of our decent lifestyle, there are people on the streets fighting to feed their children a modest meal. There are people whose income depended on the number of cars at the nearby traffic signal.

Despite the Government’s best efforts better part of our community is dying of poverty and malnourishment. While we can’t completely take away from the misery of these people, we can still do our part. 

 I have been drawing portraits as a hobby for a long time now and have tried to make the best use of my available time during this lockdown to better myself at the art. I realised I could use my passion for art as a way to help the impoverished community and decided to sell personalised digital portraits in order to collect funds to feed the underprivileged in my locality and help them with basic materials like soaps, sanitisers and food.

This may have been a very small step towards the betterment of our society but it did have a positive impact on several impoverished families in such times of trial.

Suhani is a 12th grade student from Shri Ram School Aravali and a resident of Regency Park 2



What the lockdown was about: Caring & Sharing in a Community

by Kanchan Chopra (Y 155, Regency Park II)

When the lockdown was announced on March 25, my mind was full of apprehensions: were we sufficiently well stocked as far as food went, and medicines? Rushed calls led to some degree of preparedness. Still, one never knew. However, as the days went by, I learnt a great deal about Regency Park II. I already knew it was a vibrant community: we got together at festivals and national days: there was much bonhomie. And the senior citizens met in several smaller groups. But I imagined the younger group was, as expected, caught up in their lives, rushing in and out; our interaction limited to greetings exchanged in the foyer and the lift. Did they even know us? Would they understand our problems and difficulties during this difficult time?

Surprises never ceased. Within a day of the lockdown, a message came that a group had volunteered to be in touch with seniors on their respective floors. This was followed by a call from a younger couple on our floor asking if we needed anything: shopping for medicines, groceries? They continued to call every now and then. And this left us with a sense of being cared for.

And then the exchanges over the common group were gratifying. Does anyone need a magic mop? Your washing machine is out of order: you can use mine. Cell phone not working: a neighbour spent hours trying to see what went wrong. Someone needed a medicine: offers immediately came. No maids: houseboys can be provided twice a week for heavy cleaning. And we discovered the in-house talent too. Cooked food could be provided when needed: and that too hygienically prepared homemade food. 

The conversations in the group provided a glimpse of another kind of change happening within households too. Men sharing in housework seemed to be the norm in almost every home: and they were learning the intricacies of “ bartan-jhadoo-pocha” (BJP, as put by someone!!!). Several exchanges in a lighter vein gladdened the heart in an otherwise gloomy time.   

Of course things were not  always hunky-dory. Arguments were exchanged over every issue: entry of part time maids (and the definitions of medical attendants/ maids) being the most contentious one. We had disagreements, finally voting and, as in every raucous democracy, several incriminations did the rounds. But finally, careful thinking and meticulous planning led to decisions, hopefully wise.

I could not help thinking of my own work with communities more than two decades ago. We had concluded in that research study: a catastrophe often brings them together, committed leadership acts as a catalyst and interaction over lengthy meetings leads to evolution of rules of the game. What was true of rural communities then is true of urban condominiums in Gurugram today!  Three cheers for the community spirit!!



Covid Testing In DLF2

by Nidhi Lamba 

On Monday the 20th of July, at the request of our councilor R.S Rathee, the Health team of the MCG agreed to organize a free Rapid test camp for Coivid-19 from 10:30 am to 2:00pm at J-5 park in DLF phase 2. The tests were taken through the pain reliever swab and the results of the rapid tests were given out within 30 minutes. Residents were encouraged to come out for the tests and were requested to also get their domestic helps tested. An appeal for also made to all those who were coming for the test to maintain social distance. The results of the camp were declared before the day ended, all except 1 laborer who worked at a construction site were tested negative, the laborer who was a resident from Delhi was also sent back to his home and advised home isolation.

 Similar camps have been scheduled by the Haryana government with the support of Canwinn foundation. Those who missed out on the camp organized at J block park can make note of the other camps being organized, shared in the images above.



August Times

Col (Retd.) Anil Alagh, South City-I, 9312247284

Time has flown by ... the pregnant pause without any semblance of pregnancy .... sees me putting fingers to keyboard again to send in a small missive to the august Samvada readers as August dawns. The monsoons that were playing truant have finally been dancing over Gurgaon. The mind goes back 3 decades. .... Dancing in the rain, soaking in nature's elixir, splashing in swirling puddles as our mothers watched with a twinkle in their eyes. The mangoes handed out to suck ... the crystal clear raindrops mingling with the juice running down tiny, happy chins
... shouting out to our moms to hand over  he paper boats pre-prepared for the tiny rivulets gushing along the road berms .... chasing these boats ... prancing around them as they got caught in miniature whirlpools. And then, when the clouds bade us goodbye ..... just idling beside the puddles ... tiny feet splashing the water ... chins in cupped hands ... waiting for the tadpoles to come swishing along, get caught in the whirlies ... and then .... nudging their bottoms with soaked fingers, to make them move .... mighty Napoleans or Captain Jack Sparrows encouraging their flock to 'keep moving'.

It’s the terrace now as age and COVID prevails, but I see no harm in the younger parents allowing their children a dance in the rain, mangoes and boats as complimentary amenities of course. There is no better feeling than the feel of the elements ... the wind, the rain and the fragrance of Mother Earth to nourish young minds and bodies ...(P.S. even the older ‘young-at-heart’ ones), and I hope young parents reading this will give it a try. Join the children, splash together ... leave indelible memories on their innocent minds even as their peals of laughter send your spirits soaring and the body soaking .... Don’t worry about them catching cold ... a hot cocoa / or a plain glass of warm milk with some delectable pakoras will do the trick ... and mind you ... a dance in the rain really builds up a voracious appetite, so be prepared for a Roman food orgy if you decide to serenade Lord Indra the next time His Lordship comes visiting.



How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 4

Coming to you straight from a beach (in the new normal), Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142) is in conversation with Sunaina Bhagat (Tower 9) who is a fashion designer and runs a chain of boutiques in Delhi. Sunaina talks about how the Fashion and Garment industry is unlocking!


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