DLF-5 Club Drive Broadcast, July 2020

Princeton Estate, Carlton Estate 1 &4, Wellington Estate, Trinity Towers, Exclusive Floors and Westend Heights


Princeton RWA Empowers Security Guards to Ensure Guidelines Are Strictly Followed

By Taruna Sharma

Covid 19 pandemic represents a massive impact on health, causing sudden lifestyle changes, through social distancing and isolation at home with social and economic consequences. For all the RWA's it has become a very big responsibility to manage all the rules and regulations within the condominiums.

PECA has given strict instructions on wearing mask to all the residents as they step out of their homes either walking or moving in vehicles, walking with dog, if not followed the RWA will fine Rs 500 (that too will be added in electricity bill).If anyone found violating the rule, RWA has empowered the security guards to ensure the guidelines are being followed strictly.

Sports activities like football, basketball and badminton are strictly prohibited till further notice. Further in order to safeguard Residents against covid 19, courier delivery boys are not allowed to doorstep deliveries and this process is likely to continue till the risk of pandemic remains. They have made proper arrangements to keep the couriers at the tower lobby by placing the rack with numbers and maintaining a separate register with flat nos and courier received against the shelf. PECA is even following all the instructions related to night curfew between 10 PM to 5 AM except for medical emergencies and essential services. Walking within Princeton in common areas and parks is only allowed from 5AM to 10PM followed by the protocol of odd and even house number basis to maintain the social distancing in taking morning and evening walks ...Residents having Apartment with odd no are allowed to walk on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5 AM  to 10 PM and with even number apartments are allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 5am to 10pm. Use of open gym and jhula park is completely restricted.

This way they all are trying to protect each and every resident from this pandemic now its residents’ duty to follow all the instructions and make our premises covid 19 free.


Residents of Trinity Came Forward & Offered Homemade Delicacies At A Nominal Cost

By Rajan Misra (Trinity Towers)

Some of the residents of Trinity came forward and offered homemade delicacies within Trinity at a nominal cost. The lip-smacking sumptuous offerings from home-kitchens of residents were quite a hit. The culinary delights originated from home-kitchens of Pooja Singh (brownies), Alka Misra (Veggies Vermicelli and Vegetable Poha), Sonika (Chicken Pickle), Rekha Vig (Dahi Bhalla), and Sonia Lamba (Tandoori Delights). Also, Swati delighted many taste buds with Pure Honey sourced from deep forests of Mt. Abu.



An Environment Campaigner & a Documentary Filmmaker Neelam Ahluwalia

Talks of RO water filters: Impact on human health and India's water crisis

In an interview with Sheela Srivastava (W1B- 93)

Neelam Ahluwalia (Wellington 1B-155) is professionally a development sector consultant, an environment campaigner and a documentary filmmaker. She is a post-graduate in environmental management from the London School of Economics England and mass communication from Xavier institute of communication Mumbai. She started her professional life as a television journalist reporting for an environment series called "living on the edge", where she covered many urban and rural issues across the country. Environment conservation is her passion and area of work for 25 yrs.

According to her India is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world and irresponsible water behavior and collective mismanagement are responsible for that. For example, there is a high wastage of water from RO Filters. RO is a water treatment process that wastes 3 liters water for every 1 liter purified water. Due to this reason, in May 2019, National Green Tribunal banned the use of RO Filters where the total dissolved solids (essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium, fluoride, etc in the water are less than 500 miligram/liter.

Minerals dissolved in water are extremely important for human health. Drinking water with a TDS level of less than 150 mg/ 1 is not considered healthy. It is like drinking distilled water without any minerals and health benefits. Dr K Vijaya Lakshmi, water quality scientist, and Vice President, Development Alternatives Group also recommends the same. She says if the test was done on your tap water it shows the presence of any pathogenic bacteria or traces of one or more heavy metals, there are water purifying technologies available in the market to deal with this, depending on what pollutants are present in water.

If the TDS level of your tap water is less than 500 mg/1, a water filter with ultra filtration (UF) or ultra Violet Rays (UV) and a carbon block pre-filter (that removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odors and unpleasant tastes from water is an effective option. Unlike RO filters, UF or UV filters do not waste water, retain essential minerals in water, but filter out bacteria, viruses, and parasites efficiently. These filters can be easily added to your existing unit with the help of a water purifying servicing engineer.

Neelam is a Founder Member of the ECO Conscious group formed in June 2018, which has ECO volunteers from different residential communities. Along with a few other Eco champions, she is involved in promoting many environmental initiatives in Gurugram such as Aravali Bachao citizens’ campaign, Native tree planting; say no to single-use of plastic, waste segregation, and home composting.



Club Drive Kids Ace The Board Exams

Trinity Towers

Tanya Gupta daughter of proud parents Nitin and Priya Gupta scored 98.6% in PCM with Economics from Salwan Public School. She has topped in Gurgaon city.

Deveshi Malhotra daughter of proud parents Vivek and Shikha Malhotra scored 98.75% and bagged 2nd position in the ISC Toppers List. She is from The Shri Ram School, Aravali.

Princeton Tower

Dhun Paliwal (1B-64, Princeton Esatate) 98.2%

Sanjanna Mehta (10th, Suncity School, Flat 1B/16 Princeton) 95.7%; Arnav Bhatnagar (12th, IA 68 Princeton estate) 95.4%;

Wellington Estate

Raghav Khanna who was a resident of W 1 a 52, and now shifted to Westend Heights (C 124) secured 95.5 percent in class 12.



Meet Rajeev Bindal (Sr citizen, Carlton 4) Honing His Love for Art & Textiles

By Taruna Sharma

True inspiration some people have real God gifted talents they always keep their passion alive towards doing something which not only inspires them but also gives lots of inspiration to others. Age is only a number, when the thirst for knowledge in unquenchable. Meet Rajeev Bindal, a Senior citizen resident of Carlton 4, a textile technocrat with specialisation in knits, working as a textile consultant post his retirement. 

Many of us, after reaching retirement usually spend time with families or become more inclined towards health and spirituality but Rajeev used his retirement and the lockdown period to hone his love for art and textiles. 

When Covid-19 hit the nation, all of our lives came to a standstill and masks became a necessity. Looking at the requirement of masks and time and cost involved in procuring them, Rajeev decided to safeguard his family and friends, by making hand sewn knitted masks. Each mask made was not only made with three layers of fabric but also customised in how the wearer would like the elastic to be placed, he spent days stitching each mask by hand.

Once the masks were done, Rajeev then cruised through various online portals and taught himself on how to go about knitting scarfs, caps and socks from wool on knitting loom. No task was daunting and demands of his family on a select design were never ending, yet he persevered and kept himself occupied day and night by creating handmade woolen goodies.

Rajeev’s creativity just doesn’t end there, a chance meeting at his house ended up in me admiring a picturesque view of the Notre Dame in his dining room, where the wall has all the elements of a busy Parisian street with a view of Notre Dame painted in oil, done by him. When a friend saw this he was so awestruck that he decided to request Rajeev to paint his dining wall with a view of a Tuscan village. A walk into their humble abode and one can clearly see it is a home of artists, from beautiful Sicilian villages painted in oil to a busy town square in Prague, one truly feels mesmerised looking at his art. 

When he isn’t painting or knitting he is busy pampering his family with his cooking skills. The kitchen in their home during weekdays belongs to the women of the house, but during the weekend it is his domain, from creating his own recipes to upgrading the existing ones, his love for anything creative is unstoppable. His favourite cook time is with his daughter where whilst cooking they discuss history, science and books.

Rajeev has shown through his various creative interests that there really is no age to learning and that age is just a number. Rajeev does Wall painting customised to a person’s taste and can be approached for the same. 



Wellington after lockdown

By Sheela Srivastava (1b 93) 

After a lengthy lockdown of three months, life is coming to the semi-normal position. Though lockdown is over but still people are scared, especially senior citizens. Youngsters are going for walk every morning and evening with masks, following social distancing. Evening time ladies and gents are chatting but maintaining enough distance. Children are cycling but they don't touch bat or football. Touchwood till now there are no corona cases in Wellington, but residents are taking all necessary steps. Gate and lobby guards are also very alert for that. Safal booth, Mother dairy booth, and grocery store are getting sanitized daily. Visitors are prohibited until they have a genuine reason and supervisors permit them.



Trinity is Safe with No Covid19 Case So Far

By Rajan Misra 

Like everyone else around us, Trinity residents and staff are following an extremely strict regime of taking all possible precautions to stay safe. A detailed protocol for residents and visitors devised by the RWA in constant consultation with the residents is being followed and by the grace of God, Trinity has stayed safe with no Covid19 case so far. It is prayed that everyone stays safe and healthy.



Importance of Mask during Pandemic

By: Sanjana Shyamsundar Age 14, Carlton 4- C-55

Wearing a mask in the current situation is an extremely necessary precaution that must be followed by everyone. Face masks are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination. With the number of Covid cases increasing every day, it is imperative that we all start wearing a mask. Even wearing a cloth mask is helpful. Masks would do more to reduce COVID-19 spread than a strict lockdown Although, wearing a face mask is not beneficial if we do not wear it correctly. Here are some tips as to how you should wear you face mask.

Once you have figured out how to wear a mask follow these tips before wearing the mask: - 




6 Yr Old Amyra Wadhwa Has A Vivid Imagination Along With A Fantastic Vocabulary

Amyra Wadhwa (Carlton 4) is a soon to be 7-year-old student of Grade 2. She loves to read, tell and write stories. She has a vivid imagination along with a fantastic vocabulary. She is already a published author.

Her first book, ‘When the Moon Sneezed!’ was published in June 2020. It is about Ruby, her friend the little star and their adventures through a magical jungle. Her second book, ‘When the Cloud Sulked!’ was published on July 24, 2020 and is a delightful story about friendship. Both her books are available on Kindle.

 Amyra says that she is writing more stories and would love you to read her stories.


Trinity’s Creative Arts Society

By Rajan Misra 

This small group of residents continue to entertain residents through a WhatsApp group:

Lt Col (R) Sumant Khare entertains all every Sunday with his discourse of Sunday Shlokas.https://youtu.be/KjCki55e-54

Anu Shrivastava Bhatnagar: A vibrant voice https://tinyurl.com/y6l5voaf

Rajan Misra: https://youtu.be/F3_ZxQ3BtvU


Make It a Priority to Take Care of Your Mental Health

by Sanah Galgotia

To anybody who needs to hear this, How are you? Have you checked- in with yourself today? It’s so important to take care of you right now. I see you, thinking about everyone else and worrying about every little thing. In case no one’s said it to you today, you’re doing great. 

It’s been a challenging time for everyone right now, on this planet. We need kindness, we need our hearts to be seen, to be heard. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, tell yourself that you are loved and that you are doing great! This might seem trivial, but this is so important right now. 

We are all placed in the midst of a trying time; our inner and outer resources are stretched like never before. We feel the tension, anxiety, and fear around us, within us. It is so important, more than ever, to first take care of our own self. 

If we take care of our needs, with rest, food, exercise, love, you will see that your capacity to give more of this to others will be easier. So make it a priority to take care of your mental health, and you can be available to others with presence



एक सावन ऐसा भी

द्वा रा।  शीला श्रीवास्तव , वैलि गट न इस्टेट १बी ९३

सावन के आते ही प्रकृति,पशु,पक्षी सब झूम उठते हैं और महि लाएं!उनकी तो ये सबसे प्रिय ऋतु है। तीज,नागपंचमी, रक्षा बंधन सब कुछ उन्हीं के सजने संवरने के लिए ही तो आते हैं।शहर की महिलाएं झूला तो नहीं झूल पाती किन्तु उनका मन तो इस ऋतु में निरंतर झूलता ही रहता है।कभी तीज में मेहंदी,हरी चूड़ी,और हरी चुनरी पहन कर,तो कभी रक्षाबंधन में मायके जाकर सनेह की बौछार से सराबोर राखी भाइयों की कलाई पर बांध कर ।लेकिन इस२०२०का सावन? उसने तो इस झूले की चूल ही तो ड डाली। इस तीज में ना तो वे मेले लगे जहां वे अपने परिधानों और साज सज्जा के सामानों की खरीददारी करती थी,ना ही अन रसा और घेवर की खुशबू उन्हें तृप्त कर पाई और न ही सावन के गीतों से गुलज़ार हुआ परिसर।रक्षाबंधन में मायके जाना तो दूर,भाइयों को ऑन लाइन राखी भेज कर ही उन्हें रस्म निभाना पड़ी।लेकिन इस ऑनलाइन राखी में कहां था बहनों का वह स्नेह संस्पर्श,रोली चावल के हर कण में कहां थीं उनके हृदय की ढेरों शुभकामनाएं? क हां थीं अपनेपन के बंधन में बांधती वे कड़ियां? कभी ऐसा सावन फिर न आए।


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Vineet Bagga’s June Walking Is Considered A World Record

By Sheela Srivastava (1B 93 

Indoor walker Vineet Bagga was honored with the certificate and medals for participation in an International Endurance walkathon and ranked 1st over 105 participants by Bharat World Records. He covered 1111. 99 Kms in June, which is considered a world record.

Limca book of records is also going through its verification and due diligence process for this record, which takes 12 weeks before they can certify it. This is remarkable that guy placed 2nd rank could walk 632.65 km only.


My Life Journey through This Pandemic Time

By Ajitha Narula (C4C 124, Carlton 4)
COVID 19 has transformed our life style. Schools, offices, clubs, malls everything is shut. We are confined to our homes and life seems to be very uncertain.
Even though this time is extremely demanding but I am actually quite enjoying it at home.
Since I have been a working parent, I never really got the whole motherhood experience of spending time with the kids and bonding with them because of work timings and demands. After I came back I hardly had any energy or time to engage in activities with them. I missed the little moments in their lives which were special. 
Today when I look at them I feel that time has flown and they are already grown up. During this pandemic situation I feel blessed that I have got to spend time with them as I can connect with them more and at the same time they have been a big support system for me. 
We have taken this situation in a positive light as we took most of our time earlier for granted. We have always focused more towards our work life, this has given us time to give some importance to our own self and enjoy other things in life such as working out, going for regular walks and doing yoga.
This time has made us introspect and we have realised the true meaning of life. It has given us a lot of positivity and we are focusing on a lot of other things and not only thinking about the materialistic aspects of life.
As hard as it can be to stay home and work extra, we should be thankful that we are all together and in good health. Every situation has its positives and negatives. We have learnt that though it is difficult to manage housework and also office work together but it is not impossible.
There are issues and deadlines but I handle them in a positive manner instead of cribbing about them. 
It definitely gets really tiring but the support of my children and husband makes everything easier. There are things about my children and their personality that I am discovering every day as earlier I didn't get the time to be with them. They are growing up to good human beings and that is what matters eventually. There are times when too much housework and stress gets to me but the love and affection showered by my kids makes it worthwhile.

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