DLF-5 Club Drive Samvada Broadcast, June 2020

Princeton Estate, Carlton Estate 1 &4, Wellington Estate, Trinity Towers, Exclusive Floors and Westend Heights


Thank You Dr Jafar Kazmi for Completely Dedicating Yourself towards All Princeton Patients

By Taruna Sharma (P 2B 106, Princeston, 9953948411)

Carona pandemic is spreading day by day and we are in the stage of community transfer. There is a lack in communication from Haryana Government, they aren’t proactively testing. One day we feel our numbers are low, and the next day there is a sudden shock with increased numbers. Our numbers are way high. 

We can only continue to be strict with ourselves and follow all the safety measures. In Princeton we had around 10 cases of Covid 19 positive around 7 June and it was declared a containment zone, three towers in the society were sealed (2A, 2C and 1B) during the sealing our RWA officials provided the residents all the possible facilities like daily/medical requirements, regular deep sanitization of the common areas like lifts, lobbies, staircases corridors. Entry and exit of maids, laundry person, visitors and outsiders to the sealed towers were completed restricted, though some relaxation was given to non covid positive residents for essential daily needs. 

Residents with pets were also allowed to go out of the tower for not more than 15 min. Technical complaints like plumbing and electrical were only allowed.

Thankfully all the positive cases have now recovered and they are all healthy and happy after the home quarantine period, their reports have come negative now. One of the residents has shared his views with all the residents.

“During the complete period of lockdown, we must thank Dr Jafar Kazmi who works as CTF head in Princeton. He was completely dedicated towards all the residents and all the patients, checking their health conditions as well as any medical advice, his efforts are really appreciable. Amit Shrivastava (1B, Princeton) who was positive along with 5 family members stated that they all have fully recovered and back to their normal life. Though the sealing was till 27 June but due to recovery of all the patients it was lifted on 22 June. During the containment period Safal store and Daily needs store were also closed for one week but now all the shops are fully functional.

I think the solution to win the battle against Coronavirus is to enhance our immunity by taking Vitamins C, Vitamin D, Ayurvedic/ homoeopathic medicines (Giloy/ Arsenic album etc.) by doing Yoga/Pranayam/ exercises including exercises for lungs / fast walking etc. etc, and control BP/blood sugar / checking Hemoglobin of blood. In addition to all these preventive measures such as social distancing, using masks and frequent hand wash should also be followed.



Lockdown with My Two Daughters

By Reet Khurana (Carlton)

Lockdown has changed our lives and more so for our kids. Their sense of safety, security and freedom is threatened. Children are free spirited and want to go out and play in the parks, go to school, meet their friends but they have been forced to stay home day and night. It is very important as a parent to keep children positively and productively engaged through the day. 

I have two daughters and being a parent to under 10s can be very challenging. We as a family do the following things to keep our selves meaningfully occupied.

  1. Involve the kids in home chores- I involve my kids in home chores and each one of them has been given a responsibility as simple as watering the plants, making their own bed, drying the clothes and helping fold dry clothes. 

  2. Painting and Craft- This helps me to keep them occupied productively and also bring out their creativity.

  3. Online Classes- Establishing routine becomes crucial for children especially staying indoors. A routine helps them to be engaged and disciplined. The online classes conducted by their school are helping them do that. They attend these online classes for two hours Monday to Friday.

  4. Indoor Games- We have also selected a number of indoor games like Ludo, UNO, Hide and Seek, and Musical chairs that help us bond as a family and also give immense happiness and joy.

In these testing times I would like to praise and salute all the children for their patience. Lockdown is definitely a Learning Phase for me as a parent!!



Smeeta Roy Jain’s Football Size Lilly!

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington) 
Flower lover Smeeta Roy Jain a resident of W 2A-65 is very fond of flowers especially Lilly. Here you can see a football-size lily in her balcony.


Dr Promila- The Artist in Wellington

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington) 

Dr Promila Hardatta (2 c 014) has a keen interest in painting. She loves vibrant colours and painted about 20 paintings.


Carlton Champ Manyata's Touch free Sanitiser Made With Lego!

Noor & Nehmat Bagga in conversation with Manyata (Carlton 4/ A072)


Creative Arts Society, Trinity Towers during Lockdown

By Anand Bhushan (Trinity Towers)

Creative arts society used to hold a monthly event up to Feb 2020. A Holi special event was planned on 20 March which had to be cancelled as large gathering was banned by administration. When it became apparent that the lockdown and ban on the gatherings is to continue for a long period, members decided to post their audios in the whats app group of this society.

Rajan Misra, Sumant Khare, Ravinder Aggarwal, Shailendra Muthu, Anu Bhatnagar and Shushmita Misra posted their audio regularly.

Sumant Khare, Preeti Khare and Sharika Muthu posted their beautiful paintings.

It is a great enjoyment for the listeners and viewers during this isolation period.




Thank you CORONA

By Sheila Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington, 93509 83615)

Everything has two aspects: positive and negative. If we look at the negative side it will only make us feel depressed. On the contrary, looking at the positive side makes us happy and gives us the strength to fight negativity. Corona, which is a global pandemic, shook the world and created horror in our hearts. But surely like every cloud even this one had a silver line to it.  

The main advantage of this lockdown was that it brought the whole family together, strengthening relationships and bonds. With no maids, the entire household got together as one unit, distributing and doing household chores. Everyone contributed to the household, creating different energy and harmony. Home-cooked, healthy food was another high. Not only the homemakers but even men and kids donned the Chef's cap, trying recipes and dishes. 

With no traffic and pollution, nature came to its original form; green and rejuvenating. The air became crisp, healthier and the sky assumed a new hue of blue. Even nights were clear and the sky looked like an inverted saucer dotted with stars. To our surprise, birds were back, even peacocks started frequenting Wellington Estate once again.

This lockdown also impacted the household expense, bringing it down drastically. With no parlour, salons, clubs, gym, malls, it curtailed the expense streak. 

Also, people became very health-conscious and without any fuss moved from cold drinks to "kadha" (made using ingredients to boost immunity) and some other drinks for their health. Despite the space restrictions, many residents started walking inside their apartments, setting, and achieving goals. 

Due to social distancing, there were no get-togethers, no kitty parties, so no gossip, leading to better heart and peace of mind. 

Mr CORONA, you have been a good teacher. You compelled us to learn the meaning of satisfaction, patience, love and self-dependency.



'स्वयंसंवाद' – Dialogue with the self

By Renu Bajaj (Carlton)

Sitting in a balcony of a barricaded condominium at dawn 

Facing the east and waiting for a glimpse of the first sunray 

Hearing the chirping sparrows, looking at flying pigeons 

A crow sitting on railing caws, and there… 'सूर्यदेवता ' appears.

Breathing deeply, I said my prayers.

Looked down at the lush green lawns and the green canopy of trees with Tyndall's effect.

My fellow residents are taking their morning walk with their mask on. To me, they are warriors in the fight against the invasion of invisible enemy. They are building their immune system stronger to serve the residents with fragile or undeveloped immune system. Bathing in Vitamin D, they are determined to fight back the inevitable pandemic.

The main gates are closed. No movement of transport or domestic help. The residents are standing in a marked queue, outside the shop of the daily requirements. 

The sun has risen. My companions returned to their apartments. I guess now, my unmasked friends are washing vegetables with a gentle rub and realizing the bounty of nutrients by nature for our survival. Kneading flour, cooking, and cleaning by oneself to lubricate the joints and acquire flexibility. 

Reading the 'WhatsApp’ messages of care and concern from the Condominium group members, the feeling vacuum of mine, a senior citizen evaporates. Without putting out, even a foot outside the door of my apartment since 25 Mar, I have received my bread and butter courtesy, the efficient STF team of the Condominium.

Social distancing is widened but emotional binding is strengthened.



Lt General Raj Mohan Vohra MVC, PVSM, ADC left for heavenly abode on 14 June 2020 at the age of 88. 

After training in IMA he passed out as commissioned officer in Dec 1952 and joined the Indian army in armoured corps. He was part of UN peace keeping mission in Republic of Congo during 1961-62. In 1965 Indo-Pak war he fought with distinction at Punjab boarder. During 1971 he was commanding officer of Hodson Horse (04 Horse) and his regiment spearheaded the advance across the border capturing Pakistani posts and destroying their tanks. With complete disregard to his personal safety Lt Col Vohra moved well forward and provided inspiring leadership.

He was awarded 'Mahavir Chakra' for displaying conspicuous gallantry and inspiring leadership. 

During peace time his services and leadership quality was well appreciated. For distinguished service he was awarded PVSM and also honoured as ADC to president of India.

He retired in May 1990 as Army commander (C-in-C) of Eastern command. He is survived by his wife and one son.


10 Yr old Khanak (3C-124, Princeton) Publishes a Book ‘Magic Lessons of My Mom’

By Taruna Sharma (P 2B 106, Princeston, 9953948411)

Khanak, 6 grade, 10 yr old is an avid reader of story books. She never planned to write a book but during the lockdown her mom who is a poetry writer inspired her to write a story book. Khanak wrote life lessons that she learnt from her mom. She published her book to reach out to other children and shared her lessons of life. 



A Virtual Group Yoga Class 

By Taruna Sharma (P 2B 106, Princeston, 9953948411)

On Yoga day 'The Warriors India' in Gurugram organised a virtual group yoga class. The class was non-chargeable. In this class, I explained about physical and mental health. How to be fit both physically and mentally.

Many people attended this session and enjoyed.

Nowadays we are facing a lot of problems like an epidemic, so Rahul explained which yoga postures and Pranayama (Breathing exercise) help to fight with this epidemic.



Manju Sharma’s (Wellington 2C -104) Veggies in Pots

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington, 93509 83615)

Manju Sharma (Wellington 2C -104) is very interested in gardening. She grew veggies in pots in which long brinjals, ornament mirchi and pudina were very successful. She has plenty of flower plants along with Aloe Vera, curry leaves, a variety of money plants and tulsi plants.            


Father’s Day by Parth

Little 5 yr old Parth made this for his father on father's day 


Wellington Ladies Distributed Snacks & Drinks

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington, 93509 83615)

Like every year, during this summer as well Wellington ladies distributed snacks and drinks to all the staff in the month of May and June on every Tuesday. On Nirjala Ekadashi, milk mixed with Rooh Afza along with musk melon and biscuits were distributed. 



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Lockdown & Kids

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington, 93509 83615)

Kids are full of energy and this lockdown they gave it a beautiful and creative turn.

Kyra (W 1A 26) loves colouring and painting, she used her maximum potential in experimenting with various Color combinations and tried new ways of doing it.

Five-year-old Aanya (W 1C-32) loves to dance. She brushed up her dance with the help of her mother and TV.

Advit Rana (2 A 85) is a great follower of his grandfather (nana). He started Yoga with nana. Besides that, he is doing painting and learning the Guitar too. 

Hiya, a student of class four gave old flower pots a new look with seashells and vibrant colors. She is so creative that she turned a chocolate box into a photo frame. She loves sketching and dance. Both things were going side by side in the house with painting.



Vineet Bagga (Wellington 2 A- 112) Continues His Running Streak!

By Sheela Srivastava (1 B 93 Wellington, 93509 83615)

Vineet Bagga (Wellington 2 A- 112) has lost 1 kg per week during this lockdown period through walking inside the house and got a certificate from Lockdown indoor run 2020, subsequently, he took part in an International event on the occasion of Global running day and ranked second among 1295 participants. Now he is participating in all India record level. We wish him success.

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