DLF Phase 1 Broadcast May 29, 2020

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Civil Defence Team worked tirelessly ensuring Dry Ration, Cooked Food, & Smooth Movement of Migrants

Rahul Chandola (H Block, 9811050731)

The Pandemic brought with it many miseries but the community spirit of residents around Gurugram ensured “No One went hungry or unattended’. The Civil Defence Team and specially the Zone 3 Team, which I was part of, was Lead by Amit Lahoria who ensured each and every area of zone 3 was covered and help was given to the needy . 

The Gurugram Administration had made arrangements for registration of migrants to go to their native places free of cost , they were asked to collect at Tau Devi Lal Stadium, at sector 14 Girls schools . At the respective assembly points registrations were rechecked, medical’s were done and groups were made to send the Migrants to their respective towns.

The Civil Defence Team would ensure that they were given breakfast, lunch and also cooked food for the way. The Migrants were put up on buses and trains to their respective towns. Civil Defence volunteers literally assisted every migrant and helped in on the spot registrations of migrants who came there without registration. 

The Gurugram Administration had set up counters for registrations & verification . The Civil Defence Volunteers provided bananas, mangoes, milk, tea, water, breakfast and lunch, slippers, masks, sanitary pads for women, all this was being done on a Voluntary basis. 

In the last 2 months, I got to know so many faces of Humanity. Residents, Police Officials,  Civil Defence Volunteers and all other Essential Services Warriors went out of the way to ensure help reaches out to the needy. Distribution of packed food, Dry Ration packs, masks & PPE kits distribution,  Registration of Migrant labour etc etc were all done to ensure that the needy were looked after in this Pandemic. 

The Gurgaon Administration along with Police did a fantastic job to reach out to people. My Civil Defense Team of Zone 3 taught me so much & we all worked hand in hand to ensure we reach out to each one who was in any kind of distress.

Through Samvada I would like to urge Fellow Residents to Contribute for the cause or provide Dry Ration for the needy. Your Contributions would make a Difference in someone’s life. Please feel free to connect with me in case of any clarification. 



Relaxations Post lockdowns

by Usha Kumar ( Silver Oak Apartments)

After going through three strict Lockdowns stretching over a period of almost two months, the relaxations in the fourth Lockdown were a great welcome. The non-essential services had become most essential ones by their absence. Foremost were the housemaids. All the residents heaved a great sigh of relief when maids were allowed in the complex, but with lots of screening and sanitization. They are screened at nominated gates and hand sanitized by Security Guards at every Tower. Sanitizers are available round the clock in every Tower.  

With the arrival of maids, menfolk were relived of household chores which they were bravely sharing with their wives and mothers, though some enterprising ones learnt to bake cakes and piazzas and very proudly displayed them on Wapp and Facebook Hats off to these Corona wizards. 

Now after the relaxations, life has become little bit normal. Mali’s are seen in the gardens where Residents were working hard to save the plants.. Now saloons are open. Ladies are rushing to get their hair and facials done. Male faces which were hidden under heavy beards and long hair are regaining their identity. 

Though relaxations are there, yet the scare of Corona has not reduced. We have to be more careful now. Many senior citizens are now preferring to have 24x7 maids to be safe from outside contamination. During the previous Lockdowns, many new talents were discovered in our Silver Oaks and we embraced each other’s uniqueness. Let us see what do we discover during the Fourth one.

Follow the golden rules of Social distancing, stay-in stay-safe. 



Arun & Rekha Gupta: Community Visionary from H Block

In Nov 2015 Arun Gupta & Family shifted to Kachnar Marg of H Block DLF Phase 1. It took them 3 years to build their beautiful abode. While the construction was going on, Mr Gupta would visit H block to see how things were shaping up and at that time he felt that H block lacked in various spheres of infrastructure  specially the Green Belt running parallel to his house in Kachnar Marg. Nobody knew, that this family would soon be instrumental in changing how people would think about H Block. 

The Gupta family is very Humble. Arun & Rekha moved in H Block with their son Amit & daughter in law Navita and two Grand Daughters Vanya & Aanhaita. Arun & Rekha also have a daughter Aditi who has 2 sons Arhaan and Arav. 

Arun ji has an OEM set up of Automotive components for passenger cars, his Son Amit runs a Natural mineral water brand by the name of Blue Pine and have their plant set up at Kashipur.

The Green Belt in front of their house was in shambles & they thought what could they do in an Individual capacity to change the face of the Green Belt and how they could change it into a Beautiful Lush Green space which will drive Residents to come & enjoy the natural beauty & work towards a Healthy Living . Mr Gupta got 80 truck loads of Malba removed from the Green belt . He also got in touch with the HBRC team & showed his desire to improve the Green belt from Gate No1 to Gate No 2 .   

He first took up the task of cleaning the Green belt and then fencing inner side of the Green Belt from Gate no 1 to Gate No 2. HBRC helped & supported him with all the necessary permissions & gave him logistical support to ensure his dream came to reality . Once the fencing was done he took up the task of laying a walking track in the Green Belt . HBRC again supported him as it was a win-win situation for both . 

Like they say behind every Successful man there is a woman & behind Arun Gupta is his wife Rekha who is an ardent plant Lover and maintains a beautiful Garden in their lawn and also ensures various vegetables are grown in the Green Belt.

Today in the H Block green belt kitchen gardens are in place and residents love the concept of having a kitchen garden. Mrs Gupta also ensures that the resident families meet on regular basis and bond.

The Gupta family has also put up a water cooler outside their house to ensure regular water for the passer by, what a Noble gesture that is! Arun ji likes to make friends & he loves to party with his grand children on weekends. The Gupta family is a true Inspiration of community living.



तुम क्या जानो

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


Plot Clearing

Long pending work of vacant plots cleaning being undertaken in A Block Extension by the MCG


Erratic Garbage Collection

MCG Councilor RS Rathee had a meeting with a private vendor as well as Ecogreen team regarding the smoothening of garbage collection. He apprised them that for the last couple of days garbage collection is very irregular, and residents are facing problems, and complaining like no timings of collection, demanding of money etc.

He instructed them ensure that there should be no complaints from residents of DLF City Phases I and II. Both of them assured us that by Monday morning they will give a final proposal for proper door-to-door garbage collection. Either it will be handled by the private vendor or by  Ecogreen, but the system will work smoothly. Once the system is streamlined, they will accordingly finalise the charges for collection as per MCG norms.


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Blood Donation

Gurgaon Citizens Council organised a blood donation in association with Navkalp Foundation and Lions Blood Bank at 49 Arjun Marg DLF Phase 1 on 17 May 2020 under the aegis of RS Rathee. More than 50 people came and donated blood. Addl. Municipal Commissioner, Amardeep Jain presented the donors with certificates.



The Germ That Travelled The World.

Story For Kids Narrated by Neha George


Return Of The Bai

by Cdr Rajeev Kanwara (Sector 50 Noida, 9891446469)

Received a message on our society social group a forward from the President of the sector’s RWA, stating that our sector has now been placed in the green zone of Noida. I don’t think anyone can imagine my happiness. This was a eureka moment for me. A news bigger than one I was given by the Nurse on birth of our first child “ Aap Baap ban gaye ho”.

Can you imagine our sector did a triple jump? That is, we moved from the containment zone to the green zone, skipping the red and orange. When was the last time I did a triple jump? Maybe, four decades plus back in the academy. My first reaction was the recall of Maids. After all, we had to get the economy on rails. Earlier we had two maids. One doing the chopping, cooking and the other for Jhadu, Pocha, bathrooms, washing etc. In the absence of the maids the above chores were shared by me and my boss, the wifey. Well no two guesses as to what was my share of the work load. 

However, there was a rider. Only one Household help for one house. I discussed this restriction with my wife so as to decide as to which maid to recall. In my view it was better to recall the maid who had more chores. The wife looked into my eyes and her heart melted. She announced her decision. Let us take a vote from our friends and relatives. The voting was to take place on the social media. I understood the trick. My wife knew very well who was the friendly type in the family and had more number of friends in the social media. 

The voting took place. Votes counted and the result was announced. A divine hand had done the works. Friends and relatives voted whole heartedly for the Jhadu Pocha wali. My wife’s reaction was cool as a cucumber. She handed me over a list of videos on the U-tube. COOKING FOR BIGGENERS. 


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An Appeal to Some Good Samaritans To Adopt An Abandoned Pet!

By Ritu Mathur (Carlton Estate)

People who abandon their pets are the most inhuman. There is absolutely no excuse for this. 

Pets are domesticated creatures completely dependent upon their owners for survival. They have emotions; suffer pain, loss grief, sorrow and depression.

There is a saying that people’s character should be determined how they treat others and I think others should include animals who cannot speak in their defense or point finger in courts.

Any one abandoning pets are unworthy of being called humans.

A victim of such an act is this beautiful creature left by someone outside DLF phase 5 club building on 17th May. 

This is an appeal to some good samaritans to come forward and adopt her.

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