DLF Phase 2 Broadcast May 31, 2020


Firangi Girl's singing challenge

by Smriti Chhabra & Suman Kashyap

A wave of refreshing music took over the days of the DLF 2 ladies on their large social media group Firangi girls. Last week Suman Kashyap, admin of the group initiated a chain challenge to put in a video singing a song and nominate three more to share their singing videos.  It began with a slow pace with a few showing confidence to sing on camera and few being hesitant to sing also. After just a day, the enthusiasm grew and many took a plunge to come on camera singing for the first time in their life. Some were so excited to put in their video that they did not even wait for being nominated. The participation kept growing multifold each day of the last week with few putting in not just one but many audios or videos. More than 30 women made beautiful efforts to sing a few lines of songs of their choice. Some mesmerising voices and some husky ones, brought songs from bygone decades from 1960s to the latest movies.

Punjabi folk songs were attempted by a few too. It was an opportunity even to dress up a bit after weeks to show their pretty looks. A few inactive members of the group used the challenge to come on video and introduce themselves. Some new lyrics were created on the life during lockdown and covid and sung too. Quite a handful came out as surprisingly wonderful singers and hidden talents in the pool. 

With everyone missing the group meet ups, the whole exercise connected everyone in a personal way and kept a cheerful happy feel in the group over the days.



Garbage Woes

by Kangan Jain

Garbage collection has added another problem to the list of issues faced by residents during lockdown .  

When DLF -2 was abandoned by cycle rickshaw garbage collectors at the start of lockdown Eco green vans came to the residents rescue. They had limited vans and made many trips to collect the garbage. The ecogreen vans have been very in frequent visitors around the colony now. Drivers are not cooperating and making excuses. Vehicles don’t have sirens and labour doesn’t ring doorbells and there is no confirmed timetable either. 
Councillor RS Rathi raised these issues strongly before joint commissioner MCG and they tried to find a permanent solution to the problem . 

The following points were discussed:

1. Everyday 10 vans would be provided for garbage collection, a time range would be allocated for each block .

2. Drivers would not be changed on daily basis and if anyone acts unprofessional he would be replaced swiftly.

3. User charges would be applicable as per MCG  norms, complaints can be filed if anyone demands extra. 

Joint commissioner Shri Hariom Atri strictly directed ecogreen officials to take this matter seriously.

These garbage collectors are also prone to infection and need to be properly equipped with PPE, masks, gloves etc. Moreover they work in the scorching heat so it could be nice if they could be provided with water or energy drink by residents . A humanitarian approach needs to be maintained during dealing with them after all they are risking their health to serve us better.

Inspite of all these efforts residents still complaint as daily some or the other lane gets left out. The garbage collections starts very late in the day and still the timings are not being adhered to. Very few are able to hear the Gurugram song being played by the van hence they are forced to track the van whereabouts though DLF -2 local whatsapp groups. 
We implore authorities to fix daily time for the vans per lane so that the issues can be smoothed out before late collecting of garbage add to any serious health issues. 


Peach Colorado.jpeg
Pink nangwang.jpeg
Blue nangwang
Water Lilies.jpeg
Nymphaea rubra. Night bloomer.jpeg
Water Lily 1
Water Lilies
Water Lilies
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 atWater Lilies
Water Lilies
Water Lilies
Water Lily 2.jpeg
Water Lilies

Growing Water Lilies at Home

Mona Bhardwaj in conversation with Aarti Mashewari 
Photo credits: Aarti Maheshwari

It’s said be like a water lily, it doesn’t get effected by its surroundings and flourishes on its own.

Water lilies are found in abundance in the Indian Sub-continent, it’s a summer plant which blooms from February to November and if it gets good 5-6 hours of sun in the winters it can give flowers for twelve months.

Water lilies have found a place in home gardens and give an aesthetic sense of taste. They are of two types, Tropical and Hardy. The difference between the two being; tropical flower blooms high above the water in intense colours and has a light fragrance. The Hardy blooms float on the surface of the water and does not have any aroma. Tropical lilies give more blooms than a Hardy one. The life of one bloom is almost three days for both types. Tropical ones are propagated through nodes on the leaf which is placed upside down in the water body. The Hardy ones propagate through seeds or through reproduction which occurs naturally. It’s easy to grow these lilies in pots, and small ponds in home gardens. These lilies need to be repotted once a year else their roots become bound and spread widely in the pots. Saving the mother root others can be trimmed and re potted to get bigger and better blooms.

To grow lilies one just needs planters, gravel, some slow release fertiliser tablets and the plant of your choice. The main plant is set or grown after propagation in a small pot which is then inserted in a bigger pot or pond and left to grow and spread. Compost is not used for growing lilies.

Most common and sought lilies are Colorado and Wanvisa. Dauben is the easiest to grow and they multiply fast too. Antares and Nymphaea Red flare is a variety that blooms from dusk to dawn.

Mosquitoes, a serious concern can be kept under control by adding small Mollie fish.

Aarti has been propagating water lilies since last two years along with her friends from kitchen garden group. They have a water lily group where they all share pictures and notes on lilies. Many ladies from phase 2 have joined in growing lilies and Aarti has shared these water beauties with them. Acquiring all variants and colours has become their mission now.



RWA helps in filling online forms for Migrants

by Mona Bhardwaj

With no work and no income Migrants were forced to leave for their hometowns. RWA of DLF 2 has done enough in supporting them, in ways of providing ration, filling manual forms and keeping track of them. When special trains and buses were provided by the government, it was necessary to upload details online on edisha site in order to let the respective states know how many migrants were returning and accordingly arrangements done. RWA requested residents to come forward and help in filling the forms online sitting at home. This required calling the migrants, confirming their status, their ID no’s and updating the forms.

Nearly 500 forms were uploaded helping over 900 migrants stuck up in phase 2 to go back home. A team of volunteers was formed consisting of Manish Dhawan, Nitesh Arora, Sumit Oberoi, Suman Kashyap, Smita Aggarwal, Prashant Singh and Mona Bhardwaj. C.P. Singh gave online training to fill the form and in four days the work was done.

I was overwhelmed when I received a call from a migrant who had reached his village in Bihar to thank us in helping him reach home. This lit a ray of hope in the dark cloud of hopelessness. Always remain positive.



Opening The Gates

by Nidhi Lamba

In an attempt to set in to the new normal, as the lockdown norms were eased out & to be able to control the outgoing and incoming traffic, 3 out of 6 entry/exit points to DLF phase 2 were made accessible to all residents. Besides these 3 gates, maids and other domestic helps were asked to access gate number 2 for entry or exit. 

Gates number 3,5 & 6 were opened for all. While gate number 3- opening out towards City Court, is to remain open all throughout, Gates 5 - opening out to National highway 48 & 6-opening out from Privat hospital side, were scheduled to open only between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.



Smt. Sheela Rani Syal, m/o Surender Syal r/o 92A, ANM,  left for her heavenly abode on 22 May 2020.  We pray for the departed soul to rest in peace and our condolences to the bereaved family.


ID Cards For The Domestic Staff

by Anuradha Nakra

Once the lockdown was eased, people started asking for permission for maids, drivers, and guards etc to be allowed to come back to work. While the RWA understood the risks involved; there was a humanitarian crisis too - with so many people rendered jobless and hungry.

It was decided that new identification cards would be issued as DLF had stopped making them for quite some time now.

Most residents liked the idea although there was resistance from some. The iCards served a lot of purpose, all the details and photographs of the staff were documented. The areas from where they came to work also noted. The message was spread that no staff would be allowed to enter without the pass.

Another very good use of the ID card is that the guards would now know if any of the household helps is coming from containment zone.



Aradhya wins 3rd position

by Nidhi Lamba
Who says COVID didnt bring any good news? Here we have a wonderful news to share with all. Aradhya Gupta, 9 year old, resident of J block, participated in an online craft competition organized by Haryana state council for child welfare - paper craft by waste newspapers. 
We would like to congratulate her on having acquired the 3rd position among many who participated. 
It’s a pleasure to know that children are making good use of the time during lockdown.


Seniors engaged in Online Activities

by Mona Bhardwaj

Ever since the beginning of the lockdown most of us took time to get used to the new ways of work & life. Life was revolving around water, light, garbage, helpers etc. To bring our seniors of Club 65+ out of this, the Dynamic Dozen Dames of All Is Well decided to come up with activities to keep seniors occupied On line. List of activities was formed and it was decided to share two activities per week and encourage everyone to participate. The first week saw seniors participating in Slogan writing and posting their picture with it, and playing any musical instrument. It was heartening to see the response and get encouraging remarks and comments from all.

Week two activity was to post a picture of flowers, trees, fruit or vegetables growing at home. And /or Sing a song, bhajan, solo or a duet. Every Monday set of new activity is posted and on Sunday we share the results. It is hard to choose winners. Participation is the main award. Seniors are really enjoying this and at times ask questions like kids. This is our reward. We have activities lined up for one full month.

Besides AIW, the other senior group; Dignity Foundation has been active on online activities and engaged seniors in them. They have been meeting on Zoom Meetings, Monday to Friday in the evenings. Here they chat, play tambola, antakshari and talk and see each other. Mother’s Day was celebrated and the best was to have a Fashion Show on line.

Most ladies and men participated in it and had a lot of fun. In Madhu Gupta ji’s words, “hum zoom par dhoom kar rahe hain” stole my heart and I felt this is the best way to live.



Sapna Sehrawat The Unstoppable Covid Warrior

by Anuradha Nakra

Sapna Sehrawat is a name known to almost everyone here in DLF. She is always at the front line what ever the problem may be. Last few months we’ve seen her distributing rations milk and bread to the needy. She spends money from her own pocket when donations dry up but nothing stops her. Come heat, rain or even health issues -she’s not deterred.

Such is the persona of Sapna Sehrawat that her goodwill actions are now being mentioned in tweets to the PM and CM. Infact Haryana CM has given her credit for her selfless work in one of his tweets. 

A Leader of the Jat community writes “You are real nationalist and humanist. You aren't only an asset to our Jat community but you are an asset to our country. 

A leader of National Kisaan in a letter to the CM wrote

“During this global crisis on humanity, we are noticing special tasks undertaken by several persons for giving social services. 

RWAs played an active role in urban localities. Then, we noticed individual persons who are rendering good services in the battlefield against Corona. On PM Modi’s call, we saw a dedicated social activists of DLF Gurugram namely Mrs Sapna Sehrawat. Sapna with her husband is regularly distributing foods and rations to the poor.

Apart from this, various groups honoured her in the last few months and she was awarded 9 different times as corona warrior!

A few groups worth mentioning are Anti Crime and Corruption, Youth organisation, Hindu Bhagwa Vahini, AIIPPHS and WHO who gave her a certificate of achievement for prevention of Covid-19. 

Kudos to Sapna for her dedication towards fighting Covid!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 12.52.26.jp
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 12.52.25.jp
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 12.52.26 (1
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 12.52.27.jp

Blood Donation Camp

by Smriti Chhabra

Gurgaon Citizens Council organised a blood donation in association with Navkalp Foundation and Lions Blood Bank at 49 Arjun Marg DLF Phase 1 on 17 May 2020 under the aegis of R.S.Rathee. More than 50 people came and donated blood. Addl. Municipal Commissioner, Amardeep Jain presented the donors with certificates.


Storytelling For Kids: The Germ That Travelled The World

Story For Kids Narrated by Neha George


An Appeal to Some Good Samaritans To Adopt An Abandoned Pet!

By Ritu Mathur (Carlton Estate)

People who abandon their pets are the most inhuman. There is absolutely no excuse for this. 

Pets are domesticated creatures completely dependent upon their owners for survival. They have emotions; suffer pain, loss grief, sorrow and depression.

There is a saying that people’s character should be determined how they treat others and I think others should include animals who cannot speak in their defense or point finger in courts.

Any one abandoning pets are unworthy of being called humans.

A victim of such an act is this beautiful creature left by someone outside DLF phase 5 club building on 17th May. 

This is an appeal to some good samaritans to come forward and adopt her.


तुम क्या जानो

Poetry By Malti Sawhney (Silver oak Apartments)


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