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The Placebo Effect of Having an Oxygen Machine Ready at Hand

Delhi Government Decides to make Oxygen Machines available at Home

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

E-Block RWA was first of the Blocks to Hire Oxygen Concentrators for the Benefit of its Members in an emergency at odd hours, when Medical Help may be difficult to arrange. After the news broke out in the Media, many RWA’s across Delhi followed suit and made arrangements in their respective Societies.

‘Save Our City’ Campaign, a collective of RWA Federations of Delhi/NCR, NGOs & Activists had been writing letters to the CM of Delhi that the Ground Situation is not as Rosy as is being made out in TV Interviews. SOC wrote a letter to CM on 11 June demanding that RWAs be equipped with Oxygen Concentrators for Home Quarantine Patients. LG Anil Baijal too contacted E-Block RWS to enquire about the initiative of Hiring Oxygen Machines.

Delhi Government has since framed a Policy that Home Isolation Patients will be supplied Oximeters and supplied Oxygen at the Doorstep. This is indeed a step in the right direction as most patients experience a drop in Oxygen Level, once Oxygen levels drop below 75-80 the patient becomes more and more critical, it is important to maintain Oxygen above 93.

The E-Block machines have since been given to a few patients, the encouraging News is that two Patients did not even use the machine due to the PLACEBO EFFECT comforting them enough, resulting in their Oxygen Levels  reach sustainable levels. Kudos to the initiative of E-Block RWS under the Chairmanship of Sanjay Anand who is constantly following up with Authorities and comforting the residents.

A Caregiver of a Patient messaged….. “After seeing the oxygen my father finally had soup and one slice of bread. He hadn't eaten anything since the afternoon ….. Thank you so much……. Good morning Rajivji..... My father has improved 2-3%, though the fever went up to 102 early morning and oxygen levels also fluctuated to 91.  We haven't used the concentrator as yet - it’s very presence has made him feel better!!!.... Let me know when you want to pick it up...... the later the better as it’s a big moral support to him. Grateful.”



One Way Traffic around the Park & Through One of the Gates

by MK Gupta (S Block)

These tough times also gave an opportunity to SBWS & many concerned residents to implement a long standing demand and a genuine concern of implementing one-way-traffic around the centrally located Park.

S- Block is in existence for almost last sixty years. With an explosive population of cars, the demand for one way traffic has been echoed for the last twenty years or so.

Due to some impediments, it could not be implemented over all these years.

During the Covid times, when the traffic density was low & residents were more disciplined & listening to the Society, a decision was taken to implement the idea under the supervision of Brig Anil Mehra.

Boards have been put up at strategic locations & the system is working with about 80% results. Some outsiders & commercial vehicles are difficult to control. Society Security guards are putting their best foot forward to manage things.

Similarly out of the two operational gates, one has been made (Gate 4) one way only.

Residents are slowly getting used to the system. There is a lot of appreciation with a few voices of dissent.


Poetry by Jaya Kapoor (N Block)


Most Cases in N Block Recovered Well In Home Quarantine & None Needed Oxygen So Far

By Dr Reeta Mahesh (President, NBWA)

One often hears about people running from pillar to post trying to get a bed in any of the Covid designated hospitals, if only oxygen was administered in time, the patient would have been saved. 

As the saying goes, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Taking a step towards preparedness of home quarantine, the N block Welfare Association has procured four oxygen cylinders complete with regulator etc. to be able to help our ailing residents tide over the crucial time of finding a Covid bed. Some may recover with oxygen administration only and not require hospitalisation at all. Dr P D Nayar of our block guided us in setting up of the apparatus.

Dr Anand arranged for four pulse Oximeters, three infrared thermometers, four tiny oxygen cylinders, five PPEs and some masks. All the above equipment is going to help us fight the deadly virus.

Most of the cases in our block have recovered well in home quarantine and none of them needed oxygen so far. Dealing with the sanitation authorities has not been easy but I understand that the system is over burdened.

In today's scenario, when the hospitals are brimming with patients, we should pray that we get away with mild symptoms in home quarantine.

We are constantly advising our residents to stay safe:

Wash their hands frequently.

Maintain social distancing.

Wear a mask, if you hate wearing a mask, you will certainly not like the ventilator.



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Many Residents still Hide Covid Affliction for fear of Social Ostracisation

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

After the initial scare most colonies have done their best to dispel fears of Social Ostracisation among fellow residents. Still there are many who hide the facts, for reasons best known to them. The Law is on their side, in fact Government encourages home Isolation and recently when the Delhi LG Shri Anil Baijal, withdrew the order allowing Home Isolation, it was vehemently opposed by Delhites.

In the 2nd edition of Digital Samvada I had written how residents are dispelling fears of Social Ostracisation - Extract - “Affected families were immediately comforted by the RWS and The Residents In One Voice Dispelled Their Fears Of Social Ostracisation. Encouraged by neighbourhood response other impacted families started to voluntarily inform RWS so that Govt Counselling, Sanitisation and Garbage Disposal could be organised.”

Now There Is Reverse Ostracisation against those who hide their illness as it puts many unwary residents in the neighbourhood at risk. RWS on its part has requested residents on condition of Anonymity, to inform unusual activity or change in routine of neighbours so that RWS can confront such residents. 

Those who do not voluntarily disclose and try to hide their illness should realise that sooner or later the facts would come out and at that time they stand to lose sympathy of neighbours for putting others at risk. Covid Garbage removal is a very specialised task, regular Garbage Collectors and Delivery Boys handling Cash Payments will unknowingly carry the Virus to other unsuspecting homes. Let Us Fight Covid Together.



Corona Warriors of N Block Commended

By Dr Reeta Mahesh (President, NBWA)
The efforts of four of our management committee members were commended by two different organizations as is apparent from the certificates. They provided food to the needy in the last few months of the pandemic, as reported in our previous broadcasts. The most recent one being on the 26 and 27 May and 2 June, where they fed 250 people with mattar paneer, kadhi, rice and chabeel. God bless these brave Corona Warriors.


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DDA’s MPD-2021 to Blame for Uncontrolled Spread of Covid-19 in the City

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)


It was in 2005-2006 at the height of the infamous Sealing and Demolition Drive at the behest of Supreme Court that some semblance of Rule of Building Bye-Laws was attempted. Thereafter DDA enacted over 250 Amendments to the MPD-2021 legalising every conceivable illegality.

My school mate’s father RL Saxena, a renowned Architect informs, in the 1st Master Plan of Delhi, Building Bye-Laws were drafted by the Ministry of Health to ensure Public Health. Section 11A of DDA Act also limits on Population Density of different areas Residential, Commercial & Industrial.

Every Habitable Room, Kitchen, Bathroom etc should get at least One Hour of Sunlight and Ample Air Circulation etc for Healthy Living. The Greed of Property Owners and ever willing DDA bending backwards to Accommodate the Trader, Builder, unauthorised Colony & Village Folk Lobby, threw all norms enshrined in Bye-Laws that ensured a Healthy Habitat, into the dustbin.

The Calamitous Mixed-Land-Use allowing Shops, Restaurants, Industries, Godowns in Residential Areas, have all contributed to the Spread of Covid in Urban Sprawls. Further, New Age Urban Buildings are all designed for Central Air-conditioning with no Natural Air Circulation, reason why Hospitals, Offices, Malls etc not switching on Central ACs.

Today most areas have a Population Density of Ten Times over the prescribed limit, any surprise that Covid is spreading faster in High Density Areas, from where most of the Service Staff, Delivery Boys, Shop Assistants reside.

Delhi has become a nonstop Urban Jungle in Seismic Zone IV, every thing that Ails Delhi Today is the result of a Flawed MPD-2021...... Smog, Crime, Parking, Traffic Jams, Untreated Sewage, Water Logging, Encroachments, Overloaded Public Transport & Hospitals, Lack of School & College Seats etc.

Recent Earthquakes and Covid have added to the woes of already suffering Delhites, due to lack of basic amenities like Solid Waste Disposal, Potholed Roads, Clogged Drainage, and Depleting Water Table etc. Delhi can ill-afford further densification in the hands of a Paralyzed Government and Inept Civic Authorities.



Covid Patients in S Block

By MK Gupta

S Block has been somewhat lucky in this respect, may be due to a very strict control by RWA, on the movement of people & self-discipline shown by residents.

Majority of residents, even some top shot professionals & CEO’s of some companies have not called their maids & drivers, in the last three months.

They have learnt to do dishes & “Jharru Poccha”, themselves. In some cases husbands have also pitched in.

I for one has been cleaning my own apartment floor myself for the past three months & have done a good job. Wife is looking after another floor.

Out of the total six patients, in four households, five residents have fully recovered. Punish Dhingra (40 yr old) completed his home quarantine on 25 June and is absolutely healthy. One Lady Is still In The Hospital And Recovering.



Property Tax Camp in S Block

This year, SDMC & other corporations made it mandatory that the Property tax for the Year 2020-21 will be filed only “On Line”

These guys did not bother to check if the system is working or not.

With in a few days it was realized that the web site was a total failure & it was almost impossible to log in & file returns.

S Block welfare Society as usual came to the forefront & took up the matter with Jt. A & C to organize a camp in the block & accept cheque payments.

Clearance was given but the whole onus was put on SBWS to get the forms printed, distribute the same & collect the cheques.

Any way the office bearers of Society took the challenge & organized the camp on 7 June in the SBWS office in the park.

The team guided sr citizens & collected around 80 cheques amounting to Rs 9.6 lakhs over two days & handed them over to SDMC.

Receipts were received from SDMC, quite promptly & were again distributed to residents (Members – non members alike.)



View From The Terrace

This picture was clicked by MK Gupta from his terrace a few days back. Lots of residents appreciated it when he posted it in the group. One youngster even requested him if he could post it on his Instagram.


Mutt Musing!

As I walk my dog

I see and hear sounds

Hitherto unnoticed

The sweet sound of birds chirping

Peacocks screaming in the jungle afar

A lone monkey walking along the wall

A harried single looking for curry leaves

A man conducting business on his phone

Anew father singing to his son

His father watering plants!

My boisterous neighbour playing board games

Placid dogs with no cars to chase

Lazing on a mound of sand

Night guards discussing the pandemic

Construction workers busy cooking

Loud music on their phones

Speaking to their families far away

Reassuring them that all was okay

- I wrote this poem in the beginning of the Lockdown, sometime in March. This is a tribute to my beloved Lhasa Apso (the only one in S block with a SDMC ID card!), who passed away on Sun, 21 June and left us heartbroken”, Seema Bhasin Singh (S 369). 

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