Greater Kailash -1 Broadcast July 15-31, 2020


With Cycling Trend Catching up High Time GK 1 has Cycling Tracks

By Binny Yadav (9871999556)

Thanks to Covid 19 induced lockdown, residents have gone back to the culture of cycling in a big way. The trend has caught up with residents of all age groups. It is a very common sight these days to see families with parents and small children in group taking a bicycle ride on Hansraaj Gupta road.

Youngsters who are seen in groups go for longer and more interesting rides of India gate and Raisina Hills near Rashtrapati Bhawan. For older school-going children cycling trend has come as a big reliever in the restrictive times of corona, which they find safer, healthier and much more interesting.

Parents find it as an opportunity of not only recreation but also a great way of exercising with children. For youngsters cycling has given them an alternative in absence of gyms that are closed due to lockdown.

Residents insist that cycling trend is the best thing which has come up in corona times. Anshuman Khera, a residents of E block, GK 1, says that he bought a cycle during the lockdown period and maintains that the demand of cycle has gone up so much since the lockdown that many big cycle stores are running out of stock and are not able to cater to the suddenly shot up demand.

The residents are extremely thrilled with the new culture, but the only worry remains is the safety on the roads. A general feeling is that Delhi roads are not cycle friendly. They feel that there should be separate tracks for cyclists as this is a great way of commuting as well as exercising.

But there is good news too! Cycling track may soon see the light of the day as the DDA is already working on the project of cycling track after the inauguration by Home Minister Amit Shah in Jan 2020. The project is slated for completion in four years.

With the cycling culture already hooked up among the residents the cycling tracks would definitely boost the trend further as the safety concern would be resolved.

Cycling tracks would also encourage residents to shun their private vehicles which would not only decongest the roads but also help in easing out pollution.



Academic Excellence Awards- S Block

Felicitation Was Conducted through a Virtual Zoom Meeting

By MK Gupta

As in the past three years, S Block welfare Society decided to felicitate its achievers in class X & XII CBSE exams.

Nominations and marks sheets were invited from those who scored 90% and more marks in the boards.

For XII boards, SBWS awards three toppers from three different streams. Eight students qualified.

The topper in the Science stream is Aashna Malhotra (95 % marks).

Topper in Commerce stream is Naman Aggarwal (97.50% marks) and topper in humanities stream is Vasundhra Khanna (96.5 % marks). They have been given Rs Four thousand each.

2nd & third position holders were given Rs 3000 & two thousand each.

For 10th boards, nine students qualified.

The topper was Varunika Jain (96.8 % marks, overall) got Rs four thousand.

The other eight were given amounts ranging from Rs three thousand to one thousand.

A special prize was given to Sagar Sachdeva for securing 100% marks in painting in XII Boards.

Total amount of Rs forty one thousand was disbursed to the winners, along with merit certificates. Felicitation was conducted on a virtual Zoom meeting.

SBWS team extends its best wishes to all the winners for their future. The winners were decided after due scrutiny by the cultural committee of SBWS, headed by our renowned Science teacher Sunita Goel.




Water Logging Woes

Authorities Found Wanting Again
But Residents Too Should Shoulder Part Blame

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Every year the same story of water logging repeats and the same angry voices resurface and the blame game between SDMC, DJB & PWD begins. De-silting of drains is more an eyewash and waste of money as the drains cannot be de-silted, as they have been either encroached upon or covered end to end or blocked due to garbage pile up. A few years back both PWD and SDMC relayed the Storm Water Drains on Hansraj Gupta Marg and six blocks of GK-I leaving out E & R blocks. For the past few years water has been clearing out and not much water logging was seen and GK residents heaved a sigh of relief.

This year the downpours have been rather sever and various WhatsApp Groups were flooded with Photos and Videos of knee deep water flowing on streets. Covid delayed de-silting wherever possible but anger persists. Sewers were also overflowing, now what caused Sewers to overflow is another matter of concern. The anger on SDMC, DJB and PWD is justified, not just because there was a delay in De-silting but Why Did They Allow Covering Of Drains By House owners, Encroachments Etc.

Residents too should take part of the blame. If we block the path of the water to the drain for beautification or cover the drains to create Parking then water will flow on the roads. Some people just fill up the drain with malba so even if de-silting is done it is a wasted effort, as water will eventually come on the road and leave the rest of the drain a disease prone Stinking Pool of stagnant water. During de-silting what comes out is Household Garbage, Plastic Bottles, House hold Waste etc. So who threw it there???

As for overflowing Sewers, people often cite water gushing out of manhole. How Does Rain Water Get Into The Sewer System??? Many people have connected their Rain Water Drains from Terrace to the Sewer System. This water is not supposed to get into the Sewer System and huge downpour fills up the Sewer lines causing water to backflow into homes or flow out by lifting the Manhole Covers. This year most of the Roads cleared within 25-30 minutes of the downpour…… Had ‘We The People’ Not Choked The Newly Laid Drains And Sewers Then Things Could Have Been Different.



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Trees Fell / Broken During Rains

By MK Gupta

During the torrential rains on 17 July and 22 July, a few trees were broken, blocking the inner roads of S block. Luckily no damage was caused to any car etc

SBWS guards swung in to action on the morning of 17 July & cleared the roads near S-184 tee point. On 22 July, matter was reported to SO, SZ, SDMC for the tree near S522. 

Team arrived very promptly and with the help of SBWS office bearers & staff cleared the broken branches and trimmed the tree.



Crimes of Desperation

Is the Police Clueless in Stopping Such Crimes???

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

In Broad daylight on a Busy Road in C-Block GK-I opposite Gurdwara a daring snatching incident took place that has shaken the Residents as the chilling CCTV Footage shows the confidence with which the Criminals struck. Social Media is full of CCTV Videos of Crimes being committed from all over Delhi. This is not a sudden trend, even before Covid took its toll on Livelihood, Chain Snatching by Criminals on Motorbikes were rampant. Samvada had covered my story of one such crime in July 2019, wherein I cautioned the Police to be Proactive in stopping such crimes. Most such incidents are either not reported or recorded to keep the Balance Sheet Clean.

Soon after Unlock-1.0 Crimes of Desperation have shot up and Police Seems Clueless to tackle these. During Lockdown Police had it good with Barricades put up with just one Entry/Exit for the whole of GK-I, Kailash Colony, Pamposh, Hemkunt, Chirag & GK-I Enclave. With no movement on the streets every now and then Police would drive past on Mobike with blaring sirens or conduct a Flag March in a convoy of Jeeps and Mobikes with a Megaphone in Hand voicing Dos & Don’ts. In posh GK thankfully they did not resort to Lathi Wielding on habitual Lockdown Offenders, I am not sure how they fared in Jamrudpur.

Such was their complete control that even RWA Office Bearers were firmly (Rudely) told to remain within limits, when residents of E-Block were forced to Protest the influx of Foreign Tourists in Transit into OYO Guest House at the height of Tabligi Jamat fiasco and fear of Covid was at its Peak. It is one thing to be in Control with everyone Locked up, but that is not what Police is there for, Police has to Curb Crime in Normal times when its business as usual…… There We Find It A Total Failure, In Both Deterance Or In Catching The Criminals.

GK-I still has many roads barricaded, what use are they if there are no personnel standing guard to catch suspects. The Criminals know that this is a Low Risk Vocation as they are booked under mild charges and since they always wear Helmets with Hoods they cannot be identified in TIP even if they are caught and confess to the crime. I have seen little presence of Police after Lockdown was lifted, criminals and encroachers are having a field day and residents are worried. RWA’s will do well to question the police top brass on how they intend to restore confidence among residents and curb such crimes from taking place, in their next interaction (Photo-OP).



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MLA & Councillor Hold Zoom Meetings with RWA Office Bearers

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Things seem to be settling down as we approach the last week of July and the fresh cases being reported are down within one thousand from a high of almost four thousand. Although the respective WhatsApp Groups of the MLA and the Councillor have been abuzz with grievance redressal messages that are being monitored by the elected representatives. MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj himself requested to be added to the various Block Groups to address complaints and to have first hand information about the ground reality.

Saurabh Bharadwaj called a meeting of RWA representatives on Zoom; where over 50 people interacted over a period of two hours. Office Bearers raised many issues plagueging the area, that were somewhat neglected while tackling Covid. From Storm Water Drains, to CCTVs to Encroachments were all discussed and the MLA said that he is quite actively working on pending works that have been delayed due to Covid.

Shikha Rai too called a meeting of various Block Presidents and Secretaries over Google meet to get firsthand feedback on the state of affairs. Encroachments, Sanitation and Repair Work in back lanes after digging by Airtel, Water Logging were the main topics of discussion. RWAs have welcomed these initiatives, as over the past four months many Civic issues have been neglected and it’s time to normalise delivery of Municipal services.




Sheila Darbari (S- 528) left for her heavenly abode on 18 July, 2020


Citizens’ Voice Finally being Heard by Govt Augurs Well for the City in Covid Times

Samvada Impact

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

‘Save Our City’ Campaign (SOC) a Collective of RWAs, NGOs and Activists of Delhi/NCR has been proactive in writing to both the CM Arvind Kejriwal and LG Anil Baijal regarding the woes and shortcomings in the handling of Covid in Delhi. Samvada has been regular in reporting the demands made in the various letters to authorities in all its Broadcasts. Being a social platform the link of digital Samvada is traveling far and wide.

Right from E-Block RWA’s initiative of hiring Oxygen Concentrator Machine for Home Isolation Patients, that made Delhi Government adopt a Policy of providing Oxygen Cylinders all over Delhi for Home Isolation Patients, to the Demand of Standardising the Treatment cost of Covid in Private Hospitals. As reported earlier in Samvada, RWA initiatives and efforts to curb Stigmatisation of Covid Patients and their families and sanitisation of common areas of colonies or ensuring Thermal Screening and Sanitisation of Vendors, Service Staff, Delivery Boys etc. caught the eye of no less than the LG of Delhi.

SOC has been relentless in writing to the Authorities on the woes of Covid Patients, the good part is the Government is finally listening to Citizens’ Voice and taking remedial steps in quick time. Last week the Central Government issued an Advisory for RWAs, the long list of guidelines includes most suggestions made in the PPT presentation made to the LG.

The most heartening was the quick response by Delhi Government in announcing that Covid Treatment Protocol shall include a Designated Covid Worker for each Patient. SOC had written to the CM after the unfortunate suicide of a young News Reporter, highlighting the fact that a Patient Needs Tender Loving Care….. The Missing Link in Covid Treatment.



Big or Small, Encroachment on Public Land is a Crime

We all know and understand that encroachment is a crime; still residents extend on the public land. Pictures above tell the story of encroachments.

RWAs have been struggling with residents individually, as well as with the help of authorities against encroachers.

The issue has been raised many times on these pages too. The pictures clearly show how residents extend their porch and outer boundaries on the government land.

Porta cabins meant for the private security guards of the residents are usually installed on the roads outside the buildings. This is encroachment of public land on the sideways of the roads.

Samvada requests the residents of Greater Kailash to come forward against encroachment on public land, however small it may be, let’s join hand in creating awareness. You can click pictures and email to us at

Identity of the sender would not be disclosed. Be an aware and responsible citizen.



Shikha Rai in Association with GKRA Organises Property Tax Camp at GK-I Arya Samaj Mandir

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

A Property Tax Collection Camp organised by our area councilor Shikha Rai in coordination with GKRA was a huge hit with approximately 160 residents from all blocks of GK-1 depositing their house tax totaling approx 28-30 lacs.

The support of some GKRA Office Bearers especially Pradeep Garg and a few W-block team members needs special mention as they ensured that the large turnout get numbers on first come first served basis so that residents face  minimum inconvenience.

There were still some residents who turned up while the camp was being closed, their forms were taken the GS Vikas Paul who got them deposited on the next day at SDMC Office.



To Control Petty Crimes Residents Contributed Money to RWAs to Install Gates

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Colony Gates have often been in the Eye of a Storm, yes they do become inconvenient for some as long detours become necessary. But let us briefly dwell on why the Gates came up in the first place in the mid 1990’s??? Then it was petty crimes like stealing of Brass Taps from homes, Manhole covers from Roads, Car ORVMs etc during late Night or Early Morning Hours.

Residents donated and contributed money to RWAs for installation of Gates. In fact those days RWAs were charged of Bias if the less vulnerable area was left out due to paucity of Funds. The Gates were kept closed at night and the area became secure from 11 pm to 6 am. Over time with the increase in thoroughfare traffic, with people taking shortcuts to avoid traffic on main roads, coupled with Car Thefts, Chain Snatchings etc. RWAs started to close gates even in the morning hours or closed some gates permanently.

Some Residents found this inconvenient, a careful study of complainants revealed that greater percentage of such residents either had an axe to grind against the RWA or their Commercial interests were impacted as they were using their residential premises for Office or PG purposes. During Covid Times, for fear of pandemic spreading to their area RWAs shut all gates, leaving just one Gate open for Entry & Exit. Initially this too was resisted as some residents despite Lockdown were allowing their Service Staff to clandestinely come for household chores.

RWAs held firm and with Police and Government support prevailed in keeping their areas secure. Majority of residents approved of these stern strictures but some complained. Thank God for WhatsApp Groups where residents took the load of RWAs and took on the dissenters. After Unlock-1.0 when government allowed some activity and opening of Liquor Vends, with increase in internal Traffic opening of a few gates became necessary. But soon there was panic as every Block in GK-I started reporting 15-20 Covid Patients and the Threat was closer home. It was again the Residents Majority View that Gates be kept Closed to keep a check on movement of strangers, as Crimes of Desperation were also on the rise.

A resident of N-Block approached the court and in a rare swift move managed to get a Court Order to open one Gate in N-Block. The matter was reported in the Media and on the same day Central Govt. issued an advisory to RWAs of Gated Colonies to ensure Thermal Screening and Sanitisation of Vendors, Service Staff, Delivery Boys etc. The Silver Lining in the present Court Order was the specific reference to allow only Residents Entry/Exit from such Manned Gates. The Need For Gates, It Seems, Has Been Recognised By Government And Courts Alike, most of the time Residents also get used to restricted movement.


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