Greater Kailash -1 Broadcast July 1-15, 2020


M-Block Market Encroachment nipped in the Bud

GK Residents come out in Protest

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Encroachments are an eyesore that residents of the area patronize and authorities turn a blind eye to. Encroachments are often ignored in the belief or should I say misplaced compassion, that it provides livelihood to the poor. It is an open secret that all encroachments are the direct result of political, municipal and police patronage.

Last week a post in a Whatsapp group of a fresh encroachment in M-block market galvanised Market Association and residents into coming together to stall this blatant usurping of prime land measuring around 250 Square Feet at the entrance of the market across the road from Prince Pan Corner. Calls were made to the Councilor Shikha Rai, MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj and the Police.

Earlier in the week SDMC had made a concrete platform and installed benches for beautification on the prime space vacated by vendors during lockdown.

Saurabh Bharadwaj was first to reach the spot where a large number of people had already gathered. A new Chaat Wala had installed a stall and put up a few tables for customers. On being asked he said that he had been allowed to occupy the space by a party worker living in S-Block. Saurabh Bharadwaj accosted the said party worker who concurred that since the vendor was a poor man and had approached him for help he suggested him to put up a stall to tide over Corona times.

On checking his antecedents the Vendor turned out to be owner of a famous sweet shop in Chattarpur, a chaat stall outside Sri Fort auditorium and was in catering business. A short while later Shikha Rai also came to the site and accused Bharadwaj of political interference at the behest of his party worker. Shikha Rai on her part said that in Corona times she did allow the vendor, this space was earlier occupied by another vendor. Accusations flew thick and fast and intemperate language used, so did videos from both the political representatives.

In this entire Melee, conspicuous by their absence was the police who were called multiple times to the spot by dialing 100 by protesters and MLA. Also intriguing was the stance of Market Association, perhaps understandable, as they feared that their own deviations would be targeted once action is initiated against encroachments by SDMC. 

One good that came out of this episode was residents resolve to get all encroachments removed and various RWAs and the apex body GKRA have passed a resolution and written letters to Dy. Commissioner for removal of all unauthorised Tehbazaris, Taxis, Stalls, Carts from footpaths and roads in GK-I and adjoining colonies, To Bring Back The Past Glory Of Posh GK.



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Children Emerge Heroes Too in Corona Times

By Binny Yadav

The catastrophe is a cliché if referred vis a vis Covid 19. This is much more than this. Changed times and changed protocols of life. These are difficult times for everyone specially children. 

And this is particularly important in such scenario like these as how the children and the teenagers have been coping. Being a mother of two teenage children I can vouch every mother and their ordeal of how they have managed the energies and anxieties of children for whom this is an unprecedented time.

If we believe the mothers who otherwise would crib that children don’t listen, the children have been the most cooperative, surprisingly, they say. 

Saumya Sharma, mother of two young children, one of these being a toddler, says her children have surprisingly understood very well the outcome of moving carefree. She says her children have not insisted on moving out even once since lockdown as they have understood well that this may put them as well as their aged grandparents’ health in danger. She says she feels proud of the fact that children surprisingly are very cooperative.

Kokila Batra, mother of teenagers Mehul Batra (16) and Lokakshi Batra (19) says that her children have not ventured out of the house even once since the lockdown and neither have insisted. She says that the children have very well understood the repercussions to health due to Covid19 and they realise how difficult it would be for the entire family if they behave irresponsibly.

These are the children for whom going to park, play-grounds and visiting friends had otherwise been a part of their daily routine. Almost every parent I spoke to is surprised how children have adopted to the ‘new-normal’ of corona-pandemic routine. 

The children are not only behaving very responsibly and not insisting on venturing out they are also showing absolute carefulness for their elderly grandparents who they understand belong to the most vulnerable group in times of corona.

The children not only have become used to following the changed protocols of hygiene but also are following how they should maintain their timings of online classes and restrict digital and television viewing.

I can see and realise the frustration in children’s behaviour but I also witness how these children are trying to cope with the situations. These have been the times when both the parents have been working hard for the family while maintaining the household requirements while many also working online when many of these children contributing in daily household chores. 

I felt really proud when my children shared their duties to help me manage the house while I cooked and worked online without the maids. My 16 year-old son Angad, took over the cleaning part and my 13 year old daughter Maahi, helped in cleaning the dishes and making bed with her father. I realised the children all of a sudden became very responsible. For me these are the personalities of Corona times besides other saviours like doctors and health givers.



Brig. Gupta (S Block) Defrauded By 1.64 Lakh through His Kotak Mahindra Credit Card

By MK Gupta

Brig S C Gupta, a eighty five years old army veteran became the latest victim of cyber fraud on 10 July, when he was defrauded by Rs 1, 64, 000 thru his Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card.

As per his complaint lodged with the PS GK 1, on 10th July, he had 

received a new credit card just about ten days back. Anxious to activate the card, he was trying to generate a pin & contacted the bank a couple of times.

On 10 July, he received a couple of tel calls and was advised that an OTP has been sent. He was again asked to share the same to unlock his card.

Quite innocently he shared the same and within minutes an amount of Rs.1, 64, 000 was taken away. 

After a few minutes, he received a SMS from the bank informing him about this transaction. 

He immediately contacted the Kotak’s help line 86026626666 and informed them. The bank expressed their inability to help him and advised him to file an FIR, which he did very promptly.

Our readers must be careful and in the days to come when such frauds are likely to increase due to various reasons, one has to be very very careful.



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What Happens When Residents Become Encroachers?

by MK Gupta

We, as residents and concerned RWA’s often raise a hue and cry when a politician or a commercial outfit encroaches upon public land.

All hell breaks loose and we rush to TV channels, social media and news papers etc.

Quite recently, we in our S Block RWA debated this issue and wondered what to do with regular encroachments who are our own residents.

Encroachments can be in the form of security huts, putting flower pots on the road side to secure a parking space, extending gates to accommodate a car, or making a small garden in front of the house in the name of creating a green area.

The roads within the colony are quite narrow and with the increasing population of cars, even a small hindrance on the road becomes a nuisance.

A few pictures from different blocks would highlight the problem. The most shocking are the violations by some very respectable residents who have retired from very senior positions and still enjoy some clout.

RWAs are in a spot, if they report and get the encroachments removed, somehow, they get sworn enemies and these residents stop giving the annual membership. If these are not reported the other members hurl brickbats at the managing committee.

In any case, the MC’s of RWA’s are always at the receiving end, whatever good work they may do.

The big question here is of morality, civic sense and respecting the rights of other fellow residents. Hope good sense prevails and residents remove these encroachments themselves.



Gupta Family (S-76) Donates Fifty Tree Saplings for S-Block Park

By MK Gupta (S-139, F & 2nd Flr, 98732  94733)

Taking the cue, S Block takes the lead every year and carries out plantation drive in S Block Park.

This year, Gupta family of S-76, donated fifty tree saplings and carried out the plantation drive on Mon 6 July along with the SBWS MC members Yashwant Pal and Sanjiv Gupta.

The varieties planted were: Ashoka, Anwala, Kadamb, Rudraksh, Amrud, Har Singhar & Karripatta etc. Some other residents also donated big plants in pots.

Conducting a successful plantation drive in these trying times of Covid 19, Pandemic is indeed a big achievement. S Block Park is indeed, one of the best parks in South Delhi. It has been maintained beautifully throughout the last four months without any Govt. aid.

The last instalment of 2.43 lakhs should have been received from DPGS in Feb/March 2020. In spite of many reminders to the concerned dept & MLA, there is no proper response. SBWS has been paying wages to its five park staff members from its meager resources hoping that Govt grant will be released shortly.



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Prompt Action of DJB in Cleaning N-Block Water Drains

By Dr Reeta Mahesh (President, NBWA)

The pre-monsoon showers resulted in water logging on the Hansraj Gupta Marg right up to the entrance of N-block. This was a scary situation. Even though we make sure that the storm water drains of our block are clear by issuing periodic advisories to our residents, the water has to finally exit our block from this water logged culvert.

We reported this matter on the GK Representatives group where Saurabh Bharadwaj's office coordinated with DJB to get the drains on Hansraj Gupta Marg cleaned the very next day. We must applaud the efforts of our honourable MLA in helping us get rid of this problem as when the world is already dealing with a pandemic we don't want to deal with water borne diseases.



Shikha Rai Distributes Immunity Booster Kahda to GK-I Residents

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

One thing that has protected Indians from the severity of Covid-19 in comparison to the rest of the world has been our daily diet, consisting of Haldi, Garam Masala and other herbs and spices. Ayush Ministry has been recommending and distributing Ayurvedic Kadha which is a natural Immunity Booster.

Shikha Rai, Ex Chairman, standing committee, SDMC on hearing about the demand has arranged for distribution of the Ayurvedic "KADHA" powder, available at her office: MCD office adjacent to MCD School Kailash Colony (Near Radha Krishna Mandir) Anyone can come to collect from there anytime between 11 am to 2 pm.



It is Sacrilege to Dump Household Mandir & Pooja Material under Peepal Trees

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

What kinds of people think that they can fool God into believing that their blasphemous act of dumping their household mandir under a peepal tree as a sacred gift. There is a defined way in which old Idols, pictures, clothes etc have to be given a dignified send off as one would to a departed family member.

It is better not to do Pooja or set up a Mandir in the house if one does not follow duly laid  procedures in the shastras, for disposal of pious materials under trees, where dogs urinate desecrating the dumped materials.



For Fear of Testing Positive Not Many Are Going To Free Testing Camps Set Up By Delhi Government

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Such has been the fear of Covid that people are avoiding getting tested, even though the Government has finally got its act in place and setting up Free Camps in the Neighbourhood. Earlier the test was expensive and in short supply. Citizens also cannot be blamed as there is no guarantee that an asymptomatic person will not be infected a few days later.

We must appreciate this initiative of Delhi Government that Testing is now easily accessible and free, because earlier getting a Test done was an ordeal. The twin facilities of making available Oximeters / Oxygen Machines for home isolation patients and now free testing has instilled a lot of confidence in Delhites.



Vendors in N block are Corona Warriors of Sorts

By Dr Reeta Mahesh (President, NBWA)

Our vegetables and fruit vendors have served us through the lockdown in spite of facing all the hardships meted out to them in the Mandis. They are Corona Warriors of sorts.

We have been careful about restricting the ones from containment zones and follow all possible precautions. They are checked for any fever at the entrance of the block and are made to pass through our sanitization tunnel. Wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitizer is compulsory for all of them.



The Missing Link in COVID-19 Protocol 
Dire Need for a Professional

Psychological Support System for Covid Patients

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

This week a Young Precious Life of a Newspaper Correspondent Tarun Sisodia and a Resident Doctor was lost as they committed Suicide at the most Premier Institute AIIMS in Delhi. 

There have been hushed whispers from other private hospitals, of quite a few patients taking the Extreme Step. Earlier a film star Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life during lockdown. These are not isolated cases and the present Economic Crisis has been the cause of many people going into depression due to fear of loss of livelihood and the exponential rise of Covid cases in the Country. But what led the young Journalist and other Patients to take this Extreme Step?

Insensitivity....... Corona Needs Tlc..... Tender Loving Care 

There is so much fear in the Doctors, Nursing, and ward staff etc. that patients are left alone in a Ward full of suffering patients and in many places the dead. The scared and decrepit patient has no one to turn to in his hour of misery and has to fend for himself.

In the simplest of illness requiring hospitalization, a Care-Giver from Family is tending to the patients needs due to shortage of Hospital Staff and at times Apathy. Corona Treatment Protocol in the best of private hospitals has left patients terribly alone in a general ward or private room alike.

Treatment Is As Much About Psychological Support As Medication..… Corona has snatched TLC of a loved one to turn to...... That Is Why, A Treatment Protocol has to be found for care giver from family to be around and not left alone, some people cannot Take It and Resort to Suicide.

The Government has done much for the Poor, Middle Class Is Often Ignored and Is The Most at Risk of Falling into a Depression as unlike the poor they often hide their misery due to the stigma attached and a social status to protect. The Need of the Hour Is to Put in Place an Institutionalized Psychological Support System comprising of Professional Counselors that a needy can turn to.

Some baby steps have been taken by some Social Organisations and have started to offer Phone Counseling, Save Our City Campaign (SOC) has written to Delhi CM and hope Government takes it up on war footing.



Irrational Fixed charges Hit Hard Senior Citizens & Businessmen

Power Bill Woes during Lockdown

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

During Lockdown residents were given the option of either paying their bills on average basis, to be later adjusted when actual meter reading resumes or sending their Meter Reading by posting a photograph of the meter on a link sent on the registered mobile number. Not everyone is Tech Savvy and why should such person be further burdened due to Discom’s decision to discontinue meter reading for a non-contact essential service?

Payment of Bills on Average basis also deprives customers of the subsidy adjustment of under 200-400 units consumed, as usage during March-April is much lower than May-June when ACs are switched on. Further residents who chose to send Reading on the link faced problems as the link developed a glitch and kept showing errors. To be fair to BSES they were prompt in helping resolve grievances through Customer Care. 

Customers are further burdened due to irrational fixed charges as they have already paid for wiring, meter, security etc, so why should they be asked to keep paying month after month? The pinch is even more severe after the steep hike in Fixed Charges was announced by DERC in March 2018. From Rs. 20 per KW to Rs 125 per KW for Load up to 2 KW; from Rs 35 per KW to Rs 140 per KW for Load up to 5 KW and so on.

Senior Citizens, Commercial & Religious Establishments were the hardest hit in lockdown with sanctioned loads of 10 to 100 KW, as  they were non functional and their consumption was bare minimum. They got bills running into Thousands for Fixed Charge while the meter reading showed 15-20 units. Senior Citizens who use lesser power but have higher sanctioned load for times when children visit on vacations are also shelling out unjust Fixed Charges. RWAs have been petitioning DERC that if at all any fixed charges have to be levied, then in all fairness charges should be on maximum load indicator (MDI) for the respective months load consumed….. And will phenomenally bring down the Billing Amount.


आख़िर क्यूँ 🤔🤔

क्यूँ कल की इक लाड़ली, ना समझती इक लाड़ली को,

क्यों किसी कि बेटी, बहन,जो बनती बहू किसी की ,ना समझता उसे कोई,   

क्यूँ भूले जो तुम थे कल, वहाँ आज है कोई और,

क्यूँ नहीं समझता कोई, जो तुमने सहा उसका क्या बदला ले रहे, या खुद को बदल रहे,

क्यूँ जब बच्चे अपने देते जवाब, तोह भी अपने से रह जाते,

लेकिन उस बेटी को जो लाए बेटी कह उस पर मान मर्यादा टांग जाते,

क्यूँ नहीं बच्चों को जीने दिया जाता,

ये जा कर भूल..... ना पा सके जो हम कभी, यह पल बन जाए बच्चों का फूल ,

क्यूँ नहीं समझते क्या बीती होगी उन्ह मात- पिता पर , जिनकी होती लाड़ली बेटियाँ,

क्यूँ इक बेटी खुद ये भूल जाती, वोह भी किसी कि थी बिटिया,

क्यूँ बज़ुर्ग सिर्फ़ तमाशा देखते ,उन्ह आँसुओं का जो उनकी बेटी के नहीं,

क्यूँ माँ होकर बेटा, बेटी और बहु में फ़र्क़ ना कर सकते वही,

क्यूँ ये भूल जाते आज के माँ बाप ने पाला बेटी को बेटे सा, क्यूँ ना कचोटता ये एहसास सा,

क्यूँ नहीं संभल जाते इसी पल,

ना जाने क्या हो जाए कल,

क्यों भूलते कर्म तोह साथ जाएँगे,

इनकी गति से तो हम सब ना बच पाएँगे !!!!!

- शीना गाँधी

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