Greater Kailash -1 Broadcast June 1-15, 2020


E-Block Hires Oxygen Machines for Home Quarantine

RWA becomes Atmanirbhar as Government’s Preparedness Falls Flat

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

At around Midnight in the first week of June, E-Block Secretary Pawan Madhok’s wife who had tested Positive started to feel breathless, thankfully they had an Oxymeter ready at hand and were alarmed that her Oxygen Level had dipped to 87. Unable to get an Ambulance at that vulnerable hour, she was driven to a hospital but was refused admission in not One or Two but Three Hospitals, that the much hyped Hospital App showed availability of Beds.

In panic as now the Oxygen Level had dropped to 80, they were forced to return home past 2:30 am. Luckily Madhok’s friend in the neighbourhood offered the Oxygen Machine that they have on standby for an asthmatic patient in the family. Having been regular users they were well aware of safe administration and soon the Patient was in relative comfort and the night passed. By morning her Oxygen level was 93-94 and she was in relative comfort.

The hunt for a Hospital Bed began at 8:30 am, as with majority of GK-I residents only Private Hospitals were tracked. Govt. Hospitals tales of woes on numerous viral videos had already put off most people. For three days thereafter, hunt for a Bed in a Private Hospital continued. The Much Touted ‘Pahonch’ Connections was put to the test, thankfully MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj finally helped get admission in a Private Hospital.

For three days under advise of Doctors the patient was on Oxygen and remained stable, thanks to the Machine. In hindsight she need not have been shifted to the Hospital but in such stressful time and single minded focus and the trauma of the Bed Hunt earlier, hospital seemed the best option. Seeing the struggle for a Hospital Bed and the Oxygen Machine ready at hand being the Saviour, the RWS debated over WhatsApp and decided to Buy/Hire Oxygen Machines as standby for patients in similar ordeal.

A message was floated in the Colony Group to help source a machine and by Evening the Machines were delivered. RWS Chairman Sanjay Anand informed the Members with the message “E-Block is Prepared…… The Good News Would Be, These Machines Stay Here And No One Would Need It…… Stay Home, Stay Safe…… It is advised that everyone should have handy an Oxygen Meter and keep track of your Oxygen level, just as you keep a Thermometer at home. The machine will be given on first cum first served basis and only as a stop gap arrangement for 24 hours, thereafter the family shall make alternate arrangements”.

Experts have informed that Covid-19 in many cases is asymptomatic for the 1st 4-5 days when fever and/or cough appear...... Around the 7-9th day one feels breathless and breathing is laboured, when one has Fever, keep checking patients Oxygen Level...... If it goes below 90 keep a very close watch, and if it drops to 88 and shows no recovery, put the Patient on the Machine and hopefully, this is all they will need to recover. If still oxygen levels keep going down then hospitalisation is needed...... Of course Doc advise is needed.

We are told that in most fatal cases oxygen levels in Patients on reaching hospital are at 50, therefore they have to be put straight on Ventilator...... This initiative Will Help Avoid That Eventuality & Keep the Patient Stable Till a Hospital Bed Is Made Available. Situation is getting worse and Atmanirbharta may be our only chance for Survival.



GK 1 Lockdown: Some Fun & Some Learning while keeping safe

4 yr old Rishan is enjoying on his bike in his courtyard & 7 yr old Aradhya Jain is painting beautiful murals on the walls of her home

By Binny Yadav (9871999556)

Tough times innovative measures! 

Corona has thrown many challenges to us but for the parents of young children it is extremely tough as children do not understand why it is necessary to stay home.

Many children who already have their summer vacations and are free from the online schools have joined other online vocational classes while resuming their regular music and dance classes. Many others are learning easy cooking and there are many who have been involved by their parents and grandparents in household chores.

7 yr old Aradhya Jain, who is an exceptional art talent, is utilising her time to not only honing up her art skills but is also involved in painting beautiful murals on the walls of her home. Aradhya studies in Modern School Vasant Vihar and is a self-taught and self-motivated artist.

For 4 yr old little Rishan Aggarwal, every time is the fun time. It seems he is merrier in lockdown times and making most of it by enjoying in his courtyard on his bike. For him, his obstacle track is another time buster which must be also a big reliever to his parents who otherwise would have a tough time to consume this little munchkins’ high energies.

Most of the parents in the block are trying to involve their children in the activities for which usually neither parents nor kids have time like cooking together, playing board games, the favourite one being Ludo Kings and UNO cards. Antakshari is another fun game popular amongst the families with elderly.


Khwabon Ka Safar - By Malti Sawhney


Residents Dispel Fears of Social Ostracisation

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

Unlock-1 brought havoc into E-Block, amid calls for opening up Gates, Park and allowing Service Staff, in a span of 3 days five homes reported 8-9 Positive Cases. Suddenly the mood changed with the same set of people who were asking for easing of norms, started to demand restricted movement. Till now Covid-19 was in a small part of Zamrudpur and its gravity on Posh GK-I was somewhat not fully understood by many.

Thankfully most cases were not severe or were asymptomatic and after initial scare the RWS got its act together. Affected families were immediately comforted by the RWS and the Residents In One Voice Dispelled Their Fears Of Social Ostracisation. Encouraged by neighbourhood response other impacted families started to voluntarily inform RWS so that Govt Counselling, Sanitisation and Garbage Disposal could be organised. It is also important to ensure that the Testing Facility has registered the patient with the Government because otherwise in case of emergency hospital will not Admit the patient.

The good office of our MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj helped the Patients get Government Doctors Counselling for Home Quarantine. Saurabh also helped two patients get admission in a Private Hospital, a near impossible task.

Area Councillor Shikha Rai organised sanitisation of affected homes and she remained in constant touch with RWS keeping a close eye on the situation. A Good Samaritan Arvind Kaila from Kailash Colony helped lineup SDMC’s specialized Garbage Removal from patients homes and constantly followed up by E-Block RWS Chairman Sanjay Anand.

Along with all good things there are some overzealous residents who pick out random WhatsApp messages and spread Rumours, further increasing the workload of RWS in dispelling the fears with repeated updates. Finally RWS had to issue statement that no response will be issued and RWS shall only announce as and when it hears from an affected Family or Government Authorities.

It became necessary to tell residents not to spread unconfirmed Rumours. A resident of E-Block was flooded with unsolicited calls of concern from all over Delhi for over a week, because of the overzealous ‘MASTERS OF WHATSAPP FORWARDS’. It is understandable that people are concerned about their safety, but Privacy of Residents and Patients is also important.

There are still some residents who refuse to inform the RWA and Govt Machinery is too overburdened to put up Quarantine Posters in time. Despite creating a congenial environment, those who do not voluntarily disclose are putting the entire neighbourhood at risk. Covid Garbage removal is a very specialised task, if affected families do not inform then at some point Regular Garbage Collectors will unknowingly rummage through even the best sealed package and carry the Virus to unsuspecting homes. PLEASE INFORM, WE ARE WITH YOU.



Salaries of Domestic Service Staff

By Reeta Mahesh (President, NBWA)

I have been asked to write on a very sensitive topic that is payment of salaries of the domestic helpers during the lockdown period, when most of them could not report for work. Most of the inputs are from Rajiv Kakria who has done extensive research in the matter.

Personally, me and my extended family have paid our domestic staff in full, whereas Rajiv Kakria's research shows a varied response from different localities of Delhi.

Residents of Alaknanda, where the houses are relatively smaller and the average salary per month is Rs 4500, have paid complete salaries to their staff. Besides they are mostly professionals working from home and their own salaries are coming in as usual.

On discussion with Save Our City, which includes several federations of Delhi, RWAs, NGOs and individual activists, it was deduced that in areas like GK, Green Park, Safdarjung Enclave, SDA, Panchsheel, etc, the monthly expense on domestic staff is anything between Rs 10, 000 to 25, 000, which is a sizeable sum.

Besides, the residents are not professionals, it is a mixed population.

Considering the facts that these helpers were getting money from the government in their Jan dhan accounts and free rations and also they were saving on their travel cost to work, a formula of paying 60 percent of their salaries was deduced in order to avoid any ill feelings towards their employers. This also ensured that they did not play one employer against the other and did not need to haggle with their employers either.

Hence, most residents have paid between 60 to 75 Percent of the salaries to their domestic staff.



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Eunuchs Enter S block at 5:30am, Residents Call it Security Breach

Does Gender Matter?

by Sushma Taneja    

The unprecedented lock down and threat of Corona Virus looming large 24 x 7 rendered many in the Delhi homeless and penniless. As the lockdown kept getting extended, going back to livelihood seemed farfetched.

The opening up of Delhi after 31 May came as a breather for many small time traders, vendors, domestic staff and the rest. The window was too much to resist and everyone looked for avenues or going back to their old trade.

Amidst the prevailing scenario, when the block was under tight scrutiny of people entering and exiting the block; on 3 June; an early morning walker spotted a group of eunuchs (3rd gender) in a car at around 5.30am which unnerved her. They reached Anil Bawa's home knocking at his door, who had just moved into this new home in S block. According to the Mr Bawa, he was shocked to find them outside his home.  

Apparently, they were back in business but their presence in the block ruffled her. The lady morning walker informed the president S block about the car roaming in the block.  MK Gupta appreciated her for her alertness and observation.

However, this incident did not go well with S block residents and most of them surely considered this as breach of security and a lapse at the gate, S 2 (the only gate open).  They questioned how and why was the car allowed entry when such stringent measures are in place for residents and the domestic staff exiting and entering the S-block gate? How a car was allowed a free run inside the block without proper checking in times of social distancing and when Security too has become a major threat after easing of the lock down?

As residents were talking about security lapse, the discussions veered at a tangent; can anyone stop the third gender from entering the block.

Well if domestics can be stopped, people on suspicion can be prevented under the prevailing situation of Covid 19 threat; can't outsiders of any gender, not belonging to the colony be turned back.

Does Gender Matter?? 

Now with the opening of another gate (gate 4) and guard in place the S block RWA is taking all measures to prevent unlawful entry into the Block.  



IR Thermometers- A Big Fraud- RWA's Were Cheated

By MK Gupta 

While the country was facing a huge crisis & economic meltdown, some cunning enterprising guys were raking in money, by false propaganda & creating a sense of deja vu.

One such instance was the promotion of using IR thermometers at colony gates, offices, malls, shops etc.

Overnight, prices were jacked up from Rupees two thousand to up to Rs twelve thousand & black marketing & artificial scarcity was created,

Residents were howling & pressing RWA's to introduce these, on war footing. It became fashionable & a status symbol, overnight. RWA's paid huge sums for junk Chinese stuff. 

Unscrupulous people often offered guarantees of six months to 12 months, just to push the stuff.

Container loads were imported in fully assembled /CKD packs & the item sold like hot cakes.

Ultimately, after a few days, people realised, it was just a hoax.

These devices were giving absolutely wrong readings & were malfunctioning. Most stopped working within 10-15 days.

All suppliers disappeared. No replacements were given, claiming that device has been misused / mishandled.

Well the cunning enterprising guys made money at the cost of the over anxious citizens.



Challenges Faced By RWA's During Covid Lock Down

By MK Gupta

"There are more than three thousand RWA's all over Delhi & NCR region. Some are being run by dedicated individuals, some by politically affiliated outfits.

There are RWA's in gated communities, DDA colonies, free hold colonies etc. Each one has its own challenges even during the normal times.

Whereas the RWA's of organised Cooperative societies, housing societies, DDA colonies have a certain advantage, in the sense that each occupant has to become a member by society rules & has to follow the rules framed by managing committee, the RWA's in free hold colonies like GK- 1 & 2, do not have any such clouts.

Normally, more than 50 % residents of these free hold colonies do not become members on one or the other pretext. They enjoy all the facilities created from the funds of remaining 50 % as a rub off effect.

For example, Security services & maintenance of parks, maintenance of street lights, sewer & water services etc.

Such free loaders often join the festivals like Holi / Teej etc & enjoy free food too. Next day they would not hesitate to condemn the RWA saying why parks have not been cleaned? Such people would not hesitate & file complaints with SDMC, Police etc too.

However, here we are discussing the numerous challenges faced by all RWA's during the covid period & during lock down.

The first big challenge was the opening & closing of gates , allowing the entry of outsiders, vendors, ensuring the supply of essential goods like Milk, bread, groceries, vegetables, fruits etc. The other was Collection & removal of garbage.

RWA's rose to the occasion & organised these duties with utmost dedication.

In addition, IR monitoring of persons, hand washing, sanitising, provision of masks, were the new challenges.

The biggest problem which was faced by RWA's was from disgruntled elements within in the blocks & some miniscule parallel outfits.

These people raised questions & objections on everything which elected RWA's were doing.

Some examples:

Timings & number of gates to be closed /opened;

Maids to be allowed or not;

IR devices are useless /In case those were not introduced, why temp is not being monitored.

Garbage collectors. vendors should not be allowed 

Sanitation tunnel - yes or no, big question marks.

Free food distribution by various donors , NGO's, Govt agencies also came for criticism from these trouble makers.

When some RWA's were posting pictures of food /fruits distribution by residents donors, some called the posting of photos as a deplorable act. That was most astonishing???

Anyway, the RWA's, unnerved by such attacks, continued the good work, earning lot of respect &encouragement from majority of residents.

Ultimately it is the conscience of people which encourages some to do these self less acts & services for fellow residents.


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back lanes of W block 1.jpeg
back lanes of W block 2.jpeg

W Block Back Lanes Suffer Abuse of All Agencies & Residents!

By Mala (W Block)

Back Lanes is an interesting topic to write about, they suffer abuse of Government agencies, DJB, SDMC, Telecom Operators, Builders, Renovators, Domestic Help and Press Walas. 

W block like many other bocks face lot of challenges of civic issues of different Government agencies involved in the maintenance. Everyone is ready to pass the buck and in return the resident living in posh colony paying heavy taxes face a lot of challenges of basic hygiene and peaceful surrounding.

DJB, Telecomm Operators, IGL, Cable Companies etc. dug up the back lane of W2 to W44 almost a year back to change sewer lines, fibre cabling etc. It has till date not been restored in its original state. SDMC staff cannot and clean nor are willing to go to such dirty lanes. It has become a garbage dump, open toilet facility for everyone. 

Senior citizens who used to have little garden cannot step out. W10 is a classic example of elderly suffering. Tish Khanna approached me to find a solution as RWA has ears plugged. Slowly lots of resident members contacted and explained their pain, horrible state of affair.

W Block a posh colony paying huge taxes per capita income has been ignored for years could be a slow RWA follow-up or unwilling agencies who leave the mess of residents to clean. Plots are sold to builders, good news that new residents will come to live in our neighbourhood.  Happiness is turned into builder menace. Jhuggies made in the back lane for one guard within few days about 10-15 are staying with open toilet and shower causing a major hygiene issue for residents. This causes stagnation of water which leads into mosquitos breeding grounds. This is a major challenge for foul smell and diseases such as Malaria, Swine Flu etc.  The construction material is dumped and stays for about two years. The builder does not take responsibility of cleanness of the back lanes.

Then there are those Presswalas who have been in the back lanes for decades.  W block has approximately 10 – 15 such tables. Tables were placed forty years back and passed on the right to the generations of Presswalas.  These tables are sold for several lakhs to other Presswalas who wants to take over the locations. Families are Presswalas stay there all day long, cooking and open toilet. It is their home of at least 15 hours a day. Tables that have not been used at night become a party place for domestic help and their friends from other blocks.  Alcohol, music, hooliganism etc. is a major problem for the residents. There are many elderly in our block who are scared to go out of their house to stop such elements.

Now comes residents who spent lakhs and lakhs to renovate their houses, whatever they cannot give to Kabbari they dump in the back lanes such as sofas, clothes, toilet seats etc. They expect that SDMC to take responsibility. W block lanes are going through such abuse of residents. Lack of staff or funds of SDMC staff have their limitations.  Shika Rai our Councillor came to rescue but still so much work need to be done as it has been ignored for long time. Back lanes like the front lanes should be swept every day and funds from swatch Bharat could be used to provide extra staff. Also request our Councillor to take forward this request. SDMC staff works only for couple of hours, which is not enough for cleaning both the front and back lanes. 

My appeal to RWA’s is not to install gates in the back lanes within the colony as these lanes are used for emergency services and maintenance purposes.



An Injured Dog Receives Medical Aid

A Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion

With inputs from MK Gupta 

Amidst the lurking fear of Covid -19, let’s share with our readers, a story of kindness and compassion. It all began when Mr Kharbanda on 5 June spotted a crying dog opposite his house (S-182). He was quick to share the picture and a video of the dog with MK Gupta at 8.50 pm & informed him at 8.55 that an injured dog opposite (S-182) has been crying since morning and unable to walk. 

MK Gupta immediately informed young animal activist Vidhi Pawar (S 233 FF).

Shruti a resident of B block running an NGO, Save the Animals was also contacted. Both these girls reached S-182 within 5 minutes & took the dog in an ambulance.

The chain reaction of kindness continued. Next day on their appeal SBWS collected around Rs 6000 and handed it over to Vidhi Pawar. The dog is recovering.


क्या ख़ोया... क्या पाया

By Sheena (N-41, First floor)

जागो उठोमनुष्यों, बदल रहा संसार...

ओ देख़ो

बदल रहा संसार, ओ देखो

बहुत क़ुछ खोकर, जो पाया!!

वो ना पाया तो, क्या पाया!!

दुनिया कि त्राहि त्राहि में साथ देना..... दुआ करना🙏

डाक्टर,पोलीस, समाज सेवा के कार्यों पर.... दुआ करना🙏

आते वोह भी अपने परिवार को छोड़,

फिर भी ना थीं ,ना है  ,कोई होड़,

घर ना आते-जाते अपने, खाना खाते कार में अपने!!

सीखा यही lockdown में, शुक्रिया और प्रशंसा करना,

जो छोड़ सब कुछ सिर्फ़ मानव को बचा रहे,

इतना सब कर भी जान अपनी गवाँ रहे,

खोया मैंने lockdown में अपना मैं और अहंकार!!

सीखा मैंने जीने का एक नया संस्कार!!

देना है तो दे दो किसी के लिय अपनी जान!!

अगर उससे बचते मानव और बड़ता देश का मान -सम्मान!!!!

ॐ शांति


Unlock - 1.0 Raises Concerns about Free Movement & the Alarming Rise in Covid-19 Graph

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

In my last month’s article I had spoken of ‘The Challenges Ahead for RWA’s…….. Extract - “Lockdown 4.0 will bring in new challenges, various Blocks of GK-I have locked all the gates and the general opinion is to maintain Status Quo as reports of CRIMES OF DESPERATION being reported from nearby areas……. Sanitisation of multitude of people will be another challenge, park opening will throw up a challenge of another kind, how to check Service Staff from congregating or stop children from Contact Sports.”

On 1 June the movement of cars started to put a huge strain on the lone Entry/Exit Gate and E-Block’s WhatsApp Group became abuzz with photographs of Traffic Jams. Of course some of the claims were exaggerated and prompted by a Group of Political Workers who oppose for the sake of opposition, questioning the opening of gates with the reasoning ‘How Can Closing Of Gates Help Contain Covid’.

The RWS held firm and opened just two more Gates and kept all others closed, Wicket Gates were also opened during day time which resulted in unchecked movement of strangers. Many residents have shown reservation regarding this as opening of all the Wicket Gates does pose a Security Threat. Twice Guards had to chase out a group of Beggars ringing bells for Money and Rations.

The Park has seen very few visitors during the time it is thrown open, which is encouraging as people seem to have realised that Park is one place that is impossible to sanitise. RWS has been firm and maintains the closing time from 10 am to 5 pm and 9 pm to 6 am. 

The first few days saw influx of Service Staff and a lot of activity, but reports of the spread of Covid cases in the Block and News of Containment of Defence Colony made people Rethink.  They either asked their staff to stop coming or made arrangements for their stay within the house, Staff visiting multiple homes is now a Rarity. Over time self protection solutions are being found, and people are making adjustments, which was found missing in the first 4-5 days. With adjustments people are already learning to live with the Virus….. Virus Ka Dar Achha Hai.


Story Telling For Kids: Narrated By Neha George

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