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Lockdown 4.0 - The Challenges ahead for RWA’s

By Rajiv Kakria (E Block, 9810275168)

RWA’s are in a huddle on Zoom Meetings and WhatsApp Groups trying to figure out ways on how to tackle the various challenges they will face due to easing of Lock down conditions. As in the beginning phase, RWA’s started to Sanitise Park Gates, Benches and Play Equipment etc. before Authorities got their act in Place. Closing of Gates and restricting Entry/Exit to just one gate, became a contentious issue as people had to traverse longer distances to the Market or the nearby Milk Booth. Disallowing maids was also resisted by some but majority opinion of residents prevailed. Blocking entry to the park was even tougher with Fitness Enthusiasts thumbing a nose. Media reports of Police Rounding up such people finally got people to stay away from parks.

True some RWA’s did over reach in keeping out Corona Warriors living in their areas, for fear of the Contagious Virus turning the entire area into a containment zone. These were testing times as centrally issued Guidelines were in the nature of One Size Shoe Fits All, however India is a very diverse country and some amount of leeway should have been given to RWA’s for Micro Level Planning as per the Demography of an area.

Delhi Government issued a Notice through the Chief Secretary when RWA’s did not allow Maid’s to enter after Lockdown 3.0 eased movement restrictions, fearing their efforts in keeping their Neighbourhood free of Corona may go waste.

Lockdown 4.0 will bring in new challenges, various Blocks of GK-I have locked all the gates and the general opinion is to maintain Status Quo as reports of Crimes of Desperation being reported from nearby areas. Once unrestricted movement starts keeping a check on miscreants will become impossible given the limited resources & Manpower that both RWA’s and Police have.

Sanitisation of multitude of people will be another challenge, park opening will throw up a challenge of another kind, how to check Service Staff from congregating or stop children from Contact Sports. For safety of all residents will have to share some responsibility to sensitise their house helps not to congregate in Park and their Children not to play contact sport. Residents will do well if they restrict unnecessary movement and take precautions to Sanitise, wear masks and more importantly Neither carry or wear valuables nor carry too much cash.

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Stranded labour at the construction sites


Builders Leave Their Workers in Lurch Residents Take Care

Residents Ensured That No Worker Slept On an Empty Stomach in S Block

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

When suddenly Lock down phase 1 was enforced, all construction activity was stopped.

The builders & contractors were all confused & did not know what to do with their workers on site. There are 18 construction sites in S Block alone, with more than 135 workers, who were stranded.

They had ration only for 2-3 days. After 3 days they were all in a bad shape with nothing to eat.

Some voluntary organisations & RWA's took the matter in their hands, & started collecting funds & arranged for distribution of cooked food twice a day. Distribution responsibility was given to respective RWA's.

S Block Society, quickly drew up a list of 18 sites with the names of builder/contractors & workers staying at various sites.

The list was handed over to the local Police station & to AAp volunteers.

After the 1st initial hiccups, 150 food packets started arriving both for lunch & dinner. A list of one person from each site was drawn up & given to the guards of Society.

As soon as the food packets were delivered, these people were informed to come & collect the packets.

Within a few days, many residents came forward & started donating biscuits, milk packets, bananas, Chacch, dry ration etc for 150 needy persons.

Many poor people from nearby areas & maids also started coming for collecting these goodies.

Nearby shops like Bengal Sweets, M Block & Bengali sweet palace R Block also joined hands.

They sent gajar Halwa, Ladoos, samosas etc on many days.

Many donors from the block through SBWS gave funds to AAP volunteers.

It was thus ensured that no worker slept on an empty stomach in S Block for this period of 55 days.

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Sanitisation Tunnel Installed in N Block

Councillor Shikha Rai Inaugurates

By Dr Reeta Mahesh (President NBWA)

The N block Welfare Association has installed a sanitising tunnel at the main entrance of our block, probably the first of its kind by any Residents Welfare Association in Delhi.

The tunnel was procured after thorough due diligence and research by the entire team of RWA.

The tunnel was formally inaugurated by our councillor Shikha Rai and the guest of honour was none other than our frontline COVID warrior, Somnath Paruthi, SHO, GK1.

Few residents were present at the inauguration as we had to maintain the mandatory norm of social distancing.

The tunnel may not be a hundred percent fool proof (but nothing foolproof against COVID has been found as yet) but it certainly is going to be the new normal until we find a cure or vaccine for the deadly virus.

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medical store.jpg

Vijender of Singh Medicos Tests Negative!

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

S block family Thanks for the concern shown for Singh Medicos employee Vijender, staying at 2nd floor S196 of YK Goel’s residence. He was tested NEGATIVE for the Virus. This is for information of residents and putting everyone's concern at rest. Mr Goel and Mrs Sunila  Goel both over 60 were very worried for themselves, but really looked after the Vijender, provided home cooked, comfort as best to their ability.

Repair of Over head wires & trimming of

Trimming of Overgrown Trees During Lockdown!

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

As informed, BSES team along with our staff & MC members is taking preventive measures to trim those trees, which are dangerous, considering the forthcoming monsoons. A good manager is one who can see around the corners. Many street lights in two lanes are not working as some over head wires have got entangled due to a tree in front of S312/452. BSES team is on the job with a platform truck. All are requested to cooperate & remove their cars underneath that tree. A shutdown will also be taken for some time.


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S blk warriors 2.jpg
S blk warriors 1.JPG

Real Warriors of S Block Emerged During Covid 19

Thankfully not even a single case of the dreaded disease so far

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

24th March was the 1st day of 1st lock down which was imposed in the whole country. Everyone was shell shocked & confused. 

Various concerns of residents started emerging slowly & slowly as the days passed by.

How will the maids come, what happens to security set up of various blocks, will the garbage collectors come?

If not, how do we dispose of the daily garbage? In addition to the looming life threatening pandemic, these questions were raising their ugly head.

The managing committee of S Block welfare Society held its 1st meeting through Goggle duo, which was a new experience for many of the nine

MC members. A detailed plan was chalked out & it was decided that we meet the new challenges.

The biggest fear was the security, maintenance of the well maintained park spread over an area of 2.75 acres & garbage collection.

We assured the staff of eleven that due care will be taken of their well being. Garbage collectors were assured too.

We took up the matter with our MLA & Councilor, that various authorities must be convinced that all RWA staff in uniform & carrying valid ID cards must be allowed to come.

Similarly, all garbage collectors of the block carrying photo ID cards issued by the RWA should be allowed.

Well planned practises of the SBWS, cultivated over past many years paid dividends.

All our staff members & garbage collectors had been issued ID cards over the past, many years, on regular basis.

Our MLA passed instructions to DTC (Till the time services were available) to allow the staff to travel.

Our Councillor got passes issued by MCD for garbage collectors.

Life was smooth  SBWS appealed to member residents to give cash donations for the welfare of these 18 warriors, who maintained the life line.

Quite a substantial amount was collected within a short span of 5-6 days thru 39 donors.

Two tranches of cash payments/incentive has already been paid.

In addition daily food, items like bread, biscuits, milk, Laddos, Samosas etc have been given by generous donors.

As a result of this concentrated efforts of MC, SBWS, S block had a smooth run so far.

Thankfully not even a single case of the dreaded disease so far.

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Nature 1.jpg
Nature 2.jpg

Nature's Lesson in the Times of Corona

By Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

As with most households during Lockdown workload at home is being shared among all family members. Social Media is replete with Memes and Videos of how men are doing Pocha and other household chores. Families have learnt many new ways of staying involved, trying new recipes, indoor games, looking up family albums and a host of innovative ways of staying mentally & physically fit.

I too have been assigned the task of watering the plants, apart from staying out of the way of the rest of them or interfering in their work. I have been diligent in tending to the Plants and have been interacting with them. They almost seem to smile at me as I start to fill up the bucket of water.

Due to preoccupation with some other work I missed two straight days of watering the plants. When I went to fill up the bucket after a gap of two days, I noticed that the Plants were wilted with shriveled leaves and flowers under the hot Sun. I continued to water them till I came to a plant which was bobbing merrily in the breeze and did not have the slightest effect due to lack of water.

This was the same somewhat wild variety of plant known as Sada Bahar growing out of a Crack in the wall. I learnt the most important Lesson that only Nature can teach that day. A similar Sada Bahar which was growing in a flower pot and was watered every day had wilted o going dry for two days. And here was the same variety of plant that had not been watered even once all through Lockdown was nice and fresh.

I immediately took photos of the two plants. PIC. 1 shows the plant in a Pot which is watered daily...... Look How Shrivelled The Leaves Are ??? PIC. 2 shows the plant growing out of a crack in the Wall And I Have Not Watered It Through Lockdown...... This plant Is Fresh And Healthy.… Is There A Lesson In It For Us And Our Kids, brought up in AC Comfort and Indulgent Lifestyle??? And Have We Become Like The Plant In Pic.1???

Over time we have spoiled ourselves with material comforts and contributed to not only Environment Degradation but also our Health and Immunity. Corona has given a timely warning that we must mend our ways and make our children Robust as Nature has given us Natural Resilience that we need to retain by not indulging into avoidable material comforts and eating Right.

S blk suuply chain 1.jpg

S Block Maintains the Supply Chain of All Essential Goods

Samvada News Bureau


S block in GK 1 is the biggest block of five thousand residents & approximately 1100 households.

With the sudden lock down announced on 24th March, there were serious apprehensions that how the supply of essentials like, milk, bread, eggs, vegetables fruits & groceries would be maintained.

Fortunately S Block has a well stocked Mother dairy & DMS booth.

Both of these were operational throughout the lock down period, with special permission obtained for DMS owner, who lives in Zamrudpur village.

All the fruit, vegetable & breadegg vendors had valid I.D cards issued by SBWS & hence they were allowed to enter the colony without any problem.

Lot of nearby shops in Kailash Colony were contacted by SBWS for giving door step delivery of groceries & their nos were shared with the residents in different whats app groups.

Grocery vans from Bazaar on wheels & Kendriya Bhandar thru local MLA were also roped in to come on fixed days.

All essential services like sewerage cleaning, water supply issues, repair of bore wells, street lights, cleaning of roads, malba removal, removal of dead animals, sanitation, anti larva spray, fumigating etc were taken care of thru the excellent contacts of MC team with various officials, MLA & Councilor etc.

M.C members helped numerous senior citizens by helping them out with their banking needs, depositing their BSES & MTNL bills etc. Similarly urgent requirements of electricians & plumbers were also organised.

The daughter of a 92 years old senior citizen once requested that the mother wants to eat some Samosas & Gajjar Halwa, which was promptly organised by the secretary of SBWS.


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unsung heros 2.jpeg
usung heros 1.jpeg

Unsung Heroes of N Block: Guards & Garbage Collectors

By Dr Reeta Mahesh

In this write up I want to highlight the role and importance of our unsung heroes, our guards and garbage collectors.

The guards have been battling all odds to report for duty on time and serve to the best of their ability. They even help water the plants and trees in the absence of the gardener, thanks to them our greenery is still alive. They help senior citizens with errands like fetching bread, milk etc.

They assist when the Kendriya Bhandar and ITC vans come to the block. They also help with distribution of food sent by the Delhi government. The list is endless.

Our garbage collectors have not taken a single day off since the lockdown. They understand the importance of cleanliness, ofcourse, we have provided them with masks and gloves. Apart from their own job, they clean our streets and back lanes when the SDMC staff does not show up.

The SDMC and Delhi government have sent sanitization machines several times to our block. Just to reduce the burden on them, we have bought our own sanitizing and fumigation equipment, which is operated by these very boys to sanitise our streets and common areas. Fumigation is important to take care of the mosquito menace.

food distribution.jpeg

Food Distribution to Labourers

by Dr Reeta Mahesh

When the nation went into lockdown in late March, the labourers in the ongoing construction sites were lost and hungry. The Delhi government started to provide cooked meals for them through the RWA of our block. The functionaries of the RWA compiled a list of the labourers n ensured delivery of food to all the sites.

Within a couple of days the Community kitchens realised that the vegetable/Dal was getting spoilt due to the increasing environmental temperature, they started to send  rotis/paranthas/ puris/ rice with  pickle only. This food is enough for sustainence but not really nutritious. One of our residents Varun Garg of N 77 took it upon himself to cook vegetable/ Dal for a 150 people every day. He cooks in his front courtyard with the help of his beautiful wife and two sons. He uses a big burner and huge vessels. Gradually more residents started to chip in only to be able to help in procurement of vegetables and required raw materials. This has resulted in a daily distribution of a nutritious dish along with the food received from the sources of Delhi government. The Paul family of N 116 cooked similar food too for one week.

This handful of residents is trying to make sure that no one around us sleeps hungry. May God give them more strength to do so.

Our guards and garbage collectors, who have been serving us relentlessly ever since the lockdown, are also given the same food.




Residents Request for Fogging

Some residents are asking for fogging in the block. We understand there is a ban imposed by The Hon”ble Apex Court as it is quite dangerous for asthmatic patients & senior citizens. In fact it's going to do more harm to asthma and lead to other respiratory problems. Request residents to throw some light

hidden talent 2.jpg

Hidden Talents During Lock down 

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

My grand children aged 15 yr & ten yr were getting bored. 

My daughter coxed them to try their hand at sketching, which they had learnt during early child hood. Amazing results were produced after some initial hesitation.

positivity 2.jpg

Positivity During Lock Down

by MK Gupta (S-139, 91 98732  94733)

 I am an avid gardener with interest in indoor plants & love to watch night sky.

This time I was amazed to see absolute clear blue sky in the mornings, night sky full of stars. Growth of indoor plants is fabulous with huge fresh money plants. I can hear the chirping of a bunch of exotic birds. I see a Kaleidoscope of new butterflies from my terrace.

Woodless Cremation 2.jpg
Woodless Cremation 1.jpg
Woodless Cremation 3.jpg

Zero Wood Cremation

 Unnoticed Nehru Place Crematorium Uses Uplas For An Environment Friendly Send Off to Our Loved Ones

by Rajiv Kakria (9810275168)

In the second week of Lockdown, I got the sad news of the passing of my friend's mother. Being a neighbour I decided to accompany them for cremation, not many are allowed permission due to Lockdown, so there were just the Seven of us.

It was an Eerie Sight, I have never seen the place so empty, as prior to us just one solitary cremation had taken place that day.

What struck me even more was that all the Cremation Bays had piles of COW DUNG UPLA (Cow Dung Cakes)..… Meanwhile Pandit ji started performing the Last Rites by chanting of Mantras, while his helpers dragged in a Rickshaw full of Uplas. I took a stroll towards the stockpile godown and to my surprise there was no trace of any wood.

My friend also asked about the wood and we were informed that for the past five odd months Nehru Place Crematorium has totally switched to Uplas with great Success and Acceptance.

After the body was confined to flames, we noticed that the flames did not rise too high nor was there too much smoke. Later Pundit ji informed us that the Calorific Value of Upla is almost twice that of Wood.... A body that completely turns to ash in 6-7 hours in wood, just takes 3-4 hours in Upla. As for cost, he said, we have just taken an average of what used to be the cost of wood. They regularly get truck loads of Cow Dung to make Uplas.

Seeing my interest Pandit ji pulled out his Mobile to show me a newspaper clipping of the SDMC Commissioner overseeing the novel Environment Friendly way of cremation, that too in total conformity with Hindu belief system, as per the scriptures i.e. of returning to 5 elements...... Jal, Vayu, Prithvi, Agni and Aakash of which human body is made to their source.

This reminds me of a discussion I had with my friend ASHUTOSH PATHAK, who had called me some 20 months back when our NGO’s (CHETNA) fight to save 16,500 trees in the Netaji Nagar Project was at the peak. Ashutosh said let us start a movement and take a padyatra from Delhi to Varanasi and take a proposal of Wood Free Cremation to the DOM RAJA of Manikarnika Ghat, the most Influential & Final Authority to the path to MOKSHA..... as keeper of the 'SACRED ETERNAL FLAME' that is used to light the pyres.

If the Dom Raja can be persuaded to shift to a more eco-friendly mode, Hindus across communities will willingly accept the alternative. Ashutosh had said if we get Dom Raja to tell people to shift to alternate materials or ways of cremation, then Hindus would gladly adopt the transition. One question that still needed answering was, were we equipped with an Alternative System.

Electric Crematorium has yet not become the preferred mode nor has the Govt made sufficient investments in Delhi and what about remote villages, where Power has yet to reach.

Somehow, the said movement that Ashutosh proposed has not seen the light of day.... But With Success Of A Sustainable Solution At Nehru Place, This Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Not only will this go a long way in Saving Cows that have become old but also save the male calf's that are sent for slaughter. This would also go a long way in disposal of Cow Dung much to the relief of numerous Cow Shelters.

It will further create a market for Cow\Buffalo\Bull Dung Uplas and help supplement the farmers income.

Even If 25% Of The Wood Thus Saved, Shall Be A Forest Saved!

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