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Social Distancing Is Not In Our DNA

by Cdr Rajeev Kanwara (Mahagun Morpheus, 9891446469)

I was on my first holiday abroad. After entering the hotel lobby I joined a queue to do my room registration formalities. There were about 5-6 people ahead of me and each maintaining a distance anywhere between 2-3 ft. As per habit and a reluctance to wait, I approached reception desk for my room keys and said, “Excuse me, I booked ---“before I could say any further, the desk clerk, without lifting her head said, “Please join the queue. I sheepishly joined back. Over the years during my visits abroad, I have noticed that people religiously stand in a queue. There is no shouting, no telling anybody not to jump the queue. It all happens in a systematic manner and in fact without this chaos, the whole process moves much faster. Nobody in a store jumps the payment queue saying I have only one item. Nobody is in a tearing hurry and says I have parked my car in a no-parking zone or my driver is waiting so please bill me first or even that most repeated sentence that don’t worry, I am only asking the availability of the item so that I don’t waste my time standing in the queue. Standing in a queue without breathing down another person in front needs self-discipline and that can come only if it is around you too.

The finest test of patience I have noticed is on the motorways (expressways or highways) of U.K. Each car keeps a distance of more than one to two car lengths, be it moving or when stationary. Jams and delays on these motorways are quite often but everyone without fail waits in his position patiently. Nobody jumps lane or drives on lanes earmarked for emergency vehicles or no go zones. Patience is a virtue and one can see it in plenty here. Here in our country, you give an inch and someone moves ahead of you.

With the easing of restrictions, we recalled our Maid. On the first day, I asked her how much is Do Gaz (Two Yards). She indicated it with her show of hands which was anywhere between 18 inches to two feet. I told her to look down and told her that each tile was 2 Ft. So at all times in the house, we all will maintain a distance of 3 tiles and not hesitate to tell us to move away if we were to pass each other closer than that. She understood and until today we can maintain social distance.

But then are people in streets, markets, offices, banks maintaining social distance? The answer is a big No! One just has to go to the market to see it. The safeguard, that is the mask, is below the nose or even the chin and quite a few avoid the pretence of even wearing one. The cigarette Kiosk is a sight to behold. There are always 4-5 smokers who are casually taking puffs, chatting away to glory, with no social distancing, thinking corona will be pushed away with their puffs. So is the case with offices where all being birds of the same feather, feel that since they know the fellow worker, he cannot pass on the virus, only an unknown can. Even in residential complexes, residents lower their guard in front of another fellow resident and the social distancing goes for a six. One will notice the same behaviour with the vegetable vendor since you see him daily.

Sometimes the social distancing goes for a six unknowingly. I witnessed a sight of the most disciplined lot searching confirmation of their appointment made on telephone and online from lists displaced on walls.

 There were 7-8 heads inches away from each other and the lists, to see confirmation. This happened unknowingly and could have been avoided by not displaying them but announcing names and times by a clerk. The basic problem is we hate queues. We believe strongly in me first and just don’t have the discipline to follow social distancing in our DNA.

By the way the social distancing distance to be maintained was 2 meters as announced by our Prime Minister. Somewhere down the line it got reduced to 3 feet despite the effected numbers increasing daily. The U.K. Prime Minister specifically announced recently the shortening of social distance of 3 feet in his country from 01 July. We lowered our distance months back.


Pets in the Park!

When the parks re-opened after the lock down, quite a few residents were noticed bringing their pets to the Meghduttam Park. Few did carry bags with them to scoop the poop, but some did not. So one could come across the ugly sight of the poop by the side of the track or beneath the trees. In few cases walkers were seen pointing this out to the pet-owners, and this new trend was intolerable; some clicked pictures and sent to Samvada Broadcast. Recently, we are told, hardly any pets are seen in the park. Seems the message has reached the concern persons.


Yog Diwas in ATS-2

The best treat for Mind, Body and Soul is Yog and this experience was shared by the children of ATS-2 on 21 June. Early in the morning the children were seen doing Aasans in ATS Greens lawns under the guidance of Madhu Mittal, whom they fondly call ‘Dadi’.



नाले के दोनों तरफ 8 फुट ऊंची दीवार

by Vimal Sharma (President Sector 50 RWA)

आर.डब्लयू.ए. सेक्टर 50 और सभी सेक्टरवासियो के अथक प्रयासों से कोठारी स्कूल के पास से गुजरने वाले नाले की सफाई का काम शुरू हो गया है। इसके साथ साथ ही नाले के दोनों तरफ 8 फुट ऊंची दीवार का आरसीसी के द्वारा बनाने का काम भी शुरू हो गया।

एक पोकलेन मशीन द्वारा नाले की सफाई की जा रही और दूसरी पोकलेन मशीन द्वारा नाले के पानी का डाइवर्सन किया जा रहा है। यह दीवार कोठारी स्कूल से लेकर डी ब्लॉक होती हुई आगे पानी की टंकी तक बनाई जाएगी और वहां से ई ब्लॉक  होते हुए चर्च तक दोनों तरफ की दीवार पूरी की जाएगी और उसके ऊपर लोहे का जाल लगाया जायेगा। इसी कार्य के दौरान नियो हॉस्पिटल के साथ में जो ग्रीन बेल्ट है उसकी दीवार को भी ऊंचा किया जाएगा जिससे  डी 169/36 से लेकर डी 169/1तक के निवासियों को झुग्गी वालों की तरफ से सुरक्षित किया जाएगा। इस कार्य की पूर्ण होने से सी ब्लॉक और डी ब्लॉक के निवासियों को नाले से उठने वाली बदबू से निजात मिलेगी और इसके साथ साथ ही ग्रीन बेल्ट के अंदर पौधारोपण का कार्य भी करवाया जाएगा। 



Hopes That Shattered

by Ojal Bisla (Grade 8 student; 519, Mahagun Maestro)

Vikram is a budding wrestler. For the last two years, he is doing great and also has won few medals at international level, making his country and his family proud. He is so very excited to fulfil his childhood dream to win an Olympic medal and is really working day and night to achieve it. Vikram's hopes and expectations were constantly burgeoning as the year 2020 was approaching, bringing with itself the dream that he craved for. But, alas, 2020 came and instead of paving the way for the Olympics, it brought Covid-19 with itself. The expected star Vikram was filled with despondency, as he heard the news of the cancellation and postponement of the Olympic Games. The inspirational quotes like "Hopes rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams" didn't console Vikram now. After all, his hopes for 2020 had been smashed to smithereens by the prevalent Corona virus. 

On the other hand there is Manoj who belonged to a middle class family and is an engineer in a small company who eagerly waited for his promotion this year and had saved his each and every penny to take his old parents to Europe. Then one day, he got a notification that the company he worked for didn't promote him rather asked him to leave due to market recession .His hopes which were very close to his heart shattered into pieces.

Adding to that, just imagine a parent who had a son/daughter and wanted marry him/her in a pompous way with lots of blessings and love. In the ending months of 2019, the marriage date was fixed and it was decided to have a destination wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding did not take place in the same way as it would have done when Covid-19 was not there.

Just as these presumed characters, everyone in this world has hopes and dreams that one wants to fulfil. Year 2019 was as usual, full of joys, laughter, a few sad moments and some captured memories. Then 2020 emerged as a very unlucky and despairing year. This pandemic has made a humongous change in people's life. We can't help! 

So it is always better to live, with an inevitable problem, high-spirited and hopeful rather than grumbling about it all the time. We have to maintain our temperament, and pray to God to keep us all safe and sound. 



'Badhai' on Sunshine Society’s 7th Anniversary

by Vinod Prakash Gupta (2612 Overseas Apts; 9818973135)

‘सनशाइन सोसाइटी’ की कर्णधार श्रीमती वैशाली व उनके कर्मठ टीम सदस्यों को सोसाइटी की ७वी वर्षगाँठ पर हार्दिक बधाई देता हूँ और कामना करता हूँ कि संस्था अपने सिद्धांतों का पालन करते हुए समाज की, विशेषकर गरीब बच्चों की, और अधिक सेवा करती जाएँ। क्षमा करें, मैंने तो स्वयं की प्रशंसा कर दी क्यूँकि मैं भी इस संस्था का सदस्य हूँ।

मैंने ' गुप्ता क्लासेज' के बच्चों को जब पढ़ाना शुरू किया तो उद्देश्य एक ही था, कि स्कूल का ड्राप-आउट रेट कम हो और अधिक से अधिक बच्चे स्कूल में पढ़ें। लेकिन सनशाइन ने इन बच्चों को प्रोफेशनल कोर्स कराना शुरू कर दिया, फलस्वरूप हमारे बच्चे अब आगे पढ़ने लगे हैं।

हमने बच्चों को, विशेषकर लड़कियों को, सिखाया था कि पढ़ते हुए शादी नहीं करनी। इसमें हमें काफ़ी सफलता मिली। कई बच्चियों की शादी में मुझे भी शामिल होना पड़ा।

एक बिटिया का उद्धरण बताना चाहूँगा – जब वो कक्षा नौ में पढ़ रही थी। वो एक दिन मेरे पास आयी और मायूस होकर मुझसे कहा कि " सर, मेरे घरवाले मेरी शादी कर रहे हैं।" मैंने पूछा कौन कर रहें है? तो उत्तर मिला कि विशेषकर मेरी दादी। मैंने जवाब दिया “कह दो दादी से कि पुलिस में रिपोर्ट लिखवा देंगे।“ उस समय तो वह शादी रुक गयी लेकिन उसके बारहवीं पास करने के बाद, जब वो बालिग़ हो गयी तब उसकी शादी हमारी मर्ज़ी के बिना ही कर डाली। उस बिटिया ने बारहवीं सारे ज़िले में टॉप किया था।

हमारा उद्देश्य बच्चों और उनके परिवारों का विकास है। 

हम इसी मंच से बच्चों व उनके परिवारों को चेतना दूँगा कि बच्चों का विवाह उनकी मर्ज़ी के बिना, पढ़ाई के दौरान ना करें।

ट्रेन अब चल चुकी है और चलती रहे बिना किसी रुकावट के, यह ही मेरी कामना है। और अधिक सफलता की कामना करते हुए।

नीचे हमारे बच्चे कहाँ है और किस स्टेज पर है उनका ब्योरा दिया गया है:


कोविड सेंटर का गेट नं० 2 से आना-जाना

by Vimal Sharma (President Sector 50 RWA)

आर.डब्लू.ए. सेक्टर 50 अध्यक्ष विमल शर्मा के नेतृत्व में कार्यकारिणी सदस्य रि० जज डी.आर. जैन, एस.के. होरा, डॉ. एन.सी. सरकार के साथ सेक्टर के नियो हॉस्पिटल को प्रसाशन द्वारा कोविड सेंटर बनाये जाने के कारण सेक्टर की सुरक्षा के लिए डी.सी.पी. संकल्प शर्मा के साथ विचार विमर्श करके लिखित ज्ञापन दिया गया। डी.सी.पी. साहब को सुझाव दिया गया कि नियो हॉस्पिटल में आने-जाने वाले मरीजों और एम्बुलेंस को सेक्टर 50 के अंदर से आने के बजाय बरौला की तरफ नाले के ऊपर बने गेट नं० 2 से आने-जाने के लिए खोल दिया जाये और सेक्टर की तरफ से बेरिकेडिंग करा दी जाये। जिसके लिए उन्होंने अनुमति दे दी है कि हॉस्पिटल में आने वाले समस्त मरीजों और एम्बुलेंस को बरौला की ओर से ही आने जाने दिया जायेगा, और पुलिस की उपस्तिथि में नियो से पहले बेरिकेडिंग करा दी जाएगी। 

सेंट्रल मार्किट में वन वे का अनुरोध: डी.सी.पी. संकल्प शर्मा से सेंट्रल मार्किट को वन वे करने के लिए अनुरोध किया गया, जिसके लिए उन्होंने आश्वाशन दिया कि डी.सी.पी. ट्रैफिक से इसके लिए विचार-विमर्श करके कार्यवाही की जाएगी।



International Yoga Day in Maestro

by Minakshi Tyagi (515, Mahagun Maestro; 96545929960)

International Yoga Day 2020’s theme was ‘Yoga at home and Yoga with family’ due to the unprecedented situation of coronavirus pandemic. We in Mahagun Maestro organized a yoga session with appropriate social distancing, on 21 June. It included not just Asanas, but was especially focused on Pranayama (controlled breathing) and Yoga Nidra (relaxation) for complete relaxation of the mind and body. We also did a Facebook live session, and many members of our society also participated from their balconies. The session was arranged by Jyoti Malik (Flat no.-308) and conducted by a yoga trainer Supriya Chhabra Maheshwari. All the participants felt a sense of deep relaxation and increased energy levels after the session. The writer also participated in this session and felt relaxed after a long lock-down period. It was much needed, as we are facing several issues.  

Many people are dealing with some health problems, depressions and financial issues. In all such cases, yoga really helps to reduce stress levels, so we should make it a daily habit. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also tweeted that "If you find anyone depressed, make sure you reach out and request them into practising Yoga, Kriya and Meditation. I have seen lakhs of people coming out of this tendency". Yoga is playing a significant role during the world crisis of Covid-19 as it boosts our immunity and is known to cure respiratory disorders. Pranayama or breathing exercises increase our oxygen intake by up to five times.

I would like to urge all to accept Yoga as your daily routine. It is also mentioned in Shri Bhagwad Gita "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."



Survival Of The Kindest

by Vinod Agarwal (321, Sagar Presidency; 9899437350)

The outpouring of kindness and voluntary charity by individuals and communities witnessed during the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic has been truly incredible, but not unprecedented. Whenever, wherever, whether it was in natural calamities at the global or local level, major accidents, education and health, environment protection, we have all come forward and contributed in a big or small way. Kindness is in our nature.

Kindness is an act that enhances the welfare of others as an end in itself. Besides helping others, acts of kindness have an inadvertent self-serving upside too. Acts of kindness improve one’s well-being, both in physical and mental health. So much so acts of kindness actually alter the behaviour of genes by turning down those genes that promote inflammation, and activating genes that protect against inflammation.


Margaret Mead, the famous cultural anthropologist, believed kindness was the cornerstone of civilization. She said the first evidence of civilization was not the excavation of clay pots, hunting tools, grinding stones or religious artefacts, but the finding in a 15,000 years old archaeological site of a fractured femur bone that had healed!

The femur is the longest bone in the body, linking hip to knee. Without any medical intervention, a fractured femur bone takes six weeks of rest to heal. In the wild habitat of our ancestors, once you break your leg, you cannot hunt nor can your run away from predators. Within a few days, you are meat for your predators.

A fractured femur bone that has healed is evidence that another person had helped the fallen, bound the wound, carried the person to safety and provided care through recovery, rather than abandoning them to save their own life. Civilization arose because of such acts of kindness.


Here is another (r)evolutionary example of mutual harmony at the cellular level. About 3.8 billion years ago, the evolution of single-celled micro-organisms on our planet was marked by a symbiotic relationship between primitive cells and bacteria. Mitochondria, a component within our cells that produces energy by burning glucose, and chloroplasts within leaf cells, which manufacture food by photosynthesis, both were originally bacteria that moved inside primitive cells and developed an enduring endosymbiotic relationship with the host cell.


How do trees help each other? Each tree may look as a solitary figure above the ground but there is a wonderful underground symbiotic ecology of tree roots connected to each other with the aid of superfine threads of fungi that weave into the tips of the roots at a cellular level. This allows trees to share nutrients with each other, and nurture sick tree neighbours, while allowing the fungi to draw off some of the nutrients in exchange. This is probably why several tree species in Meghdutam Park are grouped in clusters.

Nature is replete with examples of cooperation and mutualism between species. We are part of nature. Kindness was the starting point to civilization. Current findings have scientifically overturned the view that evolution and life are solely founded on survival of the fittest. Darwin had long ago

observed that sympathy is our strongest instinct. If he lived in our times, he would have probably advocated “survival of the kindest!”

(“Survival of the kindest” was used by Dacher Keltner (a psychologist and author of "Born to be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life") and his fellow social scientists to build the case that humans are successful as a species precisely because of our nurturing, altruistic and compassionate traits)



बता तो सही (Bata Toe Sahi)

by Malti Sawhney


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