Sector 50 Noida Broadcast June 12, 2020


Un-Lock 1.0

by Cdr Rajeev Kanwara (Mahagun Morpheus; 9891446469)

Corona has changed life of many. A tempo owner started selling fruits and vegetables opposite my complex. His two children, a boy and a girl, students of an engineering college, helped him in turns during the day. A Thelewala, selling fruits told me he was working in the Hospitality Industry before. And to convince me, he named quite a few top end restaurants.

Unlocking in a phased manner in the country has given quite a many an opportunity to restart and earn their livelihood. However, with Covid still looming large and  far away from peaking, with constant news on the same, the fears and phobia around it will ensure that many will still have to wait for their livelihood and lives to come to normal.

Except for the containment zones Maids are now allowed. The surprise is that only 20 % have found their steps back. And this is not because the helps have gone home but it is because of individual households having chosen to be without them. Our Dhobi (Presswala) sighed a relief when Society office allowed him in. However, this was short lived. Earlier, he wouldwork till 8-9 PM in the evening.Today he is out of the complex in an hour. To look presentable is the least priority of most. Luckily our Dhobi was multitasking thus he still has his income from cleaning cars with most owners sticking to cleaning the exteriors only.

I am a foodie. In one of the Gourmet groups having a membership of more than half a lakh, the convener asked all to name the restaurant they would like to visit once they open. I read up to the first hundred posts. All except three wrote that it is too early. Maybe in July, August. Some even wrote not before September. That tells you the story of times ahead for the Restaurant Industry and all the people connected with it.

My head is an unruly mess. The barber shops, oh sorry, the beauty parlours are now open. I for one, I definitely, am not looking out for a visit.  Not in the near future at least. The Malls, the go to place in this summer to beat the heat and the electricity charges, are also slowly opening up. I don’t know how many would like to shop under the present circumstances when you cannot have any trials, the very essence of impulse buying. One will have to wait and see how the shopaholics behave in the current scenario. The other day, I was watching the field anchor of one of the news channels explaining the arrangements made in a Mall for reopening. She went around showing the arrangements made by various stake holders. However, her closing remarks said it all. VISIT ONLY IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO.

As for me, I am above 65. I am still in the red zone under containment. How long?

Only Corona knows.


Covid-19 Positive Case in Mahagun Morpheus

Residents wish ‘Speedy Recovery’ 

by Anupam Garg (Secretary, Mahagun Morpheus RWA)

A Covid positive case was reported in Crema tower of Mahagun Morpheus on 8th June morning. The patient is wife of a retired Major General. She was suffering from stomach pain and mild fever for some time for which she took treatment at Neo Hospital. When there was no relief, she went to Military Hospital Delhi Cantt where she was tested for Covid-19. On June 7 night, her report came positive. She has been admitted in Military Hospital Delhi Cantt for treatment, while her family is home-quarantined in Delhi at couple's son's place.

This is so unfortunate and ironic because the couple has been one of the most disciplined residents of the society, observing all Covid protocols as per the book since lockdown was announced. A flood of messages within a short time on the Mahagun Morpheus residents' group wishing the patient speedy recovery was a true sign of the camaraderie and affection among residents.

Mahagun Morpheus RWA, on their part, promptly intimated DM and CMO Noida, provided the patient's details to Noida Nodal Officer, informed Sector-50 RWA President, Vimal Sharma, and is now awaiting instructions from Noida administration for further action. In the meantime, RWA hired a professional agency to sanitize the whole society and plans to follow it up periodically. Further, they blocked entry of all house-helps working in the patient's flat; yet are simultaneously monitoring the medical condition of each.

The fact that the source of infection is unknown is worry-some to us all.

We appeal to all residents to stay safe, calm, and collected in these unprecedented difficult times.


Manmohan Is Delivering Organic Veggies, Fruits & Pulses at Your Doorstep

Manmohan Sharma was a complete novice when he set out to venture in the field of organic farming eleven years ago. Encounter of health related maladies in his family had introduced him (a Technical Manager in a reputed MNC) to the world of organic farming.  It didn’t take much time for him to understand that organic food was not easily available and even if it was, it was highly priced. 

Manmohan now does natural farming, under the name Jaivik Ann, of vegetables, fruits, oil, grains, pulses, millets, pickles and dairy products on 70 acres of Natural Certified Land behind Jaypee Hospital.  He welcomes residents to visit his farm and see how organic farming is being done without use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Incidentally he uses cow dung and urine as natural manure.


Noida Celebrates the ‘World Bicycle Day’ 3rd June 

by Rajiva Singh (Stellar King Court, Sector-50, President NOFAA)

In these times of pandemic, social distancing is the key to stay safe. It has also made us realise the importance of health and fitness. NOFAA partnered with a cycling and adventure tourism club to celebrate the ‘World Bicycle Day’ on 3rd June. Cycling is a sport which delivers both social distancing and as well as fitness.  

Cycling enthusiasts from various sectors of Noida joined the 30-km ride, to promote cycling in Gautam Budda Nagar on that day. The ride started from Domino’s Central Market, Sector-50 Noida – Flag off time: 5.30 am and ended at 7.30 am. The route taken by the cyclist was from Domino’s to KPMG in Sector-137 and back, which covered almost a distance of 30 km. 

For the ride the cyclists were advised to come along with: 1. Helmet (mandatory); 2. Spare tube; 3. Water bottle (mandatory); 4. Emergency cash (mandatory); 5. Mask (mandatory); 6. Basic tool kit; 7. Front and rear lights. 




Park Unlocked with ‘Savdhan’!

After parks opened for public, this alert notice board has been installed in the Central Park of Sector-50, E block. Complete instructions of wearing a mask while walking and hand gloves when using the gym equipments, to not walk in groups and keep enough distance. Washing of hand on reaching home and not spitting in the park are reminders to the park visitors. But it is noticed that some people visiting the park, though few, are not too serious in following the instructions.

Outcome of the Painful Phase

Recently groups of beggars are seen in the Sector-50 Central Market. One such group was caught on camera, and another such two more groups were also seen on the same day when life was coming back to normal from 1st June. This is bane of lockdown era can turn a nuisance. Visitors to the market need to be extra careful. The Police and the Market Association need to take action.

Glimpse Of Double Rainbow

On 31st May Delhi NCR got a glimpse of the double Rainbow, a very rare site for us Noida Wallas!
Picture by Ajay Mehra


On the Auspicious Day of Nirjala Ekadashi

Covid 19 Pandemic Relief Work by JJS team was carried out on this day, 2nd June. JJS team volunteers distributed dry ration, cooked food packets, sherbet in association with Sara's kitchen, Mumbai Munchies and lot many volunteers of ATS Greens 2 to help give some relief to the unfortunate who are struggling for food. Team tried to minimize the use of plastic bags. They had asked everyone in advance to bring their own bags. 

Team strongly believes in 3R – Reuse, Recyle, Refuse. They collected waste polythene bags from members and used them to distribute the ration. They offered sherbet in steel glasses. All public interaction on this day was done by maintaining the Covid 19 precautions like social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands. “We tried to do our bit in this lockdown period, for social cause,” said Madhu Mittal the founder of this social group. 



Residents protest in 2018 against the felling of trees in Sector 91 park.


Laser Show in Sector 91 Park Is Ill-Timed and Undesirable

Citizens should raise their voice to save the park

by Vinod Agarwal (Sagar Presidency; 9899437350)

It is alarming to learn that Noida Authority is going ahead with plans to conduct regular laser shows in the upcoming herbal park in Sector 91 with the inauguration scheduled for August 15th, 2020. Citizens of Noida should raise their voice to save the park.

Ill-timed decision

Laser shows are usually conducted in several repeat shows of 15 min - 30 min duration after sunset for an audience seated in an enclosure. Not only will physical distancing be difficult to achieve during a laser show, the proposed event will invite public to assemble in the park, whereas, on the other hand, the government is discouraging public to assemble or congregate in public spaces to contain the pandemic.  

Even though the lockdown is being gradually withdrawn, essentially to revive economic activity, the government is nevertheless advising caution, encouraging work from home, insisting on physical distancing, and disinclined to open movie halls, theatres, and all other public activities which are non-essential, just to avoid large gatherings.  

For instance, you may now visit religious places, but large gatherings are still prohibited. You may visit parks but again assembling in large groups is discouraged. Visitors to the park are themselves cautious and maintain distance from other walkers. 

Epidemiologists tell us we are in for a long haul; even now the pandemic shows no signs of relenting, and is expected to surge during monsoons and winters. Planning laser shows in Sector 91 Park is very much ill-timed and must be postponed till it is absolutely safe to engage in non-essential group activities in public spaces which involve large gatherings.  

Undesirability of conducting laser shows in parks

Conducting laser shows in parks is undesirable. Residents of Sector 50 and neighbouring sectors supported a petition in January 2020 seeking cancellation of the proposal to conducts laser shows in Meghduttam Park. Noida Authority acceded to the demands and withdrew the proposal in February 2020. Health hazard to park fauna (birds, squirrels, and insects) and humans, safety risks associated with laser beams, ecological disruption, and disturbing the peaceful and tranquil ambiance for which people visit parks, were some of the major issues raised in the petition. The park in Sector 91 is no different, and it will face these hazards and risks if laser shows are conducted there.

Urban forest lost, Biodiversity Park sidelined, recreational park in

The 75-acre parcel of forest land was identified as forest land in Noida’s Master Plan 2021 but for some reason in its Master Plan 2031 the forest land was mandated as a recreational park and playground. When local residents raised a hue and cry against massive felling of trees in August 2018, Noida Authority anointed the land as a biodiversity park! Conducting laser shows in a biodiversity park will spell disaster for reasons mentioned in Sector 50’s petition for Meghdutam Park. 

Ironically, this very 5th June, 2020, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the Union Government announced the Nagar Van Scheme 2020, intending to develop 200 urban forests across the country over the next five years. Here in Sector 91 we have sacrificed an existing forest land to set up a recreational park.

This is a wake-up call again to residents of Noida to get together and convince Noida Authority to shelve the proposal and instead plan laser shows in public spaces like Shilpi Haat and Noida Stadium.    

(The author had questioned the appropriateness of laser shows in parks and botanical gardens and sounded a clarion call for preserving Nature’s sanctity in Meghdutam Park in the November 2019 issue of Community Samvada – Are laser shows really a good idea. Besides filing a petition with the Noida Authority, a successful signature campaign enlisting around 850 Noida citizens was conducted jointly with Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary, RWA, Sector 51.)



ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है

by Deepika Jain (A-404, ATS Greens 1)

यह ठहरी, थमी सी ज़िंदगी, मुझे सच्ची लग रही है;

ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है....

उगते सूरज की रोशनी में, हर दिन नहाना,

नीले अंबर का हर दिन निखरते ही जाना,

वो आँगन में पंछियों का चहचहाना,

प्रकर्ति की मीठी पुकार, मुझे सच्ची लग रही है, 

ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है....

वो अपने, जो साथ में बिताते थे कुछ पल,

घर के सब काम, मिल बाँट कर निबटाते है आज कल, 

‘मैं’ से ‘हम’ की तरफ़ हो रही, परिवार में हलचल,

‘आज क्या बना है’ से ‘आज हम क्या बना रहे है’ की तकरार, अच्छी लग रही है,

ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है....

दौड़ती भागती मेरी ज़िंदगी, अचानक ठहरी सी कर दी,

ना कहीं जाने का ख़याल, ना कहीं से आने की जल्दी,

मेरे घर की चार दिवारी ही, मेरी दुनिया कर दी, 

ईश्वर से बिन माँगी मिली सौग़ात, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है,

ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है....

जीने की रवायत में, कुछ बातों को भूले थे,

कुछ अरमां सँजोए थे, कुछ सपने वसूलें थे,

कुछ सब से छुपाए थे, कुछ सब से क़बूले थे,

ख़ुद से वो अनकही तकरार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है,

ज़िंदगी की ये धीमी रफ़्तार, मुझे अच्छी लग रही है....



Amrapali Exotica Apartments – COVID Response

by Exotica RWA Team

For more than two months, anxiety and fear of an invisible enemy gripped the world and while all of us at Amrapali Exotica Apartments (E-block, Sector-50) have managed to adjust to the uncertainties of a post-Covid-19 Lockdown period, Saturday 6 June saw us stuck by the hardest reality this far of a positive Covid-19 case. 

A domestic support staff, named Rita, who was coming to flat A703 was diagnosed as Covid positive. This has exposed residents of A703 to this noxious virus and also potentially impacted their relatives in flat B102 as well. Residents of these flats and also those who came in their contact, like society’s electrician, were immediately advised to go in self-quarantine, basis internal contact tracing data. The relevant information is shared with Covid nodal officer assigned by GB Nagar administration. Thankfully the families and all other residents have not reported any symptoms so far.

As we say “When the going gets tough, the tough come together, knowing they have got each other’s back”. Going by this statement, the Amrapali Exotica RWA has taken various steps to ensure 

1. Risk of exposure remains low in our society. 

2. In case of eventuality we are able to provide all relevant information to authorities. 

The key steps which the RWA has taken so far: 

1. All domestic support staffs identification has been taken basis KYC norms followed by many financial institutions; this followed a specific declaration by each resident choosing to employ these staffs, 

2. Daily health record of all support staff is maintained. (This helped us identifying health condition of maid Rita)

3. Recruited specific staffs whose job is to sanitize common areas of society twice daily – morning at 11am and evening at 4 pm – to minimise risk of virus spread by domestic staffs. 

 The entire Amrapali Exotica Resident family is standing by the impacted residents. We stand positive and confident to emerge stronger as we have been managing since the inception of lockdown to beat the invisible enemy.

Confident we are that this too shall pass and leave all of us emerge stronger in our bonding as Exotica Family. 



COVID Warriors in Quarantine

Omaxe Twin Tower and Kailash Dham have 2 such cases

by Shikha Sinha (Alok Vihar, 98917 18694)

Among the Corona positive cases in Sector-50 there are two instances of medics who have continuously been on their feet treating the Covid-19 patients in hospitals, till few days back. With dedicated work for now almost 3 months, they too got infected and are under treatment. The society residents in these two cases, as in the other cases too reported in separate write-ups, are with them and their families. The details of the cases of the Covid Warriors as received from their respective society managing committees are as below: 

“Omaxe Twin Tower (OTT), Sector 50, had a Covid +ve case reported on Saturday (06/06/20). The AoA immediately swung into action and the patient went for hospital Isolation and the family was advised to be in strict Home Quarantine. Further the AoA immediately informed the DM/CMO and other administration officials for necessary action at their end and following up the matter with them. On its part OTTAoA promptly sanitized the floor and the lifts of the tower and other activities as advised in the protocol. Further the support team has been asked to ensure constant supply of essentials services to the family.

“The patient is a lady doctor who has put on risk her own and family’s life for the larger good. We salute such ‘Corona Warrior’ of our society and pray for her speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back to the society with lots of claps.” (by Tarun Goyal, Vice President, OTTAoA)

In Kailash Dham, the MC reported the first Covid-19 positive case of their society to its residents on 10 June. The message by C D Murthy, on behalf of the Kailash Dham MC, contained details. We give below the relevant facts from the message that was circulated –

 The person is a resident of Block-08 and works with AIIMS, New Delhi and currently admitted there for further treatment/procedures. Her husband was kind in informing of this development to the MC and he himself is in self-quarantine at home as of now. Their kids have been away from the society with their relatives for a little over 2 weeks, with no plans in the next few weeks. 

In terms of the actions arising out of this development:

The MC, and the Covid-19 Team in particular, is getting in touch with all the concerned authorities for guidance and actions and needless to say, will be providing full support to them as required in ensuring containment of the infection.

This said family’s maid was asked to go on leave and stay at home till further notice. Block-08 and Block-03 lifts, two blocks where the maid worked, and common areas, besides the main Entry/Exit gates are being sanitized. 

Members/residents are requested to stay calm and carry on with their activities, with all the necessary precautions as advised by concerned authorities. On behalf of the Society, our best wishes go out to the concerned resident for a speedy recovery. 



Khwabon Ka Safar - By Malti Sawhney


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