Sector 50 Noida Broadcast July 10, 2020


Unnecessary controversy over second owner’s right to vote

The Purpose of Purposeless Laws

by Vinod Agarwal (321, Sagar Presidency; 9899437350)

Some laws are good, some laws are bad, and some don’t really serve any purpose (or so it seems). We are talking about Clause 5 in the Model Bye-laws of the UP Apartment Act which in the case of joint ownership says only the person  appearing first in the share certificate has the right to vote (and by extension, right to contest) in AoA elections. 

One camp holds the view that this rule should be strictly followed. The other camp says that in case the first co-owner does not have the capacity, disposition or time to spare, and if the other co-owner has, then the latter should be allowed to do so with by obtaining a no objection certificate from the former. The latter view sounds reasonable as it is not restrictive, and allows for wider participation and contribution from among apartment residents towards administering the AoA.

Rather than blindly following the law to the last letter, we need to understand the spirit behind this restrictive clause. Even if for a while we ignore the various judgments which seem to expand the definition of “apartment owner” and for a moment believe that they do not have any bearing to the above clause, what is the rationale or logic behind this rule?

What is the purpose of this clause? What is the reasoning, intention or motive behind it? What is it trying to achieve? What interest of the first owner in a joint ownership is the clause protecting? How is the no objection certificate issued by the first owner allowing co-owner to vote/contest harming the interest of the former, or coming in the way of the smooth conduct of elections or subsequent functioning of the AoA?

It would be of great help if the camp supporting Clause 5 elucidates the wisdom behind this rule. What purpose does it serve?  But let’s assume there is an intention or motive behind this rule, undoubtedly there must be. Even then, it may still be possible to extend the right to vote to any co-owner without subverting or diluting the spirit or intention behind Clause 5. If it is so, should we not then spend our energies persuading the State Government to amend the said clause to allow any one co-owner in a joint ownership to vote?



Renovation of E-5 Park Started

by Vimal Sharma (President, RWA Sector-50; 98111 16757) 

Good news, particularly for E-block residents, the long-pending issue was to renovate E-5 Park on the pattern of Central Park is finally taking shape. On 03 July at 11.30 am, President RWA laid the foundation to start the work on this project that is behind the Community Centre. 

However it was also in RWA's election manifesto. The continuous efforts of RWA team with Noida Authority and special attention of Noida CEO, Ritu Maheshwari’s, desire to make our sector a ‘Model Sector’ have fulfilled our desire as well. A big thank you to Indu Prakashji, OSD; Rajinder Singh, Dy Dir and KP Singh, horticulture in-charge. They are on their toes to give a final shape to this park, in the minimum possible time.

The park will be divided into 5 parts; each part will have its own beauty with seasonal flowers, different types of trees, gazebo hut, fountain, benches on tiled platform, ‘kachcha’ joggers’ track and many more for regular visitors. 

Suggestions are welcome to make this park further more beautiful. To maintain its beauty residents’ co-operation will always be solicited.



Juvenile Boys Caught Stealing!

Three boys broke into a house in C-block, opposite Mother Dairy, one afternoon in the last week of June. They were caught red handed and handed over to the police. Everyone in the sector was alerted to take care, and to be extra cautious to keep a watchful eye if there are locked houses in the lane. Residents were asked to notify any odd movements.


दूर से ही शिव भगवान का आशीर्वाद

सभी सेक्टर वासियों एवं भक्तजनों को सूचित किया जाता है कि इस साल कोरोना के चलते, इसके संक्रमण से बचाव के लिए, श्री सनातन धर्म  मंदिर सेक्टर 50 के शिवालय में किसी भी  श्रद्धालु भक्तों को शिवलिंग छूने  या फूल चढ़ाने की अनुमति नहीं होगी। भक्तजन दूर से ही शिव भगवान का आशीर्वाद ले सकेंगे। जो भक्त जल लेकर आ रहे हैं वह शिव का स्मरण कर पीपल में जल चढ़ा दें या मंदिर के बजाय घर में ही जलाभिषेक कर ले। पूजा स्थल और मंदिर को लेकर शासन से जारी निर्देशों का मंदिर समिति द्वारा पालन कराया जाएगा – धन्यवाद, विमल शर्मा।


Fighting Pandemic: The Crescent Way

by Payal Mathur (D-102, The Crescent; 9717639029)

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” is reverberating in The Crescent (F-2, Sector-50) ever since the pandemic erupted. As the line graph of cases of Covid-19 is increasing in Noida/Delhi, The Crescent family has responded to it with compassion, comradeship and family values.

 It was this compassion which motivated the ladies of Crescent to provide homemade meals to the guards and staff daily through “The Crescent’s Daily Kitchen” to make them feel at home and cared for. The Kitchen went on till second phase of nationwide lockdown where families got together to provide full course meals to The Crescent staff from their own kitchens. Home makers, working ladies doing extensive work from home and senior citizens, all contributed in the noble task.

Crescent residents also contributed to the Noida Authority’s Community Kitchen or “Roti Bank” where residents donated chapatis for the needy people. The lockdown was not only harsh on daily wagers, but even animals felt the pinch, when stray cows, bulls and dogs who could otherwise feed on vegetable and fruit peels from daily vendors , started starving when entry of the vendors was prohibited due to lockdown. Renu Bajpai (D-304), seeing the plight of these stray animals, took the initiative of putting a large basket opposite the society gate, where residents could put fruit and vegetable peels to feed them. Everyone ensured that no stale food or polythenes were left in the basket. 

With the rising demand of face masks due to pandemic, there was acute shortage in the market. This was when Sushma Singh (B-604) started making homemade cotton masks for the staff members of society management, and also for residents. She also made special masks for children of the society.

As the lockdown extended, society comradeship was evident in all decision making by residents, whether it was sanitisation of common areas, negotiating rates and tie up with common AC vendor to get AC servicing done in organised and safe manner, issues related to social distancing and protection of kids and seniors during pandemic, etc. The differences in opinions continue, but residents are doing thorough discussions on all welfare activities and safety issues in a democratic way keeping the views, anxieties, apprehensions and concerns of all society members.

 Social awareness and family values have increased, and residents have become increasingly aware of their responsibilities towards their individual family members and the Crescent family as a whole. Most of the residents are doing work from home, which is giving them time to spend quality times with their kids. Parents are seen practicing badminton and cricket with their kids while maintaining social distance. The pandemic has also made residents conscious about wellness, fitness and mindfulness. As Nui Hang said, “Look Within, the Secret is Inside You!” To commemorate the World Yoga Day on 21 June, many residents resorted to online yoga hour and other wellness activities through video conferencing. 

Covid-19 has devastated economies, divided societies, challenged medical facilities, and given a “New Normal” to a world of face masks, social distancing, sanitisation, digitalisation, fitness consciousness, social conduct, accepting new technology – driving us to new form of work and living. It has also forced us to pause, introspect and prioritize the forgotten principles of life and things which we had taken for granted – family values, social fabric, empathy and self-consciousness. The pandemic is here to stay, but Crescent Family has adopted the “New Normal” as a way of life to move forward with confidence in beating the pandemic.



Ring Of Fire!

The society witnessed two celestial events during this time. On 31 May, residents were awestruck when a rare full arch double rainbow rose into horizon. The mesmerised beauty was captured from several balconies, an indication that storms ahead will give way to colours soon. The second was the “Ring of Fire” through decade’s first full solar eclipse on 21 June, captured beautifully using modern techniques.

Courtesy: Double Rainbow Video by Mrs Namita (B-703); Solar Eclipse (Pics 1 & 2 ) by Pritish Srivastava (C-701), in Pic 3 image he used anti-glare filter sheet on laptop screen; Pin Hole Camera Eclipse image by Adya Chauhan (A-002)


Preserve Raw Mangoes

Make mango chutney throughout the year!

by Lakshmi Ishwaran (F4/4764 Alok Vihar-1; 9811885320)

This is raw mango season and by preserving them, you can enjoy making and serving delicious raw mango chutney throughout the year. 

Process to store raw (unripe) mangoes for about a year:

To store about 2 kg raw mangoes, you need –

1. 2-3 liters of water

2. 150 gms of salt

3. A big airtight container 

Procedure (shown in the video): 

Add salt to the water in a vessel and keep it on the flame. Boil the water for 10-15 minutes. Let the water come to room temperature. Take an airtight container, which is completely dry, and stack the 2 kg raw mangoes in it. Pour the salt water into the container and place the lid. Keep this airtight container aside. 

Due to the salt, the mangoes will be swollen and will change its colour in few weeks but will be ready for use. 

How to make tangy chutney with these stored mangoes:

Ingredients – 

1. 1 raw mango (stored for at least a month using the above method)

2. 2 green chilies

3. Salt to taste

For tempering the chutney – 

1. A tsp of oil for tempering 

2. 1 tsp of black mustard seeds

3. A few curry leaves 

Method –

Take a raw mango, de-seed and squeeze out the pulp into the mixer jar. Add 2 green chillies, salt and grind to a fine paste. Transfer the chutney to a bowl.

Take a pan, add 1 tsp oil, add the mustard seeds and wait till it flutters, add curry leaves to the tempering. Put the tempering into the bowl. 

This easy-tangy mango chutney is ready to be served with sandwiches, paranthas, pakodas, and even can be eaten with rice. 

Enjoy this chutney and hope you liked this recipe!


As I See This ‘New Normal’!

by Ritu Prakash (A2/101, Block 4, Silver Estate; 9350565858)

लॉकडाउन: कुछ बातें इस दौर की भा रही हैं

लॉकडाउन अपनों को अपनों से और खुद को खुद से जोड़ रहा है; शाखाओं को मूल की तरफ मोड़ रहा है। सिमट आए हैं रिश्ते चारदीवारी में; अनजाने भय ने ही सही, मकान को घर तो बनाया है।

कोई कुकिंग, कोई सिंगिंग, कोई राइटिंग और कोई पेंटिंग कर रहा है।

इस वक्त हर कोई अपने हुनर को निखार रहा है,

सब परिवार के साथ क्वालिटी टाइम बिता रहे हैं।

बड़े बुजुर्गों और परिवार के महत्व को समझ रहे हैं,

कामकाजी लोग अपने शेड्यूल से कुछ समय बचाकर बच्चों और परिवार के साथ अच्छा वक्त बिता रहे हैं।

बस यही कुछ बातें इस दौर की भा रही हैं, मजबूरी ही सही पर घर परिवार में नज़दीकियां तो ला रही हैं।

प्रकृति: देती रही कहीं ना कहीं संकेत   

आजकल महामारी का बढ़ रहा इस कदर प्रकोप है,

फिर से आज कांप उठी देखो धरती मां की  कोख है।

समय-समय पर प्रकृति हमें देती रही कहीं ना कहीं संकेत,

लालच में इतना अंधा हुआ मानव जो रहा नहीं जरा भी चेत l

कभी बाढ़, कभी भूस्खलन, कभी सूखा कभी भूकंप आया,

अब देखो भैया प्रकृति में यह कैसा रौद्र रूप दिखाया।

सबको अपनी होड़ लगी थी, नहीं था प्रकृति का कुछ होश,

वन संपदा, नदी, पहाड़, झरने इनको मिटा रहा था यह मानव मदहोश ।

अब बैठा यह सोच रहा है, क्यों सोचा था इसने अपने को बलवान,

अनजाने में पहुंचाया क्यों ईश्वर की रचना को नुकसान।

अगर ना करता प्रकृति से छेड़छाड़, और न करता जीवो पर अत्याचार

तो कभी ना होता इस तरह लाचार।

अब करता बस मालिक से प्रार्थना बारंबार, 

हे मालिक! काटो कष्ट और लो जल्दी जीवो को उबlर l 


How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 2

Puja Ohri in Conversation With Resident Hitesh Kumar Meghani (6242) who is into trading and deals with a spectrum of companies
'How Is Your Business Unlocking' is a series of interviews that we will be doing with different residents of One Hamlet who run different types of business. The objective is to help all of us understand how others are unlocking their work set up and if we can take any cues from that.


Please! Lockdown Is Not Summer Vacation For Us

by Rohan Khosla (Resident of DLF4 Gurgaon)

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in BITS Goa when I got an innocent email asking me to go home for two weeks due to the novel coronavirus. Three months later, I’m still at home.

For many students like myself, life in college seemed like a reward for our two years of hard work and dedication. We would play sports, attend campus events, roam around the city, spend all night watching movies, and sometimes ‘try’ to study. But this blissful period didn’t last too long. The spread of the virus resulted in us having to go home and spend time attending online lectures, submitting assignments through Google Classroom, or endlessly browsing through YouTube because there was nothing better to do. My life, like countless others, became extremely sedentary. 

I miss my friends and the interactions that we used to have. We used to walk into each other’s rooms unannounced and just chat or play music and video games. The spontaneity is lost. Now everything has to be planned according to everyone’s free time. Although we’ve kept in touch through Whatsapp, it’s not the same. We can’t meet each other in person. We can’t randomly start playing some chords or rap to a beat. We can’t play football at eleven in the night or watch cricket matches together. Things are different and it’s hard to embrace that fact. 

People assume that for teenagers like me, this is a summer vacation where we spend time at home. But they forget that summer vacations meant hanging out with friends, swimming early in the morning, playing basketball, going to restaurants for dinner, etc. None of that is possible anymore and the task of keeping ourselves busy has become harder than ever. Moreover, the undefined duration of the pandemic has made things worse. When do we return to uni? When do we get to meet our friends? When will we give our exams? What are my grades? These questions are rarely answered leaving us with little to no satisfaction.
Despite the overwhelming negatives of the global lockdown, it would be criminal to not mention the positives. I've learned new skills such as programming and video editing during my free time. I’ve spent some quality time with my parents watching TV shows, playing carrom and cooking. I understand how hard it is to manage a house daily. It has made me appreciate the decisions my parents took for my well being and how fortunate I am to be where I am. The biggest positives are that I don't need to eat less food and that my friends and family are safe. Yes, those are in the correct order.


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