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The Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman

by Col (Retd) Anil Alagh, South City-I (9312247284)

I have this penchant of writing about some good soul in Southcity-I every time I send in a ‘foggy’ article or two for Samvada. This edition, I will write about the “Kalras at M-124”. The joint family has been living here for over 20 years, with the children growing up, bringing in lovely brides, and the third generation being born in Southcity-I. A normal, quiet family, which keeps to itself, albeit with a Gurudwara visit every evening by all of them in turn. While they do charity off and on directly or through yours truly, the lockdown showed a new hidden facet of the family. Not only did they ensure monthly payments to their laid-off household workers but repeatedly gifted (not donated) dry rations to their multiple maids, their gardener, and the lane Security Guard as well. A common cook tells me that the family had also gifted her the initial down payment money to enable her husband to buy an auto-rickshaw, thus enabling the family to become self-sustainable. While the elder daughter-in-law Harleen is the hidden face of philanthropy of this family, the younger son Mandeep, is the one I call ‘Spiderman’. The young man is a maverick and a cleanliness freak, but he is also the bane of the MCG, raising complaints, ensuring follow-ups and completion of any water or electrical issues in our lane. A very conscious and pro-active Southcity-I resident and a good man to take on board by SCRWA.

You have a problem with the supply chain of MCG or a street light is not working, etc., … you don’t need to worry or dial anyone … Mandeep keeps abreast and will ensure it is rectified soonest. His latest success is an MCB installed by the exalted powers in MCG, to ensure our street light doesn’t play truant ever again.

He is the Lane Superman … the friendly neighborhood Lane Superman. I hope you have one in yours too.



While Others Struggle, B Block Residents Have Solved Their Water Problem

Lane Harvesting Rain Water

by  Dr Savita Nagpal (98185 70658, B 86 South City 1)

Water, water everywhere,

And not a drop to drink.

Water, water everywhere,

And all the roads did stink.

This has been the recent state of affairs in South City 1, after the deluge of the pre monsoon showers left the city roads gasping for air amidst the many flooded pockets of the Colony. At some points, the blocked sewers added to the woes and stink.

On the flip side, in the past couple of weeks, South City1 has been facing continuous water supply issues with frequent pump breakdowns in pumping stations & bursting of supply lines. The breakdown of the submersible pump in L Block pumping station resulted in just 10-20% water supply in Blocks K, M, N, O, P, Q. The Residents had to call water tankers.

In the dry summer months, too, paucity of water is an overriding issue.

If we could tackle the rainwater with simple water harvesting techniques, with a single stroke, we would effectively be able to counter the paradoxical predicaments posed by water excess and scarcity.

A very practical, simple, yet efficacious mechanism has been put in place by Residents of B Block, whereby no water collects on the roads and at the same time there is water table stabilization in that area. The rainwater is directed into storm water drains by creating slopes/gradients to facilitate the flow of water.


Societal indifference has numbed us to the huge collective responsibility we owe ourselves, towards maintaining the integrity and well-being of our Environment, as regards issues of water conservation, waste segregation & composting and maintenance and promotion of a green cover.  In Santosh Desai’s words, “As things stand, we could live in a state of permanent numbness, coming to life only as cheerleaders, blind followers or frustrated critics.”


Poster making Challenge in Palms for Good Community Living

by Ashima Kukreja (304 Tower 6, The Palms) 

Residential societies are often struggling with behavioral issues when it comes to waste disposal, littering, plucking flowers or even picking pet poop. Communication of these issues with an effect to change the attitude sometimes becomes a challenge.

The Palms Eco Club organized ‘Good Community Poster Making Challenge’ for the resident children of Palms between 4 to 9 and 10 to 15 years of age groups, with the theme, ‘Good Community Habits’. 

The Poster Making Challenge was held with a two-fold purpose - one, encourage the talent and creativity of children and enable them to express their love and concern for their neighbourhood through art. Second, to remind adults of the forgotten lessons of "good civic behaviour" by looking through the lens of these children.

As per the current pandemic situation, the entire event was organized with least physical contact and all entries were invited online. Children were encouraged to make their posters both by hand and digital medium. 25 entries were received in all.

Winners in both age groups were as follows –


Prizes were sponsored and handcrafted voluntarily by the residents of Palms who made sure that everything was eco-friendly. All participants received a potted plant as a token of appreciation.

The Poster Challenge was a unique event that was appreciated by majority of the residents in the hope of bringing a positive change for a brighter and better community.


Because YOU didn’t segregate the garbage YOU produced

The above video is from Tigra Village, a place very close to South City 1 and Nirvana Country. Vendors who are picking up un segregated garbage from us are going and throwing it in the open like this.


August Times

Col (Retd.) Anil Alagh, South City-I, 9312247284

Time has flown by ... the pregnant pause without any semblance of pregnancy .... sees me putting fingers to keyboard again to send in a small missive to the august Samvada readers as August dawns. The monsoons that were playing truant have finally been dancing over Gurgaon. The mind goes back 3 decades. .... Dancing in the rain, soaking in nature's elixir, splashing in swirling puddles as our mothers watched with a twinkle in their eyes. The mangoes handed out to suck ... the crystal clear raindrops mingling with the juice running down tiny, happy chins
... shouting out to our moms to hand over  he paper boats pre-prepared for the tiny rivulets gushing along the road berms .... chasing these boats ... prancing around them as they got caught in miniature whirlpools. And then, when the clouds bade us goodbye ..... just idling beside the puddles ... tiny feet splashing the water ... chins in cupped hands ... waiting for the tadpoles to come swishing along, get caught in the whirlies ... and then .... nudging their bottoms with soaked fingers, to make them move .... mighty Napoleans or Captain Jack Sparrows encouraging their flock to 'keep moving'.

It’s the terrace now as age and COVID prevails, but I see no harm in the younger parents allowing their children a dance in the rain, mangoes and boats as complimentary amenities of course. There is no better feeling than the feel of the elements ... the wind, the rain and the fragrance of Mother Earth to nourish young minds and bodies ...(P.S. even the older ‘young-at-heart’ ones), and I hope young parents reading this will give it a try. Join the children, splash together ... leave indelible memories on their innocent minds even as their peals of laughter send your spirits soaring and the body soaking .... Don’t worry about them catching cold ... a hot cocoa / or a plain glass of warm milk with some delectable pakoras will do the trick ... and mind you ... a dance in the rain really builds up a voracious appetite, so be prepared for a Roman food orgy if you decide to serenade Lord Indra the next time His Lordship comes visiting.



Plantation Drive At The Retreat

The Retreat Complex had also applied when MCG had started the Plantation drive for this year and are already a part of the MCG plantation Drive (20-21).

Under this they have already procured 100 trees and have planted these in Retreat since late July 2020. Also, 40 ornamental plants were procured from them day before and the plantation process is on. In all  a requirement of 250 plants (including trees) was given out of which 140 have been collected so far. Rest will be given to us in due course. 


The Retreatians did it again!

A group of Retreatians got together once again to bring about positivity and togetherness. All participants got together, yet maintaining safe distancing and wearing masks, to paint earthen pots/glasses. This proved very therapeutic and a feel-good experience. The entire activity was split into two batches, to observe norms of social distancing. A video has been made of this activity. 


9 Yr Old Vanessa Upcycles Bottles

A fascinating creatio by young Vanessa, a young 9 years old, made an eye-catching flower vase out of a bottle of coke


How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 4

Coming to you straight from a beach (in the new normal), Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142) is in conversation with Sunaina Bhagat (Tower 9) who is a fashion designer and runs a chain of boutiques in Delhi. Sunaina talks about how the Fashion and Garment industry is unlocking!


Cycling Has Become a Rage All Over

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The best way to save you from Corona virus is to stay fit and healthy. But the government says stay at home, Gyms and pools are closed only limited work out with online sessions is possible which is not enough 
Resort to Wheels. Not four wheels but 2 wheels. 

Cycling has become a rage all over especially in Defence Colony where residents of all ages are on the roads with there fancy bikes, some alone, while others in a group  and some with families
With gates closed and not much outside vehicular traffic in the colony, cycling inside has become a lot easier unlike before pandemic times when even walking on the road used to be a dangerous proposition. Cycling has developed as the best option to stay fit as it more or less involves all your muscles. 
It’s urged more residents take this opportunity to develop cycling as a hobby for their daily exercise. 

Hopefully one day we would get our Gumbad area which can be converted into a designated cycle area for children. Let’s pledge not to let rage die out. 
Attached are some videos of cycle enthusiast who have taken to cycling during the last four months and are really satisfied and happy.


Kuch Lamhey - Poetry by Malti Sawhney


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