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South City 1 Spews Garbage
We Will Soon Fall Prey to the 'Lake of Death'

Dr Savita Nagpal (B 86 South City1, 98185 70658)

During a Pandemic, the importance of sanitation and hygiene need not be emphasized. However to our utmost chagrin and shock, it was brought to our notice on 17 July, that people have been dumping waste in the Park next to D Block. Apart from the fact that it gave rise to a disgusting stench and attracted many animals, it is a monumental biohazard. Maruti vans, throwing huge bags of garbage around 9pm at night, have been sighted. Vegetable vendors have also been throwing their waste in this Park.

Must we be reminded that it is part of our Civic duties to be segregating our household waste at source? Additionally MCG has issued notices to all RWAs regarding 100% source segregation into wet, dry and domestic hazardous waste. As per the SWM (Solid Waste Management) rules, all bulk waste generators have to do wet waste composting and handover dry and domestic hazardous waste to the authorised waste collector only.

Unfortunately the majority of us do not feel any responsibility regarding the last mile travelled by the garbage we so readily generate. That is a reprehensible and insensitive attitude towards the environment that nurtures us. It is high time we realised that civil society needs to extend full partnership towards landfill diversion measures.

Presently, the leachate from the Bhandwari Landfill is pouring out and forming, what could rightfully be called, a Lake of Death, since it contains toxins which are contaminating the groundwater, which mind you, is finding its way to our taps. A study at AIIMS has found a high toxin (Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Fluorid and Chromium) level in 16% of patients.

Are we going to wait till the toxins enter our blood streams? Are we going to be like the proverbial ostrich?

Someone told me, quite recently, that they do not have the time to segregate the waste they generate in their homes. With this mind-set, we are destined to being victims of our own irresponsible and callous behaviour.

Pictures of garbage dumped in the Park next to D Block




It Is an Uphill Task to Maintain Utilities like Water Supply & Electricity

Summer Woes South City-1

by Vinod Kumar (C-99, 98188 17838)

Amid corona scare, summer has come hard on residents of South City-1, facing an uphill task in maintaining utilities like water supply and electricity in the middle of transition phase when Unitech is handing over the colony to MCG and DHBVN.

Unitech has done very poor or no maintenance and only drew maintenance as profits from residents and in the process damaged equipment (transformers, electrical panels, water pumps), machinery, roads etc. are left in dire state which MCG has reluctantly taken over with all teething problems yet to resolve.

In June, there was serious water supply problem with no water available for almost 3 days.

Old water pumps had packed up and were required to be replaced by new units. MCG supervisor is still working to resolve the problem, as the pressure remains low and erratic and the MCG team is working to find a solution. Heavy loss of water was noticed on 30 June in B-Block pipe line leakage which flooded the road upto HUL office. It should be reported to concerned department for immediate action as we cannot afford to lose precious water.

The electrical distribution system has been neglected over the years. It is in complete shambles; panels are obsolete and need upgrading. Transformers require servicing or replacement with new efficient units to assume the present load which has dramatically increased over the last couple of decades. Obsolete equipment is causing serious voltage fluctuation and phase problems ultimately damaging household appliances. This has become a big concern for the residents to which authorities have completely turned a blind eye to their complaints.

         A blast in transformer, when distribution underground cable got burnt in C-Block paralyzing supply indefinitely had to be dug deep for repairs and MCG was approached. MCG denied any responsibility saying it was a Unitech job. An ambiguous situation arose and no one was ready to take the responsibility to resolve the issue at hand.

Maj Rajesh Arora and his team from C-block took the responsibility and did a commendable job to restore electricity in record time while the authorities stood aside assigning blame.   

 Wild growth of tree branches over electrical poles and wires are safety hazards against short circuit and cable rupture electrocution due strong winds is a major incident or accident waiting to happen….but pruning is never done despite several complaints on pretext that cutting trees is illegal. Even the pole street lights are ineffective due to trees that engulf them and restrict light propagations on the street.

It is high time authority took note and expedites corrective actions with high priority.


One Week Plantation Drive in J & K Blocks

By Alka Saran (K-125, 98184 09123)

As we know that there are clear connections between Covid-19 and Climate Crisis. What can individuals do when faced with such a situation? 

We can do our bit to mitigate diseases by nurturing our environment.

A Tree Plantation Drive was carried out for a week in J & K Blocks of South City-1. The other Blocks too have joined this drive. A large vacant piece of land in C Block designated as a park is now being prepared by residents for greening. Their enthusiasm is contagious. 

500 saplings were provided by MCG facilitated by Gurujal Gurugram to Earth Supporters Trust- a South City based NGO working on Environment. These saplings are being planted and nurtured with support of citizens and RWA. Saplings include shrubs, fruit trees and native trees- Jatropha, Hibiscus, Harsingar, Variegated plants, Moulsari, Jamun, Amrud, Kaner and Kadam.



Retreat For Talent!

It has been a fortnight of activity within Retreat. Our Whatsapp Group, RETREAT FOR TALENT, a platform that encourages residents to display their Talent, is proud to announce that our young LAVANYA LOGANI (Heights - 712), 10 years old,  won the first prize in photography,  in a contest organised by and awarded a cash prize of RS.1000 by Amazon.

A fascinating creation, by young Vanessa, a young 9 years old, made an eye-catching flower vase out of a bottle of coke.

In a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, Arunima, of Ivory Towers,  shared his famous painting of Sunflowers, painted by her. Indeed a beautiful copy of the Master's original.

Our Masterchefs in Retreat have inspired many amateur cooks, ranging from ages 5 to 70 years to try their hand at turning out delectable food, a feast for the eyes. Mouth-watering desserts like apple-pie, upside pineapple cakes, main course of authentic chicken pepper, pepperoni pizza a la Nirulas, typical bania fare of aloo sabzi/khatta meetha kadu/ boondi raita/dal kachori, and a new barfi, the " Lockdown Dhoda Barfi" has kept everyone drooling over the yummy fare.


Savan Bhandara

The Retreat Staff celebrated the First Monday of Savan, by organising a Bhandara for all Staff. Several residents also joined in the celebrations and enjoyed the delicious fare of aloo, poori and rice kheer.

Our group of active ladies decided to honour the Staff, who work tirelessly to guard us, maintain our facilities, gardens and keep our premises clean. A small tea party was organised for them in the Club lawns. A few joined in the singing. All the staff were given a cloth mask, bananas, a chocolate bar and a mango tetra pack. The evening ended with all enjoying samosas and tea, prepared in the Retreat Kitchen.



Trees Down

Gurgaon saw a stormy start to the monsoons last week! A towering Silver Oak tree that fell on a house. Thankfully, no damage was done. A Palm tree fell on Rakshak building in Retreat complex.

"Most people would blame the tree for falling - saying paed museebat hotey hain - ghar par gir ke nuksaan kar daitey hai. Not realising that we ourselves are not looking after them - either because of the laws or our own apathy." says Vandana Sarin (A Block)



Mora Saiyaan Mose Bole Na (Cover) by Manisha (The Retreat)


Covid Testing Done in DLF-1 A-Block

On 4 July, a Covid testing camp was organised at 11am in Vita Park by the DLF-1 A Block Ext RWA in coordination with the Haryana Government. A team of senior doctors from the civil hospital arrived with a team to conduct the RT PCR Test for free.

A number of residents turned up and got tested. The test results were received in a few days. All the residents who had taken the test, tested negative.

Other RWAs should organise these camps as well! The PRWS (A Block Ext RWA) had submitted a request to the DC office to arrange for Covid Testing camp for the residents of the block. The Haryana Government has been arranging such Camps around Gurugram during the last month.



Corona & the Times Before & After

by Sangeeta Kumar (DLF-1, E Block, 98110 75162)

Half of the year has gone by and it seems to a lot like the year is taking too long to end. So much has and has not happened in these first 6 months. There is so much fear which we have lived with and continue to do, so much of pain and then there is a part in which a lot of us are also grateful for. What have we lost and gained has been the only retrospection we can do. A lot of attention has been given to the Health sector in all aspects be it related to research, medicine, herbal remedies, and not to forget the medical practitioners and the entire medical fraternity on a whole. Each and every individual now realises the importance of the Heath department as a whole and is not limited to the knowledge of just knowing the doctor.

For Politicians also this has been a trying and testing time to see how the nation is being governed and cared for and many country heads have succeeded in this proudly. The nation on a whole has shifted, the world has shifted. For a lot of people, their vision their thought process, their approach has shifted immensely.

And of course there are those who remain the same and have just lived through this pandemic as if nothing ever happened. 

All those people who have suffered and continue to do so because of flight restrictions and lock downs and containment zones and have lived in isolation for a long time have shifted immensely. I spoke to a few people who I personally know and they were away from their families (names not disclosed on request to keep their identity confidential) for 2 and a half months. When they reached their families, they lived in quarantine at home, their stories sometimes when I think of it still gives me goose bumps. These people have had the hardest of times being away from close knit families of parents, siblings, wife and children. On speaking to them the common learning for them was that they got a lot of time to introspect about life and its challenges. Before the pandemic life for them was just getting up, breakfast, office, dinner, and then sleep throughout the week. The weekend was waking up late, resting, spending time with kids and evening was for friends to socialise with. They said that while introspection on life we have come to understand the essence of relationships and how we miss each relationship at a different level. Speaking to parents, siblings, wife or husband and children each at a different level has been touching and has build a sense of responsibility towards maintain relationships which was being lived by without its true essence. They also mentioned the responsibility of taking in charge one’s own self. Having had to arrange for food, cleaning the house, paying attention to one’s health without anyone else being there to looking into any need has taught us responsibility that our mothers, wives, house staff take to keep the house functioning which we perhaps never even thought of as it was just normal for a house to be functioning. 

Many of my friends have taken a leap into spirituality and have connected with it at very high levels. Friends of my friends have also said the same, so this 6 months and I am sure the numbers will keep growing have really reached a high point in spirituality and personal growth for a lot of young men and women.

Families have bonded, creativity has emerged, patience has sustained, earth and nature has healed, we have more to be thankful for than to look at the Pandemic otherwise. Not to forget the need for checking in on neighbours, caring and reaching out to the needy, cooking for self, family and friends. Let’s all pray for the coming months to be better than what we leave behind.



Zindagi: Safarnama Kahaani, Poetry by Haviesha


Defence Colony Has Again Become a Hotspot of Sex Racket

By Mrs Mehta (D-54 Defence Colony) 


It is very distressing that over the years our pristine Def Col has become a hotspot of sex racket and flesh trade business by transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg right from D-1 to D-70 and Moolchand Shopping Complex on Def Col side and the entire footpath of Def Col and from Narula's flyover to Moolchand Hospital flyover on Lajpat Nagar side and within the dual jurisdiction of Def Col and Lajpat Nagar.

This entire stretch is encroached at night right from sundown to 5am by them coming from all nooks and corners of Delhi NCR. They rule the road at night and public dare not come on the road out of fear, shame, harassment and danger not only from these criminal elements but also their clients coming from far and wide.

Last year on 31 March a man failing to find sex worker, raped a 61 year old woman in a park near the Lajpat Nagar metro station. 

Seducing and soliciting for the purpose of prostitution in public places  is a cognizable criminal offence under section 8a and 8b of the ITP Act 1956 and obscenity, public display of  vulgarity, willful exposure of body parts in public gaze, violence and terror on road, sexual harassment,  criminal intimidation, criminal trespass etc are all criminal offences under various  sections of IPC. They also become violent and hurl stones on any disagreement with client or objection from residents.

These criminal elements fearlessly trespass into our colony by climbing the boundary wall abutting Lala Lajpat Rai Marg for their sex business and sometimes along with their clients and also to escape from the police.

 We approached the law enforcing authorities and their higher ups. Since there was no response from RWA to approach the Ministry of Women and Child Development I personally along with the help of other association and persons approached the Ministry.

 This resulted in marked reduction of the flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, increased patrolling on both sides and PS Def Col also filed FIR in August 2019 but later did not proceed beyond that. 

What had been fearless and unabashed flesh trade business on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg died a natural death during lockdown. However, it has restarted full -fledged from beginning of June 2020 in defiance of Law; Disobeying Govt Orders; violating the curfew hours, mandatory norms of social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks; violating the provisions of The Disaster Management Act 2005, and endangering lives.

On reporting this to PS Defence Colony our new SHO has also requested SHO Lajpat Nagar to sensitize their staff about the prostitution problem. 

When police patrols it is a deterrent for them and scares them only till the time police is around and they run into hiding or even jump over the boundary wall and trespass into the Colony. This is a serious health, safety and security hazard for the residents.

On the night of 06/07/2020 around 10/50 pm on seeing the police on Lajpat Nagar side a transgender prostitute came running across Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, climbed the boundary wall and was holding the grill to jump inside. There was no RWA Security guard present. My daughter and l had to ourselves stop the transgender prostitute from coming inside.

There was no RWA Security guard patrolling the front lane till 11/07 pm and arrived only on seeing the PCR van. The PCR Team also scolded the RWA Security guard and told him strictly to make regular rounds. After that the RWA Security guard started making regular rounds on the front lane that night.

The most startling and shocking revelation was when  the RWA Security guard told us that these transgender prostitutes have license to do prostitution on road and in public places. We promptly had to correct him. RWA Security guards are not having correct information and  need to be given proper training and  security instructions. 

The police has to take permanent action and enforce the provisions of law under ITP Act 1956, IPC and  The Disaster Management Act 2005 against the transgender prostitutes, prostitutes and sex workers of African origin as well as their  clients, patrons and pimps for eradicating the malaise altogether.

Further all agencies and elected representatives have to step in to demolish the facilitating factors and take measures like affixing concertina barbed wire over the boundary wall to make it inaccessible, installing  

CCTV cameras on the entire footpath of Def Col, stationing a Police van near Defence Colony petrol pump at night, proper cleanliness, lighting and upkeep of the abandoned dark shady park in front of D-60 Def Col and near Lajpat Nagar metro pillars 25 and 26; fixing of grills on divider of Lala Lajpat Rai Marg to make  Def Col and Lajpat Nagar safe and secure.


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