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By 15 June Water & Sewerage Would Be Taken Over By MCG

by Dr Savita Nagpal (B-86)

A pumping motor, at the Water pumping station in L Block, broke down on19 April disrupting water supply to a large part of South City- 1. Despite the lockdown, SCRWA arranged a mechanic from Manesar & got the pump repaired using its own funds.  Predictably, Unitech failed to do so. At this point it would be worth noting that out of 3000 Residents of South City 1, the water Contingency Fund is contributed only by about 600 Residents.

There was disruption of water services in South City1, in early May due to non-payment of salaries by Unitech. To resolve this, on the 13 May, SCRWA met the Commissioner, Vinay Pratap Singh and requested him to have MCG urgently take over Water Management and Sewerage. The Commissioner said that the Tender for appointing an Operating agency has been floated and by the 15 June 2020, Water & Sewerage would be taken over by MCG.

During April 2020, SCRWA made a comprehensive representation to the authorities viz. Chief Minister’s Office, MCG, GMDA, HSVP, Department of Town Planning, & DHBVN, highlighting the deficiencies in infrastructure and maintenance of the Colony. Failing a response, a reminder was mailed in the last week of May. If there is still no response, SCRWA will have to approach the High Court.


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Feeding Birds & Butterflies at Palms

by Kiranjeet Chaturvedi (The Palms, 93508 48865)

With everyone more or less confined to the boundary of our condominium for the last three months, we have found much to do, to discover, and to be helpful. This time of restrictions and shortages has certainly made some of us more sensitive to the surroundings and to direct our efforts to meet the needs of others.

Shalini Venugopal (Tower 2) and Namrata Srivastava (Tower 2), and Jayapadma (Tower 7) of the horticulture and waste-management teams are guiding the children of Palms Eco-club in regular monthly activities to learn about and bond with nature. This week they invited ace photographer and birder Rakesh Dhareshwar (Tower 4) to guide the children in the care of birdfeeders. To attract more birds to be at home around us, Rakesh had installed six birdfeeders around the colony few months ago. He is now guiding the ECO-Club children to adopt a birdfeeder each for a month and take care of them. The children are also learning about making and setting out saltlicks for butterflies for their dose of sodium, which in turns makes them stay on in an area. Bird baths have been set up as well and are being regularly replenished. Probably the fact that we spotted peacocks in Palms grounds today after nearly a decade is proof of the fresh initiatives being successful already.



Grafitti In South City? Why Not!

Traditional Street art evokes a strong political or social messaging . Artists often combine elements of graffiti in their works, adding large bubble lettering or smaller decorative scripts to create impact.

Have any of you visited the Lodi art district in New Delhi which is pretty much open air art gallery showcasing some really hard hitting themes ?

Time to create our very own art district right here at South City I and what better way to do this than by getting our local artists at work .

Samvada invites children in the age group of 10 years to 15 years to create street art compositions that can be landscaped in various parts of our community.

Remember to give a suitable title your art work and submit to us at
The best entry ( evaluated by well known artists ) will receive a Cash Prize from our sponsor the The Sixth Element School.

Choked With Concrete.jpeg
Dry Tree in South City 1.jpeg
Dead Tree.jpeg

Tree Survey in A Block 

Residents Vandana Sarin (A Block) and Alka Saran (K-125) set out to do a survey in A Block for all the trees that need pruning and the ones that are dead. While doing that they also found trees that were choked with concrete!

Trees need at least 2 ft of breathing space around them to survive so everyone is requested to keep this in ind while building around them. 

The survey report will be shared with the SCRWA and then sent to the forest department so that action can be taken. “There is not a lot of participation from other block so we call out to all the residents who would like to help us do the survey in their blocks so that this work can be done there as well” says Alka Saran. 

In the next edition of Samvada, we’ll share more about what was found during this block survey!



50 Ladies from Palms Make 5 Namak Ajwain Parathas with Achaar 

by Kiranjeet Chaturvedi (The Palms, 93508 48865)

Shweta Ahuja (Tower 4) and Babita Chugh (Tower 5) ...started the Palms Paratha Bankin association with their NGO partner ‘Feeding India’. Every Wednesday and Thursday more than 50 ladies from Palms make 5 namak ajwain parathas each, and pack them with Achaar. This is all collected together and then distributed to migrant workers and other clusters in need in Gurgaon. The first distribution drive was on 3rd May, when 265 parathas were given out. Since then, more volunteers have joined the project, and may the initiative gather more force in days to come. 


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King Of Good Times

A kingfisher 'bird' was spotted in Retreat by a resident.


What An Idea Sir Ji

This simple DIY hand wash station installed in K block construction site was designed for NGO Earth Supporters Trust by volunteers Nayana Saran and Daksh Saran of K Block. The contactless station currently has 5 & 10 litre cans installed in it.


Take A Sapling Home

Slim Homes’ endeavour to promote environment friendly and sustainable living, is embodied in our venture to start a Residents Nursery in South City 1.

It is said, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” – but we can start small and help nurse our planet back to good health. So, let’s get vocal about growing local.

What you can do: Make your investment in Earth by taking our little saplings home, and contribute a little of your pockets towards our vision of seeing a greener planet. Sapling are available at Cut & Style, Shop No 5, South City 1 Market, Opposite Mayom Hospital, Gurgaon - 9354801420  (Timing: 10am - 7 pm)



Corona notwithstanding SCRWA’s motto is “KARO NA”

Dr Savita Nagpal (B-86)

In April/May 2020, around 600 packets of Dry Rations were distributed to the daily wagers in Silokhra village and to the migrant labour.

All the Blocks are being sanitized regularly. In the wake of the impending mosquito onslaught, fumigation is also being done.

SCRWA undertook a special drive to clear the Colony/ Parks of dry leaves. These dead leaves were composted. Dry leaves, a fire hazard in themselves, are often burnt, causing release of toxic gases, and smoke.

About 150 washable, face masks were distributed amongst Residents. This was facilitated by Slim Homes.


Lion and The Mouse: Story narrated by Neha George (B Block)


Pit Dug in D Block For Residents Dispose of Kitchen Waste

Dr Jayanti Naju Seth (D-58)

A direct outcome of the awareness programme on garbage segregation which was held by Dr Savita Nagpal on 8 Mar was the construction of a new Compost Pit for the use of the Residents of D-Block.  In keeping with the philosophy of Slim Homes, to utilise garbage instead of regarding it as waste, Dr Nagpal was convincing in her demonstration of how wet kitchen waste can be turned into manure and used to fertilize soil. 

 Meera Chauhan (D-64) was quick to respond with supervising the digging of the pit on empty land in the D Block lane.  Please see the picture attached.  It is now available for all Residents of the lane to dispose of kitchen waste in an environmentally friendly way.  


In Covid Times O-Block Residents’ Group Is Adopting Safety Norms

by Dr Savita Nagpal (B-86)

Having lived through earthquakes, cyclones, and a pandemic, let us pledge to adopt sustainable living, if we have to save ourselves from extinction. 

The O- Block Residents’ group is creating database of IDs and addresses of domestic staff, should there be need for Contact tracing.

 It is also making sure that

a.     Outsiders entering the street undergo Thermal Screening

b.    Sanitizersare placed at the Gates

c.     Scrutiny for use of masks

It is suggested that other Blocks adopt similar safety measures.


Monsoon Moments At The Retreat

compiled by Raji Anand,Vishal & Vinod ( The Retreat)

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