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Unending Power Woes Of Residents In South City-1

Equipment Failures Due To Fluctuation Costly

by Samvada News Bureau

Residents of South City-1 are completely frustrated with the present situation of the perpetual voltage fluctuations and power outages in the colony. Thanks to the massive voltage fluctuation residents are facing equipment failures which can amount to an expensive repair bill.

Come summer and our electricity infrastructure starts to collapse and there is no one to maintain it. DHBVN has raised its hands in maintaining the power infrastructure in the colony. Their position is that they are still to take the handover of the colony from the builder! But one wonders that if they are not willing to handle the maintenance of South City 1 then how are they charging all the residents the same way they are charging colonies that are under them?

“If their reason for not maintaining our transformers, and other power-related infra, is that the handover of the colony has not been given to them, then why are they sending us bills!” says Vijay Kapoor who is frustrated with the present situation and has been following up with the DHBVN on this matter. He says "I have been constantly calling KC Aggarwal who is the present CE/DHBVN but there has been no resolution to the plight of south city residents."

Residents of B Block recently collected funds from among themselves to upgrade their transformer to handle the load. “Our television conked off due to the voltage fluctuations etc. The picture tube was damaged which cost us over 20,000 to repair. So before other appliances would blow up, this overhaul was welcome” says a B Block resident.

the situation is the same in other nearby colonies which have not been taken over by DHBVN. Residents are collecting money and paying for transformer repairs instead of DHBVN providing this service. The officials have no answers to the residents' concerns who are left to fend for themselves.

The Solution?

Residents need to come together on this matter, rather than finding short term solutions in small groups. They must take the help of legal experts within the colony, form a body which will fight this out till the end.



Retreat Gifts to all Residents

by Raji Anand

It was the wonderful team work of all who were charges to share their gift of Love, Positivity, Safety and Happiness in the Retreat Community. Leading from the front were the innovators: Kirti Adhikari, Anita Coutinho, Anita Khanna, Archana, Neena, Meenakshi, Manashi, Raina, Samhita, Tabassam, Arshi, Navjyot, Ayan and Charumitra Adhikari.

They Planned and executed such a lovely idea and the warmth and love came through in the way the gifts were wrapped, very innovatively, bringing a smile to each and every resident. This gesture lifted the sprits and gave a ray of hope where many of the negative and gloomydays were forgotten. All were amazed by the effort, the intent and best wishes envisioned. True sense of community belongingness was demonstrated ! Kudos to all for this wonderful day! !




Mosquitoes Trumped in South City-1; Water Lines Repaired

Dr Savita Nagpal(B 86 South City1)

As we cross swords with the Corona virus, we have pushed the mosquitoes into oblivion. However, with the monsoon just around the corner, it would be to our disadvantage if we maintained this status.

To add to our woes, the GMDA supply lines in D Block and B Block were leaking, resulting in spillage of huge amounts of water, which, besides being such a waste of resource, formed a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Several online complaints were lodged with the MCG, but no action was taken till the end of June. Reminders were sent by SCRWA, to the Executive Engineer , GMDA, and finally the D Block water leakage was repaired on the 1st of July. The B Block water lines are still leaking and another complaint has been lodged, with a promise that it will be fixed in a day or so.

Mentioned below is some important information that can safeguard us against the perils of mosquitoes

1. Three main types of mosquitoes Aedes, Anopheles and Culex, are vectors for diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Japanese Encephalitis

3. Adult Females of many common species can lay 100–200 eggs. Over a period of several weeks, a single successful breeding pair can create a population of thousands. As little as 5 ml (one teaspoon) of water is enough for mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing fresh water. Untended pools, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, are all conducive to mosquito breeding

4. Mosquito breeding in one house puts the surrounding 25 houses at risk.

5. A mosquito lives for an average of 30 days.

6. A mosquito bites 5-6 times on alternate days.

7. Dengue virus has 4 strains. One develops immunity to a particular strain after one suffers from the disease. However, it is possible can contract the disease again from another strain, and it is more severe the second time. Survival is difficult after the third attack.

An important fact is that vector borne diseases like Dengue and malaria are preventable. So let us not turn a blind eye to the menace at our doorsteps.


Sun Plays Hide & Seek on Father’s Day

by Rahul Chandola  

Skygazers in India and Asia witnessed another celestial phenomenon on Sunday (June 21). It was an annular solar eclipse. According to IST the eclipse began at 9:15 AM and lasted till 3:04 PM. The maximum eclipse was visible around 2:10 PM. People from all parts of India witnessed it with different beliefs. The eclipse was visible from much of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, parts of Europe and Australia.

When the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are aligned in a straight line or an almost straight configuration, such that the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth blocking the rays of Sun from directly reaching the Earth, we witness a solar eclipse. Based on the alignment, there are three kinds of solar eclipses — total, partial, and annular — along with the addition of a rare hybrid of an annular and a total solar eclipse. This solar eclipse was an annular eclipse where the Moon is so far from Earth that its relative size fails to cover the Sun completely and leaves the outer rims visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. 

May the balance days of 2020 bring in Peace, Health, Happiness & Stability for the World. 



MCG Gives 500 Saplings to South City-1 In Exchange for Waste!

The MCG has come up with an initiative in collaboration with Gurujal to collect plastic and other waste, in exchange of which you will get plants that can be planted in your colony!

Residents of J & K Block applied for this programs and residents including Dr KK Sharma who looks after the horticulture activities of J & K Blocks, resident Alka Saran who runs the NGO Earth Supporters, Mr Bhandari (J Block), Naveen Mishra-the J&K Block RWA Manager along with a gardener went and collected 500 saplings for South City from MCG nursery. These will now be distributed, by SCRWA, among resident to plant and nurture!

We encourage residents to plant their sapling and share picture with Samvada so that they can be published and shared with fellow resident!



Locust Attack!

Locusts hit parts of gurgaon on 27th morning around 11:25am covering the skies. It was quite a site especially in DLF 1 and DLF 2 as they covered up all the trees.


Training For Retreat Guards

A refresher training was held for the Retreat Security Guards for both the day and night shifts on 25th June. Some Task Firce Members were also present. The training conducted by Mr Harmeet Singh, a Resident, was highly appreciated.


Manoj Gupta - One Of The  First Plasma Donor

By Subashini Sood (C-251, 9810008134)

Delhi under Lockdown with only some essential services stores allowed to open. The Gupta family of Defence Colony Market's Defence Store worked tirelessly to make all goods and essentials required for their customers available. No wonder that exhaustion set in with Pramod coughing and feeling feverish, brushing it aside as an onset of a mere cold, he and the family continued. As the fever rose along with a strangely aggravated cough Pramod was forced to seek medical advice and blood testing. Few days later it was confirmed Pramod had tested co-vid positive. The entire family too underwent the mandatory blood testing with almost all affected some asymptomatic requiring self isolation only. The dreaded corona virus had struck despite all safety precautions at the store.

On May 17 the store was immediately shut down. Pramod a Diabetic and in fever was admitted into Max Hospital Saket for 13 days and his ageing 76 yr old father admitted soon after. Both in the medically vulnerable group, only a few days later Pramod's father took a turn for the worse contracting a severe lung infection and shifted into the ICU. As his condition deteriorated rapidly the family were called and warned of the impending critical situation and survival. The only chance being of  a Plasma Donor therapy to pull him through Plasma Therapy being  a blood transfusion taken from a sypmtomatic recovered covid patient. The plasma is separated at the hospital and transfused into an already critically ill and weakened covid patient.The army of antibodies in the plasma acting as fighters helping the immune system to overpower and contain the existing infection. Happy to say two wonderful individuals without any monetary gains voluntarily came forward to donate, both covid survivours.

A hospital lab technician and assistant Santosh Srivastava of  the Delhi Govt. provided the necessary treatment for Pramod’s father to pull through. Pramod and his father are both home and well and returning back to normalcy. The Store too has been well fumigated and reopened, expired products discarded. 

What does Pramod have to say of his harrowing experience? Speaking glowingly of the Doctors and care at Max, he said, “Finding Plasma was not a problem, Donors are being arranged through the Delhi Govt but he appeals to everyone not to be scared and follow guidelines. He is also extremely critical of the rumour mongering and exaggeration spread by people on watsapp groups regarding co-vid affected and of the unnecessary social stigma attached to it. Stay positive avoid panic and follow medical advice. 

In the mean time Manoj the other brother is receiving accolades as he on his part is giving back what they have received. Manoj has donated his plasma to another critically ill patient at Max. He is one more hero to add to all the other heroes in selflessly and willingly coming forward to save a life!



How Is your Business Unlocking: Part 2

Puja Ohri In Conversation With Hitesh Kumar Meghani who is into trading and deals with a spectrum of companies.


Please! Lockdown Is Not Summer Vacation For Us

by Rohan Khosla (DLF-4)

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in BITS Goa when I got an innocent email asking me to go home for two weeks due to the novel coronavirus. Three months later, I’m still at home.

For many students like myself, life in college seemed like a reward for our two years of hard work and dedication. We would play sports, attend campus events, roam around the city, spend all night watching movies, and sometimes ‘try’ to study. But this blissful period didn’t last too long. The spread of the virus resulted in us having to go home and spend time attending online lectures, submitting assignments through Google Classroom, or endlessly browsing through YouTube because there was nothing better to do. My life, like countless others, became extremely sedentary. 

I miss my friends and the interactions that we used to have. We used to walk into each other’s rooms unannounced and just chat or play music and video games. The spontaneity is lost. Now everything has to be planned according to everyone’s free time. Although we’ve kept in touch through Whatsapp, it’s not the same. We can’t meet each other in person. We can’t randomly start playing some chords or rap to a beat. We can’t play football at eleven in the night or watch cricket matches together. Things are different and it’s hard to embrace that fact. 

People assume that for teenagers like me, this is a summer vacation where we spend time at home. But they forget that summer vacations meant hanging out with friends, swimming early in the morning, playing basketball, going to restaurants for dinner, etc. None of that is possible anymore and the task of keeping ourselves busy has become harder than ever. Moreover, the undefined duration of the pandemic has made things worse. When do we return to uni? When do we get to meet our friends? When will we give our exams? What are my grades? These questions are rarely answered leaving us with little to no satisfaction.
Despite the overwhelming negatives of the global lockdown, it would be criminal to not mention the positives. I've learned new skills such as programming and video editing during my free time. I’ve spent some quality time with my parents watching TV shows, playing carrom and cooking. I understand how hard it is to manage a house daily. It has made me appreciate the decisions my parents took for my well being and how fortunate I am to be where I am. The biggest positives are that I don't need to eat less food and that my friends and family are safe. Yes, those are in the correct order.


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