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FIR Against SLRWA Members Over Collection of Money From Trucks/Vendor

Court To Have hearing on 18th Aug

by Samvada News Bureau

On 22 June, a truck carrying construction material was stopped at the main gate and was asked for a sum of 3500 INR for entry. The truck was going to resident of C Block Pratyaksh Rajput (C-134), who has been developing his house. On asking the supervisor, the truck driver was told that the money is being collected by the SLRWA and you can talk to the president for the same.

Later that day Pratyaksh Rajput filed an FIR against the SLRWA for collecting payment against the entry of trucks carrying material for building his house in B Block. The FIR specifically mentions names of residents that are committee members of the SLRWA.

In response to the FIR, which accuses the SLRWA of illegally collecting a sum of 3500 per truck, members of the RWA went to the high court to get a stay on any immediate action that could be taken after the FIR, on grounds that the amount collected from trucks is being used for the damages done by these trucks to the internal roads of the colony. The court will now hear both parties on the 18th Aug and make a decision on further action.

Meanwhile, this episode raises questions in the minds of residents. Why is the RWA taking 3500 per truck, why are they collecting money from small vendors like our press walas and dhobi’s, where and how are the funds being utilised for the upkeep of C Block?

RWA’s Needs Funds to Function

Any RWA can only function or do any work within a colony when it has some funds. The issue at hand with the SLRWA is that they do not have residents paying subscription to them and which is why it is now finding other ways to generate funds for the colony. The committee should ideally try and do membership drives and increase paying members rather than adopting such methods.

How does the RWA Utilise these funds?

Clearly, if the SLRWA is taking 3500 INR per truck, it is making a handsome amount and that also over and above the money collected from subscription and the poor press walas and dhobi’s. We tried asking multiple SLRWA members about whether they understand the use of these funds but no one hand any clue. They were not even aware of any General Body Meeting held or any information regarding the same. This brings us to transparency and communication of what the SLRWA is doing with these funds collected. The residents need to be informed!

MCG Take Over

After the colony has been partially taken over by the MCG, the residents expect them to take care of the upkeep of the colony. What the MCG Commissioner and the court has to say to this is still to be seen.

Upcoming Elections

WhatsApp groups around Sushant Lok have suddenly started talking about the SLRWA election which are due in about 4 months, questioning the work that has been done in the past 2 years.

The court hearing the 18th will throw light on what the court has to say regarding this matter and also what resident Pratyakh Rajput has to say to the court.



MCG Takes Over Garbage Collection

by Renu Dwivedi (98100 08831, A Block)

Thanks to the initiative of a section of residents of A block, who approached the councilor Arti Yadav, MCG has stepped into the garbage collection for A block and Ecogreen, the designated contractor has started collecting garbage on a daily basis. 

The Ecogreen truck is making rounds every day, while there were some hiccups initially of no helper to collect the garbage and residents having to empty their trash cans on their own into the van, now things seem to have smoothened out. The agency on the behest of MCG is also pushing residents to get into the habit of segregating the waste into wet and dry waste. Hopefully with the entry of Ecogreen the garbage issues will be cleared and residents can progress to the next stage of responsible waste management. 

Kanwar Salvations which was earlier doing the collection has collected their past 2 months due and stepped out. Now with MCG takeover the service should be free of charge, any pennies saved would always be welcome!

Image Credits: TOI



Bandhwari Landfill Is Contaminating Ground Water

There is need for every resident to become an Eco Warrior

by Devika Parthiban (B 318 Sushant Lok-1, 919910020349)

Groundwater contamination at the Bhandwari landfill near Gurugram, prompted me to pen my thoughts on waste management and my efforts to manage it. I think the remedial measure  to reduce this menace is to  know the types of wastes generated in our homes and then segregate them. Here’s how I do it:

In the Kitchen

I keep 3 separate bins for daily use:

  • Wet waste like fruit/veggie peels and eggshells go to the compost pit in my kitchen garden for making organic manure.

  • Recyclable items like broken glass, batteries and other sundry items go to the garbage collector.

  • Dry waste of low -value plastic and recyclables like empty milk pouches & grocery packaging .

In the Bathroom

Sanitary waste collected here goes to the landfill.

The bigger waste

The other dry waste of high value which are disposed-off monthly, like newspapers, cardboards, bottles and plastics were sold to the local kabadawala. It was then someone introduced me to ‘Maxxchange’, a green initiative started by a high schooler named Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar, whose motto is NOT TO ALLOW ANYTHING TO GO TO THE LANDFILLS.

After I joined the group of ‘ECO WARRIORS’, we have all been giving away all the dry wastes of low and high values to Maxxchange, where everything is recycled or upscaled into useful products like stationery, furniture, planters, by the underprivileged, specially-abled and village women. In exchange for the waste sold, one can get points which could be redeemed against any of the recycled products. The pickup van comes twice a month, so there is no much accumulation at home. I feel happy to be able to indirectly provide employment to the needy and contribute towards sustainability.

Contact info /+91 9818472777



Sushant Lok Kids Ace Board Exams

Finally CBSE announced the long awaited twelveth and tenth grade results in July, putting to rest the anxieties of both parents and students. Samvaad would like to share the brilliant performance of  a few kids in the block with our readers. Well done kids , Way to go, your hard work has paid.! Congratulations to the proud parents as well!.

1. Krish Khera DPS Sec 45 Gurgaon 93.8%

2. Saatchi Sahani  Sun City School 93.6%


Transformation of B Block Sushant Lok I

by AK Jain (B Block, 99108 77335)

Soon after takeover of the colony from Ansal, MCG has relieved residents of perennial water problems that Block res dents used to face especially in summer.

First CWF about 4 years ago CWF through the efforts  got the feed pipe size changed from 4" dia to 8" to have a higher inflow of water. Now, after takeover of the colony MCG has taken radical steps to invest in pumps of proper capacity to feed the water tank to supply and maintain good water supply so that residents have entirely forgotten to call for water tanks. Now they have increased the underground water tank size to store much higher volumes of water.

In the last three months CWF under the leadership of dynamic and experienced IIT graduate leadership of Sh. S K Puri and his dedicated team has transformed  the block to make it a model stay for its residents comprising about 500 units with an estimated population of 2500 people.

Profac used to charge us maintenance charges, but now for this transformation we contribute. Proper account of these contributions is being maintained along with its utilisation in following areas:

Security: All leakages have more or less been sealed along the boundaries of the block while entry has been restricted through 3 gates sealing other 9 gates.
These  3 gates are manned by well trained professional security personnel under a mobile supervisor and one estate Manager. The estate Manager and supervisor is well connected over mobile to have proper communication from the residents for any problem. Soon labels are going to be pasted on the cars of the residents to restrict the entry of outside cars through a proper system of check and verification.

Garbage: collection used to be a problem where the contractor was irregular and his collection boys will be particular to collect their payments without worrying for the collection of garbage. Now under the sub Committee of CWF garbage collection is regular under a system
where a ladies group is playing an active role. I was wonder stuck to see a middle aged volunteer, cycling along with a rickshaw of garbage collector to see that he collects the garbage regularly and from each house.

Cleanliness: Roads and sides are much cleaner to the delight of residents and visitors. One of the lanes with about 25 households has made their own contributions to clean all the vacant plots and lanes regularly.

Drains are being cleaned with the help of MCG to make water flow instead of remaining stagnant.

Other sanitation arrangements like fumigation are also being arranged to take care of various ailments mainly Covid 19.

CWF is also trying to maintain Parks in the area so that residents can enjoy their walks.  Irrigation of the park is being made with supply of sewage water to avoid use of drinking water. Cooperation of MCG is being sought through the office of Councillor for proper Gardner's and for other essential maintenance area.

One area that is still weak is street lights and regular supply of power. Voltage fluctuations continue to make life hell. A subcommittee has been formed to maintain liaison with DHBVN to take care of all these aspects.

Another area that we can work upon is linking the water drains to Rain water harvesting so that we can cooperate with the problem of sinking ground water. Plots with 500 square yards need to install a proper rainwater harvesting system as required under the law.

Guest houses in the colony are also required to be controlled so that they do not disturb the overall balance of the block.

In the end my appeal to all fellow residents is to keep their contributions regular and sure so that CWF coffers can sustain its programmes.



Cycling Has Become a Rage All Over

by Anuj Bakshi (D-66, 9810822057)

The best way to save you from Corona virus is to stay fit and healthy. But the government says stay at home, Gyms and pools are closed only limited work out with online sessions is possible which is not enough 
Resort to Wheels. Not four wheels but 2 wheels. 

Cycling has become a rage all over especially in Defence Colony where residents of all ages are on the roads with there fancy bikes, some alone, while others in a group  and some with families
With gates closed and not much outside vehicular traffic in the colony, cycling inside has become a lot easier unlike before pandemic times when even walking on the road used to be a dangerous proposition. Cycling has developed as the best option to stay fit as it more or less involves all your muscles. 
It’s urged more residents take this opportunity to develop cycling as a hobby for their daily exercise. 

Hopefully one day we would get our Gumbad area which can be converted into a designated cycle area for children. Let’s pledge not to let rage die out. 
Attached are some videos of cycle enthusiast who have taken to cycling during the last four months and are really satisfied and happy.


How Is Your Business Unlocking: Part 4

Coming to you straight from a beach (in the new normal), Puja Ohri (98998 86548, HNo 14142) is in conversation with Sunaina Bhagat (Tower 9) who is a fashion designer and runs a chain of boutiques in Delhi. Sunaina talks about how the Fashion and Garment industry is unlocking!

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